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2008-01-19 21:43:35
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elftowners i have drawn



elftowners i have drawn 2

<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_1.jpg> [It Comes Like Fire]
JOE (HE WISHES it was zydrunas) documented with hb pencil
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_2.jpg> [It Comes Like Fire]
JOE (HE WISHES it was zydrunas) documented with fineliner
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_3.jpg> [It Comes Like Fire]
JOE (HE WISHES it was zydrunas) documented with felt tip pen
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_4.jpg> [The Night and The Silent Water]
i think this looks like him
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_5.jpg> [Watashi]
nice hair
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn/i1200764158_6.jpg> [Member#122134]
in his friend's shades
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_1.jpg> [Heart of a Lover]
i'm sorry
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_11.jpg> [Pandaz]
happy through the heart break
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_12.jpg> [nurendel]
good hair, deep in thought
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_13.jpg> [Zehar]
cheetos or something
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_14.jpg> [prettypup44654]
the dark lord voldemort rises again
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_16.jpg> [Guitar Addicted]
a true addict
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_17.jpg> [The King Of King's]
looking dwarfish because he is a hobbit
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_19.jpg> [Schmendrick Schmuck]
happy times
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_2.jpg> [Jeppe]
this is terrible
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_3.jpg> [the simphany tree]
very smiley
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_4.jpg> [Just Dan]
he loves that band
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_5.jpg> [Veinscape]
im sorry
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_6.jpg> [TRiCKY DiSCO]
my love
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_7.jpg> [Final draft]
excellent hair
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_10.jpg> [Mooncows Shadow]
i wrote moonpig my accident
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_8.jpg> [Mooncows Shadow]
the second one
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25203/i1200774532_9.jpg> [Barock]
dont shrink me gypsy
<img300*0:> [Wandering Wonderer]
mad wolfy
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25202/i1200766614_1.jpg> [Alberic]
a true look of terror
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25202/i1200766614_2.jpg> [CrazyDriver]s cat
hope i havnt dented it's pride
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25202/i1200766614_3.jpg> [deamon90002004]
a lot of digits for one screen name
<img300*0:stuff/z/184881/elftowners%2520i%2520have%2520drawn%25202/i1200766614_4.jpg> [Atrum unus]
im sorry

elftowners i have drawn 2

/ [Clarity.]

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2008-01-24 [Atrum unus]: Ha! I'm in there!
I feel special.<img:61691_1126352591.gif>

2008-01-25 [Final draft]: hey nice pic of me, you cant beat the do!!! :)

2008-01-25 [It Comes Like Fire]: I look sexy.

2008-01-26 [TRiCKY DiSCO]: moonpiiiiig<img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif><img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2008-01-26 [Chetleon]: Hmm perhaps [Chetleon] could one day be drawn?

2008-02-25 [Pandaz]: that drawing of me is much better than the original photo

2008-03-02 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: how do you choose the people you draw?

2008-03-02 [Clarity.]: i dont choose it just happens

2008-03-02 [Sabbe Fhtagn]: ah interesting

2008-03-03 [Caila]: haha i love all of them

2008-03-04 [Guitar Addicted]: Yeey! she loves all of us >_<

2008-03-13 [Caila]: wow...u have gorgeous eyes...i want them

2008-04-01 [She_Talks To_Rainbows]: awww that picture does look like Rik lol...thats cute.<img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2008-06-07 [Sunshine Dust.]: Can you draw me?

2008-06-10 [Clarity.]: maybe

2008-07-19 [fairyflight]: hey, leuk al die tekeningen! funny. maar waarom sta ik er niet bij?
PS mind training doet me goed

2008-07-22 [Laney.Pauline]: draw me lovelyy.. =]

2008-07-24 [doggiepog6]: can u draw meee please?

2008-12-02 [xX-SG-Xx]: I wish someone would do as good of a job drawing me as u draw other people. lol.

2009-01-06 [Zackary Jordan Allan Lowery Otton]: woo, you're a bad ass :D i enjoyed your art.

2010-02-24 [Fallen Child Athena]: I wanna be drawn :D

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