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Woodland Troubles

Selenie Orenlas

age: 16
height: 5'6
eyes: Light silvery blue which he shaddows with green.
hair: silver and red, shoulder length in the front and drifts down to his behind
Special things: Pierced ears which he keeps long jewlery in, and a pierced belly button that holds a silver dangled piercing, he generally wears anything that shows off his tummy and enhances his legs and rear.


age: unknown, though approximately 620
height: 6'2"
eyes: bright blue, slightly luminescent
hair: black, wavy, waist-length
weight: unknown, can change physical weight at will
Special things: Nothing special physically, except that he is tall and thin. He has much experience in magic and could probably be called a sorcerer. He is mostly nocturnal by his own choice. He is randomly mischievous.

The moon shined down on it's shift that was the Earth, illuminating all that was within it's reach. The gentle rays of light seemed to smile and aid those in the forest with a mother's touch along with a way to see through the dark.

One such being enjoying the soft caress of light was a young mortal boy who stared up at the contrasting dark trees. He closed his silvery blue eyes in delight as he heard the rustling whisper of the leaves canopied above him. The soft singing of water in a nearby stream was practically sending him to sleep while he restes on a hill of gentle grass. He shifted every now and then as the wind blew to keep the friendly blades from tickling him.

He was utterly at peace. Nothing would disturb him at this time of night, and every night he would come to this place; if not to play in the river then to simply enjoy nature's gifts. Speaking of gifts he felt the stream could use some company, and in thinkin so he rose and looked about to be sure he was still completely safe, for even predators needed water. When satisfied he grinned a mischivious grin and ran for the water, his joyous cry echoing about the night air as he launched himself into the sparkling pool. He lay on his back, his silver and red hair spreading about him like a silky veil while staring up at the stars he was able to see through a break in the trees.

Such a beautiful place it was in which he lived. Such an enjoyable environment where he was completely safe in the depths of the water that blanketed around him like a cool bed-save for the fish that suddenly found his sparkling ear-rings to be rare treats to nibble on. He let out a giggle and attempted to outswim the friendly fish, only to find they liked his navel-piercing as well. He snorted in dismay, wondering which way would be the best way out of the water again so the fish would leave him be, trying to not errupt in giggles as their soft scales bumped into him. He finally was able to extract himself from the water, not caring an ounce that the wind was now a bit chill, kissing goosebumps into his exposed tummy. He rose and rung out his long hair, wishing suddenly for his brush as it clung to his arm, begining to tangle in a silvery and red mess. He huffed as he noticed the weight of the water had also tugged the sleeves down on his mid-drifted shirt, as well as weighted down his pants even furhter off of his waist than they had been, which he didn't mind so much for he didn't believe in belts because of his immense like for his piercing.

Upon finally fixing himself he settled back down on his patch of grass he'd laid upon and waited to dry out, wishing he had at least a friend, for he was suddenly aware of how lonely he was and the thought of this saddened him. He rested his head on his kneeds that were drawn to his chest and stared off, waiting for something, anything to happen.

Andrafel was a creature of some solitude, having almost completely abandoned life with his people to enjoy peace and gentle darkness. These things helped him practice his magic, and so he embraced them. He had been sort of meditating when he heard giggles and splashing from his place in the branches of a tree. Annoyed that he had been disturbed, and suspicious that there was actually another intelligent life form in this place in the woods, he slid out of the tree.

Using his elven gifts to his advantage, he hardly stirred the grass as he walked, making him completely silent as he approached the body of water. Near the edge of the trees, he could see a slim human form, glistening with water in the pale moonlight. It was...male. Yes, definitely male, but effeminate, not wholly unlike himself. For some time, he remained silent with his gaze fixed on the human boy. He wondered if the boy was perceptive enough to notice that he was no longer alone, or if the elf's magic was enough to cloak his presence. In any case, if the boy happened to look his direction, he would see him immediately. Though his pants and boots were dark, his tunic was white and shimmered vaguely in the light of the moon, and his skin was pale and reflected the same light.

Feeling hairs on the back of his neck stand, the boy turned abruptly in the direction in which he felt a sort of tingle, as though some force was drawing him in. He saw Andrafel, and was rather startled, backing up slightly after rising. "Hello?"He called out, noticing by the other's form of dress and the way his skin shone in the moon that he certainly wasn't human, but possibly some form of woodland being. He'd heard tales of such creatures, and only now was he convinced that they existed. He bit his lower lip, ready to run if he needed.

Andrafel parted his full lips as if to return the 'hello' as a greeting, but realized he was too far away to say it at a volume that wasn't startling. He took a tentative step forward, keeping his eyes on the boy, steady and level. He hoped he didn't seem too menacing or predatory. When he was closer, he answered, "Hello." He was not so accustomed to speaking English, as he did not do it often, so he absently assessed the way it sounded as though his voice had the barest hint of a foreign accent, though it was impossible to place with any human country. It was something like...Irish, and a bit of British because it was more refined. He decided to say more to the boy. "Do not be frightened. I mean you no harm. What brings you here, to the woods?" The moonlight was catching on the boy's piercings, distracting the elf momentarily with their glittering.

