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After Hours Kiss

Zane sighed as he slipped in the back door of his newest and most irritating job as a waiter at the prominant 'Falling Stars' restaraunt. He wasn't use to being ordered around like a slave and being complained about by Clients who didn't like the way he smiled or spoke to them. He shut the door behind him and compulsively pushed his long dark brown bangs from in front of his eyes. Waving to a few of his fellow waiters that actually like him he stared at the mirror in the back room where he could leave his stuff and get ready for work. His dark hair was thick and full, slightly wavey which always drew a few wandering eyes. His almond shaped eyes were what people say really drew them to him, his eyes were a bright emerald green, a gift from a father he never knew. He stood about 5'6 and though he didn't like to brag about it, was physically fit, he liked to spend a few of his lonely nights at the local gym. He had hoped it would change his luck with being single but to no such avail. He cursed his luck as he slipped a white half-apron around his waist and tied it in place, he checked and found his order pad, several pens, and two extra pads in case he lost his. He sighed again, wondering what made him take this job in the first place. He waited in the back glancing at the clock, watching as it ticked off the seconds untill it would reach 9:30 p.m. and he would have to go and start waiting tables.

Light eyes gazed at their own reflection as the city lights shined on the car. The limo stopped and his door was opened. Shoulder length blond hair had been hung loose about an strong face, eyes shaped to that of almost an eagle and a thin nose equipped with pliant, pink lips. The srong profile walked into 'Falling Stars' and let his coat be taken, revealing him in a dark green shirt tucked neatly into expensive dress pants. His light grey eyes scanned over the menu in front of him. Thin, long fingers turned the pages he looked at, silently contemplating. He finally settled on a small steak and a side dish of salad and a slice of pie. All he had to do was wait for one to take his order and he looked around, boredly slumped on one hand to hold himself up. Work had been a long day for him, and it was good to just be able to sit and relax.

Zane jumped out into the dining hall as he was practically yelled at by his boss for being late. He didn't try to point out he was early having been since 8:30 but he wanted to keep his job no matter how much he didn't like it. He growled slightly at the door as it swung shut behind him, wishing he could tell his boss what he really thought about her, that she was a canniving whore who slept with almost every male waiter and even some of the female waiters just because she loomed their jobs over their heads. She had tried with him when he first started there. But he had promised to go right to the owner and complain if she didn't leave him alone. The memory brought a smile to his face as he approached a table with an attractive man sitting at it, "Hello sir and welcome to the Falling Stars restaraunt. My name is Zane and I will be your waiter this evening. May I take your order if you are ready?" he asked politly.

Serian looked up and smiled politely at the waitor."Yes, I will just have a small steak, side of salad and a piece of the almond pie for later." He said, eyeing the other openly, but with a hint of refined diginity. He didn't want to seem like a biggot, but the other was rather nice to the sight. Especially his bright eye color and soft wavy hair. "Mn, and a small glass of parkling water."

Zane already had his pen in hand and was writing down the order as the man spoke it. He's staring at me..if I look at him he'll be staring at me...I hope he doesn't complain that I'm incompetent or something.., he raised his green eyes and found the other staring at him and the blood rushed to his face. He wrote down the sparkling water and slid his pin back into his pocket and gave the client a bow, "Ok then, if you need anything while your waiting please let me know..would you like a basket of rolls or breadsticks while your waiting?" He asked looking at him again. His eyes gently slid over the others fine face and couldn't help but to be attracted.

"Some breadsticks would be nice." Serian replied, finding the other immensely graceful. He studied him. "You've got beautiful eyes.. and hands.." he said before he could stop himself. He found that a small blush came to his cheeks and he looked down at the table. "Just uhh.. just the breadsticks." He was definitely going to leave this one a large tip, he must be making himself look like an ass.

Zane blushed a deep red and nodded, "Of course...I'll bring those right out with your drink." He gave another small bow at the waist and slowly turned around and walked towards the kitchens. His mind wanted him to act like a teenage girl and blush and gush over the compliments he had just been given. But the rational part of his mind said it would be better to be discreet and not get fired for flirting with a Client. He pushed the door open to the kitchen and ripped the ticket order out of his pad and stabbed it through the hook on the small ring that was slowly filling up with other oders. He smiled as he realised that his order was the next to be filled. He grabbed a serving tray with a wine glass with a short thick stem and a pitcher of sparkling water. He poured the water into the glass and set the pitcher aside only to replace it with a basket of fresh breadsticks. He composed himself and lifted the tray onto his arm and hand and walked out the door of the kitchen. It wasn't hard to find his way back to the table, he was the only man sitting alone, he set the glass of water in front of him and then the tray, "Your food will be ready shortly. Is there anything else you need?" he asked softly.

Serian wanted to shout 'You're name and number..and the time you get off work' but that didn't seem the best thing to do. "Perhaps casual conversation if you find you are in a slow spell." He said, taking a breadstick and nibbling on it while looking at the other. "I mean, I am.. not too familiar with what's going on in the world because I work so much. I am sure you would know much more than I. Besides, I am a lonely guest at a resturant with no one to eat beside. Say, that could be another thing, would you like to join me?"

Zane wanted to ask him for his name, number, and his address, but he had to be proffesional. At the mention of casual conversation, he smiled and nodded his long bangs falling into his eyes. He pursed his lips and blew his bangs out of his eyes and smiled, "Well it is a slow night, but I'll have to be careful. I'd rather not get fired for not doing my job. But I think I can manage idle chit-chat." He smiled and moved to the otherside of the table. The table itself happened to be placed in a corner of the room with a wonderful view of the city out a window to its left and to its right was the rest of the restaraunt, so Zane could see if any one else required his attention. "I guess the first part of our chat.." he said as he sat down smoothly "Would be to ask your name.." His green eyes flickered over the room before coming back to settle on Serian.

"Serian,what's yours?" He asked, smiling. He looked around as well, no one was there to bother them except a few other people. "And if the managment comes to bother you just say I'm a long lost visiting relative." He added, grinning at the other. He waited for a response to the qustion of names as he sipped from his sparkling water. He wanted to take the other out. To bring him home. To give him everything he wanted.

