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2006-10-23 17:21:08
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ahh the elusive writings of a psycho....

"Share with me"
At the end of the day,
You walked in and found where I lay.
The blood was just beginning to pool,
And in my hand you saw that deadly tool,
The afternoon sun caught the dripping blade,
My blood for you not loving me;
What a trade, 
My body feels lighter now,
I've made it this far but how?
You found the note I had left for you,
You called 911
But there was nothing that the paramedics could do.
They made their apologies,
And left you alone with me,
You fall to your knees and begin to cry;
Screaming at me asking why I had to die
Suddenly it dawns on you,
That you can do it too,
As you realize you've got no one left
You reach across my body,
For the instrument of our death.

blood kisses death
it comes from within
suicide it's the sweetest sin
cold metal touches my skin
the blade slices deep
i hold my breath and watch the blood flow
slow at first,then rushes out in an overflow
letting go now
this is the only way
wondering how then ending my stay

Let go
sometimes i just want to let go
slit my wrists and let the blood flow
scarlet tears from my wrists
beautiful as i let go of all of this

tears of scarlet fury rain down on me
relinquishing my pain to you
getting in return only your pity
putting up with this for so long
now im through
ive had enough of you for a lifetime
to never see you again would be too soon
you put me through this hell without a rhyme or reason
i grow light headed and begin to swoon
the end is near for my pain
ceasing to exist because i've nothing left to gain

as i break the childish bonds that hold me
i remember the words she told me
as the days go by i always wonder why
all i want to knw is why she had to die

Love story
you made me question my reality
threw everything askew
you challenged my sanity
and distorted my perfect view
then you left me
now im wondering if we're through
i know that i love you
but do you love me?

Fallen angels lose their wings,
and start to see the clarity of things
a fallen angel with a voice so sweet,sings
for she is glad to be rid fo her wings,
glad because when comes the dawn;
she sees
that an angel is just god's pawn

Kryssy Yvonne Simmons

Copyright ©2006 Kryssy Yvonne Simmons

I Love You....Not
the words that you say ot me arent true
i dont even know why i put up with you
you make promises of love to me
i believed everything you said how stupid could i be
now im through with you and im glad
even though you were all that i had
this is the last time i'll say i'll love you
ive got better things to do
you make me feel hate that i'd forgot
so ill say i love you....not!

sadness overwhelms my body
this shit is eating me
devouring me from the inside out
the voices in my head want to be let out
cant take the insanity
depression runs deep
not wanting to wake when i go to sleep
mixed emotions in my head
wondering if im alive or dead
im an empty shell
living in my own little hell
im going to get away
because i'll die if i stay

If Only
its peaceful now
as the darkness closes in on me
my body gets colder
as my blood drains steadily
sinking slowly into the forgotten
waiting for this blissful death
my life is fading faster now
i think of how it was
my only regret is never loving you
Copyright ©2006 Kryssy Yvonne Simmons

[Random unfinished lines........]

destroy me
build me up
break the blade off in my skin
take what you want of me and leave me be

nothingness closes in on me.....burst of light from above angels of death with crimson wings of fury

happy happy joi joi!!!!!!!
hahahaha the poodles are after you and not me

the fury that i feel is nothing compared to my loathing of you.............
everyone who feels that they have to have a label should choke on their spit and die...motherfuckers...

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2006-05-05 [Glory_Season]: wonderful...

2006-05-05 [soy esclavo de tu piel]: Heh. I think you write rather well. Rather talented I must say.

2006-05-05 [Hannicakes.]: hey i love the poetry hun tis greato! hehehe

2006-05-05 [dead but breathing]: I love your poetry.. it moves me...

2006-05-05 [Shooting Star Shadow]: wow talking about some really good poetry

2006-05-05 [Neon_Corpse]: your an amazing poet. you can really feel the raw emotion when reading should defiantly get published:)

2006-05-05 [LiStEn -(close) - tO mY hEaRt*EXLPODING*]: only one of them has gotten published so far

2006-05-05 [Miss. Britta.]: i love the share with me one...very well done

2006-05-05 [Skinny Head Fuck]: Oooh....I like! They are very creative.

2006-05-08 [i throw vomit at children]: theyre really good... the ones i read well done! :] xxx

2006-05-08 [Alexi Ice]: aye! very good! there are a whole lot of them!! but chez, i like them very much.

2006-05-08 [minifer]: they're good..i like em...jus abit depressin lol..

2006-05-08 [†Sweets†]: good poems are

2006-05-08 [~Satanirary The Dead~]: Like them, they are great ^_^ I hope you write more ^_^

2006-05-08 [suppressiveangel]: good poetry

2006-05-15 [cross my heart and hope i die]: I love that poem Suicide!

2006-05-26 [#1 stoner w/ a boner]: those are some of the greatess poems i have ever read

2006-06-11 [Pages for the Dead]: O_O...sweet ^^ poems

2006-06-18 [insert name here]: wow, those are really deep

2006-10-03 [†Sweets†]: some times i hate you

2006-10-03 [LiStEn -(close) - tO mY hEaRt*EXLPODING*]: what????

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