"I come here all the time, just to enjoy nature and be around a peaceful place...." Selenie replied. "Am I intruding on territory of some kind?" He asked, frowning a little. He was a little weary of the elf, the cautious way in which the other approached him seemed more than what he wanted to deal with, and he was so tall to him that he felt overpowered even with the other at a distance. "I hope I am.. not being a bother."

"Ah, no, of course not." Andrafel put his hands up in an odd sort of gesture meant to reassure the boy. "That is, you're not intruding on any territory, and you're not being a bother. I live near here, but I do not claim any part of the forest personally. That would only be possible if I were to return to my people." He did not feel uncomfortable about revealing any secrets, as it was obvious that this human regarded him as inhuman. He knew his appearance made him slightly ethereal. "What is your name?" With the boy's features, he fully expected a name befitting his beauty.

"My name is Selenie." He said, holding as the other approached him. "Your people? What race are you? The village often speaks about wood living people, but I have never actually met any..." He said, frowning. "I mean, they don't know I am out here and all. In fact, I am pretty sure mother and father think I am still sleeping. "It is getting late, I should be getting back soon though..." He offered a small and unsure smile.

Smiling, Andrafel placed a hand dramatically against his chest. " what your people would generally elf. Fair folk." He liked Selenie. If he didn't, he would have disappeared only seconds after the tentative 'hello', leaving a confused human who would have written it off as a trick of the light in the trees. And in deciding that he liked Selenie, he had also decided that he would be lonely if he left. So he couldn't let him go. "And...I can't let you go."

Selenie smiled at the other saying he was an elf. "I've hear your kind are friendly.." He stopped this comment though,listening to what else the other had to say. When he had said he couldn't let him go he paled slightly. "Umnnnn.... what do you mean?" He asked, taking a step back tentatively. "Can't let me go?"

"Well, you see, I've sort of exiled myself from the rest of my people in order to practice my magic in peace. They did not approve of all that I did or was interested in..." Andrafel offered a grim smile. "So, I came here to live in solitude. And since we've met, I'm afraid I'll be so lonely if you go. And now that I've told you all this, I think it very likely you will never return if I let you go." He held out a slender hand, palm parallel to his body and fingers together, while his eyes narrowed slightly. It was a binding spell, which would prevent Selenie from moving. "Some of my magic was too dark for them, though I never meant any harm. I only wanted to understand all forms of magic." He walked closer to the boy. "You see, Selenie, all I had to know was your name. You can still talk, though you cannot move. Are you afraid of me?"

Selenie wanted to panic, but he tried to calm himself. "Yes... sir, what of my parents? They'll miss me.. please.. if I promise to come back will you let me go tonight?" He asked, looking pleading up at the other. He wished he wasn't bound, he was certain the other didn't mean him harm, but now that he was bound he wasn't so sure. "Please...what's wrong with my name anyhow?"

Chuckling and ignoring the boy's other questions for the moment, Andrafel answered, "There is nothing wrong with your name. I only meant that I had to know it in order to bind you. I quite like your name. It's pretty, rather like you." He paused and looked up at the sky, then back down at the boy, a little more than a whole head shorter than him. "I'm not sure I can trust your promise. So I will bind you in a different way." He leaned down, a centimeter between their faces, then very softly pressed his lips to Selenie's. Then he stepped a way and stood straight, his hands clasped behind his back. "If you try, you will find that you are again able to move, and you are free to go. But you will return to me very soon." He smiled, a somewhat sinister expression, laced with unshared knowledge and power.

Selenie blushed slightly. He was considered pretty? When he was kissed he turned a whole shade daker. When he was released he was quickly reassured the other hadn't meant to harm him. He even went so far as to give him a hug. "Okay, I'll be back tomorrow.. is that okay?" He asked, inching away to get home. He wanted to think about the night and he wondered what the other meant by returning to him very soon.

Andrafel was slightly surprised by the hug, and his eyes widened for a moment before he smiled. "Yes, tomorrow is perfect. I will be waiting for you." Really, the kiss assured that Selenie would return. It had only slight magical properties, but not much more than any average kiss - it would cause him to dwell on the memory of the kiss, wondering why, and with his curiosity would come a desire to know the answer. So he would return. "Goodnight, Selenie," he whispered.

"Goodnight, sir." He said, wondering if he was really free. He walked away, slowly at first before breaking into a run, not to dart away from the other, but to get home quicker, and when he did reach home he crawled through his window and into his bed, wondering about everything that'd happened. He blinked several times as he recalled the night's events. What had happened? Was he kissed and almost stolen away by an elf? Why didn't the elf take him?

