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A Fantasy Wiki of Elftown!

Contest created by [Artsieladie]!

Sponsored by [Artsieladie]!

Please see: [#Award Information] below.

Elftown is a magical kingdom of fantasy and science fiction, a land unique, inhabited by all sorts of
creatures of fantasy and science fiction, with humans even to make the variety complete. Such a
wonderfully, magical kingdom needs its own insignia, a crest, to represent all of its wonders within.

Welcome everyone to Elftown's Crest Contest!

Deadline: yyyy-mm-dd

(Yet to be decided along with a minimum of ten entries required.)


Contest Entry Guidelines - Must be followed:

Please read carefully and ask any questions in the comment section at the bottom of this wiki-page.

<img:> - 1) Please, NO stealing, claiming as your own, anyone else's work! Disqualification will ensue for
       those that do! The work MUST be that of the submitter.

<img:> - 2) ALL entries MUST BE UPLOADED TO ELFTOWN! Non-compliance makes an entry null and void.
       To upload full-size images to Elftown:
       <img:> ~ OPTION #1: Click on the button shown at the top of your house: 'Upload a folder of images'.
       <img:> ~ OPTION #2: Click on <URL:upload_zip.html> to upload one, multiple images, or zip-files in their
         original size to a wiki-page.
       <img:> ~ See also: Uploading images.

<img:> - 3) Subject matter: Works will not be accepted if they depict excessive violence, disturbing actions
       or insults, adult material, offensive and/or hateful materials. Elftown is an all-age site.

<img:> - 4) Theme: Design a crest that best represents Elftown! All works NOT following the theme shall be

<img:> - 5) Quality: Since this is a contest to best "represent Elftown", good quality entries are expected.

<img:> - 6) Title your entries! Please note: Entries may have the same titles. The member's name posted with
       each entry will be the differentiating factor.

<img:> - 7) Mediums: All mediums accepted, except photography, photo manipulations, and animated GIFs.

<img:> - 8) Each member may submit two entries.

<img:> - 9) Please follow the simple posting guidelines on the entry page. (See below for the link).

<img:> - 10) To enter, you MUST be an Elftown member! Not a member? You may apply for membership here: Membership is FREE!!


Closing Guidelines - Must be followed:
<img:> - #1: When the entries are in the poll(s), the participants are not allowed to beg for votes for their 
         own entry. Do not ask people to vote for your entry by ANY means whatsoever, including by wikis,
         private or guestbook messages, moods, etc.. Your entry will be disqualified if you are caught doing
         so. It is perfectly fine to advertise THE POLL(S), however!

<img:> - #2: If you feel any of the entries break the contest rules, please speak up before they make it to the
         poll(s). You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the poll(s) has/have not
         been publicized yet. Such complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid.
         Any questions or doubts regarding other rule breaking or copyright infringement, are always </i>
<i>         accepted and looked into.


Additional Information:

<img:> - 1) LARGE works are much preferred!
       Elftown's maximum file upload size is about 10 megabytes (MBs).

<img:> - 2) Suggestion: Do 'your' best effort!
       <img:> ~ To promote self worth as an artist.
       <img:> ~ To increase, but not guarantee, your chances of being one of the top entries.

<img:> - 3) Questions may be asked in the comment section below. Others may have the same question(s),
       and therefore, all watchers can benefit from the answers of any questions that may arise.

<img:> - 4) Both entrants and winners shall receive a badge. There will be badges for both participants and 
       winners. Everyone's efforts will be both enjoyed and appreciated. The winners shall be chosen by a
       community-wide poll. The number of winners shall be determined by the number of entries, like so:
For 10 to 25 entries... one winner will be chosen.
For more than 25 entries... first and second place winners will be chosen.

       Should there be a tie or ties, any additional poll(s) needed will be run to break it/them.


<img:> - 6) HAVE FUN! Set your imagination FREE!!



Award Information:

Badges to be displayed HERE!

