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2011-03-27 17:24:51
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coffee's photos 49

andy being a huge poolshark
what a run down house can look like. UGLY
dont stick things in trees and forget about them it hurts the tree and makes awesome photos
my good friends [Morok] and heather
[Morok] and [ms.mortuary] at my birthday party.
a very small girl
poolshark lines up the balls and que
all this will be bulldozed
all of it

/ [Coffeecontrolsme]

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2011-03-28 [Morok]: Good picture of handsome tall people :)

2011-03-30 [FridaFrost]: I KNEW it!! <3

I love the tree photo with the thing someone forgot to remove, AWESOME!

2011-03-30 [Coffeecontrolsme]: Hahaha thanks!
I'll try to start taking more.

2011-04-01 [FridaFrost]: Do it! ;)

2011-05-03 [Coffeecontrolsme]: i have Been!
more to come folks!

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