Zane smiled and let his gaze linger on ther others eyes before they swept to the door of the kitchen, "Well Serian, that is a beautiful name, but sadly we look nothing alike, but that won't matter, I do believe." His gaze followed a tall goddess-like woman as she walked out of the kitchens and then quickly left the restaraunt. "I believe she is going home with another of the staff, so I should be fine. But I will have to get your food if you wish to eat." He laughed with a smile and turned his attention back to Serian. "My name? My name is Zane Stephens..its a pleasure to meet you."

"Well, why don't you order yourself something as well and come have a time out with me, hmn?" He asked, eyeing him . "My treat." He added to try and persuade the other further. "And then you can tell me about yourself. You've caught my interest." He said, taking another sip from his glass of sparkling water. He really wanted to know more about the other.

Zane thought a moment, he was in fact attreacted to this man, and wanted to know more about him. He looked towards the back and then back at Serian, "Well...maybe...first let me go get your food..I do believe it is done." He smiled and rose from the table casting Serian a look from over his shoulder as he made his way to the kitchen. As he did, he would stop at a few tables asking if they needed anything, he was surpried by how little everyone needed tonight, he smiled as he found himelf in the kitchen grabbing the ordered plate of food. Before he stepped out he had a quick word with a few of his friends, in a matter of moments he was out the door with a huge smile on his face. He would have to work for the next few days, but he had the rest of the night off. His waisters apron was folded and lying over one arm as he returned to Serian's table and sat his plate down. "I have the rest of the night to myself..though I'll have to work for the next few days, my friends are realy nice..actually happy that I might have met someone." He said with a smile curling on his lips.

Serian gave a genuine smile. "Ah! That is splendid. Would you like to go somewhere after this then?" He asked,wondering what the other would say. "I wouldn't mind treating you to some desert or a movie or anything else you have in mind." He added, grinning. "And don't forget to order yourself something, surely you are tired from working so much?" He took another sip. "Or share some of mine?" He didn't care which, he wanted the other to be comfortable around him though and didn't like to eat in front of others.

Zane smiled, he was starting feel just a bit at ease with Serian. He seemed kind and actually interested in him as well. He shook his head before looking at the kitchen, "Actually, I ordered int he kitchen, it comes." A waitress who was smiling just a little too widely sat a glass of white wine down beside Zane, "Thanks Christy, I owe you big time." He smiled at her and she nodded, casting a look at Serian then at Zane and her smile if at all possible got even bigger. She giggled and walked away quickly back to the kitchens. He laughed softly and took a small sip of his wine, glad to have a chance to wind down from the stress of the day, not to mention talking to Serian. It almost seemed to good to be true!

Serian noted the other hadn't commented on plans of things to do after dinner so he didn't push it. "Well, why don't you tell me about yourself. You know, the basics. Age. Marital status. And anything else you can think of you wish to tell me." He said, cutting his steak into small little chunks to better eat it. He enjoyed the flavour immensely, closing his eyes a second to delight in it before opening them again to look at the other.

Zane nodded and took another sip of his wine. "Well...where to begin...I'm twenty-four. I was engaged once, but that didn't last long, he decided that my sister was better than I was at being a sex slave so it was over. I was born in a small town in In Northern Georgia..up in the moutains. My mother was a High School drop-out that was working as a stripper at the local night club. She met my father they had a fling for a few months..I was the end result, and he left calling my mother a whore and slut. I don't even know what he looks like..though my mother says I have his eyes. The only gift from him, and she loves them all the same." He smiled as he thought of his mother, he hadn't seen her in a few months. Not since he had moved out on his own. "Anyways, as soon as she had me, she got a job working at a daycare. She saved her money, and life was a little tough. But she managed to scrape a good living out of it. She put through school till I was eleven, which is when I got a job working at the local store sweeping and doing odd-jobs. I didn't have a big paycheck, but I was able to help my mom out.." He smiled again as he remembered how she photocopied his first paycheck and stuck it too te fridge with picture and a few awards he had gotten in school.

Serian smiled. "Inspiring." He said, looking into his eyes, he could see it now. The younger hadn't had it easy at all in his life. "Your eyes show your struggle. Mn, well I am twenty nine, I didn't have near as hard a life as you, so I apologize on that because I wont ever fully understand that. My father was abusive and my mother certainly drank often. Something rich people do I guess. I was forced into private schooling, though I just wanted to be like evreyone else, father would say 'We of the Ande-rei family have an image to keep up, if you're not part of the image, you're not part of the family'." He said in a mocking voice of his father. "Dreadful man. I pray you never meet him. Mn, I went to college and got my degrees and here I am now, working about six days a week, lonely and bored all of the time, but successfl I guess that matters." He frowned as he finished, sounding more bitter than he intended. "I guess you could say I do nothing but sit behind a desk and sulk all day."

Zane nodded listening intently to Serian's story, So he comes from money..I though people with money had it easy..I guess I was wrong.., he took another sip of his wine and looked at the others eyes, "I'd awlays thought...that people with money had an easy life...they could use money to solve all their problems..I was wrong...I'm sorry.." he said it softly meaning every word of it. "My mother didn't like being..well poor..she always wanted to give me a better life. Wanted to buy me things and send me places she had never seen. But circumstances never allowed it and she took it pretty hard..when I graduated Highschool she was so proud of me..and then I even managed to get into college..she was happier than I had ever seen her. RIght now I'm a Junior at The Medical School I'm going to..I'm trying for my masters in Psycology, while getting some nursing under my belt. And when I graduate...I want to get a degree in criminal psycology from the law school in that my mom's dad went to..he's a P.I. and one of the sweetest men I've ever met..he and my mom..had a falling out..but when I was born, it kinda healed their relationship..he was alone grandma died the day I was he helped mom raise I'm working here..doing my best on my lives with Grandpa and they get along very well..she keeps trying o get him on a diet..but..he doesn't wanna "eat no rabbit food!'" he lowered his voice till it was gravelly and hard, but held gently humor in it. He laughed afterwards missing his grandpa.

