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Another roleplay created by us, [The Vampire Armand] and [~noctis lingua~]


That stupid Potter boy had always put Draco in such a foul mood. No matter whether he had a good comeback for an insult that he had thrown at him, or whether he had just seen his face, he made him feel awful and malicious. And this was not a good thing for his concentration. When he couldn't concentrate, or even think clearly, he was no good at pleasing his father, which put him in a worse mood. This evening seemed to be no different, and since he had just come home for the holidays, he had only just seen Harry Potter earlier that day. He scrunched up his nose and cursed silently, then tried to put all thoughts of the boy out of his mind as he stepped through the doorway of the den. "Good evening, Father."

Lucius looked up from a mirror that hung from the wal in the entered den. He nodded at his son. "Good evening Draco. What are your plans for the hollidays?" He asked, adjusting his tie. He had been flustered with the neck piece all evening and was just now getting the hang of it. He believed it Narcissa's doing that he actually was having trouble with it. He looked up expecting to see his son answer him but he noticed the other looked a little flustered himself. "What has irritated you, Draco?" He asked, his voice silky yet demanding as his grey eyes searched his son's reflection.

Draco looked to the side and glared at the floor, scrunching up his nose again. "It was Harry Potter again. I had planned to relax for the holidays, but he's ruined it for me." He knew it probably sounded immensely childish, and Harry really hadn't ruined anything, he simply blamed him for most things and let him get under his skin in the hopes that it would be returned. And more often than not, he did get under the dark-haired boy's skin as well. He erased the ugly expression from his face and returned his gaze to his father.

Lucius brushed his hair and ran his fingers through it, letting it lay loose down his back. He turned and looked to his son. "You shouldn't let that insolent boy get to you. Your whole holliday can't be ruined. If it truly is then I would say you and our lord have much more in common than I want to admit." He gave a soft almost sadistic chuckle before placing his hands on his son's shoulders. "Try to enjoy your break. Just think, a whole month almost without the boy." He winked at his son and took notice as to how much he had grown. Draco was like Lucius in many ways. They held themselfs the same, their hair was the same white blonde. They both had the same demeanor, the same eyes only Lucius's were darker than Draco's. Both were fit, both were high in status. Both acted a little more stuck up then mayhap they should have. Lucius however, was very pleased in how his son had grown. He was top of most of his classes and popular as Lucius himself was when he attended the school. He was very pleased. "So, you should tell me about the other more enjoyable parts of the year." Lucius said, gesturing the younger replica of himself to sit down.

"I'll try to forget about him over Christmas." He smiled at his father and sat on the sofa. When Draco looked at his father, he saw everything in Lucius that he had ever wanted to be - powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and formidable. Of course, it was no longer as fashionable among the younger wizards to wear their hair as long as Lucius did, but fashionability didn't stop Draco from admiring it and sometimes wanting to touch the perfect mane of near-white hair. "Father, I can't think that my school life would be of that much interest. There isn't that much to speak of as far as studying and casual conversation." Especially if he was to get his mind away from - no! No more ruining the holidays by thinking about him! "Girls keep telling me they fancy me. It's getting...irritating."

Lucius studied his son a moment, laughing softly. The laughter was something of a sensual sound. The man hardly laughed, and his reasons for doing so were that his son was positively adored by everyone and he was an angry kitten about it. "Draco, of course they fawn over you. You're much like me when I was your age. How do you think I got stuck with your mother?"

It was no secret that Lucius and Narcissa even though they were married did not love one another. They had married to only have a child, and they only had Draco because they had to, but Lucius didn't mind. His son was growing into a fine young man. He waited for Draco to reply or not, a playful look in his eyes.

Draco smiled, but it faded quickly, and he said seriously, "I don't want to be stuck with someone that I don't love, bound to them by law." He looked up at his father, a small smile appearing again because his father always made him smile, except maybe when he was angry. "I'll probably have to find a girl to marry, won't I? At least for appearances." His thoughts flew to Pansy, who was the most likely candidate for the job. She was tolerable, at least.

"Well Draco, it would be tradition, but I don't think I would entirely make you do something you didn't want to do. And if I didn't know better I would say it sounded like you had an aversion to women."

The boy's face colored and his mouth got small. "No! I just don't like it when they throw themselves at me like they do!" He thought he might have sounded awfully defensive, but there was nothing he could do to take the words back now. His eyes darted to the floor, a blush still on his cheeks.

Lucius gave his son a reprimanding glare. "I should hope you do well to not raise your voice to me in the future. I agree. Women can be slutty, and I could care less which gender you preferred. You may still have to marry a woman for society's sake, but that doesn't mean you have to touch her."

He winced slightly, his gaze staying on the floor. "I'm sorry, Father," he answered in a whisper. "I'll marry someone someday. A woman you approve of." He was sorry to have spoken loudly at all. He had been having such a nice conversation with his father, too. It didn't happen as often as he would have liked it to, and he was afraid that the moment was ending. Draco loved his father very much, and he was afraid to disappoint him.

Lucius nodded and sighed. "I understand. You are frustrated." He looked at the tall clock in the middle of the wall and narrowed his eyes. "I need to be going. I have a formal dinner to be at in less then an hour. It will take at least most of that to get there. If you need me I will be at our lord's mansion." He said, placing his hand on his son's cheek, debating on whether or not to kiss his forhead. He settled for a simple caress and walked to the door where he would be able to apperate from there.

As soon as Lucius disappeared, Draco sighed and flopped back against the back of the sofa. He knew his father was no longer angry or irritated with him, and now he missed him terribly. That was the part he hated about the holiday season: when he had to go back to school, he wouldn't see him again for quite a long time. And even if he needed him now, there was no way he could just interrupt a dinner party at the Dark Lord's mansion, not unless it was some horrible emergency, like an insergence of muggles into the wizarding world or something.

Lucius was rather bored at his lord's manor. As always he was practically ignored by the others out of jealousy as he was their lord's right hand man. He sighed. He wanted to be home to be a good father. He admitted to himself, he never really was there for his son. He had to start if he wanted to actually be something to the other.

Also rather bored, Draco laid on the couch and commenced to do...absolutely nothing. He stared at the ceiling and let his mind wander to mundane things, and slowly, very slowly, he fell asleep, and without dreams. He hoped his father would wake him when he returned home, rather than his mother.

Lucius returned home after the night had rather passed and he saw Draco asleep on the couch. He smiled faintly which was a rare action for him to do in the first place. He brushed back his son's bangs. This was the perfect time to start being a father to him. He slipped his hands under his son's legs and one under his shoulders, lifting him to his chest and carrying him to his room.

