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Zurad'one's Lab

Once more, the staircase from the upper level leads to a narrow hallway, this area is darker than the previous floor and the musty smell is even greater. The cobblestone and the walls all seem to be covered with humidity and any mages in the group immediately detect the aura of Blue magic lingering in the place. Something powerful was summoned here, its probably what attracted the mana imps, who always hunger for magical energy. The hallway leads southwards, about halfway through, there is a door leading to the right, eventually there is a turn in the hall leading left, which prevents the warriors from seeing what's further ahead.


Wrenching his neck to the side slightly, in protest to the lingering scents in the somewhat uncomfortably humid area, Nicholas finds himself glancing over to a nearby doorway and then down to the end of the hall where it appears to end at a wall, though he quickly realizes that the stone to his left stops sooner than to his right. "Must turn at the end. Perhaps it's another hallway or just an open space..." He glances back to the others. "Okay. Since it appears safe thus far we should decided where to go first."

Anemone stopped behind Nicholas to have a galnce around too, "I guess the logical way is to go for the room on the right first, but we should keep alert for anything that might just come from whatever it is behind that bend."

The Hauken warrior had only one thing in mind, and that was getting out of the tight spaces as soon as bloody possible. Pushing past Nick and Anemone, Patamon went ahead
"To the right it is" he said and quickly took the bend, not another thought in mind.

Patamon maybe ought to have calmed himself a bit, or at least try to open the door before trying to walk throught it. He loudly walked into the wooden door and then fell sitting backwards, his nose bleeding and whatever was lurking in the area warned of the group's presence by the loud sound.

Diarka just stood their speechless staring at the hauken.
" Two bloody noses in such a short time... this looks promising." He said sarcastically, half as a joke. Worrying about what could possibly have been sturred at the noise, he quickly perked up his ears, and listined carefully to everything, as his feline eyes peered forward down the hall and readied his crossbow incase. (spot & listin)

Patamon suppresed a loud curse. Much to his disappointment he learned (the hard way) that he could not pass through walls (or doors, in this case). With a hand on his nose to stop the bleeding he jumped up and headed for the door again. But before opening it, he turned to the rest:
"Everyone ready?"
It seemed as if the bang on his nose made him calmer.

"Ready indeed. However, what of the chance that the portal is locked? Should we prepare a manner on which to break through if it is?" Nicholas peered over at Diarka being that he was the only tool seen as of yet for opening things that were meant to be closed.

"If it's locked, I don't think we'll be able to open it with kicks, not like with that chest. We migth have to find the tools, or maybe even the key.", said Anemone as she thought through the possibilities.

"And where, pray tell, would we find a key?" Pat wasn't trying to be rude, but was doing a good job at it "And the only one who knows how to use a lockpick here... forgot to bring one." He tried opening the door, praying it wasn't locked.

Luckily enough for Patamon, the door was unlocked, he walked into the room at F4 and was greeted by the sight of 5 more mana imps like the ones he had found on the upper floor, they seemed to have been trashing this room as well, there were broken barrels and boxes and remains of what seemed to have been food on the floor, the imps all turned to him and attacked as soon as the Hauken crossed the doorway!

Battle has started!
Patamon (E4)
Diarka (G4)
Mana Imp 1, D3 *_*
Mana Imp 2, F4 *_*
Anemone (E5)
Mana Imp 3, E5 *_*
Mana Imp 4, F6 *_*
Mana Imp 5, C5 (2/5 HP)
Nicholas (F5)

Patamon's turn! -

Here we go again... Pat quickly muttered to himself and went to the closest imp (D3) slashing at it, his blade held in both arms.

Patamon slashed at the imp, who quickly ducked, though it did not manage to avoid the blow, which struck him in the head dealing 3 damage. More like a bash than a cut, the imp was knocked to the ground, though it was still alive and able to fight!