Serian chuckled. "Well, why don't you go visit them?" He asked, leaning his head on his hand. "If it's money I can certainly help you. I would love to. I have so much and I can only spend it on myself. It's.. upsetting to say the least. And I hope you don't think I am being rude." He frowned, thinking perhaps he had said the wrong thing. "I uh... did I say the wrong thing?" He asked, looking hopefully at the other.

Zane smiled softly and reached across the table and took Serian's hand in his own, " said the exact thing a gentleman would say. And from my point of view your not being rude at all..your actually being very kind and sweet to an absolute stranger." His green eyes held Serian's fast, not letting him look away. "I wish there were more people like you in this world..then maybe everyone would know a little bit of kindness.." He smiled again beofre using his free hand to take another drink from his glass. "Ande-rei...that name sounds familair..what exactly is your family known for? he asked softly, his eyes curious.

Serian felt a soft smile come back to his eyes as the other grabbed his hand. He flushed just a little, his cheeks feeling mildly warm. He carressed the other's hand. "Thank you." He said before pausing to elaborate. "Well, my family is known for it's Ande-Rei industry, papers, pens, and special ink. Obviously known for counterfitting. And it's other side the Rei side is for gun manufacturing, as you can say we're high up with the 'families' of many well known... lenders." He tip-toed in saying his family's company was involved with the mafia of many different countries. "Well, I deal with actually the food part. I wont have anything to do with my father, he's all ready disowned me for not wanting to embezzle, and help murder a few. Surely you can't blame me? I actually have a heart." He sighed. "I at least get to taste the best new created deserts and cookies." He said, laughing at that. "I should show you around the company one day."

Zane nodded smiling, enjoying the soft carress of his hand from Serian. "Well I can see you have a heart! And whose to say that your not killing people! Do you know how many people could die from eating your desserts?! They are amazing! I especially enjoy the blueberry creme pie..." He smiled wide and set his glass down and took Serians hand in both of his. He turned it over so that it was palm up and he smiled as he traced small lines criss-crossing across his palm. "Very interesting..." he said in a heavy accented voice that wouldn't be out of place at a carnival.

Serian chuckled at the comment on his deserts. "I'll have to cook for you too." He said, before stopping as the other traced over his hand. "Just what are you doing?" He asked, smiling. The other's newly found accent was cute. "And what does my future hold?" He asked, finally getting the idea. "Does it say that I will be able to bestow my riches on this cute green eyed boy at the diner I went to tonight? And that one day I may even get his number?" He asked, making a move that may or may not be a good thing.

Zane smiled and looked up his green eyes bright with laughter and joy, "I see...I see more dan joost a number, I see...I see a date..perhaps several.." He traced his fingers over the soft skin of his palm taking his time, not in any kind of hurry. He kept the accent up as he spoke, "I see..dinner plans for...two nights from dis very diner! At dis very table! At..say....eight o'clock?" he asked as he looked up capturing the other with his bright eyes. He so wanted him to say yes, but he didn't know, the other might have been just playing along to amuse him. He gently carressed the others hand, "Please say yes?" he asked softly, his voice no more than a whisper.

Serian smiled brightly. "Yes! I mean, most certainly. Eight o'clock, two nights from now. This diner. This table." He smiled and pressed a kiss to the back of the other's hand, removing it just to write his number down and his address, anything he would like to find him by. "You're welcome to come over any chance you would like to. Or come to my office even. And I will of course visit here often if it won't get you into trouble." He hoped the other wold take initiative and write his number down as well. He was feeling rather as though he was floating and wanted to soar away with the other. "Are you doing anything after our supper here? I still don't feel like parting with you tonight." He wanted to take things slow with this one, and build their love, and at the same time he wanted to lavish every bit of affection on him that he could.

Zane laughed softly and reached into his apron and pulled out a pad for taking orders and one of the pens. He Quickly wrote out his cell phone number and his home phone number and his address, which only happened to be a few blocks from their current location. He smiled and ripped the paper off and slid it back across the table towards Serian and put the pad and pen back into the apron pocket. He took the paper from Serian and smiled, he stuck it in his pocket and laid his hands down palm up towards the other so they coul join hands again. "Actually I have no other plans..I was thinking of heading over to the gym..but I find that I don't want to part company with you.." he smiled softly and finished off the last of his wine beofre putting his hands back out for Serian.

Serian smiled after putting the other's number in his wallet where it would be safe. "Well, why don't we go for a walk or sit in the park or perhaps we could go to a latenight movie? " He asked, wondering if the other would trust him enough to do so. "I mean, if you think that would be okay, I don't want to do something if you're not ready or don't fully trust me."

Zane smiled and ran an appreciative over the others form, "Well unless you have some beefy bodyguards waiting to kidnap me..I think I can handle you." He gave Serian a small wink as he got up from the table to go and get the check. He returned a few moments later with a smile on his face and his apron nowhere in site. "If tyour ready so am I." He smiled and held out his hand for the other to take, "And all of those ideas sound good, but..what would you like to do..I'm uo for anything.."

Serian smiled, payed for the food, took the other's hand, deciding to tip him later in the evening when he took him back home. "Well, I was thinking a movie, and then we can go on a lovely little stroll through the park. And then I can take you to your home and wish you goodnight." He said, grabbing his coat. "Do you have a car here? I would be able to drive with you to your house first and then we could call my car...?"

Zane shook his head a smile tugging at his lips, "Actually I live not that far from here. I walked to work tonight. It's such a beautiful night out I couldn't think of taking the monster." He laughed at the name for his mode of transportation and brought the others hand to his lips where he kissed it softly. "That sounds like an excellent plan for the you mind walking? I could call a cab if you want?" he threw his jacket over his shoulder and slipped his wallet into his back pocket, his green eyes glittered brightly as he held open the door of the restaraunt for Serian.

Serian smiled and walked out, holding the other's hand again as he did. "A cab wont be necessary dear. Hold on one minute." He called for his limo. "I hope you wont be intimidated." He flipped the phone shut and then waited patiently as the car rolled up. "Well, here we'll go to the movies in this and then we'll get some ice cream while we walk." He said, smiling. "If that's all right with you." He opened the door for the other.

