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Name: Umune Zillyn-Vralir
Age: ummm...200-300?
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 128lbs
Hair: white, sort of like dreadlocks, usually pulled back into a ponytail
Eyes: red
Description: Umune is a mercenary for Bregan D'aerthe, and has been a member of the organization since abandoning his house nearly 50 years ago. He is quiet and serious, and very efficient in battle. There are also many things about himself that he keeps secret, such as the fact that he is a masochist. He is also easily embarrassed, but he does a good job keeping that relatively secret as well.

Name: Selenie Alderan
Age: 500
height: 5'11
hair: white and let to hang around his shoulders and chest, sometimes pulled back.
eyes: red
Decription: Selenie follows his heart and sometimes it tells him the wrong thing, he is prone to making mistakes, though often comical in nature, it's gotten him into several fights but he's also very efficient in fighting and stealth and that's the only thing that's kept him from being killed off as a nuisance to the drow population.

Umune stalked back toward the headquarters of Bregan D'aerthe, his undisguised footstops echoing noisily around the humid tunnels. He was irritated, to say the least. The little band of gnomes he had been following had escaped him, and on top of that, he was supposed to be taking on an apprentice today. He wasn't sure he felt like handling that stress at the moment. He forced himself to make his steps quiet as he neared the base, just in time to hear the clicking of a hand crossbow. He faced the direction of the clicking sound and made a complex series of gestures, announcing himself silently to the guard hidden somewhere in the dark. He passed, then, without event, and entered the rough stone structure that was now his home.

In the shadows Selenie reviewed over papers he was given that greatly detailed what he was suppsed to be doing. Accompanying as an assistant to Umune Zillyn-Vralir, a well known person to him through the tales of others. When the other walked through the door he crinkled his nose at his slight nature. Surely this adorable little elf wasn't the famed one that he heard of often? He decided to see how well his abilities really were and walked soundlessly up to him, hand stretched out waiting to grab onto an unsuspecting thin shoulder.

The small assassin sensed movement behind him. He turned his head in the opposite direction of the hand that was about to touch him, a feint. Quite suddenly, he had spun around, grabbed the drow's wrist, and dropped him to the floor. He sat on his hips, his favorite kukri against the neck of this daring and stupid drow. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing? Do you want to die?" He may not have appeared to be much, but Umune could take down nearly anyone, if he felt like it. And usually, feeling like it had a lot to do with how much he was being paid. But sometimes, as in this case, it had a lot to do with putting cocky new blood in their place.

"So you do have some skill. See I was hired to go with you on your next mission." Selenie said, moving carefully to try and get his wrist from his grasp. "You can let go now, I'm not going to hurt you." He said, finally getting the right angle before he reversed their positions, careful to get the knife from his neck before rolling himself over and away from the other. "I was just testing you." He went to pat the other on the head but wondered if he should for a moment before he finally made his mind up to do so, patting his head in a way that was completely degrading to one's honor even though he meant no harm.

Umune growled angrily, and kicked up from his position on the dusty ground, catching Selenie's shin as he had wanted to. He stood up and brushed himself off, glaring at the taller drow. "A word of advice: don't test me. I have no worries that you might hurt me. I don't think you could hurt me if you tried. You may have greater stature, and I assume that you're older than I am, as you appear to be, but I have been in this position a long time, and I will not be patronized." He crossed his arms in front of his chest and continued to glare at Selenie. "Are we clear?"

"Certainly." Selenie grinned. "I'm Selenie Alderan by the way." He said in introduction, adjusting his clothing after their little scuffle. He held out the papers he'd been looking at. "These are detailing the mission, what route do you suggest? I heard you often go against the orders given to you by the others." He added, as though trying to chastise him.

Narrowing his eyes once more, Umune snatched the papers swiftly from Selenie's hands. "I only do what I believe is best, orders or no orders. There are many here that would get themselves killed if they followed their own orders." He felt no anxiety in saying any of this out loud. He was well-respected, and there was no more danger than usual in speaking his mind. At least here there were no priestesses to punish him for doing so. He scanned the papers quickly, then sighed. "As I thought, rubbish and death traps. If we went the way they suggested here, we'd likely run into Illithids, it would be suicide. We'll just take a different tunnel when we get to a certain point, and we will avoid them completely."

