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2007-02-15 19:23:02
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And then he just wanted to type...
first i d like to reccomend these 2 wiki's Elftown Gathering & Heartbreak_hotel
please leave comments i d just appreciate it ?=)

See billy just has this lonely days when he doesnt wanna talk to anyone but yet he just wants to talk soo since noone is around today and i m a bit extra lonely i ll just try to make it clear for everyone ?
well other than that
this girl thing is a bit weird
see i just still miss her
i dont know what to say anymore
i cant talk to anyone about it...
not even make clear to myself why i cant just stop it
probably time is needed
tummy shouldnt be that upset
i guess its illness ?
other than that astrid aint been talking much lately
jessica has quite disappeared into studying like sharon ...
Roxcie aint having that good days
and apart from that
i m starting to believe that we come alone
and go alone
But the only thing that actually matters is that in the middle of this "tour" we are not alone
there are this friends
i think i need to talk to xanthloyla (dont try to pronounce it if you dont know greeklish ... a girl from university we tend to just understand each other a lot)
may be its just the day
but it was that way yesterday
and the day before
and the day before
and the day before!
and the day before O.o
may be 1 week is not that much but the days are getting to be more and more... and the drinking doesnt really help lately
not even eating does.
I am proud to be selfish
and then i just noticed
i aint got a computer anymore
apparently i got friends i could use their computers till i get mine but that wouldnt really happen that often xD
well patience
*thinks: i m patient , i m patient, i m patient, i m patient.... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats boring xD*
*pats self*
wake up
where am i ?
and then there was today...

anyway... i would like to say that i ehm ?
i am selfish perhaps
i dont like admiting being wrong
but normally
i dont tend to fight
i dont mind...
other than that
there was this one unique day that all me myself wanted to do was just ehm ? type
i noticed that i had the worst day possible today
i mean things could have been tinily bit worse but its not like something would ave changed
i d still be feeling exactly this way...
i guess i just need another tiny lil bit of time
may be tomorrow ...
i figured i m just a guy
i cant be doing everything on my own...
i mean they dont even bother *sighs*
its not really supposed to make sense....
chris is being pretty selfish
and everyone is just confusing
i mean
why is she acting like that
she can always just focus on one person
obviously chris thinks she likes him
i doubt that
perhaps i m wrong
but if they end up a couple then what *thinks*
i guess loneliness
others will be too busy staying home =_="
me will be just inviting people that wont show up
i cant wait for next year
there ll be achilles
there ll be tasos and kostas
and there ll be just looooooooooooots of people
loneliness its starting to be ...
i guess i should stick to zafiris he sounds much more fun
and i tend to particularly like him....most of the time we are just fun ...
too bad he aint met achilles so far...
i mean me and achilles
thats just adorable =) we tend to be able for everything ... making everyone just lose it
and me and zafiris are making everyone just drop it (i tend to be able to do that alone... but with zafiris i just cant stop =P)
may be the three of us would be a really nice group but oh i guess its imagination and loneliness talking people...
enjoy <3

carrying on

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2006-12-10 [Sweetgurl_ alwayz06]: Billy never want to talk to me i know it horrible bc i want to understand what wrong but he doesnt say much

2006-12-10 [BillyThePsycho]: =_=" billy tends to think of all these when he just lonely
he dont really wanna talk to someone specific or if so he just isnt able to atm so in order not to lose this thoughts he just types them here.... and so it will be from now and..

2006-12-10 [Sweetgurl_ alwayz06]: sorry billy i didnt know that but i dont know much then i here to talk to if u want

2006-12-10 [BillyThePsycho]: thank you

2006-12-10 [Sweetgurl_ alwayz06]: Yuppers everyone need a good friend and just someone who will listen to them and i hope i can be both

2006-12-16 [The Raeven]: I'm sorry I'm never here. College is really making me so busy that I hardly have the time to get online...I'm usually doing homework or out with my school mates. Just remember, you can still leave me messages. I read them. Sometimes I may not respond for a while because I don't have much time on my hands but I do read them.

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