Truth be told Zane was a little bit intimidated by the long sleek black limo. But he didn't let it show, with a small nervouse smile he slid into the interior and found himself able to stretch out his legs completely. "I've...never ridden in a limo before..this is my first time." he said softly with a shy smile. He turned his green eyes on the other his thoughts wandering in different directions.

Serian smiled and nodded. " I don't like them really, but they're nice for when you've had one too many trying to drink your life away and need a way to get home." He chuckled. "No, don't worry I am no alcoholic. I just.. there has been a night or two when I didn't think I could take reality." He smiled and lay back. "I hope it's not embarrassing, I should really have thought to ask you if you wanted to perhaps take a cab instead."

Zane smiled sadly and shook his head, "No I can understand all to well the usefullness of having a limo. I almost became an alcoholic...after my fiance left me...I drank for five days wasn't pretty..I really don't like to think about it.." He shivered slightly and hugged his arms around himself, willing away his bad memories. He turned his eyes back onto Serian and smiled softly, "Thank you..for...the ride." He didnt know what else to say, he'd already practically told him his life story, save for a few things, but nonetheless.

Serian put what he hoped was a comforting arm around the other, giving him a small hug. "I know. We;ve both been down that road." He said, kissing his cheek. "We're here." He said, steppingout and opening the door for the other. "Which movie would you like to see?" He asked, lookingup. "There's quite the few different selections, love movies, horror movies, comedies. Drama. " He couldn't wait to be seated next to the other.

Zane stepped out of the limo, his legs had gone to sleep as he had folded one underneath him. He stretched it out and looked up at what was showing. "Well...I've always been one for horror and raomance movies. I didn't like the looks of the newest one though...something about how their playing it out doesn't reall sit well..but this new horror movie is sapposed to be very good...not just the mindless killing that is what horror movies are all about." He smiled and held out his hand for the other to take.

"The new horror movie it is." Serian said in reply, taking the other's hand happily as he lead him to the ticket booth. He requested the two tickets, bought them and went in. "So darling, would you like snacks or a drink of any kind?" he asked, motioning to the candy and popcorn that lined a display.

Zane blushed softly as the other pulled him along, paying for his ticket without even thinking. It must be nice to have that kind of where you forget about stuff like this.. He turned his attention back to Serian who was asking if he wanted anything to eat or drink, he was about to say no, but his stomache beat him, making a low garbling noise, announcing his hunger. "I guess..I could...maybe just a small soda and a small popcorn.." he said with a blush.

"No candy?" Serian asked with a frown. He wouldn't have that! He smiled and bouht two packets of skittles, in case the little one would want one and then a small popcorn, for the popcorns were rather huge, and a large soda for them to share. He smiled and kissed his cheek, getting a few more odds and ends candies on a trey before paying for it and leading him to their seats, choosing ones in the back so they would be able to see and not be bothered by people being behind them, and it was more secluded.

Zane's face was a soft pink as he rememebered the feel of the other males lips on his cheek. It would draw his attention if he raised his hand to check if it had been a dream or not, so he refraimed and followed Serian up to their seats which happened to be in his favorite spot in the back. "Thank you...." he said softly as they seated themselves. At the moment, the only thing on the screen down in front were adds for popcorn and such, the credits and previews hadn't even started yet. "We must be a little early.." he said softly with a smile. He took a few pieces of popcorn and ate them slowly, savoring the buttery flavor. He turned his eyes on Serain and smiled at him.

Serian smiled back at the other and took one of Zane's hands in his own, stroking over the skin gently. He enjoyed the feeling, the skin smooth and delicate while the other's hands were smallish but not overly small. Boyish, but not too manly, a good mix with feminine. "Thank you, for coming here with me." He said softly, eyes alight with affection and graditude.

Zane blushed again, happy that the room was dark enough that he could barely see Serian's face, so he took into account that he couldn't see his face, "Y-Your welcome..." He watched as the other male played with his hand, the feeling of the Serian's smoothe almost delicate hands dancing across his own sent small shivers up his spine. He started to lean forward, he didn't know what he was going to do, but the moment felt right, his free hand gently glided along Serian's jaw and his face leaned closer to the others, when he was a breath away from the others lips something wet splashed into his lap making him jerk back in surprise, "ACK!" the exclamation was like a gunshot through the dark quiet and almosy empty theatre room. He looked into his lap and saw his soda cup, and what was left of it in his lap, the rest of the soda was soaking into his pants and flowing down his legs, "Crap...." he brushed the cup out of his lap and stood up, "Sorry...I'll be right back.." he slid past Serian and made his way to the bathroom oblivious to the stares of others.

Serian stared after the other's dark form as it retreated." My my... troublesome much.. was he going to kiss me?" He asked himself rather aloud. He grinned and followed after him, wanting to help, and not be a pest. "Darling, do you need any help?" He asked, walking to the restroom in hopes to help him. He entered swiftly in search for him, wondering if he should go home to retrieve him pants or something of the sort. "Should I go retrieve you something different to wear? I have some pants in my car, it would only take a moment if you would like me to get them." He said, smiling.

Zane was standing by the sinks of the bathroom his pants lying on the counter and a pair of thin track pants on, "No...I just need to make sure these don't stain..thank you though..I usually wear my track pants to work so that afterwards I can go to the gym and work out.." He was using a wet papertowel and was scrubbing at the crotch of his pants, "Thank you...for bringing me here tonight..if you can g watch the movie while I try and save the pants?" he looked up and smiled, "You should get your moneys worth from your ticket, my clumsiness shouldn't stop your evening."

Serian laughed abruptly and advanced on him. "You just let me handle this would you? I may be much more efficient, many a time have things spiled in my lap." And without thinking he too a handfull of paper towels, wetted them and began to gently scrub any stain out. "Believe me, credits last a while" He said, trying to seem as professional as he could so that he didn't appear to be trying to get into the other's pants, not that he minded being so close to this one. He looked up at him an instant. "There, all better." He kissed his cheek and then grabbed more paper towels, beginning to pat the other dry.

