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Sorry to everyone someone edited my wiki and messed it up if your name is not up there plez Join again thanx

Banners Death Lovers Banners

0.[Jack the Ripper] The Control of life and Death is Pain. Without pain Death is not as sweet
1.[BlEedINg bLAcK ShaRDs] i wnat 2 die y kant i die?
2.[dark cleric] Join the Laziness at Slackers United!
3.[Skittles 420]
5.[Love me. Hate Me. I'm still on UR mind.]
6.[Buried Myself Alive]
7.[Nocternity S.]To fear death is nothing other than to think oneself wise when one is not. For it is to think one knows what one does not know. No one knows whether death may not even turn out to be the greatest blessings of human beings. And yet people fear it as if they knew for certain it is the greatest evil.
8.[Koba] Thereby beauties rose may never die
9. [crimsonregret] Suicide only hurts those not committing it.
10. [monkeys8me]
11.[Mother Goddess] it is not the end, only the beginning
12. [morbidity in pink] i cud do with death right now
13.[~wee~] Wouldnt it be great if we could alll die..and leave this fucked up world behind...i think we should blow up the world and set our enimys on fire!!!
14. [Crystained] To some, Death is just a toy. To others, the greatest fear. To me...Death is a haven.
15. [Guardian of the Night] Life's not worth living if you don't want to die.
17.[losthero] Waiting for this dream to end...
18. [Mercenes] whats the point in not embracing the inevitable...?
19. [bubblesxerotica]
20. [DoneWithET]
22.[me matas] they say lifes to short to waste fuck that lifes only short if you make it
23. [Arinique] Life...just a fucked up version of death...death brings us why won't people let us have it?
24. [pretty in blood] life sucks...
25.[I Want U But I'm Not Giving In This Time] death is awesome. i love [bubblesxerotica] & [dontKIKmeimdown]!!!!
26. [Klaproos] Death's the beginning of it all
27. [Monoxide Child] hey, its Ryan! *reaches for Ryan*
28.[BeuAtiFUl lETdOWN*]ur born to die soo why not ???lOL
29.[~The Drappa Varg~] aw..damn..almost right below Jimmy.
30.[Acidic Khemica]without death there is no life
32.[fjdka] quote: Life's just like a dick, when it gets hard FUCK IT!!!!
33.[--Movie Freak--] please just fucking kill me now!
34.[Katisama] BLOOOOOD^^ oh yes.....pulsing red.....*evil giggles*
35.[alequia] death is what makes the world go round!
36.[Draugur dauðans] I am the terrible!
37.[Death's Die-Ary]
38.[a married mistress]
39. [Morrigon]
40. [Take off your clothes. ♥]
41.[MYFACE;;] uhh forgot to put my name up again...^^''' oops!
42.[Phoenix-X] i contimplate suicide everyday to fall asleep motionless
43.[you killed me]Death is fun
44. [kozmix] I'm looking forward to meet her, but first i have lots of things to do here :)
45. [~And the wind calls her Demona~] Death will soon come for and when it dose, I'll be ready.
46. [Savior For Cayley] I'm dying so I might as well give in to Death. Maybe that way I won't be so scared when the end comes.
47.[nto actually here]death is my only escape....
48.[O.N.E.pathetic TWISTED wReck] "death is a midnight runner" is it strange that i think death is beauty?
49.[Draco Kinam]- Pain is always here with us....
50.[Something Corprate]
51.[Shadow serpenz] Pain is the greatest friend to have it lets you know your still alive
52.[Flasher?20]-pain makes me happy
53.[JacquliynnElaine]...i dont really have a comment...except, i cant wait to die!
54.[living•dead•girl] life is limited death is forever
56.[Motel Massacre]with out death there cant be life
57.[NormalFreek]death is awsome
58.[ma vie en rose] Death should be as beautiful and joyus as birth
59.[Smile Addiction]death is something that we have come to beautiful.
60.[Expensive Fidelity] death is beautiful or horrible. you choose which way to look at it.
61.[Piccolo Sorcio] Don't be scared of death. Maybe you will be born again, so you can die again, and again, and again....
62. [ill be your number 1 with a bullet]  the only thing hard in this world is to live in it
64. [~DarknessAngel~]
66.[.::Momma Meggerz::.] woooooooooooohoo!!!!
67. [Final_omega] the meaning of life is death and the meaning of death is life.
68. [sugarcult bitch7] life is the waiting room for death...
69. [H-o] im 69.. that should be enough, but give me death and i shall have love.
70 [Broken_Musician] hmm... i have tried to kill myself 3 times i think i deserve to be put on this page
80. [teen snuff queen.] "i'm sorry" doesn't make the pain go away...
81.[taintedblood] Death is just another stage...i can't wait.
82. [x-ragdoll_x] Death is such a beautiful thing...
83. [shortycran] Life Is Death And Death Is A Begining Of A New Life......
84. [BLack Sheep 666] i cuddle with death all night
85. [ill be your number 1 with a bullet]
86. [†Drusilla†] Death rules us all, we all will die someday!
17. [do not exist]ah death..its oly the begining
13.[That hXc punk ass bitch Emma] Death was made for me
87. [flaming soul] death is the all i have left
88. [Vaginal Secretion] Death is beautiful
89. [NaughtyNeaveh]
90.[Ally Baby]
91.[fuck this, i'm gone, you all suck] death is such a beautful thing.
92.[talak]death sounds good when you live in hell
93.[dark kitty in big trouble] when people say that your crazy and put you in a loony house, you can only go on the computer for an hour a day, if you were being good that is
94.[Glue girl]oh i have so many scars......
95.[Mania Rage] I laughed during 9/11. I have over 50 scars on my wrist.
96. [Keyta]
97. [?.Flowers Of Carnage.] - death is a beautiful thing, so close ... but so far away....
98. [firefaerie333] I don't want to be old. Look for me in the obituaries, "Lady in Black"
99.[BoneSaw86]me i have a lovely bunch of coo coo nuts
100 [i am jack's box] FUCK YEAH, IM 100!!! Anti-Suicide BTW
101. [pen and paper set my life] death is a dream turning into a reality.. for me anyways..
102. [firefaerie333] My dear friend would love to join today, but she can't, as she is dead... R.I.P. [prinsesse]
103. [Just Another Teenage Whore. //] Death is my only friend...
104. [satyriasis] death...*contemplates the option*
105. [KuraiSenshi] The taste of blood is death.
106. [lil_vamp_18] death is a sweet escape..
107. [Fallen_Angel_666] death is freedom...
108. [Your Beloved Mary Jane] death is a new beginning
109. [Gothic Vampire Princess]
110. [_Dark_Fairy_] Love death and pain... Blood is my friend
111.[Just sum chick]
112.[the forgotten's shadows]i am deaths father son and spirt
114.[dendrite.] To be Reborn you must Die first
115.[Pathos] Love is the cause of heartache, heartache is the cause of pain, Pain is my cause of death...
116.[no name needed]
118. [Piccolo Sorcio] Waiting for the day I'll fly far away from here...
119.[Arcane Angell]
120.[punkbaby49]i know the name is not that good but who cares! now just waitin to die
121. [MoRoxy] blood's always down my arm
123. [Perfectly Flawed]
124. [003]
125.[Demon in my View] when people leave you or dont care you turn to things you love
126. [Masqued Afflictions]
127. [army gurl]
128.[Sad. .Vampire]
129. [†Drusilla†] There is always a way out!
131. [light.]
132. [SatansAngel]
133.[Izzeyl] i'm the avatar
134. [VampireChick08]
135. [beautiful _ darkness]
137. [Not A Mortal]
138. [? WORLDS ?happiest? EMO ?™] There's only one way to fix everything wrong with life
140.[better things to do]
141. [lets-talk-about me04] love me love me razor blade
142. [Froya]
143. [TheEvilHat] ive been a death worshiper for the bigger half of my life
144.[-Female Dysfunction-] yay...
145. [sawa_x_]
146. [{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]
147. [†cross your heart†] death is only the begining of something much greater
148. [lets-talk-about me04] sometimes u just wanna do it cause ur life has so much wrong with it....
149. [kataralinet]
150. [Eternal Vagabond]
151. [ILikeSinners]
152. [NO LONGER HERE!!!!]
153. [Ruriko Inoyuki]
154. [Virtue_x]
155. [Azkaronne]
156. [MoRoxy]
157. [Tiffy♥]
158. [Life Drones On]
159. [I'm gone gone gone] eh... i hate messaged, so.. blah!
160. [anemas blood] well well well... meet you in hell!!
161. [sweetkiss]
162. [~*Luna*~] Oh yes death whispers sweetly to me, but I do not answer, not yet
163. [Broken_Musician] i love death..
164: [Piercedskull]Life is just an exuse for living.
165. [Sir lyxander] Death is only just the begining
166. [someone elses nightmare] death is always on my mind and i want to talk to someone about it
167. [cryptonic] hey everyone
168. [Vampire Akis] B0o!
169. [de Morte] death is beautiful!