Truthfully, Draco had awoken when his father touched him, but he hadn't opened his eyes. He knew it was Lucius rather than Narcissa because there was no way the woman would have been able to pick him up at this stage in his life, and she would have simply told him to get up and go to bed. She wasn't a wonderfully tender or gentle mother. He couldn't repress the smallest of smiles as he lay his head against his father's chest.

Lucius smiled at the small smile Draco gave. He lay the boy in his bed after pulling back the covers, tucking him in and pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I'll try to be there from now on." He said softly, not even sure if the other could here him. He let his fingers carress his son's hair before he turned to the lamp, tapping it with his wand to cease the light so he could leave.

As soon as the door closed, Draco rolled over to face it, touching his fingers to his forehead and frowning. It wasn't as though he thought his father didn't love him, but it was a rare occassion when he showed him affection of this sort. He wondered if there was something wrong, then banished the idea and rolled away from the door. Tomorrow night would be Christmas Eve and his mother would undoubtably be home to order around the house elf as to the preparations of the house. Before falling asleep once again, he wondered if there would be a party.

Lucius sighed to himself and went to his room, ignoring the fact that his wife's presence was around somewhere. He ignored as well when she came out of the bathroom in only her bathrobe. She did nothing to satisfy him anymore. He ignored her further when she tried to speak to him, and thus he closed his eyes and went off to sleep. Tomorrow he could spend time proving to Draco that he cared. That his son meant more to him than just some heir to the Malfoy name. He smiled as he thought about it and drifted to sleep.


The next morning dawned bright and cold, the light from the sun streaming in through the curtains the had not been pulled shut in Draco's room. As it fell across his bed, he stirred and tried to burrow under the covers, only to sigh because he was completely awake and couldn't go back to sleep. Sitting up, his covers fell away and he was confused for a second because he was still wearing his clothes from the day before. Oh! Right! His father had carried him to his room the night before. Wondering if either of his parents were awake yet, he went to his closet then made for the bathroom to take a shower.

Lucius had been up a while when he heard his son start the shower. He went to the room and shouted a little. "Draco, do hurry, breakfast is ready."

He left the door and went to the small den, sipping his tea and reading the daily profit. Narcissa was already gone, he wouldn't tell Draco that he and her were getting divorced. He didn't know how his son felt about his mother.

Draco did hurry, and he left the bathroom with freshly towel-dried hair that was quite messy and stuck up in a few places. It was getting long again. He was dressed in simple black, imitating his father but not really on purpose, and he went into the kitchen to eat quickly. When he finished, he joined his father in the den. "Good morning, Father." After a second, he asked, "Where is Mother?"

"Your mother is out buying gifts I believe." He said, the lack of interest in the woman's activities obvious in his tone. He smiled, sipping from a goblet of red wine. "So, do you wish to open a present early or wait until tomorrow?" He asked, noting the similarities between his son and himself. He smiled a little more at the notion. "And.. I need to talk to you later. I would talk to you now, but I fear your mother will be back soon. Well.. I guess it doesn't matter. What are your feelings towards her Draco?"

He frowned and his blonde brows came together. It was an odd question and his feeling that something was wrong came back from the night before. Still, he had to give his father an answer. His frown vanished and he answered with a shrug. "I don't really have feelings toward her. When I'm home, she isn't, and she doesn't...doesn't act as though she cares." Draco hoped he hadn't something to offend his father, as he had told the complete truth. There was really no relationship to speak of between mother and son.

Only a moment or two later, the blonde woman known as Narcissa Malfoy burst through the front door, a house elf in tow carrying a very large pile of gifts. She offered no greeting to her son as she walked down the hallway past the den, and she gave a positively icy look to Lucius.

Lucius chuckled and ruffled his son's hair, his eyes dangerously glinting as he neared the woman that had glared at him, handing her the papers she had put on his desk. "I have to say, Narcissa, best christmas present I think I will recieve this year." He handed the papers to her. "I have signed them all, and no you wont be getting any of the fortune and or the manor or anything I own, and don't even bother getting together an attorney. I am the most influential person in the ministry." He laughed sadistically and poured himself another glass of wine. "Draco! My son! Let us enjoy this holliday for it is indeed a joyous one!" He handed his son the cup of wine he poured before pouring another for himself, completely ignoring Narcissa.

Narcissa looked appalled and satisfied at the same time. At one time, she had really felt something for Lucius, but at this point, she was only leaching off of his wealth. She glared at the back of his head as he turned to speak joyously to their son - no, now he would only be Lucius's son, she would be disassociating herself from them both soon. She wanted to spit on him or do something awful and childish, but decided against it. Her wand was not where she could reach it.

Draco looked a little confused, but took the cup from his father and sipped at it a little, smiling at him to share the mood. He certainly didn't want to share the expression his mother had. "The papers...what are they for?" He wasn't usually permitted to ask such questions, but with the way both of his parents were acting, it seemed appropriate to ask, and he wasn't as afraid of reprimand for curiousity as he might have been.

Lucius smiled at Draco. "Ah, those papers are that your mother and I are divorced." He said, shrugging. "And about time too." He mumbled, his smile still in his eyes though they were dark in expression and traces of happiness otherwise present were missing. He looked to Narcissa. "You had best be out of here by midnight."

The boy was no longer smiling, but he wasn't sad or dispirited or anything. He was just thinking, his face curiously blank. He was quickly adjusted to the idea that his mother was leaving and he would have his father completely to himself - with the exception of the times when he would be working for the Dark Lord. He smirked slightly and said quietly, "Well, goodbye then, mum." It was the only time he had ever called her 'mum'.

Her gaze turned steely and she glared at both of them. Narcissa made a sort of growling noise, but her voice was not low enough for it to acheive anything more than a broken whine. "Fine." She turned on her heel and headed toward the room she shared with Lucius to gather her things. Momentarily, she contemplated stealing whatever she could fit into her trunks and suitcases.

Lucius was alright with her going through his things, he knew that anything she atempted to steal had a burning hex. She wouldn't want third degree burns all over her pretty skin, now would she? He smiled and looked to his son. "Well, when we get the house to ourselfs I shall let you open one gift."

Now Draco smiled enough to show his straight white teeth. "Thank you, Father," he answered. He was actually about to be alot less formal than usual and resisted the urge to call him 'daddy' instead of father. "Happy Christmas," he said, and raised the glass his father had given him in a sort of toast, then drank more of the wine in it.

