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( A Tale of A Great Disaster And New Begining's)

There once was a dragon that was said to have the power to change his form to walk among man as if he were one of there own. His name was Dragonus and he was the dragon kingfor he was the father of all dragon's. Hlived on the peek of a great mountain called Vermose the dragon kingdom. For centuries the dragon's and human's lived in peace with one another. As the year's came and gone they all felt as if this was a truely happy land exept there was one man who was not happy about the human's living in peace with the dragon's.
 So for year's he had plotted a sceem to do away with all the dragon's. One day Dragonus had to come down from the mountain for medicinal herb's to cure a sick young drakeand the man saw this as his oppertunity to strike while Dragonus was away. For he was the strongest of them all. The man known as Karhnaak was recruiting other's to aid his plan's had taken all his men and climbed mount Vermose to slay all the dragon's. When Dragonus returned after 4 day's to gather all the herb's he foundhis slayne wife and all his fallen children.
 He soaked his body with there blood giving him even more power then grabbed his fallen wife's claw and took one nail from her claw and carved a message in a large stone and carried itdown the mountain and into the village in the darkness of the night. When the day broke there was an erie silence for on the stone was a message that was so strange that just knoing it braught fear out of all man. That message was: For my slayne family I shal take what is mine! Million's of year's passedwithout anything and then one day in the year 2007 a strange man that looked like a 26 year old with dark hair came to a city called Karhnaak. Named after the man known as the dragon slyer.
 The man was strange to look at for on his right arm where these strange symbol's that noone could understand and a look in his eye's as to show centuries of pain. There was to be a meeting with all the nation's great mind's. Many men from other contries were to be here and one of them was an indian medicine man. Half-way through the meating there was an erie silence when the medicine man spoke of the legend of the Dragon's for he was the believer in it. Then a man stood up from the crowd and saidwhy should we believe the legend there all old folk tales.
 Just as that man going to say something else the door came open and standing there was the 26 year old manand the man standing in the crowd said do you think it is wise to interupt but before the man could finish the indian saw ths man's arm and said to the man in the crowd do you know who your speaking to. The man replied some idiot. The indian said no speaking to the man of legend if those marking's are correct you must be Dragonus. The 26 year old man replied yes it is I and I have come for what is mine. With one wave of his hand all human's were wiped out exept for the indian man and 2 woman then he said do you know why I spared you 3.
 They said no then I will tell you. You indian and the dark haired woman you are to recreat the human race maby this time your race won't mess up. Then the blonde woman spoke up am I to be with you. Yes Dagonus replied I did not intend to spare 3 the fates chose you on your left arm bares the fates mark you are the dragon queen. Dragonus took the claw of his dead wife from around his neck then cut his hand with it spilling his blood into a challace then spoke an incantation then handed it to his future wife and saiddrink and you to shal be one with me.
 After she had drank it she was equal to him. Thousand's of year's later the dragon's and human's were prosperus and and at peace once more until the next time.

            (THE END)

                  By:Christopher Lee Glines

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