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Tuesday 2009-02-10 International evening at HG.
Preparty with Lilo.
Cute kitty!
Sweet kitty!
Lilo trying to explain that she's no bloody kitty but a lady!
Mat working hard on his Swedish. He knew perfectly well that it's "en flicka, flickan, flera flickor, de flickorna", but he had no idea about "pojken"... Good thing to learn the important words first!
Deniz, Serife, Dilek and Turan.
And Hicran who was behind Dilek and Turan in the previous photo.
Stefan and Simon
A girl that attacked me with a camera and her friend.
Willian (Said to be 27-28), Olle (2-3 year younger than Hedda who is about 26).

Conclusion: Beard makes people look old, unless it's Olle's beard.
Dominik and Krister
John arriving! (Just like in esn86!)
The girl in the dark to the right is Esther [@fb615792915]
Camera shot-out!
And changed cameras!
And beer! Carlos [@fb564076577] and Hedda
Dark Erdinger!
We have money. This is drinkbar. We beautiful!
Jafer, Doncho, Maxim, Patir (?!? Guy from Bangladesh), Simon's head.
Very nice glasses, but wrong angle.

/ [Hedda]

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