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For the detective it was a dreadfully boring night. His paperwork was caught up and no one seemed to be causing any havoc for him to stop. And then among these musings a musical voice met his ears,

"It's my car! I did not write permission for the state to use it! That's not my hand writing!"Such an angry, fiesty ring was in this voice, causing Nicolas to look up and see a very disgruntled young man arguing with his friend and fellow detective.

"What's going on here Schanke?" Nicolas asked, causing the two arguing to turn to look at him. Nicolas was met with the brightest grey-green eyes he'd ever seen. He felt taken aback by the light red tinge of cheeks framed by long lengths of almost white-blonde hair, for the sight was sucha pretty winter portrait and he hadn't seen an example of such flawless beauty in a while.

"Your station is trying to impound my car because some cop stole it and was caught with drugs in it!" Those smallish lips were turned in a sneer and though he'd rather see a smile on them, Nicolas felt that even with the breaking expression that it still looked good on him. But for now he just listened and watched, raising an eyebrow as the blonde spoke and then looked to Schanke who spoke next.

"He gave permission, Nick! It's written on paper!" The protest given by Schanke only half-heartedly reached Nick's ears. He was too busy staring at thin fingers that were clenched in anger.

"Let's get a handwriting analysis then." Nick said, grabbing a piece of paper from his desk, setting it down for the boy. He really hoped this pretty thing was telling the truth.

Rienne took a pen from Nicolas' desk and in very script-like handwriting ater looking Nicolas up and down with a stange gaze his blush darkening, he did so. He wrote his full name - Rienne Marelo Di Miacci- and then beneath that he put his phone number. "Here you are. You'll call me when the test proves me right, I hope?" He handed the paper over to Nicolas and after one last glare to Schanke he stormed out of the station without one more word.

Nicolas blinked a few times as he loked at the note given and the one Schanke held. "Schanke, that is the wrong writer."

Schanke rolled his eyes and looked at the paper, his expression went from sarcastic to surprised. "Oh.. wow, you're right. Well, call him up and tell him later." And with that, Schanke left, certainly embarrassed at being bested.

The laughter of his one female colleague reached Nicolas' ears. He looked behind him to see her smirking.

"Looks like someone acquired a crush." She said with crossed arms, her brown ankle-length jacket draped over her folded arms, signaling she was probably about to leave for the night.

Nicolas frowned at his friend. "This is evidence of a car issue." He said it, but it obviously wasn't true. In his heart he wished it was more than that. How absurd of him to be so lovestruck over someone he'd only just laid eyes on.

"Evidence of love more than likely." Natalie continued, taunting her best friend to the best of her abilities.

Nicolas snorted."Uh-huh You keep letting yourself think that." Was that depression in his voice or was it really secret hope that Natalie was right about the boy?

"Nick... he put a heart at the end of his name, he's interested."

Nicolas hadn't noticed this and upon looking at the paper he couldn't help but blush, her words were true, there was indeed a heart on it. "Well, what am I going to do with the interest of a mortal boy?"

"I don't know. Go out on a date?" Natalie suggested.

"I somehow don't find that appropriate."

"Live a little, Nick! What's it going to hurt?"

"Oh, I don't know, Natalie, it could put him in danger."

"You said the same thing about befriending me, and look, we're best of friends and I'm not in an ounce of danger." Her tone was sincere and coddling and she lay her hand on his arm.

"Yes, but I'm not romantically involved with you.This would be a great opportunity for LaCroix to hurt either me or the boy...or at least taunt me forever, and sadly I mean that litterally."

"Well, I don't think he will. Nick, I don't think that boy was mortal."

"What do you mean? Of course he was."

"I don't think so. He looked so pale and his eyes were unnaturally bright."

Nicolas thought back to the youngman and agreed with Nat for a minute. And now that he thought about it the young man only had worn a dark blue sweater in the 12 below snow. As well as a pair of thin khaki dress pants, there was no way he wasn't freezing. But then again, his hands didn't tremble when he wrote on the paper, and his cheeks were colored enough to show him warm. "Still.."

"Give it a chance, Nick. You never know."


Nicolas thought over Natalie's words after he left the station and when he arrived home he thought of them again.

Just give it a chance, Nick.

Could he? He looked at the paper which held the boy's phone number and looked at the time. Nine p.m. He could still call him. He lifted the phone and almost dialed but set it back down. The second attempt he dialed and yet hung up. The third time was a charm as was often said amongst mortals. He lifted, dialed and waited. He recognized Rienne's voice immediately.