Zane blushed and this time he couldn't hide it, he watched as the other patted his pants dry and found himself wishing he hadn't taken them off, unfortunatly with this line of thinking his face turned even redder and he mentaslly slapped himself silly. "Thank...thank you Serian.." he managed to say quite breathlessly. He picked up his pants and gane them a shake sending small drops of water flying through the air. With a quick inspection he smiled, "The stains I don't have to worry about replacing them! Thank you Serian, your a life saver!" with a big smile on his face he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the other males lips, then seeming to realise what he had done he pulled back his face beet red and his eyes slightly surprised, "Well....uhh.." he had no quick words or anything as he stood there waiting for Serian's reaction.

Serian's smile was one of rich charm and seduction. He quickly leaned forward to kiss the other in turn. "Don't worry, your kiss wasn't in vain I enjoyed it. Now! Let's go watch that movie. It should be starting in about a moment." He said, giving him another kiss, finding that kissing the other might end up being his new fun thing to do. "Your lips are quite... addicting." He said, givng him yet anther kiss, this one lingering longer than the previous two. "Oh me, let us umm.. return now, yes." He said, his voice rather thick. He grasped the other's hand and led him back to their chairs, glad they weren't wet. "Here, let me get you a new soda." He said, going out to get one. It didn't take but a moment and he was back just as the movie was startig.

Zane sat in his seat the last few moments replaying over and over in his head, him kissing Serian, Serian kissing him again and again and again! He smiled and gently touched his fingers to his lips, smiling when he saw the other sitting back down beside him with a new soda, "Thank you..." he said softly. His eyes were bright in the darkened theatre. After a few moment,s of watching Serian he turned his eyes to the movie they had come to watch.

On the screen a young woamn and her boyfriend were visitng the grave of her brother, the girls starts to cry uncontrolably as she see's his picture in the headstone. The boyfriend hugs her close and trys to soothe her, but she pushes him away, and runs towards the woods that surround the graveyard. Well composed music makes the dark and scary forest even more terrifying as she stumbles through brambles and thorny bushes not caring that her arms and legs are cut. She finally breaks through the dense foliage to find herself in a small clearing with a bonfire roaring in existence. She looks around confused and sees several people in long dark robes surrounding the fire chanting in a language she can't recognise.

Serian watched the screen with mild interest, making a small snort here and there at the actions. "I wish I had a cool robe like that." He said quietly, laughing inwardly. He also felt a trek through the forest would be a fun thing, one he would enjoy readily and made a mental note to have Zane join him one day. He looked to his newest desire, whos eyes were fixed to the screen and he smiled. He felt like the luckiest man on Earth, and to himself he was the luckiest, if he had anything to say about it that was. He took the other's hand in his as they watched.

Zane smiled when he heard Serian speak of a robe like the one in the movie, but he didn't say anything, his attention was to rivited. When the other took his hand he smiled and blushed, and gave the others hand a soft squeeze. "I think...this movie has given me an idea.." His voice was barely above a whisper. His eyes were reflecting light from the movie, "Would you like to go on a midnight walk through the park after this?" he asked hopefuly. His heart was beating faster than normal and if he wasn't in such control of his body he would be shivering in anticipation.

Serian nodded with a smile. "I would love to." He said, kissing him on the cheek. "So long as no bad guys chase after us in robes. How terribly silly also!" He said, grinning about the movie. He found it to be intoxicatingly funny rather than scary. But that was to be expecte with him, he wasn't scared of much. "And what would you like to do after that?"

Zane smiled and leaned over and kissed the other on the lips, just as softly as he did the first time. "I don't know...I usually don't sleep much at night..I'm kinda an imsomniac..I usually sleep in the morning between seven and eleven then I start my day." He gave a moments thought and smiled, "Seeing as how've I have chosen our first two objectives, why don't you choose the third?" he said softly, his thumb gently rubbing the others hand.

Serian was entranced by the other. His voice was so soft and alluring. And the way his eyes shone with the light from the film. He leant forward just a little and kissed him in turn. "Well, we could get some icecream.. though it's late I am sure we can find somewhere with a good shop. Or we can.. buy some from the store and go to either your place or my place and enjoy it with a good comedy." He said, frownin. "I mean, only if you're comfortable with that." He said quickly.He didn't want the other to think he was trying to invite himself in his house or get him into bed.

Zane smiled and cupped the others face in his hand tracing his jaw with his fingers, "I wouldn't mind at all.." He inhaled softly breathing in the intoxicating smell of the other male, "Please..don't take this the wrong way..but you smell...amazing.." A bright blush flushed his face as he looked back at the movie for a moment before turning his eyes back on Serian. He didn't want to look away from him, he was like a dream that if he turned away would dissapear when he returned.

Serian bushed at the compliment."Thank you darling." He said, deciding to catch his own whiff of the other. "Mnn and you smell like.. well.. a mix of resturant and my car and me and.. soda." He said, grinning. "But it's a wonderful mix." He added, kissing him again. "So! After our walk we will go buy icecream and eat it at who's place? Yours or mine?" He didn't care which. He just wanted to be around the other.

Zane smiled and thought for a moment, in his head he pictured his messy apartment and the acute dread of bringing people to it. He smiled and rubbed the back of his head, "Well how about yours? If thats ok I mean." he added hurrily. He was about to say more but a scream from the movie blared through the room and he turned towards the movie. His attention was riveted on it as he tried to absorb what was happening, since he hadn't been paying attention.

The girl from before was running into her house and slamming the door behind her. She locked it and moved a desk in front of it. She started to run up the stairs but slipped and hit her knee on one of the wooden steps. As she struggled to get up the door burst inwards, the desk flying into a million shards flying in every direction. The girl sheilded her face and gasped as a larger splinter stuck into her arm. She ripped it out and stared in horror at the door as her dead brother walked in smiling at her. "Monica, where you running to? There is no way to escape!" as the last words left his mouth his skin seemed to petrify and cling to him and his eyes burned a deep red. Monica screamed and ran up the stairs.

