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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!


Made by/© to [Artsieladie].
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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to my "Wiki of Favourites"!

This wiki-page is not a 'complete' listing by no means, but rather some examples of my various favourites.


Some favourite actors:
<img7*0:> ~ Alan Alda
<img7*0:> ~ Andy Griffith
<img7*0:> ~ Anthony Hopkins
<img7*0:> ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
<img7*0:> ~ Charlton Heston
<img7*0:> ~ Chuck Norris
<img7*0:> ~ Clint Eastwood
<img7*0:> ~ Craig T. Nelson
<img7*0:> ~ David Caruso
<img7*0:> ~ Dick Van Dyke
<img7*0:> ~ Elvis Presley
<img7*0:> ~ George Clooney
<img7*0:> ~ Harrison Ford
<img7*0:> ~ John Wayne
<img7*0:> ~ Kevin Costner
<img7*0:> ~ Kevin Sorbo
<img7*0:> ~ Lee Majors
<img7*0:> ~ Leonard Nimoy
<img7*0:> ~ Michael J. Fox
<img7*0:> ~ Patrick Stewart
<img7*0:> ~ Paul Newman
<img7*0:> ~ Peter Foulk
<img7*0:> ~ Richard Gere
<img7*0:> ~ Robin Williams
<img7*0:> ~ Tim Conway
<img7*0:> ~ Tom Cruise
<img7*0:> ~ Tom Hanks
<img7*0:> ~ Tom Selleck
<img7*0:> ~ William Shatner
<img7*0:> ~ Will Smith
<img7*0:> ~ Yul Brynner
<img7*0:> ~ ...and many more.


Some favourite actresses:
<img7*0:> ~ Anne Baxter
<img7*0:> ~ Bette Midler
<img7*0:> ~ Candice Bergen
<img7*0:> ~ Cloris Leachman
<img7*0:> ~ Jaclyn Smith
<img7*0:> ~ Jane Seymour
<img7*0:> ~ Jean Smart
<img7*0:> ~ Jodie Foster
<img7*0:> ~ Judy Garland
<img7*0:> ~ Julia Roberts
<img7*0:> ~ Julie Andrews
<img7*0:> ~ Lucille Ball
<img7*0:> ~ Lynne Thigpen
<img7*0:> ~ Meryl Streep
<img7*0:> ~ Sally Fields
<img7*0:> ~ ...and many more.


Some favourite artists:
<img7*0:> ~ Leonardo De Vince
<img7*0:> ~ Michaelangelo
<img7*0:> ~ Norman Rockwell
<img7*0:> ~ Sam Savitt
<img7*0:> ~ Wesley Dennis
<img7*0:> ~ ...and many more.


Some favourite authors:
<img7*0:> ~ Anne Emery
<img7*0:> ~ Charles Dickens
<img7*0:> ~ Edgar Allen Poe
<img7*0:> ~ Ernest Hemingway
<img7*0:> ~ J.K. Rowling
<img7*0:> ~ Jack London
<img7*0:> ~ Mark Twain
<img7*0:> ~ Pearl S. Buck
<img7*0:> ~ Stephen King
<img7*0:> ~ Thomas Harris
<img7*0:> ~ Walter Farley
<img7*0:> ~ ...and many more.


My favourite broadway show is "CATS"!


My favourite cartoon character is the one and only Garfield!!


Some favourite instrumentalists:
<img7*0:> ~ Chet Atkins ~ guitar
<img7*0:> ~ Floyd Cramer ~ piano
<img7*0:> ~ Kenny G. ~ Soprano Saxophone
<img7*0:> ~ Moms and Dads ~ group (accordion)
<img7*0:> ~ Neil McCoy ~ harmonica
<img7*0:> ~ ... and more.

Some favourite instruments (musical):
<img7*0:> ~ Pedal Steele
<img7*0:> ~ Violin
<img7*0:> ~ Soprano Saxophone
<img7*0:> ~ Harmonica
<img7*0:> ~ Keyboards
<img7*0:> ~ Accordion
<img7*0:> ~ Bag Pipes
<img7*0:> ~ .. and more.

~ Although I love country music for I was raised on this genre, I also enjoy a wide range of music including jazz,
light jazz, rock, classical, folk, metal, and so on. I don't care for rap or music that has nothing to say, or consists
of heavy banging on the instruments (noise) or screaming rather than singing (more noise). There's a difference!
I have a few favourite instruments, but this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate most other instruments too, as
long as they are played well. Kenny G. on his soprano sax, I never grow tired of his music!