"Hello?" Such a sweet sound to meet him again, the voice of pure and agonizing beauty.

"Ah, Hello, this is Detective Knight from the station. Am I speaking to Rienne?" Better to be formal.

"Yes, this is he, what did you find?" Rienne sounded so very hopeful and Nicolas found he desperately wanted to give him good news.

"There was no match, your car will be returned to you tomorrow night."

"Thank you! You're the one who took my sample, yes?"The recognition in the blonde's voice made Nicolas grin like an idiot.

"I am, yes."

"Thank you, detective, It's good to know at least one officer actually tries to do good in our society." The thanks was sincere, and Nicolas took a moment to think of what to say back.

"Thank you, I take my job seriously. I don't like innocent people to suffer."

"I can tell. Will you personally be returning my car to me?" Was that a hint of hope?

"If you want me to?" Nicolas thought that was a most interesting question, perhaps Natalie was right.

"Well yes. If it's not too much trouble. Maybe you could take me to get some errands done? I need to stock up for some visitors."

"Sure, you.. we could go tonight if you wished?" Nicolas felt his heart race at a pause, fearing rejection.

"Yes, actually. That would be most helpful. I'll get ready, did they have my address on file or do you need directions?"

"I need directions." Nicolas frowned at the thought that there probably was somewhere in his office directions to the other's home but as he wasn't there it was most difficult to access him, he hoped he didn't seem unprofessional not knowing where the other lived.

"I live on twenty first and acre street." Well, what luck that was.

"You're only a few blocks away."

"Splendid. It's the large apartment building, you know, the weird yellow one?" The slip of amusement made Nicolas laugh just slightly.

"Yes, I know just the one."

"Room 307. It's on the first floor, I will see you in half an hour?"

"Yes, I'll head right over."

"Thank you, so very much."

"You're welcome, see you in a bit."

And the phone hung up. Nicolas was practically panicking. He raced to his room and put on a red button up over black slacks. He ran fingers nervously through his hair and made sure he was presentable before he actually went to his car. He was quick to find the apartment complex and quickly searched the room number, trying to find it quickly so he couldn't change his mind about their little outing. He almost lost hope before he found himself staring at the room number and his hand almost roboticaly knocked.

When the door opened it revealed a half dressed Rienne.

"Oh, detective, come on it. I'm, almost ready."

Nicolas came in, trying to not let his eyes feast on Rienne. How lucky he felt just then. How strange he felt as well. One moment he was arguing with Natalie about the boy's possible liking to him and the next he was staring at the half naked form of subject!

"Take your time." He said, admiring the slightly toned chest that was revealed partially in a black button-up and that firm behind that was in jeans that firmly gripped his behind and weren't even done up. Nicolas feared his reaction when the clasp was done on them.

When Rienne was finally ready he smiled. "I just need to go to the grocery store. You're sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all." How could he mind with such perfection only an arm's length away?

Rienne smiled and lead the way out of his apartment and Nicolas lead him to the car. "Which store?"

"Any, my friend. I just need to fill my cupboards so my guests wont think me a beggar."

Nicolas laughed good naturedly. "Yes it helps, doesn't it? To have food when mortals are over." Nicolas took a great risk in saying this and judged the other's reaction carefully, calculatingly.

"It does that. You are like me then?"


"Good! You know. I don't have friends, Nicolas. Maybe you could come over more, you know, we could be friends." The thought immediately crossed Nicolas' mind that 'more than friends' would have been better his choice, but he said nothing about it.

"I'd like that actually. I don't have many friends either. The only ones like us I talk to are my master and sibling." The relief in Nicolas voice was evident and he was very relieved indeed. He'd found this young beautiful creature that was just like him and he wanted to be friends with him, how wonderful a feeling that was!

"Oh. Yeah, my master was killed. I never had siblings. I like you, Nicolas, I can tell you don't take the lives of mortals either."

"You're right about that." Nicolas replied. He pulled into a parking lot of a grocery store and lead Rienne to the place, grabbing a shopping cart. "So, how about after this we maybe go see a late movie or something?" It was worth a try, Nick thought to himself. But he was wondering if he overstepped his boundaries in asking. Was it too early?

Rienne blushed a little at the question. "Sure, if we can stop by my apartment to put everything up first."

Nicolas smiled widely an nodded. "Sure. " He said, hands at his side while he followed behind Rienne, finding this surreal scene with him in a grocery store to be a feeling he'd never felt, and he much liked it.

