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Name: Alluvial.

Age: looks no more than a mere youngling of 16 his real age is undetermined.

height: Rather smallish topping about 5'5"

weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Golden entwined with silver that is usually done up in a combative tye or merely let to hang down his back, reaching his waist.

eye color: Silvered form of green etched in gold.

Personality: Shy and incredibly innocent. (obviously he's an angel for a reason) He is highly skilled in ways of combat and this is shown in his lean and wiry-muscled figure. He almost looks willowy. His eyes are shaddowed in silver which seem to reflect the color in them and his roman like atire is fitted with a red cloak and his lengthy white wings that shoot out through the material. He's rather feminine to a degree that most aren't. The prettiest girls are sometimes no where near as beautiful as the boy, especially when adorned in simple robes of white and silver. He's very respectful, mindful, very flirty at times when he likes someone. He's been known to stand for the worst of people, which is his role in heaven aside his god (whoever is there at the time), to judge them, but he judges fair for he sees and senses if corrections can or cannot be made in their stead, which is why he was chosen for the job of guardian and decider of his kingdom.

Name: Helios Nirvana

Age: 17

Is a quiet, sweet young man who loves to read. He tries to learn something new everyday so that he may become smarter.



Alluvial was an ambitious boy. When he wanted something he normally got it with ease. He and so many other youths of late were on a common quest, to find the Black Knight. The thing of legends, the thing of dreams and accomplishments. He wished that he would become one of the said knight's lovers, and that is what he was getting ready for, making sure his sword was nice and sharp for any possible dangers on the way. He also checked his attire. The Black Knight didn't like people to look badly when he saw them. He was going to enjoy the journey and the fight to get to him. "I will prevail."He said, smiling brightly while he set out on a wooded path, the sunlight lightly making the sky a dusty range color that he felt familiar with.The smell of fall burning leaves slipped into his senses and he practically felt as though he was floating amongst the cool air. It was a good day for the adventure, a good day for amazing things to begin.

Helios rarely pulled his nose from a book, today was no differnt, though he walked a path he'd never done before. He'd read book, after book after book about the knight and at the age of 17, he felt ready to pursue the legend and hopefully become one of the chosen ones. His clothes came from a wealthy family and his phisique showed it. His form held no weaponry, but he felt there to be no need for it. HIs brown eyes scanned back and forth as he read, unknowing he was quickly approaching another follower of the knight. Before he had time to look up and stop he ran right into the back of Alluvail.

Alluvial gave a loud squeak. This just wouldn't do! He was so lost in his musings he hadn't even bothered payng attention to his surroundings. He huffed and turned aburptly. When he saw the other he immediately calmed. It wasn't a threat obviously. "You should pay more mind to where your feet are going." He said, scowling while adjusting himself and continuing on his walk, nose in the air, not so much haughty, but in a huffy way.

"I apologize, I was interested in my reading of the black knight." He replied as he walked towards a stump, to rest. He wanted to be farther back on the trail than the cruel other male was. He didn't wish to bump into him again.

"You should be finding him,not reading about him." Alluvial said, rolling his eyes and continuing his journey with indifference. His long gold-silver entwined hair was put into hair clip while he walked, yawning at how boring he was suddenly becoming. He had no one to talk to.

"I have the knowledge of how to find him, besides, I am trying to find him..." Helios replied, more to himself than to the other male, it seemed the other had no interest in talking to him anyway. "I should stop for a bit of lunch anyhow..." He reached into his bag for a sandwich and a corked bottle.

Alluvial had only walked a few feet when the other's words rather abruptly stopped him. He immediately turned about the way a soldier might. "You know, perhaps we could travel together." He said, smiling a little more kindly. "We're both out for the same purpose, and I am getting bored talkig to myself." He said with his silvery green eyes beaming. He also realized that he hadn't a clue where exactly to find the Black Knight. The other did. Use your sources, his father had always told him, and this, was most definitely a source.

"You seemed to be doing well enough alone...What do you need me for?" Helios uncorked the bottle and drank from it. His brown eyes scanned the other male. He probably plans to use me and ditch me or kill me... He thought to himself.

Alluvial shrugged. "Whatever, I'll go on my own." He said, turning back around and walking further down his trail. He sighed. What had the legends said? Follow the blackest rout of the trail and trees, everything dark and you will find he..something like that. So he would use it.

"Hey! HEY!" Helios ran after him and tackled him to the ground. A split second later, right where Alluvial's head was a large boulder swung down. "This place is boobie is trapped..." He sighed. "As much as I don't want to compete for the place as a chosen one, and as much as I don't trust people, I will help you."

Alluvial blinked, gasping. "Wow.. this journey really is an ordeal.." He said, frightened. "Well. The best we can do is go forth. And who said I needed help?" He asked, pushing the other off of him as he caught sight of an arrow zippinf towards him so he wouldn't get hit. "I think maybe you're the one needing help!"

"I was worried about the boulder more than the arrow..." He stood up. "we may as well travel together, you have braun and I have brain, so we make a decent pair..."

