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Greetings Everyone!




World Of Colour

My world is cold and dark and grey.
The sun never shines to be happy and play.
The dark clouds hanging, always loom overhead,
Day after day, I ache with such dread.

No one to love me, not even care,
If I'm hungry or cold or lost somewhere.
I long for a petting, a gentle touch,
From someone that loves me; I long so much.

Each day I look for a rainbow to cross my sky,
A promise of someone that I'll catch their eye.
But as each day closes, hope fades, becoming slimmer,
Darker than night and its shadows, much dimmer.

But in my dreams as sleep overtakes,
I'm off to a land of no tears or heartaches.
In this "World of Colour" is a rainbow glowing;
The sun always shines, not a cloud showing.

My heart is warmed with plenty of hugs.
I'm not even itchy from the biting bugs!
My bowl is full, garnished with treats;
My water is fresh, not from the streets.

My belly's not hurting from sickness or hunger.
There's someone to hold me when I'm scared of thunder.
A voice so kind of someone I hear,
Pleasant and cheerful, I harbour no fear.

A ball is thrown, a twig, a stick,
For me to fetch and return, reward with a lick.
My tail is wagging, overcome with joy;
Kisses by the dozens, I gladly deploy.

So much love, there's nothing I miss
In this "World of Colour", this heavenly bliss!
But.. then I awake in the first grey of morn,
And sadly.. I've returned to the land of forlorn.

Written by Artsie_ladie, aka Sharon Donnelly © 2010-07-15 19:16:26

Remove the clouds from our darkened sky,
The greyness, the bleak, so overcast;
With a rainbow of colour, we can say goodbye,
And welcome the sunshine in our world at last!

"Colour Our World!"

A warm place to sleep, safe and secure;
Some chow in my bowl, fresh water for sure;
Are the basics needed to transform my world,
From bleak and hopeless, add colour unfurled.
For a nice home in which I can live,
Love and loyalty and kisses I'll give.
If you'll paint a rainbow across my sky,
I'll love in return till the day I die.

Will you "Colour My World"?

Written by Artsie_ladie, aka Sharon Donnelly © 2010-07-16 06:18:24</center>


Being an avid pet rescue person for many years, thus knowing much through first hand and hands on experience, trying to and helping countless animals from not only deplorable conditions, but also finding GOOD, new homes for pets their current owners could no longer keep for reasons that number many, has been and still is a very important mission in my life to help reduce the number of homeless pets and animals.

This website has barely gotten off the ground as of yet, because mostly of yours truly's lack of time and for the fact that I have a wide spectrum of interests, each of which require time, naturally. But I will be furthering this site for the sole purpose to hopefully increase awareness for helping homeless, neglected, abused, etc., pets. Also there are plans to increase awareness on ways to help decrease the number of pets without "good" homes, such as the very pressing need to inform people about the importance of having their pets spayed and neutered. There MUST be a decrease in the number of pets being allowed to be brought into the world in order for there EVER to be any hope of decreasing the number of pets in need of GOOD homes.

Save lives today! Neuter and Spay!
Please adopt! Don't Shop!

God gave mankind dominion over the rest of the animals we inhabit the earth with. It is therefore mankind's responsibility to see that they are looked after "to the best of our ability" and NOT to simply conclude they are simply beneath us and we can treat them wrongly and/or abandon their needs.

Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection affiliated with the TV Station, Channel 10 out of Albany, New York (links to to be added soon), part of the ABC television network, is and has been a wonderful asset to help the plight of many homeless animals in my area, along with countless shelters and privately run rescue groups.

Without the countless people giving of their time and money, including the much needed monetary donations from the general public that greatly not only helps to offset the major, major cost for such programs, but in fact, sustains and makes the efforts of rescue people and organisations to stay afloat to continue on with the goal(s) intended. So even if you can't get actively involved with shelters and rescue groups, financial support for reputable rescue groups and organisations is still also of utmost importance. Please also remember, the amount you donate, when accumulated with other donations, altogether adds up. Therefore, EVERY donation IS important!

There are plans in the works to also provide helpful information about good pet care tips from yours truly, with links to more, and from any others that would like to add their knowledge. Yours truly has many years of experience in the caring of pets and animals, including in the field of animal and pet grooming. Sharing knowledge benefits both pets and their owners.


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