Diarka's turn! -

Diarka was thankful he had readied the cross bow and figured the best option right now was to back up patamon from the two vile imps close by. He couldn't decide to take out the one damaged imp and prevent a retaliation, or try to kill the other and leave the weakened one to someone else. The final desision made, Diarka moved near patamon (E5), and fired at the injured enemy trying to prevent one less attack.(D3)

Swiftly, Diarka put a bolt through the imp's eye socket, dealing 12 damage and immediately killed the beast!

In the meantime the imp in E4 ran towards Patamon and tried to slash his stomach open with its claws!

Taking half a step back, Patamon put his blade in front of him and tried to block.

Patamon wasn't quick enough and the imp managed to deal 4 damage!

Anemone's turn! -

Anemone brushed from beside Nicholas and with her spiked chain ready at hand, she peered into the room, and caught sight of the imp attacking Patamon. Carefully but quickly she moved to where Patamon was and brought down a calculated and straight vertical blow with her spiked chain on the imp on E4.

Anemone's chain hit the imp's head, dealing 8 damage and killing it!
The Imp in D8 flew at all speed towards Anemone and attempted to hurt the girl with its claws!

Meanwhile, the imps in D9 and C9 moved closer to the enemys taking stance on F6 and C5!

Flapping her wings, Anemone helped herself to hop backwards towards the door to dodge the attack from the imp.

Anemone moved away just in time, escaping the imp's attack by a hair!

Nicholas' turn! -

Grasping his wakizashi tightly within his fist, Nicholas charged towards an imp (E5) and began to violently slash at it.

The imp quickly flapped its wings and managed to evade Nicholas' attack!

Patamon's turn! -

Though somewhat disappointed that his evasive skills were not as good as he'd hoped, Pat was not at all angry. He calmly looked down on his wound for half a second then directed his attention to the action around. There were three imps still alive and only one within convenient striking range (E5). Holding the blade with both hands, he took a quick step forward and thrust the blade at the imp's chest.

The imp tried to dodge Patamon's blade, but it wasn't fast enough and the sword managed to slash the beast on the side dealing 3 damage!

Diarka's turn! -

Diarka, thinking he still had a clear shot, quickly reloaded his weapon. Without any further delay he took aim at the wounded imp (E5) and fired.

Already wounded, the imp couldn't dodge Diarka's shot, which dealt 15 damage! The imp was instantly killed!

Anemone's turn! -

Seeing the moment opportune to attack imp 4, carefully and in a matter of seconds, Anemone moved slightly closer and gave her spiked chain a starting swing with her hand. Then she threw it horizontally at the imp from the right, so that it'd trap him between the spikes and the wall.

Anemone's chain gave no time to react to the imp, crushing the beast against the wall, dealing 14 damage and killing it!

The remaining imp charged against Nicholas, attacking him with its claws!

Upon seeing the imp charging towards him, Nicholas quickly darted to the side while placing his wakizashi in front of him in a defensive manner.

Nicholas moved his wakizashi right on time, succesfully repelling the imp's attack! The beast shrieked in frustration!

Patamon's turn! -

With the imp seemingly distracted by its unsuccessful attack, Patamon saw his chance to end the fight. In two quick steps he was near the beast (D5) and slashed at it, aiming to behead the foul creature.

The imp wasn't as distracted as it looked like, and managed to move away from Patamon's attack, staying unharmed!

Diarka's turn! -

Not having any choice in the matter, Diarka just loaded in yet another bolt and took aim at the filthy beast. He squeezed the trigger hard letting the bolt fly at it's target, hoping for a direct hit.

Luckily for the imp, the bolt flew above its head, missing the target!

Anemone's turn! -

Anemone moved to (E5) to have a better shot at attacking the imp and threw the chained spike directly aimed at the imp's torso.

The imp attempted to dodge the chain, but didn't get off its way fast enough, receiving 3 damage from the partial blow!
The beastie quickly recovered and attacked Anemone back!

With a quick move, Anemone shifted backwards to avoid the imp's claws.

