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2007-06-21 19:09:46
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CrAzY tEaPoTs

this wiki is for all the people who think sanity is over rated   


[Seize.The.Moment] sanity?...what sanity?
[Sandeee(:]- there's a thing called sanity?? since when?
[UnfrgvnGmrSktch]-looks for the said 'sanity'- i dont think i have that. was i supposed to?
[Beki in Wonderland] who needs sanity when theres teapots!?
[Saiyuki Nano]-I nver new their was such thing as sanity.-thinks-


2.[Floydian Slip]
3.[Demophobia] I join! *Caw Caw!* Hi lizards.
4. [queen mini egg]
crazy teapots pictures


*please help guys i dunno what to put up here*

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2007-04-25 [Sandeee(:]: wat did y'all do for 4:20?

2007-05-02 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: went to work and then came home and slept. like i do every day...

2007-05-08 [Saiyuki Nano]: slept, ate ice cream, and then played with my new carebear

2007-06-21 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: guess what? exactly 1 month after 4-20 is my b-day.

also DUDES!1 i found my sanity!!!!!

(my daughters flushed it down the toilet)

2007-06-22 [Saiyuki Nano]: haha thats funny i don't think i ever had mine

2007-06-22 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: I think Tara now dislike Ella and Sara. They stole my sanity..or maybe she did...I dunno anymore.

2007-06-27 [Saiyuki Nano]: tara did i think

2007-06-27 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: lol. yeah when she told me she was pregnant for Sara.

2007-06-29 [Saiyuki Nano]: yeap yeap. so tara stole your sanity

2007-06-29 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: yeah.

2008-04-14 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: Damn. This thing died......

2008-04-14 [Saiyuki Nano]: yeah it did wow.......................................

2008-05-09 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: crap...that sucks..does anyone besides us remember this thing anyway?

2008-05-11 [Saiyuki Nano]: IDK maybe. OMG IT'S SO BOREING. guess what i'm going get new books today. i might get zombie loan.

2008-05-16 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: coolers.

oh sounds good.

2008-05-19 [Saiyuki Nano]: i got gravatation

2009-02-02 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: you suck ass....-beats life back into crazy teapots-

2009-02-02 [Saiyuki Nano]: dude its so boreing around here

2009-11-13 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: such a sad day when these things die.

2009-12-28 [Saiyuki Nano]: hey this thing is dead

2009-12-30 [UnfrgvnGmrSktch]: *kicks [Saiyuki Nano]*

did i not JUST say that??!!

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