"I thought you were highly trained and such? They can't be that bad to fight..." Selenie said, a bad joke on his part. "Besides, I go down those tunnels all of the time and I've never been attacked by much more than small wall-spiders. And a few of those lizard men.. come on now, surely you're not afraid of the scary tunnels?" He taunted, purely teasing the other, he knew there was great danger in those tunnels, and it was true he'd gone in them often without a scratch, but it did make him wonder what else he had been lucky enough to not run into.

Fixing a small and knowing smile on his face, Umune replied, "Alright, Selenie, you go that way. Let me know how that works out for you." While he was most certainly a masochist, he had no interest in having his brain devoured by creatures with face-tentacles. It just wasn't a pleasant thought. "I'm going to go the way I know will work best, orders be damned. If you want to work with me in the future, I suggest you follow me. We'll leave soon."

"You could be a little more pleasant, half-pint." Selenie said, rolling his eyes. "I'll follow you this time, but next time you take the route I'll have plotted out, sound fair?" He asked, making sure he had all of his hidden weapons and and all of his armored clothing in place. He may travel the tunnels often but he wasn't a fool, he knew what kind of trouble could lurk even for a familiar face.

Umune's irritation was nearly visible. "Don't call me half-pint. You're the one that's ridiculously tall, in case you hadn't noticed. As long as your route is a good one, then we'll take it. Practicality leaves no room for fairness." He checked for his own weapons, though he only carried a few, and found them all to be in place. His weapon of choice was his punching dagger. It had served him well, and he killed brutally with it. "Right, are you ready to go then?"

"It seems I touched a nerve." Selenie muttered,proud of himself and of his height. "And sure, let's go. I promise to behave as much as I can." Selenie knew this wasn't a lot, but he figured he'd at least try to get along with his adorably short companion while he could. He even opened the door for him as a form of small apology for his ruthless teasing abilities.

Sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose, Umune walked through the door and out toward the looming mouths of the various tunnels, opening away from the small cavern where Bregan D'aerthe was housed. "From here on out, Selenie, we will have to use the sign language to speak to each other. It may be too dangerous to make any noise. We can't take that chance. I trust you know how to sign?" Umune made a small gesture that meant Understand? for his own confirmation.

Selenie smirked and at first made a perverted gesture but quickly changed it to confirmation that his feisty counterpart was understood,wondering if he caught his slip-up. "I usually sing in those tunnels..." He said jokingly, deciding to take the lead, putting himself in front of the other as though he was a small child that needed protecting, grinning though his expression wasn't seen.

Behind Selenie, Umune seethed with irritation, and he forced himself to calm. Being emotionally compromised only made it impossible to make sound judgments, and he didn't want to die out in these tunnels just because some idiot made him angry. "Take the far right tunnel..." he whispered, unable to sign because Selenie was in front of him. It was going to take a lot of his self-control not to simply dispose of Selenie and continue the mission on his own. Things like that happened all the time in the Underdark, and he would still be paid...He shook his head. Selenie had not done something so grievous as to ask for his death, not yet anyway.

Selenie nodded and moved to the side so he would be able to see him if he signed and he moved deftly and quietly,wondering what exactly they would encounter in these dark tunnels. He heard movement up ahead and stopped short, signaling to the other that he was going to get closer for a look. He did move closer and found it was a lone drow female but she looked well ranked and he frowned and very carefully signaled her presence to Umune.

Umune raised an eyebrow and moved closer. He couldn't see if she wore a House insignia, but she definitely appeared to be a priestess. Why was it that she was out in the tunnels alone? Even for a priestess, that was foolhardy. He narrowed his eyes and signed to Selenie, Kill her. It didn't matter that she was so close to Bregan D'aerthe, there would be no retribution unless she was someone incredibly important, and that seemed unlikely considering her state of aloneness.

Selenie nodded an dropped down from the ledge he'd been standing on and carefully cut her throat,leaving no sound as he lay her body down carefully before he hauled it up and brought it into the shadows of the ledge,managing somehow not to get blood everywhere as he did. He signed that he was going to check for more and paled a little at the grouping of several more female drow meeting in the corridor in an apparent offering to Lolth and he signed this quickly to his counterpart.