From the bedroom, there was a muffled scream. Narcissa had attempted to steal a glass orb that held some considerable value and now her hand was scorched. She was finished trying to steal anything from Lucius Malfoy. Everything else was packed and it was well before midnight that she stormed out of the house with all of her things, cradling her left hand.

Lucius chuckled as she left. "Yes, Happy Christmas, Draco." He said, hugging his son. He let the affection stop at that, taking a seat, handing him a present. He knew that the package held a locket with the Malfoy crest. Inside was a watch that told the exact time no matter where you were. It would also allow secretive things be known such as test answers and any falsities being presented. Lucius's father had given it to him and now he was giving it to Draco. "Open it." He said, smiling.

Draco opened it somewhat slowly, carefully pulling the paper apart. He didn't want to seem like a child at his first Christmas, however excited he was that he was opening a present early. Soon, the box lay open on his lap, and he smiled, lifting out the shining metal locket. "Father...I...I don't know what to say. It's beautiful." It was an uncharacteristic word for him to use. He didn't call many things beautiful, but this gift truly touched him.

Lucius smiled. "It has the ability to help with tests...but you're not supposed to know that. It will tell you the exact time of wherever you are at any moment, and tell you when you are being plotted against etcetera. Now, you may also find it does certain things for you alone. For me it gave me the extra little power of replaying my daydreams in a sort of movie form.. it is uncertain what it will do for you." He unhitched the locket and put it on his son, smiling. "It is deffinately fit for you."

The boy couldn't stop smiling. He was so happy that he had gotten a gift like this. "Thank you so much." He looked down and held the locket between his fingers, inspecting the crest engraved on the outside. "I will test it out later, maybe when I am in my room. What are we going to do for the rest of the evening, Father?"

Lucius smiled. "Well, I was wondering what perhaps you wanted to do. I haven't spent much time with you hardly at all since you were little. I want to make it all up to you. I just don't know how. Is there anything you would like to do?" He asked, not realy sure how to still show affection to his son without beng overly affectionate. He settled for holding his hand.

Draco looked down at his hand clasped in his father's for a moment, then looked back up at him and smiled. "I really don't know. I want more wine. Now that I've come of age, can we drink together?" He had recently turned seventeen, which he had realized could get him places. He was allowed to do magic outside of the school (which he enjoyed very much) and there was always the possibility of getting just a little tipsy on the wine that used to be limited to him. Who better to drink with than his father?

Lucius studied his son before nodding. "I don't have a problem with it, just don't become an alcoholic." He said. "And we will need a little more than wine." He reached under a cabinet and withdrew firewhiskey and a few other select rums and whatnot. "Drink slowly." He said, pouring himself some firewhiskey.

Draco was a little surprised his father was already giving him hard liquor, and planned to do exactly as he said and drink slowly. He was a little nervous about drinking firewhiskey, but didn't want to voice something to silly, so he got some and the first drink was horrible. He tried hard not to make a face, but couldn't help scrunching up his nose a little in his usual expression of distaste.

Lucius chuckled at his son's discomfort. "A little too strong?" He asked, showing off just a little by taking a rather large swig and not being affected by it one bit.

He shook his head and took another small drink. "It's just...the taste." He hoped the more he drank the less he would care about the taste. It wouldn't take nearly as long to get drunk on firewhiskey as it would have on wine. Draco was already feeling a little buzz from it.

Lucius laughed at his son and let himself get a little blitzed as well ."So, who do you have your eye on? Anyone at school?"

Draco almost choked as he took a drink of his bitter alcohol. "Well...ummm...not exactly. I suppose I like Pansy, but not much...I keep thinking about things other than girls, stuff that seems more important." He averted his eyes quickly and looked at the carpet.

Lucius twitched. "Well.. spit it out. I can tell you're mind is brewing, Draco." He said to his son, watching him almost predatoraly. Lucius knew his son had to be more interested in men than women. It would have explained a lot about the boy of late.

He sighed and set his glass down on a table near him. "There is no one at school that I am interested in, Father." Draco paused. "When I think of my future, the only person I ever you." He blushed a little, hoping it was just the firewhiskey, and hoping his father's reaction would not be volatile. It was definitely something awkward to say.

Lucius almost lost controll and coughed on his drink but remained in composure. "What do you mean by that?" He asked, wondering if it was along the same of the feelings he had been developing for his son of late.

Draco could not tear his eyes away from the apparently highly interesting carpet. A blush was lightly staining his cheeks now as he fought with his alcohol-clouded brain to come up with the right answer. "I can't see my future without you. I don't see girls. I don't see marriage. I see you, father. And not me growing up to be you. I see my future with you..." He trailed off, aware that he had just poured out a very deep, dark secret.

Lucius didn't dare let his mind wander to what this meant. "You.. what? You know i love you, Draco....."

Knowing it could be a fatal misstep if he was out of line, Draco risked it and asked the question, "Love me how?"

Lucius chuckled. "I would assume the way you are suggesting that you love me." He patted his lap. "Sit with me."

Draco obediently moved from his spot on the sofa to Lucius' lap, which was just as comfortable, though his heart had started to pound at a volume he was sure anyone could have heard.

"Now, how exactly is it you love me again?" Lucius quested, pressing his forehead to his son's.

The blonde boy had never been so nervous in his life. If he had held out his hand, it might have been shaking. He took a deep breath, and, exhaling shallowly, answered, "I'm...afraid to say, father. I can't tell if it's really what I think, or if I'm drunk. But it feels as though I felt it before the firewhiskey, and it feels as though I should not say what I think it is because...because you are my father." His icy eyes were wide and his face flushed a little. He really hoped he would not have to voice it directly and that his father would understand what he meant.

Lucius laughed softly. "Draco.. you know better than to avoid questions. I asked you something and I would much like you to answer it."

For a moment, Draco looked pained. He was so afraid to tell him. "I love though I am not your son and you are not my father. It is as though I would be your...lover." The blush in his cheeks flared and it was as though he forgot how to blink and breathe. He was disturbingly aware of how close he was to the person he had confessed his love to.

Lucius only smiled at his son and kissed him on the lips. "Do repeat yourself?" He asked, daring his son to be more bold. He wanted him to be. He wasn't at all shocked at his son's words, he craved them, welcomed them.

Draco gasped at the kiss, faltering for a moment. He didn't bother to repeat the whole explanation. Only the important part. "It is as though I would be your lover." He was more confident in the way he said it this time, and he leaned a little closer to his father, feathering his lips against Lucius'.

