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"Yay! Last day!" Lulu cheered as she retrieved her coffee from the coffee machine.

"Yeah, high school is done for a week..." Anka sighed happily.

"Well, after this morning," Nagi muttered, grabbing a bottle of Gatorade. "Now, let's hurry before we're late."

"Coffee..." Nami moaned happily as she sniffed at the fumes that wafted from her hot beverage.

"Did you just mix hot cocoa, coffee and caramel coffee?" Nagi asked in disbelief.

"Taste!" Nami demanded, shoving the straw into Nagi's mouth.

Nagi blinked and slurped at the hot beverage. "That's...good..." he admitted as he watched her add syrup to the mix.

"Duh," Nami yawned before heading to the front of the store.

"She's like a caffeine and sugar alchemist..." Nagi murmured.

"Duh," Anka and Lulu chorused, taking their caffeinated beverages to the front of the store.

"So kill me for not liking caffeine," Nagi said dryly.

"It's worth a 100 dollar gift card for whoever can tell me where coloring Easter eggs was derived from," the biology teacher announced over the intercom.

Nami glanced over at Anka. "Rock-paper-scissors?"

"I just got paid, go for it," Anka said calmly.

"Alright," Nami said happily as she stood. She looked at the teacher, "I'll be back. I'm winning the gift card."

"Oh, alright," the teacher shrugged before returning his attention back to his newspaper.

Nagi stared after Nami thoughtfully. "Yes, she has a nice ass..." Lulu agreed as she plopped down next to Nagi.

"Yeah, she does," he said flatly.

"Wow, somebody's horny," Anka snickered a little as she turned around to face the other two.

"No, just sick of meditating," Nagi sighed.

"It's the red belt off-setting the black jeans," Lulu said softly. "And the jingle of her earrings as she walks proudly down the hall with the sway of her hips..."

"Tell me about it..." Nagi grumbled.

"And how her eyes are both innocent and naughty," Lulu added.

"Yeah," Nagi nodded once. "Not to mention how soft her hands are, and how they tend to wander right when she falls asleep..."

"Whoa..." Anka blinked. "What was that?"

"She trails her fingers up and down my chest and stomach..." Nagi blushed snapping out of his daydream.

"Wow..." Lulu blinked in disbelief.

"Yeah, keep it off this topic. Nagi's three seconds away from pinning Nami down and raping her," Anka said dryly.

"Nagi, wanna go shopping?" Nami asked as she stepped back into the classroom.

"Yeah," Nagi said quickly. "Where to?"

"Somewhere in the mall..." Nami said coyly as she curled her hair around her finger.

"Wanna cut class?" Nagi asked quietly as she settled back down in front of him.

"Yeah," Nami blushed.

"Where to?" Anka asked.

"Check your phone," Nami whispered.

Anka slid the phone out from her purse and stared down at the picture of the gift card for Victoria's Secret. "Nami?"

"Yes," Nami whispered.

"Wow, you don't know what you're getting yourself into," Anka said softly.

"Why?" Nami asked.

Lulu snickered, "You're so screwed..."

"Why?" Nagi asked.

"You'll see. Anka and I will sit this one out," Lulu said softly.

"Why me?" Nagi swallowed hard as Nami walked into the store with his wrist tightly clasped, dragging him behind her.

Nami turned around smiling. "I never mess with you, Nagi."

"I like our relationship better that way, I think," Nagi said slowly.

"After this I won't mess with you," Nami said softly as she ran her fingers down his chest.

Nagi blushed, swallowing hard again. "Okay..." he nodded once, letting Nami continue leading him further into the lingerie store.

"Did you think it was creepy that our biology teacher bought a gift card for a lingerie store for a student?" Nagi asked.

"I still do," Nami said as she started perusing through several pairs of lacy panties.

"Why me?" Nagi blushed as he raised his gaze toward the ceiling.

"Because I can," Nami chirped.

"So what are we doing for Nami's birthday?" Anka asked.