Umune cringed and swore inwardly, then signaled for Selenie to come back. They needed to get out of this tunnel as quickly as possible, before the other priestesses noticed that one of their number was missing. As Selenie drew nearer, he signed, Make sure to leave no tracks, they can't know we were here. He began to backtrack silently, out of the tunnel.

Selenie tried to leave quietly, truly he did, but He didn't expect the large spider-like creature to fall from the ceiling of the tunnel in front of him, causing him to attack it as quietly as he could, which unfortunately caught the interest of one of the group. He stilled and looked down, they dismissed the noise at first until he began to move again and one of them saw him. He cursed mentally and signaled to Umune his dilemma and told him to go as quick as he could.

"Shit..." Umune swore aloud, no longer caring about whether or not they heard him. They were already compromised. He didn't run, as he might have in any other situation. He rushed in and helped to take down the spider creature, but he wasn't sure how they were going to get away from the females. He unsheathed his kukri and slashed out at the creature's legs, dodging its sharp mandibles.

Selenie helped kill the spider and then hoisted Umune over his shoulder and sprinted out of the tunnel they were in, dodging out of the way to hide in the bushes near by,setting theother down beside him again. "I think it's okay, I think we got away." He said quietly, mostly signing his words, but mouthing them as well.

Umune gritted his teeth, struggling not to swear aloud again, now that they were at least hidden for the moment. He calmed himself before signing, Promise me that you will never never carry me away from a situation like that again... He was blushing slightly, so embarrassed at being carried away like some sort of child.

Selenie couldn't help the smiled apology that was on his lips. I'm sorry, I was just trying to save you, I keep forgetting that just because you're short doesn't mean you can't run as fast as I can." he signed this and realized they were no longer being chased."How about we go back and then try again tomorrow night so they aren't on awares?"

Umune merely sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "Trying to save me, how very unbecoming of our race. The only problem now is that they will be aware of us no matter what. Their security measures will be stronger. It was not wise of us to kill that female, and it's my fault for suggesting it. We'll have to attempt to continue, though."

"Maybe go through the way you were afraid to go through?" Selenie suggested,pulling out his original map."More dangerous? Perhaps not. Depends what you want to face more, a groupful of our female counterparts or a handful of these nasty creatures you're so afraid of." He put his hands up in a gesture as though he was weighing the possibilities.

Hesitating for a moment, Umune answered, "I think, honestly, that I would rather face the priestesses than illithids, but if you think it's unlikely that we'll encounter any, we'll go that way. We can't risk going through that other tunnel anymore." He sighed. He hadn't really wanted to give someone with Selenie's rank so much power to make decisions on missions this early, but they had few other choices.

"All right, but it's best to take it slow in those tunnels. It's possible I was never attacked because I was never noticed." Selenie insisted, not wanting to rush into things and put themselves in more danger than he was meaning to. He had made a new friend and wished to protect him at all costs. "So, are you hungry?"

As the words left Selenie's mouth, Umune's stomach gave an audible rumble, and he blushed a bit, and reflexively brought his palm up as if to quell it. "I suppose I am..." It sort of confused him that Selenie was so nice, so...trustworthy. That was a nearly nonexistent trait in drow. "Selenie...are you...trying to be nice?"

"Trying? Ha! I am nice." He said, bringing out his backpack, withdrawing bread and some berries he'd put in a jar. "I know, I know it's an odd trait. I'm half light elf you know, it's the damn fair skinned cousins of ours that do this to me." He grinned. "You don't mind, surely?"

For a few long moments, Umune simply stared into Selenie's face. He wasn't really sure what to make of this information. Normally, he'd kill anyone on the spot if they confessed to being half light elf. Soon enough, he looked away and mumbled, "In the future, you should be careful who you confess that to. It's likely to get you killed..." He didn't know why he was disinclined to kill this strange, nice, half-drow.

"I'm not ashamed of what I am and most that would fight me would fail miserably in the task to possibly kill me. I'm well trained and learned." Selenie replied, but was thankful for the warning, it was sweet in a way. "Well, why don't we set up camp? I packed a tent."

Shaking his head in slight disbelief, Umune agreed. "Alright. I don't know why you bothered, but it's nice. Let's set up camp." He really wasn't sure what to make of Selenie. He was like no one he had ever been around before, and Bregan D'aerthe was full of misfits, being a mercenary organization. "Selenie, if you're so nice, why did you decide to become a mercenary?"

