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- Cecile Claire - 21 Second year - Studies - Art, Graphic design, Writing - Shy and artistic. She was born and raised in London, in California studying abroad. Her father is a the owner and CEO of the world famous clothes line Claire de le Lune, and her mother is a housewife.

Gemini - Benjymin Weston - 22 Third year - Studies - General, Philosophy - Kind and goofy kind of guy. Tries to make everyone feel better. Carries a mallet around that he talks to. He is semi schitzophrenic due to the death of his little brother. He, unlike the rest, comes from a lower class family and pays for his tuition by stripping. His mother, and 3 younger sisters live in Georgia.

Aries - Matthias Kessler - 23 Fourth year - Studies - Computer Tech, Mechanics, Models on the side - Leader, hard headed, cares deeply for his sister. Can be tempermental and stubborn. H does foot ball with Erik. Will do anything to protect the ones he loves. He and Mel own the house everyone stays at. Their parents are successful actors and are constantly out.

Aquarius - Sophia Azrael - 22 Third year - Studies - Fashion and Design, Business - Succubus in human form. Intelectual, yet distant. Sophia is your average girl next door. She's beautiful and charming, but doesn't usually let people in. She socializes a lot, but works alone. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse.

Capricorn - Jaxon Kells - 23 Fourth year - Studies - Law and the studies that go with it. - OCD, nervous, shy. Jaxon grew up with Jazon and they were best friends for a while. But some experimenting with sexuality destroyed their friendship a bit. His mother is a secretary and his father is a judge.

Libra - Jazon Florian - 23 Fourth year - Studies - Psycology, Human services, General Law - Gay rich kid. He tends to be a little snobby, nose up in the air type. He can get you to talk about anything. He grew up with too many expectations and rebelled a little. His father and him are on rocky-ish terms about his sexuality; he thinks its a phase. His father is a very successfull business man.


Scorpio - Mel Kessler - 22 Third year - Studies - Clothing and design - Fun model with a love for the arts. She is Matthias' sister. She loves to have a good time. She can be a little eccentric sometimes however. Parents are the same is Matthias.

Pisces - Veronica "Acidity" Lodge - 22 Third year - Studies -Physics Major - The druggie. Nuff said. Except when she's sober, she's actually very kind, like a therapist. Her uncle Bobbadillo owned a portion of the playboy mansion and left everything to her in hs will when he died.

Taurus - Erik Wesley - 20 First year - Studies - Football - The jock. He can be a dick at times, but he sort of means well. When it comes to people he likes, he's like the prince in shining armor. Mother owns a chain of restaurants, father was a lawyer, is desceased.

Leo - Draconis - 23 Fourth year - Studies - Fashion and design - the fashionista! It is a surprise he isn't gay. He is loving though, and absolutely loves to have a good time. Both parents are deseased. Trust funds kids. Does a lot of saving. Drop Dead Fabulous is his clothing line.

Virgo - Dawn Harper - 21 Second year - Studies - Veteranary - Shy and adorable. She is very timid, and very naive. Sort of like Steve. Is a bookworm. Both parents are popular tv stars from drama series. She has separeted herself from that lifestyle.

Sagittarius - Theo Wesley - 20 First year - Studies - Photography - Can't stay still. Loves to try anything new, and is always going everywhere with his camera. He's a geek, and his camera is always on him. Same parents as Erik.



Taurus x Libra (Erik and Jazon)
Scorpio x Gemini (Mel and Benjy)
Pisces x Capricorn (Acidity and Jaxon)
Leo x Cancer (Draconis and Cecile)
Virgo x Aries (Dawn and Matthias)
Sagittarius x Aquarius (Theo and Sophia)


Melanie stood outside of the college, stretching slightly with a loud yawn. She was waiting impatiently for her brother, wondering what was so important that she needed to be dragged out of class. Did something happen to the mansion? Did Veronica get her head stuck in the stairwell again? Mel hadn't the slightest idea.

Matthias burst out of the doors, stumbling over. "MelMelMelMel!!" he glomped her, nearly knocking her over then picking her up and cuddling her. "I've done it! I've finally done it! We have one of each!"

"What are you going on about?" Melanie asked, all the while keeping an eye out for any professors that might come around and shoo them back to class.

Matt nuzzled her and held up a piece of paper. "Remember the Zodiac club I wanted to start in highschool but no one ever wanted to do it and I spent forever trying to get people?? I finally got enough people to do it!"

Mel's interest was suddenly peaked. He'd been going on and on about the club for weeks, and she hadn't been expecting him to actually manage to gather everyone. "You did? Let's hear it."

Matt cleared his throat. "Ahem. Okay. So, Aries and Scorpio are me and you, of course. Ce-"

"Matthias? Mel? What are you two doing out here?" The British girl asked from the door.

"Speak of the Devil! Cecile agreed to be Cancer. You remember that guy from a few years ago that muttered to a hammer? He's going to be Gemini. I talked to him, he's actually pretty neat. Acidity is going to be Pisces, that kid Theo from your photo shoots is going to be Sagittarius, his brother from my foot ball team is going to be Taurus, Cecile's friend Jazon is going to be Libra, his friend Jaxon is going to be Capricorn, Draconis is going to be Leo, Dawn Harper, Theo's friend, is going to be Virgo, and Cecile got this girl Sophia to be Aquarius."

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