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i thought i d make this wiki page...
its supposed to have basic sides of my character the way i see it ... but you can actually comment ?=)

I believe that i m quite selfish and lonely most of the time... though i have the little bit of charateristic of not letting people find out

i also believe that i am a lot of fun... just with the people i feel comfortable with (i guess they can tell you if you find 'em)

i also think that i am one of the persons that may tell you the stupidest thing ever and i will also know that i am wrong but still i will try confusing your mind with random thoughts about my opinion that will actually make it sound right

as obvious i guess you can all tell that when i bother to care i m one of the most stubborn people you might ever get to know

some people say that i am an attention seeker
i hope that is wrong but i dont think i can say much about that xD

i tend to be quite plesant and understanding with people if they open their thoughts to me... and some people say that i tend to be cheering them up just in a different kinda way =)

i also hope that will be able to be ehm =) just normal always
i am the person that doesnt expect much from his own life and takes things as they come without plans...

my friends tend to say that i got the leading spirit till the moment i decide that i ve had enough and stop to care bout the group,
i hope that is actually wrong just because i dont want to be someone extraordinary but just this guy named billy....

i have been hoping that i would actually find more things to say about myself =D but i guess thats a start =D

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2007-10-02 [tolkin]: not bad m8 not bad. :) I am the one that will confirm that u are a nice guy and funny. I loved hanging around with u when i was in Greece. Your company was warm and friendly. U do cheer ppl up. You are a lot better than u think u are :) its pitty that i cant hang out with u anymore cause of the distance i hope one day that i can come back and every thing can be as it was back then. Happy Days of my life.

2007-10-19 [Elber]: Gamiesai kai les kai malakies :P sumfwnw me ton aggelo se polla kai ela ptolemaida kefalara to sabbato mh sou pw kai tin paraskeuh ax0ax0ax0ax00 kai egw thelw na kanw ena tetoio san kai auto pou ekanes esi tha ta poume otan ertheis exoume polla na poume me auta pou diabaza....

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