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A Little More Like Me


A Little More Like Me

My life is yours for the taking,
don't wait now I'm breaking,
To the point where I can't grasp a thing.

The thrills of risk and panic,
your thoughts are ill, satanic.
as I find myself wishing I could be a little more like me.

The dreams of hopeless lovers,
The dreams are gone, they're over,
now they fade just like your smile in the midnight shade.

So, come play pretend with me,
we'll place a bet with destiny,
That by the time our eyes are full we won't see a thing.

The sights, the sounds - dramatic,
The broken bones - forget it,
Tonight we'll find your clothes look better hanging from a line.

Right now we're hardly sober,
hold tight, the moment's almost over,
And in this time your conscience is ripped from your mind.

The thrills of life as loveless,
your thoughts are cold and selfish,
as I find myself wishing I could be a little more like me.
/ [Teh_Wit]

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