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2007-09-28 10:34:13
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Easily Amused Banners!...WOO

I only managed to make this banner really fast. Like I said, you can make one, or two, or however. If a lot are made, I'll make a separate wiki for them.


There. I hope you like it. [Jeesum Crowe]

[Alfirin Lindlea]


If my mother would let me eat dirt...I wouldn't...[MintlyNsane]..WooT O.o

Here is the linky linky, to upload this thingy thingy...

Just put that <img:> shit on it...^_-...

yay they are so cool [dark_maige] go the fingers

my super hero Super Finger, look out at my page for his wiki of his adventures huzzah

<img:> SHINY MARBLES!! [Nonchalant]

<img:> by:[Blizzard's Rage]

<img:> by:[Blizzard's Rage]

This was a statue at Jamberroo recreation park i went there on my holidays i thought it was great yay for Stev-o

Yes, it is a Hot Tamale [Whitetrash Rocker]

by [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] A ten minute drawing I did in MS WORD!!!

^.^ i couldnt help myself sorry [Seize.The.Moment]

Wow my banner sucks [Chris..]

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2006-01-06 [light.]: muhahahah..... >>; *explodes*

2006-01-10 [dark_maige]: yay stev-o

2006-01-26 [deamon90002004]: ok im 2 easily amused thats not gd hehe

2006-03-08 [dark_maige]: it is good very funni to laugh at nothing

2006-03-20 [forsakenangels]: lol ooooh wow i found that hallarious!

2006-03-29 [dark_maige]: he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha aha ok maby i should stop

2006-04-21 [dark_maige]: wow not many ppl write on here what a shame

2006-04-28 [Dark Paladin]: whoa

2006-05-01 [dark_maige]: oh my gosh some one writes here yay!!!

2006-07-05 [across the universe]: wow awsome im amused!

2006-07-09 [dark_maige]: wow another

2006-07-30 [dark_maige]: yay more i need to make another huzzah

2006-09-09 [Break me Shake me Take me]: hehe ya im so easily amused..

2006-09-10 [dark_maige]: i think that is the point of the wiki ha ha!

2007-01-13 [- tHe _ OnE _ wItH _ nO _ nAmE -]: so easily amused!lOl

2007-01-31 [tarot reader]: *points* hey look a penny!

2007-02-01 [dark_maige]: *points* hey look me im back

2007-08-14 [dark_maige]: hello any one there????

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