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Greetings Everyone!

My earlier years...

I have been an artist my whole life, ever since I could hold a pencil and then gained control of and could direct
my pencil marks and lines on paper. My artistic ability was "not acquired" or learned as in from schooling. I was
naturally born with my artistic ability and it is only a part of the "whole gift", that which is being creative, period,
for I am an artist in many areas: art-art, writing, poetry, music, and crafting.

As far as an art artist, I first drew with just a regular pencil and used crayons to colour/add colour. Then I
went into coloured pencil and coloured pencil painting. I also did a little water colour painting, but this type of
medium didn't seem to appeal to me all that much, for it always seemed to me my work wasn't ever finished,
was watery and vague, and I have always liked things clear and concise.

I also tried doing some charcoal and pastels, the chalky variety, but these were just too messy. My definite
lines were eroded and smeared at the slightest touch and this didn't appeal to my definitive and precise side
at all.

Other than a little experimenting with water colours, my first paintings were using the acrylics' medium.
I worked in this medium for my painting for a fairly long time. I liked the fact I could not only make and retain
definitiveness, but the paint dried quickly, which I could then paint over to modify or whatever, without having
to wait a long time.

As I used acrylics more and more, I began to want to blend my colours on the canvas rather than on my
palette and transferring the blend to my canvas. So I began to add retarder to the acrylic paint to keep it from
drying so quickly.

One day I was given some oil paints. So I thought I'd try using the oils. Because I was getting into the
blending of colours directly on my canvas, this added a greater incentive to try the oils as well. ..And so, I tried
painting with oils and stayed with them pretty much from this point on, because I found I really liked the "wet
on wet" technique.

Other mediums, other ventures...

In between however, being a person that likes to try new things and experiment and play around with new
and/or different avenues, I've also gotten into tissue paper painting, paper maché sculpture, working with oak
tag, silk screen, working with air brushing, and oil pastels, just to name a few and some of which crosses over
into crafting. I also became the person around my area to do face painting, which I did to help groups raise
money, like the Girl Scouts of America, Animal and Pet Rescue groups, local school fund raisers, and at specific
functions for such, as well as at fairs and festivals.

The crafts I have indulged in that come immediately to mind are: crocheting, knitting, macramé, needlepoint,
latch hook, origami, pottery and ceramics, sewing, and making things with tissue paper, such as flowers.

My key inspirational elements...

Without going into too much detail here in regards to my childhood for such would require a much more
extended writing, I liked to escape or retreat to a world I created as a safe haven emotionally. In this world
were animals, particularly horses, and all the wonderful aspects of nature God created. I spent a good majority
of my time with animals and nature and I looked for every book I could get my hands on to learn about all
these beautiful things in this world of mine, particularly horses, which also included stories centered around
horses. (To read more, please see: Key_Inspirational_Elements.)

Artist to artist...

Just being an artist wasn't quite enough for I like to share what I learn and experience with others, and
knowledge is most beneficial when shared with others I think. As a result, I have taught classes and workshops
centered around drawing, painting with different mediums, and crafting on both basic and advanced levels. I do
and have encouraged artists to create with this in mind: Make your art represent you, the artist, make it 'your'
expression. Techniques and styles and what have you, should be secondary, because these can alter what is
truly your creativity into being the ideas and ideals, expressions, etc., of others, thus detracting from the one
important element, "your" art. (For more reading, see: Artist_To_Artist.)


General artistic information:

Naturally born; Realistic and Fantasy; Animals and Scenery:
<img7*0:> ~ Oils, acrylics, pastels and Prismacolors
<img7*0:> ~ Digital graphics, including animation
<img7*0:> ~ Photo editing: enhancement and manipulation
<img7*0:> ~ Drawing: pencil, charcoal, pen
Some favourite artists:
<img7*0:> ~ Norman Rockwell, Sam Savitt, Wesley Dennis, Leonardo De Vince,
and Michaelangelo come to mind; not Van Gogh.


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