"My house it is then." He said, wondering why the girl in the movie didn't fight. "You know.. that desk that shattered.. why didn't she just pick up the pieces and stab the attacker? Might work better than running about the place like a screaming banshee." He said, rolling his eyes. "I'm sorry I am horrible with horror movies I am too critic of them." He smiled happily though, looking forward to their night together.

Zane smiled, "I was thinking the same thing, though we missed a bit, so the guy might be impervious to harm or somethine. is her dead brother...though from the looks of it a demons lives in him now...and even if it is a crazy homicidal demon, I don't think she can bring herself to harm him maybe?" he said with a smile and a shrug. "If it had been me, I would have made sure to rob th local gunstore..or held it hostage at least, then I'd have a boat load of weapons at my disposal."

The girl was now climbing out her window and falling to the ground. With a thud she was back on her feet and running down the street, every few minutes checking behind her. Her brother had walked out of the front door a smile on his face, "Sister, sister, where do you think your going now?" He starts to walk after her, and with each step the ground seems to shake, "SISTER?! WHERE YOU GOING?!" His voice was loud and haunting and it made the girl whimper and run faster. She finally arrived at what appeared to be a church and bange don the door pleading to be let in. After a few minutes the door was opened by a kindly nun and she ushered Monica inside.

Serian gave a chuckle. "Yes, I like the way you think my darling." He said, watching as the girl ran into a church. He frowned at the thought that she couldn't possibly have been safe in such a place. How could she be? It was only a church, but then his darling could be right in that the one chasing her was probably a demon of some kind that would be harmed if they walked in. "Oh, the old church trick." He mumbled.

Zane smiled, "Right back at'cha lovely." He smiled at the others words. He wasn't use to sitting around and speaking like this to anyone. It made him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, but at the same time he was worried about saying the wrong thing and messing the moment up. His eyes darted back to Serian and he laughed, "No worries, I don't think she'll be safe there..the nun kinda looks familiar. I think she might have been in one of those robes at the beginning. What do you think?"

"Yeah, probably. Tricky little thing, isn't she?" He said, grinning. "Oh well, you can't trust all nuns just because they look like nuns." He said, wondering what was going to happen next in the tale of the girl. He thought maybe she would probably survive as that is what usually happened in movies such as these. "I bet you a dollar she'll survive."

Zane thought for a moment and smiled, "I bet you an icecream body shot that she dies and her brother is the one to do it." He laughed softly and held out his hand for the other to shake. His eyes were glittering softly and seemed to stare right through Serian. And the lights and noises from the movie cast dancing shadows on his face and eyes, giving him a shadowed look. "What do you say? Make a bet?" he asked softly.

"I do!" He said, shaking the other's hand. "Nice doing business with you love." He said, grinning. He couldn't wait to see how the movie turned out, he was sure he was right, but even if he wasn't it had surprises in for him which he would gladly sacrifice. What exactly was an ice cream body shot anyhow? Oh well! It sounded appealing whatever it was.

Zane smiled and turned his attention back to the movie, his eyes flickering back and forth every few seconds. He didn't mean to take advantage, but the movie was so obvious, and by the sound of his voice Serian didn't have the slightest clue what an Ice cream body shot was. He shook his head softly and chuckled, while his hand found the other males and gave it a soft squeeze. He sighed gently and focused on the movie.

The girl was being led what looked to be catacombs beneath the church, "Where do these lead Sister Lidia?" her voice was scared and tired. The nun turned around and smiled, "These tunnels lead to the hospital just on the otherside of town, I found the when I first started working here. You didn't seem surprised when I told you I worked for the government?" Monica kept her pace up, seeming to gain strength with each step with the sister beside her, "Well..I just believed you, I don't think you have any reason to lie." The Sister was about to reply when a thundering crash sounded far behind them. "It's in the catacombs, we'd best hurry...." Lidia said softly.

Serain watched as well, caressing the hand that he held. He watched interestedly, the young love of his was probably about to be right. He thought so anyhow as the movie seemed to be playing right into his lover's hand. He suddenly looked over."What exactly is an ice cream body shot?"

Zane was suddenly overcome with a fit of giggles and shook silently till they were gone. He wiped his eyes and turned to face Serian and smiled, "An Ice Cream body shot is much like a body shot with liquor but instead you use ice cream." When he was still stared at he laughed again before going into greater detail, "A Ice Cream body shot is where you have a small glass of alcohol and a scoop of ice cream. You put the ice cream on any part of someones upper or lower chest and quickly take the shot of alcohol then lick the ice cream off the person body. Usually the ice cream and alcohol are opposits so that the combination of the flavors creats a unique taste." He stretched his free arm into the air before smiling at Serian, "Does that help?" he asked.

Sattienne smiled. "I thought that they sounded appealing. Well now that I know, I most definitely hope I win so that I may do so to you." He said, smirking. "I mean, it would only be proper, my wining and all.Which I had just better!" He said, frowning as the movie screen didn't seem to be going his way at all. "This movie better quit being stubborn real quick."

Zane smiled and laughed, "Well I hope not, cause it being stbborn might just help me win." He picked up the others hand and kissed it gently, "I'm enjoying myself..I don't think I've had this much fun in a long time. Thank you Serian...for tonight, I hope there are many more of these to come." He gently leaned down and captured the others lips with his own, and held them there.

He pulled back from the kiss just long enough to say "Oh there will be, you've got my heart." He then dipped back to the other's lips and kissed him sweetly, letting the kiss start out chaste, but slowly attempted for it to be more, wondering if the other would allow him or not. He was certain he would, they'd been so close as it was. He wanted to kiss the other terribly in this intimate way, the thought consumed him.

A slow warmth filled Zane as Serian kissed him, filling his entire body. The feel of the other males soft lips on his own sent shivers of excitement down his spine and he leaned forward pushing his lips harder against the others. One of his hands gently cupped Serians cheek while the other supported his weight on the arm rest. He opened his mouth slowly, and hesitantly licked his tongue at the others lips, asking for entrance.