Anemone succesfully evaded the imp's attack!
Nicholas' turn! -

Seeing the opportune moment to kill the imp, Nicholas tightly gripped his wakizashi while running towards the wounded imp and thrust his sword towards the creatures stomach. 

Nicholas ran his sword through the imp's chest, dealing 6 damage and killing it!

Battle has ended!
Everyone receives 190 XP!

Diarka let out a slight sigh at the effort it took to kill the last imp, as it had survived a few attacks much better then its dead cohorts. "Are these things getting stronger or is it just me?" He asked no one in perticular, mostly just talking to himself.
Slowly he walked into the room further(D5), putting his crossbow away for now, and took a nice long look at his surroundings to see what was here. (Spot)

The first thing that picked Diarka's attention was the table standing in the middle of the room. Some bottles filled with multicolored liquids rested there, besides other glass and metal artifacts. To the right there were some barrels and boxes, and at the end of the room the panther could see a staircase that apparently lead to another underground level. Besides this stairs stood a shelf filled with books and a pair of chests.

Feeling a little weary, Patamon went straight to the crate on B4, and tried to open it with his blade, hoping to find a healing potion. (Search)
"If anyone should find some healing potions" he said in a faint voice "could you please be so kind as to spare one for me?"

"I suppose that's possible" Diarka spoke as he headed towards what had caught his eye first.(D6) Quickly he took a look at the contents spread along the table and picked out anything he thought might be useful.(search)

The crate on B4 opened easily enough. Patamon searched its content, and between some old books he found a small bag with 30 GP inside, and two Awapuhi plant leaves.
Awapuhi plant x2
30 GP

Diarka eyed the different vials, finding one healing potion, two lesser healing potions and a magic potion. The rest of the bottles looked much more suspicious, especially one with some glowing blue content. The artifacts on the table could be used to prepare other drinks, if one knew how to handle them.
Healing potion x1
Lesser healing potion x2
Magic potion x1
Mysterious blue potion x1

Anemone decided to check out the shelf with books to see if she could find anything that was worth taking. So she went to the shelf next to the stairs and started a thorough search. (Search)

Anemone searched amongs the dusty tomes not very carefully. Between some of the books, the hauken found a piece of parchment that looked very much like a recipe. It reads "Crush the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant with some drops of purified water until you get a green paste. Heat it until it starts boiling, then add a cup of cold water and mix with a wooden spoon. That should be all. PD: Adding a leaf of a Ko plant makes the potion taste much better".
Recipe x1

"Well, I found you a healing potion, or three to be precise.Let me know which one you want, and I suppose you can have it... and I suppose a mana potion might be helpful to you, Anemone? I have no use for it, either way." Diarka offered the spare items, and hoped to make up for it by heading over to the furthest chest (H10) and tried to open it.(search)

"Ah, yes, that one'll do just fine." And without thanking the panther... not out of unkindness, but because that was his nature, Pat took the offered healing potion and without a second thought downed its entire contents.

Patamon drank the potion and recovered 6 HP!

Anemone accepted the mana potion, "Thanks. It's annoying when these little mana imps can actually hurt you more than with just a physical scratch.", she thought out aloud, and put the mana potion in her pack. Next, she tried to see if the barrel lid's were loose enough to open without force. (Examine)

Diarka tried to lift the cover, but the chest was locked.
Anemone eyed all barrels carefully. The two on the corner were sealed, the other two looked like they could be opened easily.

Diarka still didn't have any tools to try and pick the lock, so instead he drew his scimitar and attempted to try and pry the lock off with force.(search)

Feeling a little better, Patamon went to the barrel on C3 and tried to open it. (Search)

Anemone decided to start with the barrel on B6, and see what was inside. (Search)

Diarka introduced the tip of the blade on the lock and forced the thing to open. Luckily, the scimitar managed to damage the lock enough and the chest opened.
Patamon approached the barrel and tried to lif the lid, but it was sealed or glued somehow.
Anemone on the contrary had no trouble opening the barrel on B6. Inside was a dark red liquid that smelled alcoholic. Aparently, it was wine.