"It felt like the thing to do. I was bored." Selenie said with a shrug. He began to set up the tent and looked about for proper places to acquire firewood. "Besides, the light realm where I dwelled before here, didn't appreciate my presence very well." He frowned at the memory and sighed, getting a far away look in his eyes. "But it's fine, because now, I'm in my rightful place with my people."

Umune simply shook his head again. Becoming a mercenary was not something to be done out of boredom, but he assumed that Selenie did not really want to discuss it. He also elected to remain silent on the fact that the drow people would never accept someone who professed to be half-anything. "You know, I think your people are whoever you make them. If you want the drow to be your people, they will be. So've been to the surface? What is it like?" He couldn't help the curiosity that seeped into his tone.

"It's beautiful." Selenie said suddenly. "There are so many beautiful trees. It takes a long while to get adjusted. It took me five years to be able to be free in the light. But it's worth it.But the trees are lovely, the grass, the flowers, everything about it is beautiful. The only problem is that the light elves are just as stuck up as our breed when they want to be, and it makes for difficult times. But there are some friendly races that are not half bad."

Genuinely interested, Umune raised his eyebrows. "Five years? The sun is truly that bright? And you must have been on the surface for quite a long time. Most people here have only been maybe once or twice in their lives, and only for a few nights at the most..." Umune had heard much about the arrogant and beautiful surface elves. They were meant to be sworn enemies, but many whispered that they were truly descended from the same race, and should live in harmony with each other. Of course, saying such things aloud in Menzoberranzan could get you killed in the wrong company. "Do you miss it, then, the surface? The Underdark must be bland compared to the beauty of the surface."

"I do." Selenie replied and looked at the other, wanting to take him to show him the surface at the sudden. "I'm working on a magical potion you know. To make our kind be able to see the light world better." He explained, frowning in wonder if he should have told his companion such a thing. "Well, in theory. It's never been tested of course."

"A magical potion? You have this kind of talent, and you're aspiring to be a mercenary." Umune gave him a small grin. "You're crazy, my friend. I'm not volunteering to test that, by the way. Do you know if it will have any side-effects or anything like that?" He wasn't willing to lose his darkvision for anything less. "If we take any captives while we're on this mission, you could use them to test it, you know."

"Well if I use captives and they get away.. then they'll be harder to track down." Selenie said, thinking of finding victims that were altered magically. "Oh well, but it shouldn't have any side effects except perhaps an upset stomach for an hour or so." He said, referring to certain berries that were used in it. "I'd use it on myself, but I'm already adjusted to both the light and the dark and don't need it."

Umune frowned. "Still...if something happens that you haven't foreseen...I don't want to know if it effects darkvision. Creatures that see in the light were never meant to see in the dark." He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Perhaps we should just retire for the night so that we can get a new start on the mission in the morning?"

"It wont." Selenie said matter of factly though he didn't know for sure. "And yeah I guess we can do that. Sure." He was having fun talking with the smaller elf and enjoying his company. "We will have to lay a bit close to each other, if that's all right, the tent's not that big."

The shorter elf nodded his assent. It wouldn't be too much different from sleeping in any barracks anywhere, and it wasn't the first time he had slept in a tent. Closeness to other bodies, even of the same sex, wasn't something that bothered him. In fact, being close to men in Menzoberranzan was better than being close to the women. At the very least, the men considered each other and fairly equal footing.

Selenie inwardly smiled at Umune's willingness to share a tent with him. "Well, I'll go grab some firewood, go make yourself comfortable. It's going to be slightly cold out this sleep." He felt the wind prickling along his skin, and he wondered where it was coming from. He longed to go to the surface again though. Missed it, wished for it. "Maybe if I can perfect my potion you can go to the surface with me."

"Maybe, but not until you perfect it. I don't want to be your test subject." Umune wasn't terribly worried about being cold. He had slept more or less in the open before, since he had never bothered with the extra weight of a tent, but it would be rather nice to be able to sleep comfortably warm. He crawled into the small tent, noting that it was indeed a tight fit, and unclasped his cloak to use as a blanket.