Some favourite quotes, sayings, clichés, proverbs:
<img9*0:> ~ "God grant me the power to change the things I can, the ability to accept the things I cannot,
       and the wisdom to know the difference." ~ Serenity Prayer
<img9*0:> ~ "Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it the most."
       ~ Swedish Proverb
<img9*0:> ~ "What has a person to gain, if they lose their soul?" ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "There are many people that walk through our lives, but only a significant few will leave indel-
       lible footprints." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "Do not burn your bridges if they needn't be, for you may want or need to cross those bridges
       again." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "A stranger is a friend yet to meet." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "A friend in need, is a friend indeed!" ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "A bird in hand is better than two in a bush." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "Never place all of your eggs in one basket." ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "If the shoe fits, wear it!" ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" ~ Unknown
<img9*0:> ~ "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."
       ~ John F. Kennedy
<img9*0:> ~ "The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end,
       there it is." ~ Winston Churchill
<img9*0:> ~ "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Winston Churchill
<img9*0:> ~ "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our
       breath away." ~ Unknown

SEE ALSO, MY OWN QUOTES: Artsieladie-Author_Of_Quotes


Some favourite movies:
<img7*0:> ~ "Dances With Wolves"
<img7*0:> ~ "Forrest Gump"
<img7*0:> ~ "Homeward Bound"
<img7*0:> ~ "Pretty Woman"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Godfather"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Last Unicorn"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Silence Of The Lambs"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Sound Of Music"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Ten Commandments"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Wizard Of Oz"
<img7*0:> ~ "War Of The Worlds"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

~ I am not a very big movie person, but I like some, listed just above. Older movies like The Sound Of Music,
The Wizard Of Oz, and The Ten Commandments I can't ever watch too many times. I like movies with animals,
like Homeward Bound, for i.e., and wholesome movies, viewable by all ages, I prefer. I DETEST pornography in
ANY form. I do not enjoy watching violence. There's more than enough of it in the real world, thank you. Movies
of a romantic theme with tastefully done love making scenes are okay.


Other favourites:

Animal(s) ~
Beverage(s) ~
Body Covering(s) ~
Cologne(s) ~
Colour(s) ~
Cuisine(s) ~
Dessert(s) ~
Dream Theme(s) ~
Fruit(s) ~
Holiday(s) ~
Mixed drink(s) ~
Pet(s) ~
Season(s) ~
Time(s) of Day ~
Veggie(s) ~
Milk, coffee, tea
Birthday suit (privately); t-shirt, jeans, sneakers
Blue and green
Italian and Chinese; love fish and cheese
Strawberry Shortcake/biscuit; Elderberry Pie
Tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas
Bloody Mary with Absolut Vodka
Cats and dogs
Spring and Autumn
05:00~08:00 and 17:00~00:00
Greens: spinach, swiss chard, etc., broccoli
Real Sangria

Also see: Artsieladie-Likes_Dislikes and Artsieladie-Hobbies_Interests.

Some favourite poets:
<img7*0:> ~ Edgar Allan Poe
<img7*0:> ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
<img7*0:> ~ Emily Dickinson
<img7*0:> ~ Robert Frost
<img7*0:> ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
<img7*0:> ~ Walt Whitman and more.


Some favourite reading ~ books:
~ Only occasionally do I find time to read a book, but I love to read. I love books and some would say I have
my own library! Usually, if I'm reading something, though, it's reading to gain knowledge. I enjoy learning new

<img7*0:> ~ "All Good Animals Go To Heaven"
<img7*0:> ~ "All Quiet On The Western Front"
<img7*0:> ~ "Bunnicula"
<img7*0:> ~ "Giants In The Earth"
<img7*0:> ~ "I Dared To Call Him Father"
<img7*0:> ~ "Peter Pan"
<img7*0:> ~ "Scarlet Royal"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Good Earth"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Harry Potter Series"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Holy Bible"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Nancy Drew Series"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Red Badge Of Courage"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Velveteen Rabbit"
<img7*0:> ~ "White Fang"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

Some favourite reading ~ magazines:
<img7*0:> ~ American Artist
<img7*0:> ~ Arabian Horse World
<img7*0:> ~ Cat Fancy
<img7*0:> ~ Dog Fancy
<img7*0:> ~ Equus
<img7*0:> ~ Horse & Rider
<img7*0:> ~ PC World
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

~ Just about all books about horses, dogs, cats, and other animals, I like to read. I do not much care what age
level they are written in. I like Peter Pan, but I had better, because this was my daughter's favourite and I read
it many times to her. Scarlet Royal was my fav' as a kid and I read it 13 times!


