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X-men: End of Days is a spinoff RP of the X-men RP, set in an alternate future 9 years into the future, after an apocalyptic war between mankind and mutantkind. There are some things to consider, however;

-- This RP is open only for active players of the X-men RP.--
-- Players will only be allowed ONE character at a time, that character must be one of his/her characters from the X-men RP.--
-- If a character dies or is rendered unplayable, the player may choose another character from the X-men RP to bring into End of Days.--
-- Characters WILL die. Easily, at that, so get used to the fact. We want brutal and gritty here, this is big boy RPing.--
-- Characters MUST be made to side either with the X-men or the MLA before being introduced into the RP.--
-- The RP will run for a short time, only for a few months, and it WILL have an ending. This is more like telling a short story than writing a book (and awesome short story). Right now the RP is slated to last between 4 and 7 in-game days.--
-- There are no good guys.--


To begin the RP:

X-Men EoD Rules

Similar to the X-men RP Rules
X-Men EoD History
*Required Reading*
Chronicles of the War

X-Men EoD War Effort
Rules for the End of Days War minigame.

X-Men EoD Character Sheet
Update your character after 9 years of chaos and send it to [Duredhel] for approval.
X-Men EoD Characters
Once approved, your character will be posted here.

X-Men EoD Time
Refer back to this page to keep up with the time and weather in the RP.

X-men: End of Days

RP Pages

EoD The MansionEoD The WastesEoD The Sprawl
Formerly Xavier's School for the gifted, the mansion was actually destroyed during the infamous mutant rebellion, leveled to the ground. Only the underground complex surviving, what currently stands in its place is a highly militarized bunker from which the despotic X-men police the war-torn counties south of NY state.Unclaimed locations in what remains of the southern part of NY state, from the Plank to Salem to the ruins of Manhattan. Characters can only enter the waste with GM permission and when on missions.Up to six years ago, the Sprawl was known as Central Park, but now is a giant shantytown where thousands of mutants and human refugees trapped in the South NY prison state struggle to make a living. It is here that the savage Mutant Liberation Army boasts it's greatest enclave.


Run by [Figgy] and [Duredhel]

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2013-03-11 [Figgy]: I think Dur wanted this FINISHED in a few months. He's got other plans.

2013-03-11 [Duredhel]: I'm considering what to do guys, but as it stands right now I'm close to closing down. I'll still considering keeping it running but yeah. I'm also about to start a full time job, so yeah...

2013-03-11 [Flisky]: It's sad because I was actually really looking forward to what was going to happen. But I do understand the full time job thing.

2013-03-12 [The Past]: Ooh, good luck on the full time job Dur :) I hope you won't be deleting the pages or anything, I would still like to be able to come back and look at this wonderful thing from time to time, and who knows, maybe something to pick up at a later point. But I loved the idea, a shame it didn't work out how you planned :)

2013-03-12 [Figgy]: I think we should keep doing this, personally, since everyone seems to love it. But it can't run well if players keep falling back, leaving Dur to play their characters, plus NPCs. If we could get commitment from people, it'd make things more playable.

2013-03-12 [The Past]: Regarding the loss of Blade, maybe can have it so she's 'stationed' in the North Plank markets somehow? Acting as a spy for the X-Men? That way can be brought back in at a later date if Tsome wants to.

2013-03-12 [ZeoOfFire]: Sorry that I was really bad earlier on. I got better at being on more somewhat recently...

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: So they /are/ connected. :o

2014-05-22 [The Black Goat]: Yes XD

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: *going through and watching the different pages*

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: XD They might not ever be revived, dear.

2014-05-22 [ancienteye]: <3< I can hope...

2014-05-22 [Lirerial]: *sniffle* I miss this one

2014-05-22 [Figgy]: We all do XD

2014-05-22 [twitchboy]: but alcoholic justin!

2014-10-23 [twitchboy]: I miss my alcoholic teleporter and his gay friend

2014-10-24 [Duredhel]: >,> next year

2014-10-24 [ancienteye]: This is going to start back up, then? :D

2014-10-24 [Duredhel]: <,< Mebbe... we'll see.

2014-10-24 [Lirerial]: Oh yay! I hope so!

2014-10-28 [The Past]: 9.9

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