"Yeah, it does need to be looked at thoroughly. Hey, maybe I'll be rich one day from it." Selenie said, knowing not many others dared attempt to make what he made. "Could I get in trouble for making this potion?" He asked, laying down beside Umune. "I mean, our kind are kinda ruthless when it comes to anything involving the light."

Umune nodded in reply. "Certainly, you could get in trouble. But you could also have invented something that would be a great asset. Think of what the drow could accomplish if they were able to see in the light, and it was no longer a weakness to them." He frowned. "You should never let the Matrons get ahold of it, or any priestesses for that matter. They would claim the idea as their own, and probably kill you to make sure there were no loose ends. And then...the Underdark would most likely conquer the surface."

"That's very true. You won't tell them, will you?" Selenie asked self consciously. He did have a habit of speaking without thinking, but it was in good intention. He liked others, he wanted friends and in doing so he was too friendly and often times a chatterbox on things that should be guarded with one's life. His companion had already pointed out two things he should keep quiet about.

"Of course I wouldn't tell them. I would never tell the priestesses anything." Umune glared at the side of the tent for a few moments, then seemed to relax. It seemed like Selenie needed a bit of guidance in the proper way to interact with other drow, more for his own protection than anything else. "When you perfect the potion, I'll try it. I want to see the surface."

"Oh good! I can take you to see the light half of my family!" Selenie said, grinning at the thought. Maybe he could single-handedly re-unite both races and erase the horrible prejudices between them. Well... maybe that was far fetched, but he could dream. He wasn't ruthless unless he was feeling particularly drow-ish.

After a pause, Umune answered, "....sure." He wasn't entirely sure he wanted to visit light elves, but for some reason he was trying not to insult Selenie. There wasn't really anything wrong with seeing them, he supposed, until they tried to kill him. He had never been to the surface, and he didn't know what it was like. He knew a few others, like Valas Hune, who had been to the surface many times, but they didn't really talk about it. "If you go back to the surface, what will you do?"

"Settle on the outskirts of a light elf city. They are lenient about that sort of thing as long as one doesn't mean malice to the city or its people. And I'll probably maybe open a store of some kind. I don't know, make more potions and live a good simple life on my own. What would you do on the surface?"

Umune rolled over to face Selenie, and he realized with an inward curse that he had done something the taller, sillier dark elf might have done. It was highly inadvisable to expose one's back to any drow, male or female, enemy or ally. He shrugged it off, though, knowing he had little to fear from Selenie. "I have no clue what I would do on the surface, seeing as I've never been there. I guess maybe I would continue to be a mercenary, I don't know."

"You could tend my shop with me." Selenie said, grinning. "If you wanted. I would pay you well." He certainly would. What he didn't tell the other was that he already had a small little place and a shop on the outskirts of Silverymoon. He was paid well by many that came by, right now he wanted adventure and payed a nice little light elf to watch his store while he was away.

"You say that like it's a guarantee. Have you got more of this planned than you're letting on?" Umune gave Selenie a sly smile. "My friend, you are a mystery. You seem one way at first glance, but you reveal more as I spend more time with you. It's fascinating, how unlike other drow you are." His face colored a little as he realized how it could sound like an insult, even though he'd meant it as a compliment.

"I know, and I pride myself on that, no offense. You're not so drow-like yourself, honestly. Any other drow would have killed me off by now." He said to prove his statement, finding he adored the blush on the smaller elf's skin. "Blushing looks good on you." He muttered, wondering what the reaction to that would be. Umune was sweeter than he let on, and that warmed Selenie, to think other drow were like him.

Umune opened his mouth to reply, but quickly shut it again, the blush only deepening on his cheeks. "Ah, thanks, I guess." He wanted to look away, but there was really nowhere to look but at Selenie, since he was facing him. "I just...I suppose you've given me plenty of opportunities, but something keeps telling me not to do that to you..." Why did his mouth keep blurting such embarrassing things?? Umune made a face of embarrassed anguish, and made to roll over onto his other side again.

Selenie smiled and wanted to comfort the blushing elf. "Absolutely adorable. Why don't you say we abandon this mission and then go out to the surface?" He asked the question only because he felt the other might be like himself. Might want to go out,might want to get away from the depression that was the Underdark. To experience new things. He placed his hand gently on his hip. "It's only a question so don't be angry with me."