Sponsorship Information:
The sponsor(s) of this contest donate to Elftown in the amounts stated, for the winner(s) to receive the equivalent
of the donation(s) as either "full donor privs" or "regular donor privs", depending on the winning placement.

For First Place:
20 euros will be donated to Elftown by
the sponsor(s) of this contest in the
First Place Winner's Username
(Full donor privs.)
    For Second Place:
10 euros will be donated to Elftown by
the sponsor(s) of this contest in the
Second Place Winner's Username
(Regular donor privs.)*

There is NO participation fee!

* - If there are more than 25 entries, there will be first and second place winners chosen.

Please note:
There is a minimum of 10 entries required for this contest to be closed. The deadline will be extended until there is, if
the need arises.

In the case where a winner already has "full donor privs", the winner then gets to select an Elftown member's name who
doesn't have any donor privs, they would like to "donate their winning of the full donor privs' equivalent" to. This scenario
would be the same with the second place winner, should there be, except it would be in regards to "regular donor privs".

For more information about "Donor Privs", please refer to: Donors of Funds.


Entries' page:



         Helpful Links:
<img:> ~ Art Creation Help
<img:> ~ Donors of Funds
     <img:> ~ Copying vs Fanart & Referencing
<img:> ~ Copyright and Intellectual Property

         More contests? See:
<img:> ~ Art Contests      <img:> ~ Competitions      <img:> ~ Mainstreet's Calendar: MC


Elftown-Spirit! Design a crest for Elftown!

Since it wouldn't let me add a comment, here it is:

Yes, Hans, I was, much to your dismay and disapproval. I was planning on being a sponsor to encourage participation and to hopefully help draw more people to the site to become members and in the process, [Hedda] would gain some more funding to help with operating costs. ..And I was also hoping that some more members would be willing to become sponsors too and those that did would then be credited on a wiki-page and with a badge, of course.

I've donated to this site over $1000.00 and in the names of about 20 members, for "full donor" privs. ..And I not only donated the amount required, but I also donated extra with each member's donation, so [Hedda] wouldn't lose money when the money went through the exchange. I even donated in [Hedda] and Lilo's name, not because either could make use of the donation as far as "donor privs", but because I wanted to let [Hedda] know how much I appreciated all of his efforts in providing this site.

But I was doing a whole slew of things for the site behind the scenes. The only person who knew all that I was doing is [Hedda]. I had begun a complete indexing of the site, making a showcase, a welcoming committee, just to name a few. There wasn't much I wouldn't have done for this site or [Hedda] for that matter.

..And I didn't just work on this site to help promote it. I promoted Elftown off the site too, and I "used my name" to do it. Now [Hedda] is still reaping the benefits from "my name" and is slandering it all at the same time. His appreciation is overwhelming! Talk about 'using a user', his using is off the chart. He only dumped me in an attempt protect his own "secret agenda" and because he didn't like what Hans wrote in my website's guestbook, and he knows this to be true.. IF he would ever "speak the truth". Only a person of principle and good character would and so apparently he has neither in accordance to/with "his" own actions.

Not only this, but I bought the domain name of purely for the reason to promote and bring more awareness to But in lieu of how I was treated here by [Hedda] and several others, it's original purpose has since been altered. Funny thing is, my heart doesn't seem to be in it now for the simple reason I still don't want to cast a negative shadow on this site or on [Hedda] himself. But [Hedda] leaves me no alternative. He attacks and is trying to destroy my name and reputation. So what does he or anyone honestly expect?

I'm not an "enabler" and I'm not a "bystander". Therefore, I don't just stand idly by while another or others are guilty of wrongdoing. Invasion of one's privacy IS WRONG, period. ANYONE who violates the privacy of another or others, must not be allowed to get away with it, regardless of WHO they are.

