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2007-02-18 15:08:24
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Draw Dil

Yes, that's right draw me, [Dil*]. As you know, I run quality contests that do not die and I hand out cool badge prizes.

The aims:
1. Draw Dil

1. Your own art, duh.
2. Not a photomanipulation
3. Any medium, cept' photomaniuplation
4. Don't ask for votes, you can put the poll up in your house, but don't ask people to vote for you, it's not a popularity contest
5. Err, don't draw me nude thanks, I don't mind artistic nudity, but it would be a bit weird for me.
6. Anime, cartoons, realism whatever allowed

You can represent me however, but note: I'm supposed to be terrifying, but my physical height and appearance don't cut it for me. So you can draw a cute looking evil thing.

Seriously I am the anti-christ. You can draw me as a cool calculating evil geek. Don't forget the demonique spectacles.


Owner's Pick:
(I judge obviously)
Free request in any medium, be it CG, pencil, pencil crayon, maybe even watercolour, but I'm rubbish with it, so I'd advise against it. Or a badge.

1st place (voting):
Either a badge or a drawing

2nd place (voting):
A badge

Deadline: 12-15 entries...not sure which yet

Participant Badge:

People Interested In Joining:


1. [spiritee]

2. [Falx]

Username (or number or email):


2007-01-23 [kay-chan]: I'm sooooorry, I have no tiiiiime... though that's a lie. Well, I have to go to bed in half an hour. Shall I sketch something in ten minutes? Yes. I can finish it later, I guess. :P

2007-01-23 [Avatar15]: I'm still working on mine. =/ Sorry. >w< I'm trying to finish it on time, but I have around 5 other things I'm already working onnnnnn.

2007-01-25 [ceridwen]: Well... I had the link to this in my mood once. xP

2007-01-26 [Avatar15]: Did you realleh?

2007-01-26 [DisturbedKitsune]: ur still sexyness!!!

2007-01-26 [Avatar15]: o_o

2007-01-27 [Dil*]: lol....draw me?

2007-01-27 [ceridwen]: I am not skilled in the ways of anatomy. xP
Though... I do want to take those new oils out for a ride.
If I somehow manage to make something decent, I'll submit. But no getting your hopes, 'kay?

2007-01-27 [Avatar15]: I am, don't worry.
Anatomy ish important. haha ^^

2007-02-05 [Avrora_Black]: I'll join:)

2007-02-06 [DisturbedKitsune]: I'll try at some point^^

2007-02-06 [Avatar15]: Does it have to be colored?

2007-02-16 [Dil*]: no.

2007-02-19 [Falx]: More people need to enter this contest.

2007-02-21 [Amerthyst]: ooo ill enter! sooo need to draw. *runs off to start*

2007-02-21 [Amerthyst]: Updated: Scaned yay, though i still wanna do a better one. Till then, this is my submission ;-;

2007-03-02 [NOOOPE]: I just came up with a friggin awesome idea.... bwahahahahahaha!

2007-03-02 [Avatar15]: *laughs* Awesome.

2007-04-09 [Dil*]: hmm...I went on hiatus...

2007-06-27 [The all powerful Midori]: Am I allowed to put a sketch in as a place holder or would that be a big no-no?

2007-08-06 [Dil*]: you are allowed.

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