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A Fantasy Wiki of Elftown!

Happy Tenth Birthday - Ten Great Elftown Years!

2002/02/07 - 2012/02/07!
Affiliated with: Elftown-Spirit and Elftown_Book_Of_Memoirs!

Just the basic set-up here presently.

Greetings, Everyone!

As of February 7th, 2011, our beloved Elftown community enters its tenth year of being on the map.
She has come a long way in ten years and many, many members have contributed to help make her the
great website she is today! There have been many milestones, many changes. Let's all come together to
reminisce and celebrate with our many fond memories, as well as aspirations in mind for the future. We
ALL can get involved with making our great site even better and share with the world what makes Elftown
so special!

Let's not ever forget though, who made our community possible in the first place: [Hedda]! *applause*
Please also remember this site operates with the help of monetary donations from its members, whom are
the Donors of Funds, to maintain and keep Elftron at its optimum performance level. Members whom are
financially able, might consider donating now especially, during this time of celebration.

This is a "community-wide project", which means everyone's input and contribution to, is welcomed!
As Elftowners, let's all come together and celebrate the time we've spent and enjoyed here for however
long each one of us has been a member of the ten, wonderful years. Elftown rocks!

Please place your input: info, ideas, suggestions, etc. on the applicable "faff" pages listed below or in
the comment sections of.
This is the main/cover page. Thank you! Mua!

Have some wonderful memories about Elftown, you would like to share? Please then, go to the page:
Elftown_Book_Of_Memoirs and read how! :)


In the beginning...


Through the years...


What's happening now...?


Elftown Celebration!


What's for the future...?


Promotional endeavors.


Elftown's 10th Anniversary Pages:

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<img:> ~ Elftown..In_The_Past
<img:> ~ Elftown..In_The_Present
<img:> ~ Elftown..In_The_Future
<img:> ~ Elftown_Celebration
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<img:> ~ Elftown_10th_Anniversary*
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* = This page.

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Elftown IS About PEOPLE... There's "unity" in community!


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2010-11-24 [Nioniel]: This is neat. :)

2010-11-26 [Artsieladie]: Thanks! Have some input, ideas, whatnot? I'd certainly welcome them. :)

2010-11-27 [Nioniel]: Not at the moment, I've been swamped with home life and work, hubby's about to start a job in Buffalo that will take him away from me for a month or two, so I've hardly had time for ET of late, what with all the stress. :O

I do like this page though. :)

2010-11-27 [Artsieladie]: I understand. In Buffalo... and this time of year where it snows, snows, snows! ..and during the Christmas holiday season must make it even more stressful. Hopefully things will level out for you soon. I wish him well with his new job though. ..And this page is going to be here. ;) *hug*

2010-11-27 [Nioniel]: Aw, thanks! :)

I'm checking out more of the subpages now. :D

2010-11-27 [Artsieladie]: I haven't set the sub-pages up yet, except Elftown_Book_Of_Memoirs, because these are to be the display pages and the faff pages are to be the work pages or where info, ideas, and whatnot can be placed to work on, sort out, and then the polished info is to get placed on the display pages. For the Elftown_Book_Of_Memoirs, I'm going for it to be similar to a real book.. kinda', sorta'. lol

2010-11-28 [Nioniel]: Sounds great!

2010-11-28 [Artsieladie]: Thanks. I appreciate your support. :) Now, to get the word around ET about it, so folks will hopefully get involved with it. A whole decade of Elftown is like wow! :)

2010-11-28 [Nioniel]: :D

2010-12-04 [Artsieladie]: I heard about the terrible snowstorm out in Buffalo and many people were stranded for a long time on the highway. I hope your husband wasn't among those stranded! <_< /.o.\ When I heard about it, because you had just told me here about him being in Buffalo with his new job, I thought and wondered and hoped he wasn't stranded. *hug*

2010-12-04 [Nioniel]: Aw! Thanks, but luckily he hasn't started yet. We're about three hours from there and only have a light dusting of snow here, which is fantastic, because I hate winter. It does make me worry about when he does start working out there though...

2010-12-04 [Artsieladie]: I'm glad he wasn't caught in it. :) My daughter was considering a college out there at one point and so I, too, was a bit apprehensive because of Buffalo's notorious, inclement weather. But now I have a much, much greater worry with her now being in the U.S. Army.

2010-12-05 [Nioniel]: Ugh, my brother's a marine, so I know what you mean. It's always rough when he gets deployed.

2010-12-05 [Artsieladie]: I think I can now truly empathize. I don't know quite how I will handle it if she does.. my only child, my world. Just the thought of her life being risked puts me in a state of panic. I think if I lost her, I would then definitely give up and just die inside.

2010-12-05 [Nioniel]: I can't imagine being the one to be in such places.

2010-12-06 [Artsieladie]: Me either.

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