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2006-08-14 [Morrigon]: Obsessed?

2006-08-14 [Piercedskull]: *starts killing a cat*

2006-08-15 [someone elses nightmare]: yes ubsessed,,,its weird,,,,i'll my mental pictures of something are all bloody and gorey and jus cruel,,,and she makes me feel alot better and so she is on my mind alot,,,and guess i'm kinda creepy to her

2006-08-15 [Morrigon]: it's spelled: obsessed. The worst she'll do is break up with you and get a restraining order. I doubt that.

2006-08-15 [someone elses nightmare]: lol, i like to spell i fukered up for sum reason

2006-08-15 [Morrigon]: must be entertaining....

2006-08-15 [someone elses nightmare]: yea,lol

2006-12-30 [Vampire Akis]: [de Morte] is beautiful...

2006-12-30 [Morrigon]: Um...kay.

2006-12-30 [Vampire Akis]: lol don't you agree?

2006-12-30 [Morrigon]: It's more along the lines of, I don't care...

2006-12-31 [de Morte]: ohh thank you!

2006-12-31 [Piercedskull]: *blink*

2006-12-31 [de Morte]: Hi! I think I joined this before the stuff got deleted... but I sadly haven't been commenting, so I rejoined!

2006-12-31 [Piercedskull]: gah

2007-01-04 [TechnoLette666]: Death can defantly be beautiful. If bloody in the process of dieing it makes it more beautiful!

2007-01-04 [Vampire Akis]: Guys, why didn't the boss click on the 'previous version' button of the page when saw that the list was deleted? -.-"

That's right. Blood is beautiful by itself. ^^

2007-01-04 [Morrigon]: Well...that would be too easy. Or more likely, they didn't know.

2007-01-05 [cryptonic]: WTFUK,, oooooh, death,, AWSOME,,,,its life okay,,ITS REALITY

2007-01-05 [Vampire Akis]: yep yep yep

2007-01-06 [someone elses nightmare]: yup, so is dreaming,,,,,if there is a spot on the apple,,CUT THE SPOT OUT,, pick up as many children as possible, to save them,,and kill anyone in your way,,

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