"I need snacks, what do mortals even like? Cookies?"

Nicolas placed his hand on the small of Rienne's back, and reached to grab a box of crackers. "These with cheese and dip." He remembered back to a few settings his own master had thrown, and remembered some of the litlte foods he'd put out, not to mention he called upon his experience with Natalie cleaning out what little food he kept in the house.

"Oh." Rienne said, leaning into the touch.He leant back against Nicolas and wrapped his arm about him in an awkward kind of stance, and they made eye contact for a moment. They leaned in as if to kiss when Natalie's voice interrupted them.

"Nicolas? Oh my god, are you in a grocery store!?"

Nicolas frowned and looked at Rienne's blushing face. H went to kiss his cheek and felt Natalie come closer. "Yes, Rienne's car is impounded. I thought I'd help him run some errands."

Natalie's eyes gleamed with mirth. "Uh-huh. Well you two enjoy your shopping, I'll see you at work!"

"You're not with her. I hope?" Rienne asked as Nat walked away.

"No, she's like a sister to me, you're not with anyone, I hope?" Nicolas asked the question back after explaining the situation.

"No, Nicolas, I'm not." Rienne said with a smile. Nicolas smiled back and
began to push their cart again.

"So, what movie should we see?"

"Oh, I don't know, we'll just pick one."

Nicolas smiled and hurried them in their shopping, ready to sit in the dark with this beautiful creation. They waved bye to Natalie and Nicolas watched her watching them, knowing she'd probably spy on them. He mouthed the word 'no' at her and she grinned widely. There was only one theater in town and she might follow them to it.

Rienne tugged on Nicolas' jacket. "Nicolas, love, come now, want to get a good showing so we can have time together later."

Nicolas nodded, "Of course, let's go then." He took his eyes off of Natalie and re-focused them on Rienne, taking the other to the car. He helped him unload the groceries when they returned to his apartment and then after Rienne double checked that everything was in place they went to their movie. And it was a good movie as far as they subconsciously knew.

As they subtley moved closer, Rienne looked up at Nicolas and Nicolas looked down at Rienne.Nicolas took Rienne's hand and kissed the back of it, their eyes burning in their gaze together. Rienne had blushed beautifully and leant up to kiss the other and hen suddenly that's when they heard that silky, disasterous voice.

"Nicola', I'm not used to seeing you in a theater, one would think you actually have taste."

It was LaCroix, Nicolas' master to ruin the day yet again. "La Croix, what do you want?"

"Word is, Nicolas, that you've found a pretty little thing to occupy your time with, being your master, you need my approval." The tall, stoic man said.

Nicolas sighed and looked to Rienne who was frowning. "Rienne, this is LaCroix, La Croix, this is Rienne."

"That's Lucien La Croix, Nicolas, don't say my name so rudely." La Croix said as he repeated Nicolas earlier action of kissing the back of Rienne's hand. "Charmed, young thing."

Rienne sighed. "Thank you, mister Lucien." He was irritated that their date was being interrupted. "May we converse another night, sir? Nicolas and I were much involved in more pressing matters, perhaps we could all three meet another time?"

LaCroix narrowed his eyes curiously. "I suppose. Forgive me for being rude. Both of you have a splendid rest of the evening." He said, curt in his tone. He smiked at Nicolas, mischivously so, and left the two to their love-gazes.

Nicolas was more than angry as the other left. "I'm sorry, Rienne, that's my master, he likes to show up at random times."

"Yes.. he ruined a perfectly good moment." Rienne said, no longer feeling that sweet moment of affetion they'd shared. He looked about and saw the girl from earlier in the audience. "Nicolas, your pretty mortal woman-friend followed us here."

Nicolas had been staring off into space but these words made his eyes widened. He looked out and sighed dramatically. "What the hell is with everyone tonight?" He asked aloud, exasperatedly. He looked to Rienne. "Come, let's get out of here." He said, shooting Natalie an withering stare. He saw her snort and giggle and shook his head, taking Rienne's hand.

It was a little bit of a sad walk back to his car. Nicolas couldn't help but feel like he'd ruined everything. Their ride to Rienne's apartment was more than silent. He took the other to the door and stopped. "I'm sorry that our night wasn't so great in the end."

Rienne smiled a little. "It wasn't all bad, Nicolas." He said, standing on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow night then?" He asked, hand on his door handle.

"Yes, as soon as I get your car." He said, leaning to return the kiss to the other's cheek.

