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2009-04-25 01:02:01
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Cat Porn (With some videos)

Photos from Sunday 2009-04-19 and Monday 2009-04-20. Eskil has been visiting Lilo during Friday and Saturday and they are eventually starting to get along. Eskil is very nice, but also somewhat annoying and playful. Lilo is old and bitchy.
Sleeping in the same couch!
And looking at each other.
And even on the same shelf. No, there are only 2 cats there.
That doesn't mean that Lilo wants him to get too close though!
And just when it was time for Eskil to go home... Lilo told him to stay.
Cat Porn!
Nice pussy from behind!
Eskil isn't sure how to do it properly. He needs some more exercise, I think.
You can see the "Can you please get it right, damn it!" in her eyes...
Lilo is rolling around mixing yelling at him and for him.

And there are videos too!

No cats were harmed during the take of these photos and videos, but I don't think anyones were made either. Not 100% sure about it though.

And the sound of Lilo screaming for more sex:

/ [Hedda]

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