[Hedda] has been given a way out that would be mutually beneficial and with the least chance of causing him any negative impact, but it is "he" who chooses to not take it, and considering everything I've been subjected to, he is the fool for not taking it, not I. I realise he's probably VERY pissed off with the fact that I divulge data and information about my subjugation, but WHO IS REALLY to blame for this? Does he honestly think that he can do whatever he chooses to another person that's wrong, and then there won't or shouldn't be consequences? Repercussions? Fallout?

"I" have tried several times in several different ways to communicate with [Hedda], but [Hedda] refuses to communicate with me unless he's being insulting, belligerent, condescending, arrogant, etc., and such behaviour is not mature nor professional nor warranted, but if one is guilty, they then tend to behave this way. So, he can blame me all he wants, but just because "he says so", it doesn't make it so, especially when I've caught him in several lies and especially since it was he who chose to hide data implicating him from the public's view (See the wiki-page here on Calls_To_Myself). A person who is not guilty, therefore, does not hide anything or even attempt to.

Yet, no one involved questions this? One can deduce then that "they" are a party to the wrongdoing. When there's other people involved, even if inadvertently, and THEY CHOOSE to pretend they don't know or don't see and "play dumb", or play the role of circumvention, they are then just as guilty because they are "enablers" of the wrongdoing.

I also suggested a number of times that there be a private forum set up where all of those involved could get together and everyone put their cards on the table, so this could get worked out. But no one was/is willing to go this route either. Why? Is it because those involved would have to divulge their role? Would have to tell some "truth"? Here I'm the one being labeled and accused of lying and making up stories, but yet I'm the ONLY ONE who is NOT afraid "of the truth". Does seem a bit "fishy", doesn't it? ONLY those who are lying and have something to hide are afraid of the truth. ..And in this way of behaving, people ultimately reveal they're covering up something. ..And then these same individuals have the audacity to label me? Sure! Because they're just trying to direct the blame at me, so they can make themselves blameless. Well, folks, it doesn't work, because it's common knowledge that those who are guilty will do just about anything to discredit the one who has the goods on them! ..And the closer one gets to the truth, the more vengeful, cruel, and nasty those hiding it will become and I've certainly been on the receiving end of this!

..And for the record, in the very beginning when I first began suspecting [Hedda] was playing pranks, "I went to HIM" because I wanted to address my concerns "with HIM", NOT others, because I think the best course of action is, if you've got an issue or issues with someone, then you go to "that" person, which I DID and it was NOT EASY. I had to muster up a hell of a lot of courage and strength to take an issue up with [Hedda], especially in lieu of its tone. (..And I still have the letter as I also have SO much other saved data from this site and correspondence via emails, etc., including the 'inflammatory towards me' email that [Hedda] sent to Hans and even though Hans' email account was deleted by the party who stood to gain by its deletion... or so he thought.) "He" chose to not respond, except to play some more pranks.

Since I could get no cooperation from [Hedda], it is then I began going to others, starting with a former vice mayor here, whom I "thought" was a friend at the time when I did. But what I didn't know at the time, is that she had had it already on her agenda for about a year or more, to have me gotten rid of from Elftown, because as she put it, she didn't know what [Hedda] saw in me nor why he was interested in me.

To be honest, I did suspect he was playing some sort of games because of some sort of interest, but at the same time, I couldn't imagine as to why. I didn't see [Hedda] in any way other than the owner of the site, and I never had done ANYTHING to lead him on that I was aware of. In fact, I was always rather nervous when I addressed [Hedda] and so, I wasn't exactly comfortable in corresponding with him. ..And not because of him or his ways, but because of me. I get this way when I deal with someone whom I hold in high regard for whatever the reason and with [Hedda], he owns the site, and the very site I adored.

So when I began to suspect his secret activity, and since of how I revered him, I didn't WANT TO suspect him. I kept telling myself there had to be other explanations and I was hoping "he" would tell me so I wouldn't be suspicious any longer. It couldn't possibly be caused by [Hedda] I kept telling myself!