"Selenie, when you say it like that, it sounds like you're making a pass at me, and it only serves to make me blush more. Which then causes you to call me 'adorable', which only makes me blush yet more. It's..." Umune trailed off and sighed. "You realize that if we leave now, and abandon this mission, we may never be able to come back here? The ones that hired us could kill us for failure to fulfill the contract." There were plenty of other things he could have added, but he fell silent. He didn't want to disappoint Selenie.

"Well, we could finish the mission and then go?" He grinned at Umune's words. "I don't mean to make you blush. Maybe I am making a pass at you. Would that be horrible? The light elves are privy to both genders. And our breed does many things behind closed doors with their own gender. I don't see the problem." Selenie informed him, snuggling closer to Umune in the dark.

Umune noted Selenie's closeness, and struggled to keep his voice calm as he began to lose his composure. "It isn't as though Bregan D'aerthe is immune to such things. This is an organization comprised almost entirely of men, and we generally keep to ourselves, so..." What was he trying to say, exactly? "I suppose...there really isn't a problem." He just didn't want to admit that in all his time as a mercenary in this place, he hadn't done anything of the sort.

Selenie smiled and wondered if he and this slighter elf wouldn't be involved possibly sometime in the future. He wouldn't mind having a lover. He'd been lover to both light and dark elves,male and female, and he absolutely had no objection to this pretty thing if he wanted to couple with him one day. "You smell good." He said suddenly, catching the scent of some kind of plant he found to be appealing.

"I...I can't imagine why..." The only explanation that Umune had for that was possibly what was in his hair. He didn't wash it often, due to the style that it was in, but he had a mage friend of his use cantrips on his hair to make it look cleaner every once in a while. It was getting annoying, all of this rolling over, but he moved once more so that he was facing Selenie again. "After that speech a few moments ago, you're just going to continue to come onto me? You think you don't have me convinced?" Tentatively, and struggling not to make himself look too cute again, he moved closer to the tall elf. "Kiss me or something."

Selenie wondered if the other elf was being serious or if he was toying with him. But if Umune wanted a kiss, a kiss he would get. He shrugged and pressed his lips to the younger male's enjoying the feel of them. "Your lips are very soft, I like them." He kissed him again and waited for a response this time, hoping Umune had been serious about his request and wasn't just trying to start a fight as so many of their kind did.

Umune did not offer any answer to the compliment, but the second time Selenie's lips met his, he responded better. He kissed back actively, placing a hand against the taller drow's face, as if to hold him there. It had been quite a long time since he had kissed anyone, and he missed the feeling. Selenie was very good at it.

Selenie felt that kissing Umune had been very different to kissing anyone else he'd ever kissed. He loved it. He groaned and kissed him harder when he began to respond, really establishing a rhythm to their intimate moment, enjoying it immensely. He also enjoyed Umune's hand on his face and used his own hands to pull Umune even closer against him, leaving no room between their bodies.

"Selenie...I don't want to kiss sideways anymore..." Umune commented as he broke their kiss. He scrambled around in the tiny tent for a moment, pushing Selenie onto his back and climbing atop him. His ponytail brushed the top of the tent when he didn't bend over, but he had no intention of sitting upright anyway. From astride his hips, Umune resumed their kissing.

Selenie was taken aback by Umune's sudden forwardness in their kiss but returned it heatedly, placing his hands on either side of the other's face, cupping his cheeks and deepening their kiss. He didn't think he'd kiss the drow beside him ever. Not with his stinging attitude upon their first meeting, but now.. now it seemed as though it was perfect for them to kiss.

Umune made small noises into their kiss, little sounds of pleasure that almost no one ever heard. He realized that he liked so much about Selenie; his attitude, his ridiculous height, and now the way that he tasted, and felt beneath his fingertips. "I hope you were serious...about wanting me...I don't just give this away, you know..." he panted as he broke their kiss for a few moments to breath.

"I've never been more serious, Umune." Selenie whispered, happy that Umune was taking to him so passionately and so well. He groaned and arched to his touch, shivering and pulling him down for another kiss, wanting to rid the other of his clothing, but he wasn't entirely sure he'd be allowed to do such things. Sure, they were passionately kissing, and the other's comment was telling, but it didn't mean he was technically allowed.

