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2007-04-06 14:10:08
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akuma's art

welcome to my art
i am [*akuma*]
i do draw a lot
this wiki is going to have my art that i like/ be bothered to scan
please enjoy having a look at my work, and feel free to comment
alternitavely, click the following link for mt DA

my coloured art

my sketchy art

my sketchy art 2

my sketchy art 3

my holiday art

my christmas art

my naruto collection art

my jewellery art

my foam art

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2006-08-11 [MissionGenocide]: Awww wow yey I always thought you should make a wiki cause your really talented =^o^=. What pretty pictures *claps* I love them!!

2006-08-12 [*akuma*]: thank you very much ^_^

2006-08-13 [*Shimizu*]: Nikki = genius! <3 the drawings! :)

2006-09-17 [Avatar15]: XD Nikki is my name too...... Anyways. I hear by claim Akuma-Chan's Art AWSOME! XD W0oT!!! I have an image I drew for you btw. :)

2006-09-17 [*akuma*]: YAAY! thank you ^^

2006-09-17 [Avatar15]: :D Mmm Hmm!

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