When you suspect someone of doing something or things you know they shouldn't BE doing, and when the one you suspect is someone you admire and hold in high regard as I did, it's an emotional traumatic experience. On one hand you believe you can trust the person, but then, on the other hand you're witnessing stuff that is directly pointing to the very same person doing things they shouldn't be. What does one do with this? ..And since it involves the one at the very top, who exactly does one go to? It was not a position I wanted or even asked for to be thrown into, but no one here in a position to help, would ever consider this. Instead, I was humiliated, chastised, ridiculed, etc..

But when you add in the fact that a person in the position of vice mayor has it on her agenda to get rid of you, which she has even "publicly admitted" along with also telling she's been trying to "get [Hedda] to get rid of me for years", of course, the rest of the staff are going to go along "with her agenda", because they know if they don't, well then they are likely to become expendable, but not before they would be also humiliated and ostracised the same as I have been. I've had a number of members tell me what happened to them when they didn't go along with the program and they all can't be wrong.

But what really gets me is the fact this former vice mayor cried foul against me, all the while knowing just what she had in her plans and this was to get rid of me because [Hedda] had an interest, must be in what she deemed as the 'wrong' person. ..And since [Hedda] found out about her jealousy, he then made sure she wouldn't ever be allowed to know what "he" was still doing behind the scenes. ..And this is how/why [Hedda] placed the little red heart in my badge slot. Of course, he won't admit it, because then she would know that he was still spying on me and sending signals but not allowing her to be aware of. THIS would have gone over with her like a lead balloon! ..And [Hedda] removed the very same heart when he banned me for "her birthday" on 2009-04-08! The reason he removed the 'same' heart, is because he KNEW which heart he had placed in there when he delivered my Inspector's Badge on 2009-02-15! He removed the very same heart because he wanted to get a message to me of how pissed off he was that I would even consider leaving Elftown.

That 'story' he concocted and 'sold' to the crew that I was going to run amok? Oh please! It just goes to show how gullible the crew are here and just how well [Hedda] is able to always stay one step ahead of them. I have to hand it to him, though, he can fool them all and they are left clueless. But the one person he isn't able to fool is yours truly and "he" KNOWS it! As he also knows that others here who have tried to pull off the "innocent act", I've been able to see through them as well. Perhaps, this is why he made it possible for me to see their 'private forum', which of course, I saved, everyone involved, their backstabbing gossip from! So out in the open they were trying to get me to 'buy' their bull, and all the while, I had the real truth and therefore, knew better than to buy their load of crap.

Ooops, am I telling tales out of school? Well, hey, gotta' tell someone, right? If the one I want to work this out with refuses to communicate civilly and maturely, well, what other choice do I have?

Oh, and getting back to the communication with a former vice mayor... while we were communicating "on Elftown", she was very coy and was careful not to say anything negative about [Hedda]. But then, "she suggested" we take our correspondence "off of Elftown". Once off Elftown, her whole demeanor changed and she then proceeded to, it would certainly appear by what she said to me, make [Hedda] look like a "less than desirable" individual. Now, IF she was such a good "friend" of his, why would she say things to deliberately try and turn me off about her "friend"? ..Especially, since "she" KNEW he was interested? Only a person with a self serving and jealous agenda would do such a thing.

..And then for her to say, she only said those things to me because she 'thought', therefore "assumed", that I was falling in love with [Hedda]. But I wasn't. I admired him, and very much so, for reasons aforementioned, but falling in love? But even so, what business was it of hers IF I was? She said she was his friend. So why would she try to put a cow-bosh on something that "may" bring her "friend" a chance for some happiness? Is this what friends do to other friends? Since she KNEW he had an interest in me, why would she feel any need to destroy "his" chances? But all those involved aren't likely knowledgeable of all this and calculatingly planned to be this way I'm sure.