"Yes,... well, with my feelings, that isn't so strange." Lucius said, pressing his lips to his son, the feathersoftness of the other had tempted him for too long as he kissed him hard.

The younger blonde made a sort of whimpering sound as he kissed Lucius back. It didn't matter that it was his father he was kissing. It was what he had wanted for a long time, though he had never realized it until now, and it was better than any girl that had ever thrown herself at him at school.

Lucius didn't want to go any farther so he pulled away and smiled up at his son. "Well.. I think that was appropriate.." He said, pointing up to mistletoe that hung above them. "And quite delicate. For a young boy you kiss well, Draco, but then, you are my son afterall." Lucius stood, holding Draco for a moment as he did before setting him on his feet. "I fear I am quite drunken. Let us retire dear." He said, walking towards his room, looking over his shoulder to signal Draco should come too.

Draco was almost a little dizzy, but smiled at his father and followed him until he was told to do otherwise. He was a bit anxious. He'd never been in his father's room without being in trouble (his mother would send him there to be punished).

Lucius removed his robes in all their elegance and moved about to putting on only silken boxers and a dark green and silver satin night robe, brushing out his long white blonde hair with a brush by the beside. He smiled to his son. "You should go and retrieve your sleeping items."

His eyes wide and staring at the form of his father, who he had rarely seen without robes, Draco nodded quickly and dashed down the hall to his room. He returned in a set of black satin pajamas that he has gotten as a birthday gift earlier that year. He thought that the occassion called for them, even if what he normally slept in was a pair of plain black lounge pants or just his boxers.

Lucius smiled at his son and he pulled back the comforter to the bed. "Please, make yourself comfortable." He said, moving to the bathroom to do the usual nightly happenings before bed such as brushing teeth, washing his face and once more checking hair before he climbed back into bed, paitently waiting on the other.

Draco couldn't think of anything to say, and he was too anxious to really be comfortable, but sat on top of the covers with his legs crossed. It seemed he was staring intently at the dresser across the room, but really he was thinking about what had just transpired.

Lucius sighed. "Draco... please, I only ask you to lay beside me." He almost pleaded, wishing his son would lay next to him so he could sleep better and love the other.

The boy turned his head toward Lucius. "I'm sorry, Father. I was just reflecting." He smiled and slipped under the covers, much more relaxed than he had been just seconds ago.

Lucius held the younger man close to him, pressing a kiss to his lips. "Things.. may get very confusing for us both. But whatever happens, and even though we are so close in relation, know that I love you." He said, closing his eyes.

Draco closed his eyes, relishing the kiss, and laid his head against his father's chest. "I love you too."

Lucius smiled and held the other closer before he comfortably let sleep take hold of him.


When he woke the next morning he looked down at the sleeping boy next to him. He hadn't expected to see their lord in the room as well.

"M-my lord! What brings you here?" He asked, rising from bed and bowing at his lord's feet, kissing the hems of his robes.

Voldemort chuckled lowly. "Rise, Lucius. I have a bit of a need. I want your son to prove his loyalty to me by killing Harry Potter."

Lucius looked to his sleeping son and lover. "What are the consequences if he fails this?"

"Why.. I will kill him of course." Voldemort said, his crimson eyes burning right through Lucius.

Lucius held down the fear that showed itself in his eyes at this. "I... wont let you down my lord." He said, bowing again.

Voldemort nodded, standing. "Oh, and Lucius, try to keep your relation with him secret.." With that he left.

Lucius stood stunned.

Draco sat up, his eyes wide. "I did not wake up for our lord!" He looked alarmed. He had only heard the sound of Lord Voldemort's voice, not even the words. He calmed, realizing that nothing had befallen him because of it, but frowned because he noted the way his father stood. "What did he say...?" the boy asked, knowing full well it might not be something Lucius was able to tell him.

Lucius cleared his throat, regaining his composure. "He.. has given his orders for you to kill Harry potter.. and that we.. must keep our relation secret."

He looked down at the covers for a moment, then looked up again at his father, a familiar smirk in place on his features. "I don't suppose killing him is as easy as it sounds, but it's not something I'm going to refuse. An opportunity like that honor." He stopped smirking as he added, "It shouldn't be too hard to keep us a secret, right Father?"

Lucius nodded. "Yes, but Draco, if you fail.. he will kill you." Lucius said, caring in his greyish stormy eyes.

"Then I won't fail. If I fail our lord, then I fail you too. And I can't let that happen." Draco looked seriously at his father.

Lucis smiled and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you Draco.. just, don't feel anything for when you kill.. it's hard to get over it, no matter who it is. Keep that in mind." Lucius said, running fingers through his son's short hair. "Now, let us.. get some breakfast."

Draco smiled a little and nodded. Breakfast sounded wonderful. He slid out from under the covers, his satin pajamas making a quiet swishing noise when he moved his legs. Soon, he would have to go back to school, and then he would be seeing Harry again. He didn't know what to expect when he saw him again, though he assumed that he wouldn't really regard him any differently.

"Draco, I think I am going to become the new teacher for defense, that position should still be open, Albus shouldn't reject to this. That way I can be near you and make sure everything goes well...." He said, wondering his son's opinion on it as the house elfs set the table.

Draco's eyes widened a little. "You're going to teach? That's wonderful!" Now he was excited about going back to school. He wouldn't have to leave his father behind this time. "But...won't that make it more difficult to keep our relationship secret, Father?"

Lucius chuckled. "I know much about the school love. It wont be in the slightest bit hard. No one will question you coming to my chambers for you are my son, and they do not dare bother me."

"Oh." The boy realized his fears were sort of silly. Though the mention of Lucius' chambers did not escape his notice and he was intrigued.

Lucius smiled. "Do you need anymore school supplies from diagon alley?" He asked, buttering a breakfast roll.

Draco shook his head. "No, I don't think so." He picked up a strip of bacon and ate it absently. Tomorrow was the day he would be returning to school.

Lucius smiled. "Do not worry. I hope you may stay to yourself whilst I talk with the headmaster this eve?" He asked, giving his son a quite passionate glance. "I assure you when I get home you will find it worthwhile."

"Yes, Father, of course." His face colored slightly - there was no way he could have missed the implications of what his father said. "May I be excused? I want to go get dressed." His mind was on things other than food now and he didn't want to eat anymore.

Lucius smiled and nodded. "Yes love.." He stood and kissed his son, grabbing his traveling cloak. "I will be back darling. Have fun while I am away."

