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2009-03-24 07:22:35
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Feet on Carpet

<img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet01.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet02.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet03.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet04.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet05.jpg>

Relaxing Feet

<img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet06.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet07.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet08.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet09.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet10.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet11.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet12.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet13.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet14.jpg> <img0*150:stuff/ArthemisFeet15.jpg>

These pictures are taken by me and they are my feet. These pictures are free to use for everyone.

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2008-11-23 [Hedda]: Whee! Feet! <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-11-24 [arthemis_]: hehe... mine too :P

2008-11-28 [Jitter]: Mmuuuuch prettier than mine :P

2009-03-24 [arthemis_]: I won third place! *shameless self promotion* :D

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