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2006-08-04 17:30:56
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Is it worth it?...

To those that begin the path to becoming a master craftsman, you will probably ask yourself, "is it worth it?" The only person that can really answer that is you.

These trials and test are really to help you grow, while the teaching is so you can learn to listen. All I have done is packaged them in a fun little wrapper called the dark arrow.

The first question I guess every artist must ask themselves is how bad do you want it? You cannot tell someone how bad you want it you have to show them. For me talk is cheap, it is all action, i want to see you follow your dreams and not live in a world of what if's?

But to make it you will need to learn a few things.

Distance yourself from your work and Listen
Artist become attached to pieces and the minute someone says something critical about it, they see it as an attack against them. Well it is not and until you can distance yourself from a piece of work you will never grow.

As a professinal illustrator, which took a long time to get there and i'm still growing, I found myself subject to some of the more brutal critiques I could ever imagine. Or so I thought. It seemed everytime I posted a new pic, this guy tore me apart. I felt attacked and dreaded each post. In desperation I ask my mother a professional china painter to look at this guys internet comments and tell me he was off base.

Well she didn't, in fact her first words were,"he's right." she then proceded to show me that he said nothing about me as a person but made some incredible constructive comments on how to improve my work and that i was too attached to listen."

Next, she asked what would mean more- having everyone continue to say oh your work is great and remain stagnent or to prove myself to this guy and become a better artist. 8 months later i got a personal email from my reviewer with" i really like your work keep it up."

So to learn you need to distance yourself from the art. Plus distance yourself from adding emotion to typed comments.

why do we fall?
Well as Bruce wayne, sr answered."So we can pick ourselves up." Artistic Constipation is usually the fact we are on the verge of a break through. It is here we learn patience and sometimes the need to rely on others to get us through the hard times.

The trials are there to help you get over the edge. They are incredible exercises to help push you through the valleys. We are just showing you how to do them, you will need to do the rest.

How bad do you want it?
What are you willing to give up to draw? if it is professionally, than you will really need to reevaluate your priorities so you can acheive your goal.

Family though comes first, you can't draw or create to your full potential in your home if there is discord, so if there is you need to fix it. But family comes first

Then the art. Where do you draw? Personally I draw in the doctors office, dentist office, waiting rooms, the park, lunch breaks, waiting on press checks, at 2 am when i can't sleep...Do you see what i am saying? I draw all the time.

Keep a sketch pad with you at all times, practice the trials, draw what is around you- your best ideas come in that fleeting moment when your mind is wandering or an image strikes you.

How much gametime do you have, tv, movies etc... If you want to be an incredible illustrator- you must be able to turn off the tv and walk away from the computer.

An last you must believe in yourself.

good luck

My younglings, like all things to become good at something you must work and work hard. Life and sucess was not meant to be handed to you on a plate, it is something that is earned. Yet it is also something that doesn't half to be done by onesself.

That is why i created darkarrow, to help others find joy in their gifts and if they so choose to help them find a way to make their dreams work. I can't hold your hand, but i can give you a rope or two to pull you along.

Good luck
travs the bean


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2006-08-04 [Kachichan]: Thankyou for saying this! It's something I (and no doubt many others) need to work on as much as our artwork, and if we don't... we have no hope of improving, have we?

2006-08-17 [~Saraneth~]: That was absolutely beautifully written and put as well as very inspiring.  I would love to join this 'wiki' as soon as I earn enough money to buy a scanner. But for now I would just like to applaud you for this wonderful place of learning. I've looked everywhere upon here and I find it to be an exciting way to exercise the talents of art.   

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