Draco nodded and smiled in response. He knew he would be completely bored until his father returned, but he did not voice such.

Lucius ruffled his son's hair before grabbing his cane and walking out of his house grounds where he apparated outside of Hogwarts and walked up to the castle gates. He calmly walked to the headmaster's office, knocking gently.

"Come in." Albus said, his eyes searching Lucius immediately.

Lucius smiled. "Ah, Albus. I was hoping to find you here. I... hear the defense position is open."

Albus nodded. "That it is my boy.."

"I was thinking I could do the job." Lucius said, eyeing him curiously.

To his surprise Albus nodded. "Well certainly, I think you have all of the qualifications my boy!"

A man with black hair and pale skin entered the headmaster's office after having knocked. "Ah, good day, Lucius. Pardon my interruption, Headmaster." Severus Snape was not oblivious to the intent of Lucius' visit, and he was not entirely pleased that he would once again be prevented from teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. However, he was not so displeased that it was Lucius who would be teaching.

Draco did exactly what he had the last time his father had been gone. He changed out of his pajamas and into his plain black robes, then laid on the couch. This time, he was not really tired, so he just stared at the ordinary objects in the den. He hoped everything was going well at the school.

Albus nodded. "It is fine, Severus, though I may inquire, how it is I can help you?"

Lucius smiled at his friend. "I think, Severus you might be angry with me about the job, but ... I have particular interest, namely in Draco's schooling." He said, sending the dark haired man a glance telling him to meet with him after the meeting.

His black eyes shifted to Dumbledore. "You'll forgive me, sir, but it seems that I have forgotten what I came here for." It was not an entirely truthful statement. He had really come to find out why Lucius was in the school, and had already gotten his answer. "Excuse me." With that, Severus backed out of the office to wait at the bottom of the staircase.

Even though Draco had not been tired, he still managed to fall asleep on the sofa. There was really nothing to do and so he could not resist sleeping. His father would assuredly wake him when he came home.

Albus watched Severus leave and began wondering just what was going on. "Yes, Lucius, you may have the position, I expect you to start as soon as the students return tomorrow."

Lucius rose and gave the headmaster a small bow.
"Thank you, headmaster." With that he left, leaving the old man to think on his own. He went and found Severus. "Let us find a place to speak in private." He whispered.

Severus nodded, expressionless, and led the blonde man to his office in the dungeons. "What is it you wish to speak with me about, Lucius?"

Lucius sat down and sighed. "Our lord has given Draco the task of killing the Potter boy. I need to keep an eye on him, I would like for you to help me with that. I.. also need a little bit to help with something... I.. don't know how to put this. I.. our lord told me to not talk of it, but after knowing you for so long I feel I can trust you. Draco and I.. are more involved than is normal for a son and father.."

Severus only raised an eyebrow, vaguely surprised at this confession, but not revulsed or deterred. "I see. How would you like me to help?" Of course, Lucius was an old friend and Draco was one of his favorite students. It would not be out of his way to help them.

"Just help support him and watch him where I can not. I love him. I would die were anything to happen to him." He said gently. "You know coming from me that it means alot." He said, sighing. "I do need to get back to him soon as well before he starts worrying."

"Of course, Lucius. Anything for an old friend." Severus nodded and gestured toward the door with his arm. If he needed to leave to get to Draco, he wasn't going to hold him up with conversation.

Draco woke before his father returned, sitting up on the sofa and yawning. He stood and walked to a mirror, straightening his robes and running his fingers through his hair. He wanted to be presentable for the man he loved.

Lucius nodded and smiled. "Thank you." He smiled and almost hugged the other man but left swiftly, knowing the other understood him. He apparated once out of the gates. He walked up the steps to his home, opening the door. "Draco I am home dear."

Draco smiled. "Welcome home, Father. Did everything go well?" He was anxious to know if his father had gotten the job. His future happiness at school depended on it.

"Yes, and I will be teaching you defense. Severus knows of us and he is someone you can confide in." He smiled and caressed the other's cheek.

He leaned into the touch and said, "Good." Draco was anxious for his father to fulfill the promise he had made before he left. He did not know how he would make it 'worthwhile', but he had an idea. He leaned up and kissed his father tenderly on the mouth.

Lucius smiled at his son's actions."You are too much like me when I was your age." He said, smirking before leading the other to the bedroom.

Draco mirrored his father's smirk, though his heart was thudding in his rib cage again, as loud as ever, and he was sure anyone in the vicinity could have heard it.

Lucius pressed the other into the bed when they arrived, crawling atop of him and kissing along his neck.

He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, his lips parted slightly. At this moment he wished he wasn't a teenager and so easily excited, but there wasn't much he could do about that. And at the hands of a more than capable man, it really wasn't surprising that he was excited.

Lucius removed his son's shirt and moved between his legs. He wouldn't completely take him, but he could please him.

Draco struggled to get his breathing under control. How pathetic - he was already panting. He was sure there was a bright flush in his cheeks, too. He groaned in anticipation. "Nnn..."

Lucius smiled against the younger boy's flesh, removing his slacks. He, himself, wouldn't even be undressed for this. He slipped his hand under the waistband of Draco's boxers.

The boy could not hold back a gasp and his pale eyelids fluttered. He was sure he'd never felt anything so wonderful with anyone else, especially not the random girls at school. And he decided that his father should not be the only one giving pleasure. He wanted to do something too, when he had the chance.

Lucius smiled at the reactions he was stealing from his son. He chuckled slightly in a dark and silky way while tugging his son's pants down past his knees, gaining him more access to stroke at his son's hardened shaft that awaited his attentions. He kissed Draco's chest as he did this, not caring that they were father and son, only caring that he loved the smaller beneath him and that he wanted to give him the most pleasure.

Draco's breathing was shallow and little sounds of pleasure escaped into the air. He didn't care that this was his father either, or that one of his teachers could more than likely guess that this had happened when he returned to the school. It was completely worth it.

Lucius motions on his son became more focused, more intimate as he stroked him. He had done this before to another male, so he knew what he was doing. He just wanted to see the other writhe and gasp to him.

"Nnnn ahhh...father..." Draco moaned breathily, his grey eyes, formerly closed, now open but glazed and staring toward the ceiling. He was getting so close, so desperately close to completion.

Lucius shuddered and his heart pounded as he heard the other's moans. He kissed his lips almost harshly as he jerked his hand along the younger a bit harder.

Draco kissed him back, responding just as harshly, another moan lost inside their kiss. Soon, he climaxed deliciously, his back arching away from the bed.