Serian wasted no time in returning the kiss, and he did so with passion which he tried to desperately keep in check. He slid his hands through the other's hair, letting him have the entrance he silently asked for and even made to deepen the kiss, enjoying it more than any kiss he'd ever had. The kiss seemed to start a fire inside him and suddenly he wanted to do more than kiss him, but he schooled this as well to seem intimate rather than demanding, he didn't want the boy to be just a one night stand or something, he wanted a relation ship with him and he knew it as soon as they confessed their liking for one another. Zane was unlike anyone he'd ever met and he was determined to never have to look for anyone else.

Zane's entire body was on fire, every one of his senses heightened so much so that he could feel the breath from Serian wash over him like a cool breeze. The others touch was like silk against his skin, sending shiver after shiver through his body, stoking and churning the already burning fire. Their kiss had deepened, and Zane hungrily excepted that, his tongue plundered Serian's mouth, roughly and gently at the same time, as if he were scared of hurting him. His head was swimming upstream against the current that his body wanted and it was a losing battle. Softly, delicatly, he pulled himself away from those tantalizing lips and took several deep breaths, his eyes darkened by an emotion he never thought he would feel.

Serian was disbelieving of how close, how loved and how loving he felt of the other. 'That was.. the most wonderful kiss.. I have ever had." He whispered, eyes oly half open while he looked at the other. "I pride myself right now to be a very lucky man, Zane. You're all I've ever looked for.." He whispered, taking initiative this time to kiss the other first.

Zane had been about to tell Serian that that was the most erotic and arousing kiss he had ever had. That his lips felt as if electricity were coursing through them, that he could taste the other on his lips still. He wanted to tell him how soft his lips were, how good it felt to be this close, this intimate even though their area was slightly public, which didn't bother Zane, in a matter of speaking it excited him, making the kiss even better. But he couldn't say anything, the words that he had been about to speak were lost in a stream of emotions that welled up from the center of his being as his lips were kissed by Serian.

Serian shivered and reluctantly pulled away. He didn't want to keep going mainly because he'd full out take the other in public, he didn't care who would see, he just knew that in this moment he was terribly in love and in care for the other. He was heated and lustful about it, and of course terribly loving. He shuddered and traced along the other's cheek. "How does the movie end?" He asked softly.

Zane laughed huskily, "I have no this point, I'm more or less inclined to agree with whatever you say." His voice was low, almost a growl, and like his laugh it too was husky. He cleared his throat a blush brightening his cheeks and he turned his attention back to the movie. It didn't take long for him to realize how it was going to end. Monica and the nun had met up with her boyfriend who still remained nameless. And were divising a way to kill Monica's demon/brother. He turned his eyes back on Serian and took a slow breath, "The nun will sacrifice herself and Monica and her boyfriend will live, but the demon possesses the nuns body."

Serian smiled. "Well that's a little different than you predicted earlier, but I will go with it." He said, grinning as he leaned in to kiss the other's cheek. "My gods! I've turned into a teenager, trying to kiss you every milisecond. You're an addiction!" He accused of the other, smirking. "Not that I mind. I like being addicted to you."He said, turning his eyes back to the movie. He was bored with the movie now, in fact he just wanted to take the other out for ice cream and then go for a good long cuddling session after they did the icecream body shots which were brought up in his mind.

Zane smiled, "Well to tell you the truth, I've been meaning to see this movie for the last week. Last night I had looked it up on the internet and found someone had posted the ending in the chat room. So...I kinda took advantage of that..." He blushed and looked down at his hands, smiling like a little boy whose hand had been caught in a cookie jar. Even his heart skipped a beat as he listened to Serian talk about how he was addicted to him, it sent shivers up his spine.

Serian smiled. "How nice." He said, holding the other's hand. "To be honest I haven't paid attention to one tiny bit of it past the beginning." He said, grinning. He was proud that he had such a sweet darling to remove his thoughts. He kissed his cheek and sipped from a soda and nibbled on candy.

Zane smiled and lifted the others hand to his lips and kissed it. "Well thats good, cause even though I payed attention I still have no idea what the boyfriends name is." He laughs and shakes his head, "What would you say to leaving just a little early? Hmm? That walk sounds really good right the park we'll be by ourselves practically, save for the random police officer."

Serian grinned. "Sounds lovely!" He said, kissing the other on the lips chastely as he took his hand. "That walk.. sounds very good about now as it is." He said, gripping his hand gently as he disposed of their food on the way out and lead the other to his limo which drove them to the park which wasn't dreadfully far, but not a nice walking distance. He let the other out and waved his driver on. "Now! To begin this romantic walking!"

Zane smiled softly, watching Serian talk and move around, it made his heart flutter in the most pleasurable way. He took his hand and gently led him down a softly lit path that was dirt mixed with gravel and road. "Yes..a romantic walk.." He smiled and pulled the other male close to him and slid his arm around his waist, not wanting to be that far from him. He leaned over and gently kissed his cheek, "Mmm...thank you..I don't think..I've had such a good a few years.." he said with warmth and affection.

"It is the same with me." Serian said, smiling. "Thank you." He said, greatful that the other had accepted him and wished to go out with him, it was terribly happy making to him and he couldn't help but feel a great swell of love inside his chest. "Mn, and look at us, first as strangers, and now we've kissed, sat together in a theater and are walking under these lovingly bright stars shining above the moon." He smiled, and looked off, noticing clouds approaching. "It might just rain soon..." He said, smiling.

Zane smiled, feeling at peace with himself for the first time in a very long time. He didn't think he could ever feel this way again, and here, now with a man he'd only met a few hours ago! It was enough to make his head spin if he tried to think about it, so he shied away from it and instead listened to Serian talk. His voice was like music to his ears, he didn't think he would ever tire of hearing it. "I is almost like a fairytale..which always have happy endings..." He looke up at the sky and smiled, "Rain...that will be nice...a wonderful rain makes for even better warm least thats what I always do when I get out of the rain..take a hot shower, get a good book or not, and sit at a window and watch it.." He smiled and hugged the other make closer to him.

"Which we can do all of those things, it would be nice to get a warm shower, sit with our ice cream and read together or something of the sort." He said, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Don't you think so too?" He asked, kissing his lips. He smiled, not realizing that he sort of pracitcally asked the other to cathe with him a moment and that made him blink. "Oh, about the shower thing, I don't mean you have to like shower with me.. I mean you can if you want, I mean we can take turns or.." He realized he was digging his hole deeper and blushed severely, looking for some other topic.