Diarka was releived he could get it open, and without damaging his weapon as well. Quickly he checked to see what it had earned him. (search)

"Wine, anyone?", said Anemone out loud with a smile, before moving on to the next barrel on B7. (Search)

Nicholas walked over to one of the bookshelves in the alcove and thoroughly searched its contents. (Search)

Not one to give up, Patamon tried to smash the lid with his sword's hilt. (search)

Inside the chest, Diarka found a dagger and another lesser healing potion.
Dagger x1
Lesser Healing Potion x1

Anemone opened the barrel on B7. It was filled with a grey powder, similar to chalk, but Anemone couldn't tell what it was. Eyeing the content more closely, the hauken discovered a small package. Inside it, Anemone found a silver necklace.
Silver Necklace x1

Nicholas searched the bookshelf Anemone had already checked, and found nothing worth taking.
Patamon hit the barrel's lid and managed to crack it just barely. The crack was enough to reveal a strong smell of wine, though.

Somewhat disappointed, but starting to get used to not finding what he needs, the Hauken fencer proceeded to the crate on E5 and tried to pop the lid (search)
"Anyone find anything interesting?" Pat asked out of sheer morbid curiosity.

Not finding anythong of interest contained within the bookshelf, Nicholas looked around the room at his fellow venturers and then to what appeared to be the stairs leading down to the next level. "So then, shall we continue to make our way through this floor or try our luck at the next one?" He turned to the doorway they'd entered through and then back to the way that appeared to advance them through the floors. "I'm fine with either way, so long as it produces something worth the efforts."(Search)

Diarka just looked at the dagger, and then looked at the other chest near him. Walking over and positioning himself infront of it(f9). He proceded to try and open this chest as well, ready to use the new dagger to try and pry open the lock if there was actually one present.(search)

The crate offered no resistance to Patamon, and the lid opened easily. Inside there was a bunch of books storaged, and a small bottle with a greenish content.
Antidote x1

Diarka tried to open the chest on f9 with his new found dagger. After quite a while, and just when the panther thought he wouldn't make it, the lock gave in, and the chest opened. Diarka checked it's content, but all he found there was a simple leather hat.
Leather Helmet x1

Nicholas walked down the hallway a bit, wich turned to the left at the end. It was quite dark there, but the lochmorian could distinguish there was a closed wooden door blocking the way.

Patamon proceeds to the crate next to the one he just opened (F1) and opens the lid with his sword. (search)

Diarka didnt really have any form of head gear to protect him, so he was fairly pleased with the bounty. Turning, he focused his eyes on the last chest.(G/H8)Moving towards it (G9) he proceeded to repeat the process; readying the knife incase a lock needed to be pried open. (search)

Patamon opened the next crate, finding it was empty.
Diarka attempted to pry the lock of the chest open, but soon the panther noticed this lock seemed to be newer than the previous ones, less rusty. The lock didn't open.

Diarka suddenly remembered he still had one of the bones he had carved specifically for this reason. Pulling it out, he attempted to pick the lock and open the chest. (lockpick)

Diarka didn't have luck this time either, as the imp bone broke without opening the chest.

Anemone who was slowly getting tired of staying in the dark underground lab rooms sighed and said, "Guys, if you're done searching around, I guess we should clean the other room and leave afterwards! the urge to move my wings in fresh air is getting real overwhelming!"

After Anemone spoke, a loud squeak could be heard by the group. Aparently it came from the next room.

"I think you may have to postpone the stretching for a while" Patamon said blandly as he slowly made his way for the door

Anemone started to follow him, "You're right about that! We better stand inform again and check out the other room quickly. "

Diarka proceeded on behind the other two, quickly readying his Crossbow. "Agreed. Let's try to be careful untill we know what we are up against."