"I don't know?" Lulu replied questioningly.

"Well, I don't have any ideas..." Anka rubbed her temples.

"Wanna try on kimonos and learn to dance like Geishas?" Lulu asked.

Anka stroked her chin, considering the question. "Sure, but how?"

"I'll find a teacher and stage something," Lulu said with a grin. "And bring your baithing suit since we just got an indoor hot tub installed."

"Already?" Anka blinked.

"Yes, already. Mexican labor is the best," Lulu grinned proudly. "So Geisha's by day and groupies by night!"

"Interesting party theme," Anka commented, amused.

"Maybe she and Nagi will finally do it," Lulu said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, huh," Anka rolled her eyes. "Do you reallize that you're so obsessed with sex that you're obsessing over other people's sex lives...including nonexistent ones...?"

"Yeah, but it's healthier than gossip," Lulu replied.

"I guess it can be?" Anka asked.

"Yeah, so in the mean time I've got 1k and a trip to a chocolate factory in mind. Yay?"


"Where were you two?" Nagi asked nonchalantly from Nami's bed.

"School," Anka said dryly. "And a chocolate factory."

"Oh?" Nagi asked as he got to his feet in a single swift motion. "May I?"

"When Nami returns," Lulu said as she crawled over Nami's bed, settling beside the wall. "How'd you spend your day?"

"Following Nami around an embarrassing store to be in."

" proposed?"

"No, but I know without a doubt that Nami wears lacy panties."

"Well, I bet that was a nice deja vu vision," Lulu teased.

Nagi blushed, "Yeah, if only it weren't embarrassing."

"Nami's birthday party is going to be at my house, girl fun during the day which you of course may attend and hot tub party at night," Lulu said with a smile.

"Go Mexican labor," Nagi said high-fiving Lulu.

Anka blinked. "How'd you know that?"

"Well, they are the fastest labor force in the country," Nagi said with a shrug.

"So where is the princess?" Lulu inquired.

"Scrubbing off the smell of a billion perfumes mixing," Nagi made a face.

"Spritzed with every store entrance?" Anka guessed.

"Yeah..." Nagi sighed.

"You can try to get with her in the hot tub if you'd like," Lulu offered.

"I know that's your way of being nice so thanks, but I don't know if you've caught on-" Nagi started.

"Yeah, but you're in love with her and looking to finally tell her and be with her in every possible way imaginable, being there as a friend and her boyfriend romantically and sexually simultaneously all the while not caring about yourself at all and clinging to her every whim with your life. Yeah, I know," Lulu cut in.

"Lulu, we have been spending far too much time together," Nagi said firmly.

"Even I knew that," Anka said dryly.

"You too, then!" Nagi cried.

Nami emerged in her clothes from before, "I swear that if I smell anything I don't want to I'll kill it..." she made a face as she tossed her towel into her dirty clothes basket.

"We have chocolate," Anka held up her bag.

"Oh! Chocolate!" Nami dropped her bag and dove onto the bed, landing between Nagi and Anka.

"Yeah, we went to a factory," Lulu grinned.

Nami took a few bars of chocolate, immediately opening one and biting into it. "I love you guys."

"We all love you too," Anka glanced over at Nagi as she spoke, Nagi glaring at her.

"Yeah, we love you so much. You know, I don't even think words can describe how close we all always feel about you," Lulu sighed.

Nagi swallowed hard. Could I really manage to tell Nami how I feel at all? Let alone in front of Anka and Lulu? He took a chocolate bar, "We love you more than chocolate," he murmured.

"I think that perfectly describes it," Lulu grinned.

"Yeah, and if you know us, you know how dramatic that statement is," Anka smiled.

"Well, what are we doing for my birthday?" Nami asked.

"Girl day plus Nagi," Lulu replied.

"Awesome," Nami approved.

"Bring your bikini," Lulu added.

"Hot tub?" Nami guessed.

"Mhm.." Anka nodded with a mouthful of chocolate.