Rienne laughed a little. "Yes, there is that still." He embraced the other and kissed him once on the lips before dissapearing into his apartment.

Nicolas found himself smiling and went back to his car, he'd of liked to stop by Lucien's radio studio but he knew better. He'd be lectured and cursed at for his smaller love's insolence toward him. However, Lucien had come to him, waiting for him at his home, sitting in his living room.

"Nicolas, did you reach a base as mortals put it? First, second? Or did you perhaps go all the way"

Nicolas sighed tiredly. "No, we didn't go all the way, and it's none of your business."

"Isn't it? You're my creation, and that's a love interest, It's all my business."

"What do you want, LaCroix?"

"Nothing actually, I merely wanted to bother you much. I am accomplishing this goal rather well."

Nicolas glared at the other. "You almost ruined my date tonight, I would like it if you let me alone." He said, grabbing a bottle of wine. "Please." He added as a sarcastic afterthought.

"Your little one is strange to me, Nicolas. He has no reguard for authority and I would like to change that."

"Ha! Why? You're not his master."

"Aren't I?" And with that La Croix was gone as soon as Nicolas turned around. What did that mean?

Nicolas felt so very uneasy suddenly as this statement replayed in his mind. What did that mean? He couldn't stop the anger and hurt in his chest and he called Rienne on the phone, wanting to talk to him about it after long moments of diliberating, finally letting his curiosity get the better of him. It rang and rang and rang. No answer. It was probably nothing, Rienne was probably deep into slumber. He sighed one last time for the night, and went to bed, deciding to figure it out tomorrow evening when he saw him.


Nicola's night after was a contrast from the night before, and a stark one at that. Everything was opposite, his work was piled up and he wasn't near a good mood.His master's words still unsettled him and he, as a result, was uncharacteristically snappish in his words to others. He made many apologies before he'd realized it was getting quite late. He needed to return Rienne's car to him. He hadn't seen Natalie at all that night, and he was greatful for that he didn't want to hurt her feelings, because he was sure he'd yell at her something fierce for stalking them all evening.

He sighed, deciding to leave the rest of his paperwork for the next evening and grabbed his keys. He wasn't questioned by anyone for his early dimissal and he went immediately to the impound where he retrieved his love's car.

His short ride to Rienne's apartment made him again worry about Lucien's words. 'Aren't I?. What ever did that mean? He worried over several possible answers to that question and half expected to arrive to Lucien being at his love's house but he found only a houseful of mortals when he arrived. He was greeted by a very smiley Rienne who threw his arms around him.

"Nicolas, you're here at last!" He said, pressing his lips to Nicolas' in a loving kiss.

Nicolas was more than surprised but he acted quickly to hold the other tight and return the kiss, wondering if that was all right in front of the other's obvious family of sorts.

Rienne pulled apart from him and grinned at the group. "Back in a second guys." He pulled Nicolas off to another room all together. "They wont be here much longer, I promise. I missed you. Did you get my car?"

Nicolas held up the keys to the small sedan. "I did. It's parked in this room's designated spot." He said, setting the keys on a nearby small table.

Rienne grinned. "Thank you for that. And you were right about the cheese, crackers and dip. Nicolas, are you completely off of work tonight?"

"Yes, why did you need something?"

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to maybe spend some quality time with me tonght."

Nicolas smiled at the request and nodded. So their night hadn't completely been folly the night before. "I would love to. I have some questions by the way. You remember La Croix from yesterday?" At Rienne's snort he continued. "Well, he said something yesterday night when I returned home that I didn't know what to make of. We were talking. He said he wanted you to learn authority with him and I said why he wasn't your master and he said the words 'aren't i' as though he was..."

"Why would he say such a thing? I've never even met him before last night.." Rienne said, appalled by the statement from the other.

Nicolas felt himself brighten immensely. "Maybe he's jealous, I don't know." He said thoughtfully, knowing though that it couldn't be the case. He and his master were never intimate with one another, the only reason he was turned was as a present to his sister in immortality, Jeanette who was once his lover. He shrugged it off. "Ah well, he does like to play mind games."

"So it seems." Rienne said, smiling. "I like to play games too, Nicolas, not mind games though. I like to play other games." He said, a hint of seduction in those words that made Nicolas shiver.

"Um, what kind of games, just so I'm not getitng the wrong idea?"

"Who said your idea is wrong." Rienne said with a wink, before he was called back out to the kitchen. He grinned and kissed Nicolas again and made his way out, leaving nick completely stunned.

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