The group could hear now some steps on the corridor, nearing the entrance. Before Diarka could decide about firying his crossbow, they heard a voice saying "Rats! Seems I can't get rid of you here". A new squeak answered and quick steps of a fleeing rat could be heard. A second later Zurad'one appeared on the door frame. "Ah here you are, young ones. I came to see if you weren't in too much trouble with these imps who have occupied my laboratory lately", he said.

"Master Zurad'one!", Anemone bowed her head in respect, "We have cleaned the first floor and here too", she waved a hand towards the room they had just left, "There's only one room left."

"Ah, greetings once again" Diarka spoke to his "employer" of sorts. "I'm sure this last room shouldn't be too much trouble for us." Grinning, he looked at his crossbow, and was confident in the groups ability in clearing out the last of the scum.

"Ah, I'm glad. I see you have done a good job. So are you willing to continue? Or do you want to return to the arena now?" Zurad'one asked, looking at the group of people.

"I know I wanna finish what I've started.", said Anemone as she looked at the others in the group to see who was going to stay and who was not.

"I'm not one to do only part of a job i set out to do... I'll stay." Diarka wasn't one to just quit in the middle of something, especially when there was a reward, and possibly more treasures within the area.

"I'd prefer to take a break now", said Patamon. Apparently being down there so long had affected the hauken.

"Me too", spoke Nicholas agreeing to what Patamon said.

"Well then, you can keep going. I'll see you later" Zurad'one said to Diarka and Anemone. "You can follow me upstairs", he instructed the other two, who followed the master back to the exit.

The rest of the group advanced through a rather dark corridor, and entered the next room. Inside there was a bed, a desk, a couple of chests and a big candelabra that illuminated the room. Anemone and Diarka could see there was also another room, connected to this one, possibly a library.

Upon entering the room, Diarka readied his crossbow and let his eyes wander. He didn't see anything immediately dangerous, but with his luck it wouldn't remain that way. He took a deep breath, before trying to listen for any movements or sounds nearby. (listen)

Anemone followed Diarka close by, with her whip at the ready. "Let's stay close, or else they'll be able to ambush us. These imps are surely the little devils!", she whispered as she looked around the room carefully for any sign of the little monsters.

Diarka listened carefully, and perceived some noises coming from the next room. But something else alarmed him more: he heard noises coming above! When he looked up, two imps dropped from the ceiling, ready to attack!

Battle has started!
Diarka (L7)
Mana Imp 1, L6 *_*
Anemone (K6)
Mana Imp 2, K8 *_*

Diarka's turn! -

Diarka's eyes quickly locked on to the nearest imp(L6), and took aim with his crossbow. At such a close range he had hoped to finish the creature in one blow; That was the thought on his mind as he pulled the trigger and let his ammunition fly.

Diarka had his crossbow ready, and shot his bolt without giving the imp a chance to react! The imp received the bolt straight on the chest, getting 9 damage from it and dying instantly!

Anemone's turn!

Anemone on her turn was concerned about the other imp, and before attacking, she took a second to give her spiked chain a good swing and then she threw it horizontally, letting the chain fly at the imp's mid body.

With a lucky move, the imp managed to evade Anemone's chain, which passed by the creature's side hitting nothing but air!

The imp quickly charged against Anemone with its claws!

Instinctively Anemone hit her wings together once, and quickly jumped sideways to the left (K7), out of the imp's reach.

Anemone moved away fast, but the imp was faster and managed to scratch the hauken before she could completly avoid it, dealing 1 damage!

Diarka's turn!

Diarka quickly grabbed another bolt, and reloaded his crossbow. Then quickly he dashed, moving to get a better angle for another shot. (L7)

The imp attempted a new attack against Anemone, charging against her with its claws!

Yet again, in an attempt to dodge the claws, Anemone shifted, but this time backwards to K6. She made a quick back jump.

This time, Anemone easily moved away from the imp's attack!

Diarka's turn!

Diarka quickly took aim once more, and being fairly close to the imp now he wished a similar fate for it as the first. Quickly he pulled the trigger and hoped for the beasts death.