Zane smiled and stopped walking. They were on a softly lit path with trees on either side and bushes lining the cement path. He moved himself in front of Serian and kissed him gently on the lips, "A shower...with you...sounds...wonderful...and...exciting.." He broke the sentence by kissing the other on each interval. His bright green eyes reflected the starlight as he stared into Serian's, "Hmmm..what do you think?" he asked with a small smirk.

"I think that while we just met, anything with you is the best idea in the world." He whispered, kissing him in turn, running his fingers through his hair. "You are so very precious all ready. I think we'll be very good together." He said softly, kissing his lips again, involving the kiss deeper. "Mn, I want to be with you for as long as I can. I don't know why even, just that you seem to be perfect.. and on such short notice." He said, smiling as it began to sprinkle rain.

Shivers traveled down his spine as Serain played with his hair, his eyes darkened with that emotion he couldn't control. He leaned forward just a breath and captured his lips for his own, plundering them hungrily. His hands went around the others waist, pulling him closer, relishing in the feel of the others warmth against his own. When the first drops of rain hit him, he smiled, breaking slowly from the kiss, and tipped his head back letting the rain wash down his face.

Serian gave a small chuckle, watching as the other enjoyed the rain. The rain began to come down much harder now, pouring and wetting the other, providing another view of the one he'd claimed. His dampened hair turned darker and more sleek, his drop ridden skin seemed to glisten before his eyes. Such a beauty he'd never seen before. "Shall we return home for that hot bath?"He asked, not sure if he was being too forward.

Zane smiled and opened his eyes to look at Serian. "A hot bath sounds amazing to me..together? Or alone is the question I'm going to ask.." he said softly. He wasn't usually so forward, but at the moment, he wanted nothing more than to do everything with this man before him. He had captured his heart, his soul, even his body wasn;t his own anymore. He laughed softly and shook his head throwing water off of it, even though it just got soaked anew. He laughed again and placed a chaste kiss on Serians cheek, then his chin.

Serian smiled weakly. "Together would be appreciated.. only if you want, there's no rush of course." He summoned his car, smiling as they seemed to be oddly prepared with towels handed to them by his driver. "Mn, that was nice of him." He muttered as the driver resumed his seat as such, and Serian held the door open for his love after wrapping the towel around him.

Zane smiled and placed the towel around his shoulders taking a moment to dry his soaking hair. "Your driver plans for everything doesn't he?" he asked with a smile. He slid into the car and scooted over to make room for Serian. He took the towel from around his shoulder and ran it over his arms and across his face, the soft yet rough matirial felt wonderful against his slightly cooled skin.

He instructed the driver to go to his home before answering the other's question. "Yes, he certainly seems to." He said, pulling the other against him to cuddle while they drove about. "Thank you for such a brilliant night so far." He whispered.

Zane smiled and rubbe his cheek against the other males neck, "I could say the same to you Serian." He took a deep breath inhaling the scent of the wonerful man sitting beside him. It made his head spin in such a wonderful tantalyzing way. He looked up into the other males eyes an gently placed a kiss on his chin, before placing another on his cheek, and one finally on his lips.

Serian decided to keep those lips with his, capturing the other in soft and somewhat demanding kiss, stroking his cheeks while he did so, his fingers trailing up into the other's hair and then suddenly he realized the car had stopped and he broke the kiss for just a moment to help the other out of the car.

That kiss had been enough to steal the very breath from his lungs so Zane needed all the help getting out of the car that he could get. He smiled at Serian and kissed him again, this time taking the lead and gently pushing him back against the car, his hands sliding around the others waist drawing their hips closer together.

Serian was rather surprised by the urgency in his young lover. "Well, is this love at first sight or what?" he asked, tracing his cheek. "Mn, let us go inside to get that bath.. I don't want you to catch a cold.."

Zane smiled and pulled away gently, placing a last lingering kiss on Serians lips. "That sounds like a marvolous idea. I'd almost forgotten." He stepped aside and took his lovers hand and looked at where they were. It was the nicer part of the city with clean streets and quiet neihborhoods. Zanes green eyes looked around intently taking in everything he could. Even the air smelled fresher here.

Serian smiled and kissed the other's lips before leading him inside the house. He took off their coats and put their wet towels to dry on the coat rack, leading him upstairs to the master bathroom. "You're welcome here whenever you want..."

Zane was amazed at everything around him. He had never been in such a house before. It made his apartment look like a dump! The expensive paintings and works of art hanging on the walls or sitting on pedistles. The expensive furniture, and the great many antiques everywhere the eye could see. It was amazing just to go from one room to the next! As he looked around the bathroom he smiled at Serian, "Thank you.."

Serian nodded. "You're more than welcome." He said, running the bath water and begining to undress slowly. "This might be embarassing and all to undress, if you want I wont look." He said, a small flush staining his cheeks.

Zane shook his head smiling softly, "Why would I be embaressed? It's....actually kind of exciting." He slowly started unbuttoning his shirt from the top. With each button more of the white undershirt he wore underneath was revealed. He pulled the tails of his shirt from his pants and finished taking it off, showing his wide shoulders in the wifebeater he was wearing. The muscles of his arms stood out against the tan of his skin, giving him the look of a farm hand. He smiled at Serian as he pulled off his wife-beater revealing a defined six-pack with a v-shaped muscles on his hips leading into his pants. He stretched his arms above his head sighing loudly as his back and shoulders popped in the quiet of the bathroom.

Serian let his eyes roam over the other's body. He wasn't as defined as the other, but he wasn't not defined either. He was trim and fit. He smiled while he undressed and couldn't wait to see what the rest of the other looked like. He made sure their shower water wasn't too hot and grabbed appropriate towels.

Zane smiled as he slowly undid his pants, revealing blue boxers underneath. He slowly inched his way out of them, letting them slide dangerously down his hips in a very teasing matter. His eyes locked with Serian and he smiled widely, he loved putting on a show, especially a show like this.

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