..And the irony in all of this? By her talking badly about [Hedda] and behind his back, a person whom I admired no less, SHE in fact, played the role of doing just the opposite of what she was trying to do. By badmouthing a person I admired, she single handedly catapulted me into a "defense mode" in favour of the very person she was trying to turn me against. ..And so, I began to take a closer look at [Hedda] and I must say, I was NOT disappointed... to HER regret.

Do I think she was intending to be malicious? Not really. Sometimes, when we're feeding something about ourselves that we would like to have under control, but haven't been able to, we do things as a result and we may not even like the fact that we do and sometimes, not even be aware we are. I'm not going into a whole psychological thing, but jealousy results from one's own lack of security and this can be because of several reasons, including stemming back from the childhood years. ..And I'm only saying this because I do have an ability to understand IF I'm afforded the opportunity TO understand.

Anyway, I decided to create for [Hedda] a wiki-page of all pages "on CatHug" titled, "Just For Y♥U!". The only regret I have is that I wound up asking him to delete it, because I didn't want "her" having access to something that I felt was personal. The odd thing however, the very day he deleted the page, "she" cleared out of CatHug, including ending all of her relations, including with [Hedda]! But then "she" also resigned as vice mayor on Elftown right after [Hedda] and I had started a relation on CatHug. ..And [Hedda] was willing to have a relation with me on CatHug, but declined a relation of Elftown. Why does anyone suppose the reason? It couldn't possibly BE that he knew me on CatHug, but didn't on Elftown? I was the mod for Elf12. He didn't know me? Sorry, but THIS reason is non-applicable. But there is ONE very big reason, namely the former vice mayor. Perhaps others like to pretend to be blind, but I'm not blind nor willing to pretend I am.

Then because I defend myself, my name, my reputation, I'm told that I'm "consumed with hatred", that I'm trying to seek revenge, etc.. If I was consumed with hatred, I would in fact likely hate everyone who has enjoyed trying to make my life a living hell. But I don't. I hate what has been done to me, what is still being done to me, but I do NOT hate anyone involved, including [Hedda], including the former vice mayor. There is a difference. ..And just because I'm being forced to defend myself and I'm doing this, it does not mean I'm seeking revenge. I've been proclaimed guilty by those who ARE guilty and so, the ONLY recourse I have is to counteract and defend against being wrongly accused. Maybe others don't have any respect for themselves and therefore don't give a damn about being wrongly accused, but I do! No one throws crap in my face and gets away with it. No one! I don't give a damn who they are either. Throw crap at me, I'm going to dig up the crap of theirs they're covering up and I'm going to send it right back to them. ..And if it's not as pleasant as it is when they're dishing it out, oh well! Don't throw crap at me and you won't have crap thrown back at you!

Then on top of everything, like I haven't been and aren't being put through enough, MY WORK is being denied to me, which is, by the way, THEFT. ..And I'm not talking about a "few" pieces of work, but THOUSANDS of MY WORKS! ..And then to allow those who have done nothing but make my subjugation worse and have gleefully capitalized on it, have the say in regards to the use of MY WORK, when they HAVE NO RIGHT TO WHATSOEVER, since the COPYRIGHT BELONGS TO ME, is just one more slap in my face. Oh but, I'm expected to say and do absolutely nothing!? Right. Well, no, not right! I do NOT and I will NOT accept such, especially since I'm being punished for the wrongdoings of another.

If there's any revenge or acts of hatred going on here, then it lies with [Hedda] as depicted by "his actions". He's stealing my work, he's invading my privacy, he's slandering my name, but yet, is "using my name for his benefit", etc.. It's quite amazing how a person can violate another, the victim, but then turn around and accuse the victim of the wrongdoing. This may make sense to an irrational mind, but it certainly holds no water in a rational mind.

