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(: ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ *HUG* ♥ :)



The word, the expression, the meaning... of *HUG* is quite simple, actually, and doesn't need explaining.
However, the 'flavour' of a *HUG* is defined within its reason for being given and savoured by its recipient
and usually, then shared with the giver, 'doubling' the pleasure.

We give, need, want *HUGS* for as many reasons as there are stars in the heavens, and for just as many
reasons, we never can receive enough or too many, for with each new day there comes along more reasons
to give and receive *HUGS... and even for no reason at all!

Every time an Elftowner places "[*HUG*@wiki]" in a comment, a posting, a private message, or a guestbook
message, a very tiny gesture, yet an awesomely nice act has been put into motion, capable of producing a
unique and profound result, representing love, caring, concern, etc., which is then felt by the recipient. Once
the receiver clicks, they are greeted with a *HUG*, which will hopefully place a smile on the recipient's face
and make their day at least, just a little better, if not a lot better!

So, Elftowners, if you haven't begun to *HUG*, you may want to start.. b-e-c-a-u-s-e *HUGS* given usually
are reciprocated! Start being *HUGGERS* and the *HUGGED* today!


*HUG*   ♥   Group_*HUGS*   ♥   *HUGGED*   ♥   *HUGGERS*   ♥   *HUGS*

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