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2010-07-12 [Akayume]: ..Fancy hat. X3

2010-07-12 [Chimes]: My friend's. :) My hat was underneath that hat. XD

2010-07-13 [Chimes]: <img100*0:> < That's my hat. :P

2010-07-13 [Akayume]: Your hat is soo cute. XP I want to make one of those!

2010-07-13 [Chimes]: I didn't make mine. I will be making some... but that one I bought. :]

2010-07-13 [Akayume]: Ahhhh, I see. :D

2010-09-08 [Ŧhe Jøker]: great smile :D

2010-09-08 [Chimes]: Thank you. :)

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