"Hello," Nami greeted the others as she stepped into Lulu's bedroom.

"Happy birthday, sweetie," Lulu hugged Nami immediately.

"Many happy birthdays," Chloe grinned.

"Welcome to stuff we know nothing about day," Anka whispered.

"Know nothing about?" Nami asked.

"Girly things," Nagi said as he embraced her.

"Oh, no...what kind of girly are we talking?" Nami asked, taking a step backward.

"Massages," Lulu announced. "That's another reason to bring your bikini. So, since we're all here, let's head out to the deck and get massaged," Lulu said as she stripped down to her bikini.

Chloe and Anka quickly followed suit, following Lulu down to the deck. "She's already undressing us..." Nagi sighed as he kicked off his shoes and socks. He set them all together at the foot on Lulu's bed, Taking his shirt off and setting it on the top of his shoes.

"That's Lulu for you," Nami shrugged, slipping off her shirt, shoes and shorts.

"Nami," Nagi paused as he watched her do as he did, "Do you want to do something later?"

"Sure," she replied. "Like what?"

"I don't know. I'll get back to you on that," he blushed, startled that she'd agreed.

"Okay, let me know when you think of something," Nami said in passing. The last two walked onto the deck, finding two empty massage beds, a loud tape of flowing water and a waiting masseuse and masseur. "Hello," Nami said cheerfully to the masseur as she hopped onto the massage bed.

"Good morning. Would you like anything special?" he asked.

"This is my first massage. I know nothing about them," Nami admitted.

Nagi watched in disbelief as the masseur began rubbing his hands on Nami's back. "Do you need a moment?" the masseuse asked.

"He's going to be touching Nami everywhere?" Nagi asked.

"For the most part. I can only assume this is your first massage?" she guessed as she stared at Nagi expectantly.

"It is," Nagi sighed as he laid face down on the massage bed.

"So I'll give you the usual," she offered.

"Sure..." Nagi sighed.

"What'd you think?" Lulu asked, clearly refreshed by her massage.

"That was amazing," Anka rubbed the spot that was previously kinked in her neck. "I feel so refreshed..." she continued rubbing her muscles.

"These guys are better than the ones at spas," Chloe declared as she yawned, having just woken up.

"Well?" Lulu looked at Nami and Nagi who hadn't responded yet.

"It was okay," Nagi shrugged.

"A bit hard to get used to," Nami admitted.

"Huh?" Lulu blinked.

"Are you two serious?" Chloe asked.

"Well, I'm not overly tense," Nagi explained, "As to the meditation, all of the exercise, my mother's a part time yoga instructor so I've been doing that since I was a kid..."

"And you?" Lulu turned her attention to Nami.

"It's a bit odd to have somebody touching me everywhere," Nami blushed.

"You should be used to Lucas by now," Chloe remarked.

"But Lucas only gets away with it for a few seconds before he gets punched," Nami replied.

"Man, you'll hate the adjustment of sex. No touching to touching everywhere," Lulu assured her.

"What are we eating for lunch?" Anka asked, managing to find a place to butt in.

"Subs," Lulu replied. "We can make them however we want."

"Hungry," Anka held her hand in the air.

"Lunch sounds good," Nami agreed.

"Subs..." Lulu purred as she swallowed a delicious bite of her vegetable filled sandwich.

"Really...yummy..." Anka took a strand of melted cheese, eating it slowly.

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2010-01-26 [wicked fae mage]: Lol I don't think Dee is watching this page...

2010-01-26 [Fearathress]: lol never the less is there anymore or has i endulged in it all within a simple few hours for you two are such amazing comedic writers (thats the right term right?).

2010-01-26 [wicked fae mage]: I believe it's the right term, and not yet.
We each have our own writings. Deadly Night Shade is one of mine and it has its funny moments and such.

2010-01-26 [Fearathress]: hmmm i thinks i shall go and read.. =)

2010-01-26 [wicked fae mage]: You're welcome :)

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