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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

An Elftown Art Contest.
Thought of, created, and built by Artsie_ladie!

Welcome Everyone!

Being a person infatuated with castles of just about any kind, the idea of this contest as a result,
presented itself in the mind of yours truly. Very simply stated, the goal is to see brought into the
spotlight, all kinds and/or types of castles imaginable, created by the many, wonderfully creative
artists we have right here on Elftown!

Deadline: yyyy-mm-dd

(Yet to be decided.)


Contest Entry Guidelines - Must be followed:

Please read carefully and ask any questions in the comment section at the bottom of this wiki-page.

<img:> - 1) Please, NO stealing, claiming as your own, anyone else's work! Disqualification will ensue for
       those that do! The work MUST be that of the submitter.

<img:> - 2) ALL entries MUST BE UPLOADED TO ELFTOWN! Non-compliance makes an entry null and void.
       To upload full-size images to Elftown:
       <img:> ~ OPTION #1: Click on the button shown at the top of your house: 'Upload a folder of images'.
       <img:> ~ OPTION #2: Click on <URL:upload_zip.html> to upload one, multiple images, or zip-files in
         their original size to a wiki-page.
       <img:> ~ See also: Uploading images.

<img:> - 3) Subject matter: Works will not be accepted if they depict excessive violence, disturbing actions
       or insults, adult material, offensive and/or hateful materials. Elftown is an all-age site.

<img:> - 4) Theme: Castles! All works NOT following the theme shall be disqualified.

<img:> - 5) Title your entries! Please note: Entries may have the same titles. The member's name posted
       with each entry will be the differentiating factor.

<img:> - 6) Mediums:
       <img:> ~ The "initial castles themselves": All mediums accepted, except photography, manipulations
       of photography, and animated GIFs.
       <img:> ~ The "backgrounds":
           - a) May be created originals like the castles.
           - b) May be a photo or photos or manipulations of. IMPORTANT: See "references" just below.
           PLEASE NOTE: The addition of a background or the lack thereof (a transparent background) is
           at the sole discretion of the artist whether or not one is added. However, a background often
           can enhance a work, increase quality, but not always. This depends on the artist's goal in mind.

<img:> - 7) References:
       <img:> ~ Please show any and all reference images used with your entry by placing it or them with your
       entry. (See: Elftown_Castle_Contest_Entries)
       <img:> ~ Up to ten (10) reference images can be associated with each entry, a sufficient number.
       <img:> ~ IMPORTANT:
           - a) For backgrounds: Photo references used MUST BE FROM Elftown's Reference Pictures.
           - b) For castles: Photo references used DO NOT have to be from Reference Pictures.

<img:> - 8) Each member may submit two entries.

<img:> - 9) Please follow the simple posting guidelines on the entry page. (See below for the link).

<img:> - 10) To enter, you MUST be an Elftown member! Not a member? You may apply for membership
       here: Membership is FREE!!


Closing Guidelines - Must be followed:
<img:> - #1: When the entries are in the poll(s), the participants are not allowed to beg for votes for their 
         own entry. Do not ask people to vote for your entry by ANY means whatsoever, including by wikis,
         private or guestbook messages, moods, etc.. Your entry will be disqualified if you are caught doing
         so. It is perfectly fine to advertise THE POLL(S), however!

<img:> - #2: If you feel any of the entries break the contest rules, please speak up before they make it to the
         poll(s). You can still speak up even after the contest is closed, as long as the poll(s) has/have not
         been publicized yet. Such complaints received after the aforementioned will not be considered valid.
         Any questions or doubts regarding other rule breaking or copyright infringement, are always </i>
<i>         accepted and looked into.


Additional Information:

<img:> - 1) LARGE works are much preferred!
       Elftown's maximum file upload size is about 10 megabytes (MBs).

<img:> - 2) Suggestion: Do 'your' best effort!
       <img:> ~ To promote self worth as an artist.
       <img:> ~ To increase, but not guarantee, your chances of being one of the top entries.

<img:> - 3) Questions may be asked in the comment section below. Others may have the same question(s),
       and therefore, all watchers can benefit from the answers of any questions that may arise.

<img:> - 4) Both entrants and winners shall receive a reward. More specific information will be available soon.
       Everyone's efforts will be both enjoyed and appreciated. There will be first, second, and third place
       winners and they shall be decided by:
       <img:> ~ An Elftown Community-wide poll for ALL entries. Should there be a tie or ties, any additional
          poll(s) needed will be run to break it/them.
       <img:> ~ A Facebook Poll - optional for entrants. All those with entries that would like to be included in
          a poll on Facebook, will be uploaded to an album on Facebook. To determine the Facebook results,
          "likes" will act as "votes" . The album will include a link back to this contest and with each image will
          be a link to the full size image on Elftown and the Elftown artist's "username", because Facebook
          does not display images in their 'full size', if they are large and Facebook converts images to JPGs
          automatically. Entrants not wishing to be in a Facebook Poll, simply add under your entry:
          "No Facebook Poll". (See entry page.)
       <img:> ~ The final results will be decided by these polls' results, with winners selected from both, which
          means in other words, there will be 'both' Elftown Poll winners AND Facebook Poll winners.
       <img:> ~ NOTE: Anyone who hasn't joined Facebook and would like to, you may here:
          It is free to join, but you must be 13 years of age or above.


<img:> - 6) HAVE FUN! Set your imagination FREE!!



Entry page:



Award and award information to be displayed...



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Castles of splendor,
Castles of yore,
Castles of all kinds,
We're hoping for!
Castles of elves,
Castles of orcs,
Castles of dwarfs,
Huh, castles of storks!?

What castles here shall be displayed?
What castles proudly will be portrayed?
Will a castle be built for a fantasy gnome,
Or a castle created as a dragon's home?
So, let the building of the castles begin,
May the best one created, be the one to win!


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