Diarka aimed and shot, but unluckily for him, this imp was trickier than the first and managed to avoid the panther's bolt!

Anemone's turn!

This time, Anemone went for a vertical hit, as she swung her spiked chain and careful not to miss the little creature, she brought it down heavily over the imp's head.

Anemone swung her chain skillfully, giving the Imp no chance to escape her attack! The chain smashed the creature's head breaking its bones and killing it immediately!

Battle has ended!
Everyone receives 150 XP!

"Phew! These imps are really tricky sometimes! Good job friend!", said Anemone and smiled at Diarka. Then she took a minute to look around the room, and decided to check out the table. (Examine)

Anemone walked over to the desk and searched it carefully. There were some papers on it written in the language of the planetarii, five pieces of parchment, a bottle of ink and a feather. There were two drawers, one on each side of the desk. The one on the right was locked, Anemone noticed, but the other one opened easily. Inside, there were more papers and a little bag that contained coins.
Parchment x 5
Ink Vial
30 GP

"heh, true enough. Though it seems they are still no match for us, eh?" Diarka responding, chuckling slightly, as his eyes gazed around the room. Since Anemone decided to search, he joined in by checking out the chest by the entrance.(j/k5)(examine)

Diarka checked the chest, which opened easily since it wasn't locked. Inside, the panther found some clothes, a scroll and a little bag containing a White Opal.
Magic Scroll (Unidentified)
White Opal

Anemone decided to check the next room. She walked in and looked inside to see if there was anything she could search about. (Examine - Look)

Anemone observed there were three bookshelves full of old, dusty books. She shot a general glance on the first one, finding nothing worth taking. The second one also didn't show to have anything other than books. On the third one though, Anemone found a bottle filled with a liquid she recognized as a healing potion.
Healing potion x 1

Noting Anemone had decided to explore the next room, Diarka took it upon himself to clean out this room personally, Moving on the the second chest next to him.(examine)

Diarka approached the next chest, and found out it was locked.

Undaunted from his goal, Diarka took out his dagger and attempted to get around that lock one way or another. whether he had to pry, smash or anything else he could think of.

With little effort, Diarka managed to open the chest! Inside, the panther found some more books, and a bag that contained money.
30 GP

Seeing that Diarka was still busy, Anemone took the time to search the bookshelves more carefully, in case she found anything else. (Examine)

Anemone searched the bookshelves again. This time she looked carefully between the tomes, and when she thought she wouldn't find anything else, she discovered a ring lying between two books!
Sapphire Ring x1

Anemone approached the second shelf, but again she found nothing worth taking. The third one also had nothing she hadn't seen before.

"Right!", said Anemone more to herself, and then she returned back to the room, and she turned to Diarka, "The desk's drawer is locked too. If you can open any, check them out, if not, I'm really yearning to leave this place."

"Me too." Patamon strolled in as if he'd never left. He'd previously followed Zurad'one up the stairwell, his claustrophobia had gotten the best of him. But as he reached the top of the stairs another feeling crept in his stomach. He felt ashamed. What kind of a warrior are you? Without saying a word to the mage he turned on his heels and went running back down the stairs, stumbling and falling a few times, maybe hitting his nose again as well.
"What did I miss?" He nonchalantly addressed the two.

Anemone was surprised to see Patamon back, but also glad, so she smiled and replied, "Not much", she nodded towards the dead imps, "Just two more of the little buggers."

"Well then, if the coast's clear, we can..." He stopped in the middle of his sentence and simply gazed at Anemone for a second. "You're hurt pretty badly." He came in closer and touched one of her wounds, blandly staring at the blood that dripped onto his fingers. "Do you want to go up and tend to your wounds before we move on?" Patamon absent-mindedly noted that he was only inches away from her and would later have to inquire as to why he felt like claustrophobic in these kind of situations.