Lucius smiled and licked the seed his son had spilt from his shaft, smiling at him. "Are you feeling better?" He asked, running a hand lovingly over his son's stomach.

Draco sighed and nodded, then sat up, staring at his father pointedly. "But you can't be." He smirked and crawled as close to him as possible. "Please, let me do something for you?"

Lucius smiled and kissed him. "Just what did you have in mind?" He asked. He didn't want his son going to far too soon.

Draco's smirk widened into a smile and he reached up to begin unbuttoning his father's shirt, taking care to brush his fingers against skin as he undid each button. He reached the heavy silver buckle of his belt, paused and looked up at him.

Lucius smiled lustiliy at the other."Hmn, I am curious as to what you will do.. I am your first male partner, yes?"

He blushed a little and nodded. True, he'd never done anything with a guy, but it wasn't as though he hadn't ever seen it done. He thought he could probably figure it out. He unbuckled the belt and unbuttoned the black trousers, looking up at Lucius and smirking as he unzipped them. Had he figured out what he was going to do yet?

Lucius smiled. "Just be careful whatever you are doing." He said, stroking his lover's hair.

For a moment, Draco's grey eyes flashed, and he tentatively reached into those black trousers and grasped his father's length, releasing it from the confines of his pants and experimentally flicking his tongue across the slit.

Lucius felt his face darken. The pure innosence of the action had him harder than he had been to start with. And with his son between him it was an oddly erotic image.

Draco placed his hands around the base, burying his fingertips in white-blonde curls, then licked a path along the underside of Lucius' shaft. He looked up at him through his eyelashes.

Lucius felt his eyes flutter in pleasure. "Yes.. Draco, that;s it." He hissed out, clawing slightly at the bed sheets.

He'd never heard his father say his name like that before. It made him shiver, and he groaned a little in his throat. He licked back up and took his head into his mouth, sucking a little lazily, massaging with his tongue.

Lucius shuddered and he found himself slipping fingers through his son's hair, pushing down just slightly but not enough to be forceful. This was such a great bliss from him and he couldn't help but love every second of it. His son was a natural it seemed.

Draco sucked a little harder and slid a bit more into his mouth, scraping his front teeth lightly once as he moved back. He looked up ever so often, finding the site of his father from this angle intensely erotic. He couldn't help but let escape a muffled groan of appreciation.

Lucius groaned, the sound escaping his lips in a pleading form, making him hiss in pleasure as he inhaled. "Yes.. Draco.."

The boy took in as much as he possibly could, feeling it hit the back of his mouth, taking care to keep from gagging. He closed his eyes again, groaning hotly at the bottom of his vocal range.

Lucius gasped and began a slow thrusting movement with his hips, he wasn't going to interrupt his son's own ministrations, but he needed more, more movement around his arousal.

Draco tried to relax his jaw, to open up more, but he wasn't exactly sure how. He wasn't sure what to do with his hands anymore, so he dropped them to his sides, his fingers curled into his palms.

Lucius grabbed his son's hands, it gave him something to hold onto as well, he figured he woldn't last too much longer, but he would enjoy it while he could.

Draco sucked as well as he could, finding the action difficult with something so large in his mouth, groaning quietly still, feeling once again aroused and simply by this action.

Lucius shuddered and stilled slightly as he could feel himself fast approaching completion.

He could feel the beginnings of his father's orgasm, barely grazing his teeth along the underside of his shaft, hoping that that felt good, looking up at his again through his eyelashes.

Lucius groaned loudly unable to keep back his voices of pleasure any longer, and soon he found himself filling his son's mouth with his seed.

Draco closed his eyes and released him from his mouth after a few moments, debating whether or not to swallow what was in his mouth. He decided to swallow and then smiled.

Lucius closed his eyes as he was completed and shuddered. "Thank you.." He whispered softly, letting the waves of relaxation wash over him

"You're welcome," Draco almost purred. He laid his head against his father's thigh and closed his eyes, still smiling slightly.

Lucius drug his son up, laying him besides him. "I love you."

Draco smiled more and answered, "I love you, too." At this moment, he was very sure that the only thing he would ever see in a woman was an image to uphold, and no other man may ever catch his eye either.

Lucius closed his eyes and sighed softly. "So, it is going to be strange seeing you at school.. teaching you no less." He said, musing on the interesting times they could have.

"I think I'll learn more from your class than any other, father." Draco half contemplated ways to get detentions in his father's class to spend more time with him.

Lucius nodded. "I would think so. I expect the utmost effort from you." He said, kissing his son.

Draco smiled. "Of course. I would give you nothing less."

Lucius nodded. "Good. Let us sleep, tomorrow I have to get you on the train. Unless you wish to arrive at the school with me?"

Draco's expression brightened. "I wish that very much. It wouldn't look strange, would it? Or should I ride with my friends?" As he asked the second question, he frowned a little. They were little more than pawns, not friends at all.

Lucius chuckles. "Well. Then you will go with me. My memory slips me, have you gotten your school supplies.. the new ones if you needed any?"

"I didn't really need any." Draco smiled and kissed his father on the cheek.

"Alright. Let us sleep. Tomorrow will be an interesting day." Lucius said as he pulled his lover and son close to himself and closed his eyes. He was incredibly tired, and the things that had recently happened had overwhelmed him a bit.

Draco curled close and closed his eyes also. Tomorrow definitely was going to be an interesting day.


Lucius was brightly awakened the next morn. He looked out the window to his room, small rays of light filtered onto his son's face warmly and he kissed his cheek. He rose from the bed, letting his son sleep a little longer as he grabbed a quick shower and then dressed in his finest clothing for the arrival they would be making.

Draco woke slowly after the kiss, the slightest touch having roused him from his sleep. He saw that his father was no longer in the room and frowned slightly. He left the room and padded quietly to his own room to get clean clothes and his black robes for school.

Lucius smiled as he saw his son. "Draco, I let you sleep a little, I hope you didn't mind." He said, offering him breakfast.

"Thank you, father." Draco smiled back and took the proferred food, wondering if his father had made it himself or if the house elf had. He wasn't going to ask, though, because it seemed inappropriate.

Lucius smiled at Draco almost chillingly. "Well, let us go now."

The boy nodded, now much more enthusiastic about returning to school than he had been previously. Having not yet mastered apparating, he clung pathetically to his father's arm.

Lucius' eyes gleamed as they made their way into the great hall. He noticed most of the students had returned. He led his son to the great hall and smirked when several turned their gazes his way.