Some favourite singers:
<img7*0:> ~ Julie Andrews
<img7*0:> ~ Lady Antebellum
<img7*0:> ~ Michael Bolten
<img7*0:> ~ Garth Brooks
<img7*0:> ~ Johnny Cash
<img7*0:> ~ Nat King Cole
<img7*0:> ~ Céline Dion
<img7*0:> ~ Josh Groben
<img7*0:> ~ Michael Jackson
<img7*0:> ~ Jewel
<img7*0:> ~ George Jones
<img7*0:> ~ Norah Jones
<img7*0:> ~ Johnny Mathis
<img7*0:> ~ Reba McEntire
<img7*0:> ~ Luciano Pavarotti
<img7*0:> ~ Elvis Presley
<img7*0:> ~ Jim Reeves
<img7*0:> ~ Carrie Underwood
<img7*0:> ~ Keith Urban
<img7*0:> ~ Led Zeppelin and more.

~ I enjoy so many singers and bands. If I were to list them all, this list would be a mile long. So I've mentioned
just the ones that popped into my mind. I like listening to a good orchestral sound, but I very much like music with
a great beat like Disco and Techno. Basically, I love music, but good music. I have music playing almost all the
time in the background, regardless of what it is I may be doing.


Some favourite songs:
<img7*0:> ~ "Blue Christmas"
<img7*0:> ~ "O Come O Ye Faithful"
<img7*0:> ~ "Silent Night"
<img7*0:> ~ "Silver Bells"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Christmas Shoes"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Gift"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Little Drummer Boy"
<img7*0:> ~ "White Christmas"
<img7*0:> ~ "Winter Wonderland"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.
<img7*0:> ~ "Amazing Grace"
<img7*0:> ~ "Church In The Wildwood"
<img7*0:> ~ "How Great Thou Art"
<img7*0:> ~ "I'll Fly Away"
<img7*0:> ~ "In The Garden"
<img7*0:> ~ "Jesus Loves Me"
<img7*0:> ~ "Precious Memories"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Old Rugged Cross"
<img7*0:> ~ "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

> ~ I love hymns. Also: "I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore".
~ I love Christmas songs. Also: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

All-time fav's:
<img7*0:> ~ "Danny Boy"
<img7*0:> ~ "Go Rest High On That Mountain"
<img7*0:> ~ "How Far Is Heaven"
<img7*0:> ~ "Lady"
<img7*0:> ~ "Memories"
<img7*0:> ~ "My Happiness"
<img7*0:> ~ "No Charge"
<img7*0:> ~ "Old Shep"
<img7*0:> ~ "Walk Through This World With Me"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.
<img7*0:> ~ "Amazed"
<img7*0:> ~ "I'll Be"
<img7*0:> ~ "I Need You Now"
<img7*0:> ~ "Kiss This"
<img7*0:> ~ "One More Day"
<img7*0:> ~ "Only You Can Love Me This Way"
<img7*0:> ~ "Stupid Boy"
<img7*0:> ~ "Sunshine"
<img7*0:> ~ "You Belong With Me"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

I love oldies. Also: "Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?"
I love some new songs. Also: "Soldiers And Jesus"

<img7*0:> ~ "America"
<img7*0:> ~ "America, The Beautiful"
<img7*0:> ~ "God Bless America"
<img7*0:> ~ "God Bless The U.S.A."
<img7*0:> ~ "Stars And Stripes Forever"
     <img7*0:> ~ "The Caisson Song"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Marines' Hymn"
<img7*0:> ~ "The Star-Spangled Banner"
<img7*0:> ~ "You're A Grand Ol' Flag"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and more.

I love Patriotic songs. Also: "This Land Is Your Land".
Many of these songs listed, plus many more, I also play on my keyboards.


Some favourite tv shows:
<img7*0:> ~ "CSI Miami"
<img7*0:> ~ "Buffy"
<img7*0:> ~ "Lost"
<img7*0:> ~ "NCIS"
<img7*0:> ~ "Nova"
<img7*0:> ~ ...and others.

~ Television, well, there isn't too much worth watching anymore, really. I like all of the CSI shows, Lost, some news'
programs, PBS: Educational (Nova, National Geographic programs, etc.), and some old re-runs. Other than Extreme
Makeover (homes), American Idol, and Dancing with The Stars, I detest reality TV such as Survivor, The Bachelor,
and so forth. Funniest videos I like. My favourite older TV shows were: Magnum P.I., Touched By An Angel, Hogan's
Heroes, Mash, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Frasier, Star Trek, and countless others.


Also see:
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May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

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