For a moment, Umune broke their kiss to whisper, "It's getting very, very warm in this tent..." Drow instinct demanded that he not allow Selenie to remove his clothing for him - sex was often used as a means to rob other drow of their valuable objects - but he wouldn't let it stop him from taking off his own clothes. Several buckles, laces, and belts later, Umune was bare before Selenie, his clothing, weapons, and magical trinkets piled next to them in the tent. "Now, perhaps you would also like to be in a state of undress...?" He toyed with a lace on Selenie's shirt.

Selenie was admirable of the lovely sight before him and he nodded. "Yes, please." He helped in the stripping of his clothing, starting on his breeches, not wanting to disturb those thin, lovely fingers on his vest as they tugged at his laces. "Umune, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He whispered truly meaning it. Some had come close to Umune's beauty, but they didn't have the sense of grace he had or the devoted willing he seemed to notice.

"Thank you..." Umune mumbled, and looked away for a moment, temporarily embarrassed again. He was not often complimented on his looks, but he usually gave the impression that compliments would not be rewarded. "I think you're beautiful too, though. Truly. You're so tall and slender, even when you're not standing, all of you is lithe and pretty..." He blushed again, surprised at having said something like that. He settled himself on Selenie's hips again, shivering as flesh touched flesh.

Selenie blushed but he wasn't embarrassed. He was feeling happy at the compliments. "Thank you, Umune." He moaned as the other's length touched against his and his buttocks nestled against his hips and he reached an eager hand out to touch him gently. He started his touch slow and light and let it crescendo to fast and tight, loving how it felt hard in his hand.

Umune moaned and rocked his hips toward Selenie's touch, rubbing against him in nearly every way that he could. He throbbed against the slender fingers wrapped around him. It was hard to keep his voice down, but their surroundings would echo indefinitely, so it was essential not to make too much noise. "Selenie..." he sighed happily, reverently. He placed a hand on Selenie's wrist to stop him for a moment. "Not too much of that, or you'll finish me before you get to do anything fun..."

"I'm sorry love, I couldn't keep from touching you." Selenie said, stilling his movement. "What shall I do to you hmn? Do you wish for preparation?" He asked, wanting to be buried inside Umune desperately, wishing he could just thrust up in that tight heat that he knew he'd find, but not wanting to cause the younger elf harm in any way. He wanted it to be special, but if Umune wanted things to happen quickly and with some pain, he'd grant him his need.

"I don't care what you do to me, but I don't need any preparation..." It wasn't really true, and Umune knew it was going to hurt, but he knew he would enjoy it to an extent as well. It would be special anyway, whether it was slow and careful, or hot and fast. He ground his hips against Selenie for emphasis. "I don't think you really want to wait that long anyway, do you? It's okay to hurt me..." He smiled mischievously.

The way the other said it was okay to hurt him set Selenie on fire and he bit his lower lip to keep from groaning. He pulled the younger elf down for a harsh kiss and pressed himself to his entrance, easing in slowly willing to be gentle with him in lieu of their preparation as he had nothing to prepare himself with as it was or the other for that matter. "I hope you mean that." He whispered, shivering and shaking with effort as the tight heat encased him.

Umune realized quickly that the kiss was meant to distract him, mostly from the sharp pain that accompanied being entered dry. But it also served to arouse him, and he stretched slightly less than easily to accommodate Selenie's girth. Slowly, he enveloped all of the taller elf, shivering and groaning once he was completely sheathed. "Ahhh..."

"Lovely" Selenie whispered as he began to move slowly, pushing in and out, enjoying the pleasure he was caused and he hoped he was causing the younger elf. He couldn't think of anything else to say and felt nothing needed to be said but sweet compliments which he gave lovingly while he moved a little more, hoping it was all right to do so and that Umune wasn't feeling too much pain.

Umune was feeling pain, of course, but not so much that he couldn't enjoy it. There was plenty of friction, and Selenie was so good at hitting exactly the right spot when he thrust upward. He tossed his head back and his ponytail brushed the top of the tent. He bounced up and down on Selenie, meeting his thrusts, and making little noises of pleasure.

Selenie met those bounces on his length, loving the way Umune felt around him in their passionate play together. "Sweet loving thing.." He muttered, pulling him for a kiss so hi head didn't hit the tent top too badly and he grasped his hips to thrust into him harder and faster, hoping tobring themboth more pleasure.

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