Also, IF I was out for revenge, then why would "I" be the one willing to work things out? A person seeking revenge isn't willing to work anything out. ..And not only work things out, but in such a way so as the person doing the wrong wouldn't really have to suffer much, if anything negative in the process. I'm even saying this publicly, so must be I fully intend to keep my word. Would a person seeking revenge even give a rat's behind about how such would affect the perpetrator? I think not! But when a person cares as much as I have cared about both [Hedda] and his site, THIS doesn't just disappear either. At least not in regards to me. In spite of how deeply and atrociously I've been hurt and crapped on, I do still care underneath it all. I put my heart and soul into this site, and ultimately for [Hedda] as well. But if it gets completely destroyed in the process of my defending myself, well, the only person [Hedda] can blame IS himself. Apparently his ego and pride is more important than his own efforts. If I still care, even if it's underneath it all, then how can I be filled with revenge and hatred? Caring about something/someone doesn't fit with hatred and revenge. They do NOT go together hand in hand or otherwise.

I don't put data out there to seek revenge either. I do it in hopes [Hedda] will get the message that it would be much better "for HIM" if he'd just be willing to work things out. Do I like being on the opposing side? No, I do NOT! But as long as he keeps forcing me to be in the defense mode, then he shouldn't expect anything different than I staying in an active defensive state. When he decides to get down off his stubborn high horse and be willing to work things out, then things will change, but until he does? He can expect that I will continue to defend myself and if I must? Then yes, against him. It IS HIS CHOICE. [Hedda] knows all sorts of ways to contact me, so he can't use this as an excuse either.

If [Hedda] doesn't like being on the receiving end of I defending myself, well, then it's entirely up to him as to whether or not things change for the better. But I am NOT going to give him his way of invading my privacy, slandering my name, and stealing my work, without there not being some sort of restitution and setting the records straight, regardless of how he's justifying this in his mind. He has the chance to regain my respect and even my support back, but he must stand up and do the right thing AND he doesn't have to make any public proclamations. Just being honest with me, to be kept between him and I, will suffice. He will never get another person to be as willing to work things out as I and considering I'm his victim, he should be ecstatic that I am willing to afford him the opportunity.

..And so, I guess the answer is, Stephen, yes, I can reply. *documented and saved*

This index (category) has only one listed wiki-page:

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2011-07-20 [Stephen]: ;-;
So much text.

2011-07-20 [Artsieladie]: Gee, thank you, Stephen.

2011-07-21 [Artsieladie]: As I'm sure you can read, I've added information here to support my idea of having "contest sponsors". As anyone can also see, in no way does my idea indicate that participants are to pay entry fees, now does it? ..nor did I even remotely suggest this before.

If all the information needed to clarify guidelines and such are not covered, then the contest creator and/or moderators would be at fault for not providing such. But.. if a participant 'chooses' to NOT read the information provided, then it is that participant's fault. Which would be better, Stephen? ;)

Also, I set up, create, my wiki-pages for not only Elftown members, but also for outsiders' viewing as well, because I want to encourage outsiders to want to join.

2011-07-21 [Stephen]: Well, it's generally my belief that you can explain things in little sentences.
Like here's a contest I just made on Elfpack.

2011-07-21 [Artsieladie]: Well, number one, your contest is on Elfpack, where there are very "loose" and "way fewer" rules.

For instance, images entered in contests here MUST BE "uploaded to Elftown". The "contest entry guidelines" on this page aren't much different than other Elftown contests, official contests, which is what I also try to stay with, with contests I create, as well as what's covered under "closing guidelines".

Under "additional information" is covered information that's helpful, like "large works are much preferred" because they are. Number four has to be defined clearly, especially since this is a new idea I'm trying out. ...And so, the "award information" also involves much more text, which is due to the "new concept" being incorporated.

Comparing a contest on Elfpack to a contest on Elftown, is like comparing a kegger to a grand ball! ;)

2011-10-10 [Sir_Hans]: Tell me I'm wrong here please. Sharon you weren't planning on giving more money to this site, were you? :(

2011-10-12 [Stephen]: Now, what's the point of asking a question to a banned member? o3o
(She can't respond.)

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