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In the course of your adventure you WILL visit these places the at least following times:
1 desert city AC4
2 port town AC4
1 mining town AC4
1 casino city AC4
2 magic city (usually flying) AC4
2 medieval castle kingdom AC4
1 clockwork city AC4
1 martial arts-based community AC4
2 thieves' slum/ Bandit Camp AC4
1 lost/wandering city AC4
1 Advanced Utopia AC4
1 village populated with nonhuman intelligent creatures (centaur, merfolk, elf, fairie....), AC4
1 peaceful small village where everyone knows the latest news about the adventurer's quest AC4
1 snowy village AC4
3 magical forest AC4
1 lake AC4
2 mountain AC4
2 shop in the middle of nowhere AC4
2 the annoying cavern maze AC4
3 The Ruins AC4
1 Village of Random Druids AC4

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