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From the Ashes

An Online Wraeththu RPG Based on
the works of Storm Constantine
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This page is a collection of info and related pages for the game at

Welcome Page:

To Make a Character:
Wraeththu Character Bio


For more important information on Wraeththu
(or 'Hara') and Kamagrian (or 'Parazha'),
see Wendy Darling's entry at wikipedia,



     From the Ashes is a forum-based Wraeththu Mythos Role-Playing Game (or 'RPG'). The setting is the human city of Tacoma, Washington, USA (renamed Suquamish by the Wraeththu), set in the early years of Wraeththu history. The military learned of an unusual amount of Wraeththu settling in there and put a plan into motion. They would slowly start evacuating the citizens, making it appear that they were abandoning the city. Once the city was empty of humans they would start a bombing campaign, hoping to kill off the new scourge. However something went very wrong. The bombs were dropped several weeks in advance, trapping hundreds of civilians and military in the city. Those who survived were shocked to find they could not leave no one could cross the city limits, and no one could come in. In fact from the outside the city appeared to be a vast empty waste land.

     The Wraeththu had been wrapped up in their own little world after the bombing, consumed by petty fighting and the need to simply survive. It was in this time the tribes started to appear much stronger. In the chaos following the bombing many were incepted before the Military could gather and contain the humans in one area. The fighting turned from within the tribes to against the humans. While there is a lot of tension between the tribes it can not compare to the hatred (or pity in some cases) of the humans.

     Now things have settled down as much as they can. The Wraeththu are slowly realizing that they can not escape the city.

     This is where our story begins. So come, human or har, join us and see what unfolds in this strange city.


Humans & Hara

(Playable Races)

     HUMANS - Well, we all know what humans are and how they work, but for the sake of detail, we'll just say that they're exactly like you and I in every way, shape and form.

     HARA - on the other hand, are a completely different story, and their contrasts to humans will be outlined here. (All Mods for the race page description, especially those with the books)

     No Kamagrian will be played at this time, as it is still in wraeththu history, and the parazha have not surfaced in the mainstream or the cities.


The Tribes:

  Vistari - A lore gathering, alchemical, non-war like physical and mental tribe. Founded by the local occultist Ash.

  Tura - A spiritual tribe of healers, focused on helping those with mental afflictions. They are friendly towards humans, but this is not known outside of the tribe. They were founded by Mitexi har Tura.

  Agh'mahaiil ('The Fragmented', or 'the Frag') - An aruna-addicted, drug-using, rebellious junkie rogue tribe. Originally going through several gang wars and various names and titles, the tribe became united under its most mysterious and charismatic member, Chedlil the Ragged.

  Rodrae - A dynamic and warring tribe


The Characters:

  Kirse har Tura - ...

  Dr. Rob Houseman - a human medical intern caught in a needy ring of hara who he has treated and has become a resource for drugs and treatment for various maladies in the city of Suquamish. He has loose ties with a few tribes of hara.

  Sabine har Rodrae - a feral, aggressive and sometimes self-centered har who makes a point of showing his harrish might in sadistic and animalistic ways, courtesy of Rodrae inception.

  Coal, Fragmented Har - an independent and carefree har that has found solace and honour in becoming wraeththu.
Played by Coal, FragCoal on Y!im

  Lt. Connor D'Andrei - a human lieutenent brought in to Suquamish / Tacoma before a devastating catastrophe to accomplish his two missions: evacuate and secure the city for a nuclear attack, and find out whatever information can be detailed about this new scourge; WRAETHTHU.
Played by [xido] (Will) xidoraven on Y!im

  Tavis har Tura - a healer who believes that violence will lead to the downfall of Wraeththu. 
Played by [awallflower] (Amy) shes_got_subscriptions on Y!im or bouncingfroggy on AIM.

  Indra har Rodrae A young har poached from the Tura tribe by an oppurtunistic Rodrae. Mystik Serena on AIM and twilightmorpheus on Y!M.

  Heru har Vistari - a newly initated har who wants knoweldge.
Played by [Heru] (Carl) arcturusfelire on Y!im

  Sasha har Rodrae - a savage, manipulative and overall impulsive har who believes the only way to further Wraeththu is to incept everyone in sight into his tribe.
Played by [Aaylifah] (Casey) poisoned_innocences on Y!im or prettycassacat on AIM

Non-Playing Characters: (Or 'NPCs')

  Tura NPC

  Rodrae NPC

  Vistari NPC

  Frag NPC


For Rules on Powers, Caste/Level, etc. see:

Caste Progression

For anyone who would like to join the Wiki Fiction Roleplay on Elftown, please make sure your info lines up well with the Wraeththu Character Bio, and see the WFR Application Page for more! -[xido]

Also, see the Storm Constantine Fan-board Yahoo! Group
The LiveJournal Group
Ruby's Online Gallery of Work
And the official Storm Constantine Site!


All featured artworks of Wraeththu characters (Cobweb, Pellaz, and Theide)
Are the copyright works of Ruby (edited, and used with permissions)

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