Draco was determined to believe that the gazes from students were in admiration of the pair that was walking together, and not in wonder at why they were walking together. After all, it wasn't often that a parent got a job as a teacher at Hogwarts.

Lucius took his seat next to Snape at the teacher's table. "Well, this year shold be delightful."

Snape slid his black eyes to their corners to look at Lucius, answering rather pointedly. "Indeed. I do hope Draco's performance in class does not waver."

Draco too his seat at the Slytherin table, welcomed by many questions and comments as to why his father was sitting at the teachers' table and why he arrived with him. He silenced the questions quickly with an answer of, "He is a teacher now, obviously."

Lucius laughed. "Actually I plan for it to get better." He said softly. He shot a lustful look to his son before turning his eyes to the rest of the great hall. "Hmn, it's been a while since I have been here."

Severus only answered with a "Hmm..." to acknowledge that he had heard him, having nothing else to say, really. He wasn't sure how Lucius intended his son's performance in school to increase, but he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know details either. He'd never really seen the expressions that Lucius was wearing now, not even when they were in school together.

As Draco glanced up at the staff table, he caught his father's gaze for a second, then flushed slightly and looked away. He would really have to work on controlling his reactions around his fellow students.

Albus Dumbledore arose from his seat to his podium. "There are a few changed this year. The main in being our new defense against the dark arts teacher, Mr. Lucius Malfoy. I suspect you will all treat him with kindness and respect. And with that said let us welcome Hogwarts to a whole new year of fun learning experiences! Enjoy the feast!"

Lucius smiled predatorily at his new students. It was going to be very awkward teaching, but who knows, maybe he had a knack for it.

Not only did the Slytherin table erupt in a chorus of whispers, several students at the other house tables were also wondering why Lucius was there. Draco smiled smugly, glaring at the Gryffindor table, and knowing that there would be yet another teacher who make life difficult for a certain few students.

Lucius knew the other teacher's would not pay attention if he talked with Snape. "Severus... what is your take on my relation with my son?" He asked, wondering if the other thought it disgusting.

Severus raised a thin black eyebrow, wondering if it was exactly safe to be discussing this at the staff table. "I really have no take. What you do in your and your son's personal time is none of my business. If it causes no real problems, then I have nothing against your relationship."

"Nnn.. thank you." Lucius said, sipping from his goblet of wine. "I wonder if it will be fine for him to sleep in my room. I think.. I am sure Albus knows about my son and I. He has that.. damned.. sparkle."

The dark haired man smirked. Yes, that sparkle. "Hmm...yes, but won't Draco's fellow students be suspicious of the special treatment? And if not suspicious, they might become spitefully jealous." He snorted quietly in amusement at the way children interacted with each other.

Lucius huffed and actually pouted. "It's not fair." He stated, wanting to throw a fit. But Malfoys never threw fits. But he was happy again as supper was finished and the students were filing away. "Draco." Lucius called to his son, wanting to show him his rooms in case he needed to come by.

Draco turned his head, his face lighting up as he detached himself from the crowd of migrating students. He probably should have been showing first years to the dormitories, as he was a Prefect, but with his father calling him he didn't care. "Yes, father?"

Lucius smiled. "Just wanted to tell you goodnight and wish you well dreams." He said, smiling softly. "And, you may come to my rooms if you ever feel the need."

Draco smiled in return, but added, "I don't know where your rooms are, father." It seemed sort of silly that he had to say that, and he could have probably figured out where they were himself, but he thought maybe he wanted to go there now and get it out of the way. Besides, he had Prefect duties to attend to as well.

"They are in the Slytherin tower..." Lucius said, raising an eyebrow. "Well.. the invisible Slytherin tower."

Comprehension dawned on Draco's face. "Oh!...May I visit you tonight?" He had some unpacking to do, but after that he would be free.

Lucius nodded. "I would love to have you there." He smiled and made sure no one was looking before making a grab at his son's ass. "See you later." He said, winking.

Draco jumped a little, but smirked anyway, then walked off to the Slytherin dormitory to unpack and see to the first years. Everything seemed to drag until just before the school curfew, when he left the dorms and walked confidently down the halls. He reached his father's rooms and stood outside the door. He wasn't sure how to get in, so he decided to try knocking.

Lucius smiled and opened the door, his black robe tied losely, being the only thing he had on aside his silk dark green boxers. "Hmn, do come in."

The boy smiled. "Good evening, father." He stepped across the threshold. He didn't think they would have any time to be very intimate tonight, with school starting officially tomorrow. Draco did want a hug, though, at least.

Lucius smiled at his son. "And how did the nightly duties of being a prefect go along?" He asked, configuring another chair for his beloved.

"Very boring and routine," Draco answered, sitting. "The first years are too easy to keep in line. They're so scared they listen to everything a prefect has to say." A small smirk played across his face.

Lucius smiled. "You remind me so much of myself." His chuckle stopped a little and he looked at the other. "Well you should probably be off to bed I would think?" He asked, running his fingers through the younger blonde's hair.

Draco smiled and closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the touch. "Yes, I should be going to bed." He sighed. He wished he could spend more time in this room, but if he started falling asleep during his classes, it would be suspicious. He rose from the chair and looked at his father almost expectantly.

Lucius pulled his son into a hug and kissed him firmly. "Mn. I hope you sleep well. I wish you could sleep here with me." He said softly. "Maybe we can sneak about later tomorrow.."

Draco nodded and smirked, now looking forward to tomorrow for a reason other than class. "Goodnight then, father. I shall see you in class tomorrow." He said it as though he was leaving, but his actions demonstrated that he really didn't want to leave at all.

"Good night Draco, if you find yourself not sleeping you may sleep near me."

The boy nodded and smiled, then slipped out the door of his father's rooms. He padded down the hallway as quietly as possible, and it was lucky for him that the tower was close to the dormitories. He snuck into his own room without any problems and went to sleep, unfortunately, without any problems.

Lucius fell into sleep easily as well, but he had forgotten that he was a teacher here. So when he woke that next morn to a rather annoying magical howler he huffed and dressed as quickly as he could, unable to brush out his beautiful white blond hair, just going to the classroom to see his students there already. He looked rather flushed with his robes not proper and half of his undershirt unbuttoned, and in his slippers. Somewhat embarrassed he was as he surveyed the class. "Well, glad to see you all here, how do you all adjust so easy to the getting up early?"

