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2011-07-06 20:14:01
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coffee's pics 55

this was the opening photo. it was about 5am we had another 2 hours left of driving to get to Cochrane.
No sleep for the last 25 hours. Seeing the sun rise in North Ontario for the first time in my life. Being isolated in nature with only my best friends. not too bad. taken by [ms.mortuary]
what?!... we were going to a metal festival.....So sue me! I had fun me and [Morok]
thats the smile of freshly depressurize bladder, and no sleep.
thank to [ms.mortuary] for this
[ms.mortuary] with daisies i picked on the way up.
[Morok] pretending to smoke cigars all weekend.
we encountered a rabid forest dwarf that wanted to raid our truck, and cost us all some serious hitpoints. good thing me and [Morok] and [ms.mortuary] had a high CON and were able to trick it into a calmer state. Then [Morok] used cleave to smite it. The entire adventuring party leveled up thanks to that.

/ [Coffeecontrolsme]

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2011-07-04 [ms.mortuary]: Oh maaaaan. That was a great stop!!! Haha. I have more pics of you guys I'll have to upload them. Also, I love that story you put down there hahahahaha <3.

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