"Oh I'll be fine...", replied Anemone a bit embarrassed cause she hadn't expected him to notice. Being the shy person that she was, she looked down at her wound, to avoid looking at him and going into a blushing rush, "Besides, this is the last room. I don't want to go any further. We'll be out soon enough."

"I thought there was another level down stairs." While still genuinely concern with the welfare of his fellow Hauken, Pat was nonetheless itching for a fight.

Anemone nodded and looked up at Pat, "Yeah, there is, but remember? Zurad'one told us not to go there. He just wanted the two floors clean, and that's what we did. I don't wanna mess with mage secrets. He might be hiding a giant monster down there for all I know, and I really don't want to die or be hurt even more than this, and even worse, have the master mage tell me 'I warned you!'."

"Oh..." Pat felt like he'd been away for months. Scratching the back of his head as if that's where his memories were hiding, he looked around the room. "So... what are we waiting here for?"

"Yeah, Diarka, what are we waiting for?!!", Anemone directed the question at Diarka who had been looming over the chests for some time now. She shook her head and turned back to talk to Patamon, "I couldn't open the desk's drawer, if we can't open that, I don't think there's much else reason left to stay."

"...Hmm?" Diarka snapped out of his daze, and quickly looked around slightly startled. His eyes finally caught the fact that Patamon had returned, though it didn't really seem to effect the situation at this point, it made no difference to him at least. "Sorry 'bout that. Had something on my mind." The feline spoke as his slowly rose and looked over at the desk, wondering if he should give the drawer a try.

"Right." Patamon was growing impatient. "Can we get out now, or is there something else you need?"

"I know I'm going.", replied Anemone as she started walking towards the corridor.

Pat had just heard his cue. "That makes two of us." his voice was in a fashion of to whom it may concern but he rushed after Anemone.
"So, what now then?"

"First i think we should talk to Zurad'one, and then maybe take a day off and regain what energy we have lost,", Anemone glanced at her wound but just looked up ahead again, "maybe later we could go back to the Arena and see if we can take on any other quests."

"Sounds good to me." And without another word he followed her up the stairs. He didn't care about Diarka on the spoils he might have forgotten, he didn't care much for the reward he was on his way to receive, either. Right now, the main thought that went on in his head was Air... fresh air.

"Diarka, Care to join?", Anemone shouted down the stairs as she continued on to Zurad'one's lab - Level 1.

Diarka pondered for a moment, the thought of a few treasures still laying about flashed through his mind. However, the thought of remaining alone in a fairly dreary lab also cross his mind, and quickly made the decision for him. "I'm coming, I'm coming." He retorted as he quickly followed the two.

Back to Zurad'one's lab - Level 1
To Realms of Lemire Arena

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2008-01-21 [PredatorX]: Now that things have settled down, I could be able to post regularly again.
Is there any chance I may be re-accepted in the party? Could I, please? Pretty please?

2008-01-21 [Sturmi]: yow... well your character is supposed to be now on the Training Area 3... but I never placed him there, so you could have him come back running saying he changed his mind and he wants to continue adventuring with the group, something like that :)

2008-01-21 [PredatorX]: Whoo, thank you! Remind me to buy you a coffee next I'm in Santiago ;)

2008-01-21 [Sturmi]: lol, alright

2008-01-22 [Sturmi]: [raikou] has been away for a while now. Anyone has any way to contact him?

2008-01-22 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: I thought I had his msn ID, but can't find it :/ It might have been just that he had my ID. So, nopes, I can't contact him.

2008-01-22 [PredatorX]: I contacted one of his friends, let's see how that works

2008-01-25 [raikou]: The Veltz got a msg to me, heh

sorry bout that, i kinda got kicked out of my place of living, so my appearing may be a bit random and such.

2008-01-25 [Veltzeh]: Success! Now post or something. ;)

2008-01-25 [raikou]: was doing so :p err... and so whats the verdict ? are we planning on heading to the third floor for what may contain mass prizes and a boss?

2008-01-25 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Anemone is not the type to do against what she is told, so don't count on her if you're thinking of going down to the third floor.

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