Alluvial nodded in agreement."All right then! Off we go!" He said, rolling to a kneeling and standing position. "Isn't there an easier way not boobie trapped?" He asked, wondering what the other had to input on their situation.

"Only the ones who can pass the traps are deemed worthy enough to be in the presence of the knight...there is so much to be done to be able to be taken into his world to live the rest of our lives..." Helios replied, as he headed back for his things. He had a bit of dust on his clothing but didn't bother to dust himself off just yet. He knew that he would probably be getting dirty again very soon.

Alluvial nodded, accepting the information. He should have known it himself, really. "So, what's your deal with wanting to go to the black knight? Mine's to be his lover.." He said, concealing a small giggle while he reached up, ever the neat-child to wipe the dust off of the other's clothing.

Helios watched the other male dust him off. "Are you so secure with yourself that you think he would take you as his lover? I know that I am not, I just seek a life as one of his chosen, to be among others like myself. Acceptance is really was I crave you see...I've never been accepted among the social class in which I was born so I am hoping to be accepted by him and the others." He finished repacking his things. "Shall we then...Oh yes, I am Helios by the way...Please do not call me Hell..." He helped the other finish the dusting job, then headed down the path, opening a notepad as he did so.

Alluvial glared at the other. "Yes I am secure enough with myself to think he would actually choose me, wy wouldn't he?" He quested, following after him in a way to espress he was miffed. "And Hell is kinda a cool nickname..what if I want to call you it?" He asked, wondering how long of a journey this would end up being.

"Then I will not respond to your questions or statements made afterwards..." Helios adjusted his shirt. "Shall we then?" He never looked up from his book once he started speaking. He started down the path.

Alluvial rolled his eyes at the other, continuing to walk the path. He was glad they weren't in the woods, there was many trip wires he could see from their path. He winced. "I would hate to be the one to miss those.."

Helios steped gracefully over each one, his eyes never faultering from the pages of his book. "Follow my steps exactly and we should be alright..." He said to the other male. He seemed to be reading his every step from the book.

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2009-01-23 [The Vampire Armand]: I may comment here, back in the days this would probably be taking place in, the rich were more often fatter than well fit. They never had any work to do which was why. They had slaves to do it for them... just thought I would share that.

2009-01-23 [Yami]: lol, well, he's not fat.

2009-01-24 [The Vampire Armand]: All right, and not to start a fight, but if I am going to continue this, you are going to have to treat it like an actual story, meaning more elaboration. You can't just put dialog everwhere.

2009-01-28 [The Vampire Armand]: I have too much to do at the moment I am postponing this a while. Besides, the replies aren't up to what I want in standards and I need to be using my energy on other things.

2009-01-28 [Yami]: Why does this not surprise me? Oh well I think I'm done trying to meet your standards of rp, I never seem to meet them no matter what I do, I don't know maybe I'm just not good enough for you, but what ever. It doesn't matter, I'm used to being last on people's list of things to pay attention to, have fun with whatever is more important to you.

2009-01-28 [The Vampire Armand]: Excuse me you silly child! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DELETE THIS! You don't meet them because you don't put any effort into them! I suggest you put everything right back.

2009-01-28 [The Vampire Armand]: You will never meet my standards of an rp! You will never be a good writer if you do not try to at least put some damned effort into your post. I am tired of it! I shouldn't have to sit here and suffer reading only two lines at one point that REALLY don't progress the story any further!You're truly not good enough for me. There was a time I wasn't so caring, but when my other writers actually stepped up and wrote so much more than what you ever think about writing I know that you can do better, it isn't my fault you're the one lacking. You should be used to being last, you just don't care about a damned thing you write or do! You can't write a story without definition and quality I tried to warn you of this earlier, you shaped up for one post before it was back to your same silly routiene. I am the owner of this wiki page, it has been blocked to you for editing. I suggest you never ever try to delete these things again. And I will have fun with what's more important to me, at least they know exactly what I want and can meet the standards. Stop being a child about this, you silly little girl. Don't worry though, I wont bother asking you to ever write with me again, it was a mistake.

2009-01-28 [Yami]: Pratice what you preach, go ahead and reread some of our wiki's I dare you because AS I HAVE POINTED OUT BEFORE I have quite a long post and you gave me two lines and I still made quite a long post out of it. I don't need you, you are no one to tell me how my work is, maybe if you didn't give me the same plot wrapped up in a different bow I might have more interest. And tell me something Mr. High-and-mighty why do I have my work published in actual books if it's so bad. And another thing I am almost 20 years old I am no child.

2009-01-28 [The Vampire Armand]: Yes but lately your posts have failed. Maybe you should tell me something else to write then! You don't have your own published works, if you had I certainly don't know of them, you're not so popular.

2009-01-29 [Yami]: just because I'm not popular doesn't mean I don't have anything published.

2009-01-29 [The Vampire Armand]: Truly, name the things you have then. My intent wasn't to start a huge fight. Just to let you know I wasn't happy with this. Yes I did ask to write something that you had all ready been doing, one, I wished to write with you again, two, I have a severe problem writing with a whole group of people. And now you take what I say to be rude when it was merely out of frustration.

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