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2006-10-15 07:36:12
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Drunk Dil: I'm so clever. I'm also drunk.

Real life:

things that were said:
# of times first.

3 times: I'm so clever.
3 times: God is dead.

4 times: I can walk in a straight line. 

45 times: I'm not drunk. (LOL.)

once: you see, I am drunk. but I'm clever normally so when I say drunk things they are clever drunk things. (oh man, I was farrrr gone)

2 times: lies, lies and deceit!

Internet Dil (I should have been drunk while saying these things..)

Me comforting a friend..

Okay, I understand :)

well...I'm trying to think of something not sappy to say...that's something..dunno encouraging.

god I suck at this.

Yeah, don't bother trying to think of things, there really isn't anything to say :P

I know, plus I would be the worst person in the world to hire for hallmark cards.

Ohkay, there it goes:

I feel bad because you're feeling bad. So I hope you don't feel bad, because bad is bad.

.....I just didn't say that. Okay. I'm drunk. Or, that's what I will tell people.

I'm emo

me:I'm emo :O!!!



hmm..better super-expose my ass (in both senses of the word XD)


[Note: super-expose is a pun. It means sluttyness, and super-exposing camera shot of an emo. Also it means to expose myself of my emo-ness]

[NOOOPE]: Mmmmmh.... ass.

*emo tear*

[NOOOPE]:I has a tissuuuuue! It is made of nails and rust.

me:did you get the pun in my last message?

I'm so clever ;)

A good night's work

oh well, sleep now.

I've sent some disturbing messages out, my work is done for tonight..

why'd they hire me for anything on elftown? Oh yeah, I was sane when they hired me. heh.

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2006-10-15 [Sedition]: -pets-rest easy knowing ive done worse while drunk,like ripping a disco ball out of the ceiling and dancing with it.

2006-10-15 [Dil*]: lmao.

2006-10-15 [kay-chan]: I... draw. >.> I ought to make my own 'drunk kay' page. :P

2006-10-15 [Dil*]: apparently I'm full of myself, but everyone keeps on encouraging me. So I blame everyone instead ..:P

2007-01-14 [Fizban]: now see, I got drunk off my ass on New years, and I said I am not drunk 45 times, and I can walk in a straight line, ten times...

and walked straight ten lines.

Did you? :O

2007-01-15 [Dil*]: my feet were touching the line while walking, but I was probably swaying around (upper body).

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