Draco was in class that morning, and he was surprised to see his father so disheveled. He couldn't help but smile and giggle a little at the question posed to the class. Even though his father was teaching this class, he still took his customary seat near the back of the room, sitting with his housemates. Crabbe and Goyle had not scored well enough to get into the class this year, so he was not flanked on either side by them. He felt a little lonely, actually, but he turned his attention to the front of the room.

Lucius taught his class with surprising ease. "Well, turn in your assignments at the end of class, if you have any questions, feel free to ask."

At the end of the period, Draco had finished his assignment and walked up to the desk at the front of the room. As he laid the rolled up parchment on his father's desk, he smiled. He wasn't too sure he should say anything since the classroom was so quiet, so he turned to go sit down at his seat again.

Lucius propped his feet on his desk, twirling his wand around. "I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to wake up on time?"

Draco looked around at the other students, noting that Hermione was the only one with her hand up, then raised his hand as well, knowing that his father probably would not call on the mudblood girl. "Sir, a sort of alarm clock charm usually helps. I believe that is what most of us used when we first started here."

Lucius nodded. "Yes, I suppose that would do. They aren't terribly unpleasant I hope." He gave his son a warm smile.

The boy smirked. "No, they aren't terrible." He sat back down in his seat, and smiled a little wider as he looked at the surface of his desk.

"Alright then. Well, I hope the lot of you found my class entertaining and not too boring. If you have any suggestions I am open to them as it is a new thing for me."

As class ended, Draco picked up his book and threw it in his bag, walking to the front of the room and toward the door. As he passed his father, he made eye contact with him and smiled, then turned away and headed out the door. He was unnerved, he had noticed a certain dark-haired boy glancing at him throughout class.

Lucius smiled at hiss on as he left and wondered how much this would take of him not being able to do anything to him in class.

Harry Potter had been thinking the strangest things of late. Mainly it had to do with one Draco Malfoy. The other seemed attractive to him, and who nto better to ask out somewhere? They were enemies and maybe if he phrased it righ they could go somewhere. Harry would have to be careful not to say anything to scare the blonde away, but something made him believe he might just have a chance. He ran after the blonde. "Draco! Wait up!"

Upon hearing the voice that called his name, his eyebrows raised and his mouth almost dropped open, but he carefully crafted the expression into a suspicious and disgusted one. He scrunched up his nose and glared. "What do you want, Potter?" He was more than curious as to why the boy wanted to talk to him, and he didn't seem like the type for confrontations, so he doubted this was something negative. Actually, with the way he was looking at him, he had butterflies in his stomach.

Lucius looked down from his classroom tower where he could see the scene below and watched curiously as Harry Potter aproached his son.

As the dark-haired boy moved closer, the crowd dissipated, leaving Draco and Harry alone in the corridor. He only narrowed his eyes, his mouth a tight line, waiting for Harry to speak.

Lucius decided he coldn't hear well enough so he opened the window and casted a simple spell to listen carefully to their conversation.

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2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: I would say skip to Potions class, but that would be a scene that was written entirely by me, and I don't know if that's exactly fair. ^-^'

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: I don't know what to do. I really don't. It started out well enough. I just.. don't have more interest for it.

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: Yeah...I think we tend to lose our drive for a story after we write a sex scene. What do you think?

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: Well no, it was after they got to the school that I lost mine.

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: Yeah, but that was after we wrote their first scene. Seriously, even in our other ones, they stop soon after a scene was written.

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: -Sighs irritably- No, what I am saying is that I was still interested in it after, I just can't think of what to do next! And in the others I am pretty sure they went past the initial sex scene! You make me sound as though I am some kind of pervert!

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: That's not what I'm trying to say. I'm sorry. And they weren't all the initial sex scene, no. *shakes head* Forget what I said. We need plot suggestions or something to keep this one going.

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: Well what are you trying to say? Because either it is my fault because I completely fail at writing, or something just isn't right, but we can't seem to keep a roleplay going. And hell if I know why! We do need plot suggestions, but only if they come from us, I refuse to take them from others because that would make them unoriginal.

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: I wasn't trying to call you a pervert or insult your writing abilities. Not that at all. I was just making an observation. I tend to do that alot, and I never mean anything by it. I'm sorry. It's not your fault and you don't fail at writing. I have no right to say anything like that anyway if I can't think of something to keep the story going either. And I agree, the only suggestions need to come from us to keep them original.

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: -Shakes my head- I apologize for getting so.. off with you. I haven't been myself lately, and I often am greeted by anger as this is so. I think I will think of things for this by tomorrow eve. I am grown tired and irritable this night, and it would greatly please me that people remember who I am. -sighs- What has been irritating me so, is that I have let my guard down around too many and that being the case, they tend to forget who I am.

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: *nods* I'm sorry, father. I hope I am not one of those people, but I sort of get the feeling that I am. I shall try to think of ideas for this tonight before I go to bed. Do not worry about getting angry with me, I understand. Sometimes I need to watch my mouth. Please, keep me in line if I need it.

2008-06-11 [The Vampire Armand]: No my daughter. You are not completely one of those that forgets.. you have your moments, but you are pretty good about not doing that. We will both think, and hopefully we can come up with something great.

2008-06-11 [~noctis lingua~]: Yes. I think we can come up with something. We're both creative, I don't see why we couldn't think of something. ^-^

2008-06-12 [The Vampire Armand]: And it is your turn.

2008-06-12 [~noctis lingua~]: Oh, right. ^-^' Just so you know, there is some pretty bad weather here and I might have to go soon. Like, we might get a tornado.

2008-06-12 [The Vampire Armand]: -raises eyebrow- You had better keep safe!

2008-06-12 [~noctis lingua~]: I will. I'm supposed to wake my dad up if there is anything major. And this town is pretty protected from tornadoes because we are almost surrounded by rivers and tornadoes don't like to cross bodies of water very much.

2008-06-12 [The Vampire Armand]: Have you never heard of water spouts?

2008-06-12 [~noctis lingua~]: Yes, but our town still has what we call 'the bubble'. Tornadoes hit around us, but they tend to avoid our town. I'm not sure why, other than the rivers. But I think we should be fine. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got a cell phone. I'm excited. ^-^ I have unlimited texting and I've been sending messages all over the place. ^-^

2008-06-12 [The Vampire Armand]: Well still.. be careful And I am glad for your texting.. I am going to go on to bed and remind me to reply to this tomorrow.

2008-06-12 [~noctis lingua~]: Alright. I will, but I'll have to send you a message. I'm not going to be on tomorrow night.

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