A bit wistful, Andrafel returned to his smallish house, some distance into the woods. It was off the path, and it was cloaked by magic anyway so that wayward travelers would not stumble upon it. He was not a being who really slept, so he sat at the window and stared out at the stars in the night sky, reminded of the piercing in Selenie's navel by their twinkling and glittering. He awaited the next night eagerly.
When the next night came, Selenie was all ready ready to go. He smiled and checked out his reflection, not sure why he cared how the other viewed him. He made sure to wear one of his more enticing belly button rings, a vine of leaves that followed the so very light trail of silvery hair that lead down into his pants. He smiled and brushed his hair before hopping out of his window, excited and curious at the same time. He ran to his favorite spot and awaited the other to arrive.

Having little else to do but practice his magic and think about Selenie, Andrafel had been ready for their next meeting since before the sun had sunk below the horizon. This night, he wore the same shimmering white tunic, but he wore leather pants that laced up the side, and his same boots. He had tied back his hair in a very lose ponytail, the tie actually situated below his shoulder blades. Lastly, he had adorned his head with a circlet of woven silver. It gave him a slightly regal look, and would allow him to glitter in the moonlight as well. When he approached the same spot at the edge of the trees, he saw Selenie waiting for him. Walking still silently, he stood directly behind the boy before greeting him. "Good evening, Selenie."

Selenie let out a loud "EEEP!" As he was startled. He jumped and fell on his back, looking up at him. "Ohhhh it's just you.." He calmed considerably. "How long have you been there?" He asked, looking up at him from his odd angle. "Hmn, I'm here like I promised I would be... what did you want me here for anyhow?"

Andrafel raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Excitable, aren't you? I've only been here a moment or two." He offered his hand to the boy, to help him off the ground. "I wanted to see you again. I told you last night that I was afraid you would never come here again." His eyes were distant for a moment, and a little sad. "You like the night, don't you? Why don't you stay here for a while and enjoy it with me."

Giving the other a nod, Selenie took the other's hand, helping himself up. "Mn, I didn't mean to get excited, you scared me is all." He said, shrugging. "So, what do you want to do? It's weird, you're the first friend I have had in so long!" He smiled at the thought of having a companion again.

"Honestly, I hadn't thought that far ahead..." The elf laughed a little, then was distracted as he noticed Selenie's new piece of jewelry. "It's very pretty," he stated almost reverently. "I'm sorry, you're so covered in shining, glittering things that when you stand in the moonlight you distract me." He smiled. "I hope that doesn't seem strange, and I'm not usually so easy to distract. It's're beautiful, and these things add to it." He shook his head. This wasn't exactly the kind of conversation to have with someone you were hardly familiar with. "Shall we just sit in the grass and stargaze for a while?"

Selenie blushed and nodded. "Yes, let's sit in the grass.. and thank you for the compliment. I don't normally hear about my...looks... as a good thing." He said, remembering how his father had told him that he was too pretty to make a proper husband and carry on the family name. "So, tell me about yourself.."

Andrafel looked surprised. "You want to hear about me...?" He furrowed his brow, puzzled. "I'm not sure what to say. I practice magic, and I have a little skill in combat. I live in this forest, in a house. I do very little worthy of discussion, and I am old by human standards. Young by elven standards." He wasn't sure exactly how much detail to include. "If you ask me specific questions, I may be able to give you better answers." He smiled.

Smiling, Selenie sat on the grass, laying back comfortably. "Well, what's your favourite thing to do? What's your favorite food? Do you like being an elf? What's your favorite color?" He smiled brighter, noting how much the other looked rather like a prince. "Are you royalty?"

Laughing, Andrafel processed each question. " favorite thing to do is to practice my magic. I don't do very much else. I suppose I like dark magic a little more than I should. That's part of the reason I live alone." He paused. "I don't have a favorite food. I'm not particular about my food. I hardly eat." Another pause to allow space in between each answer. "My favorite color is..." He thought for a moment. "Silver." At the last question, he laughed again. "Certainly not! I was of very little importance, except as a matter of disturbing the peace. I am not, and never was, royalty." He smiled. "Now tell me about yourself. The same things you asked me."

Selenie smiled. "Well, my favourite thing to do is just rest here in the woods, my favorite food is strawberries, My favorite color? I guess it's... maybe blue... or yellow. And I am certainly not royalty either." He said,smiling more. "Anything else you wanted to know?"

"Oh yes. There are many things I would like to know." Andrafel smiled a genuine smile, one devoid of malice or ulterior motives. "Let's old are you? Do you have any siblings? Do you have any other distracting and shiny piercings? Do you have friends?" Perhaps the question about his piercings was a tad inappropriate, but it was too late to take it back now, and he was curious.

"Well, I am sixteen, I don't have siblings, and no, just my ears and my belly, and no again to the friends, well I have you, you're a friend I think." Selenie replied, grinning. "What about you?"

"I am...well, I think I am around six hundred and twenty. I lost track of my age for several years at some point, and so it is only approximate. I have no siblings of blood relation. I have no piercings whatsoever, and since I live alone I can't exactly say that I have friends." The elf smiled. "You are my friend, though. So that makes me your friend as well, yes?"

Nodding, Selenie looked to the other, "Yes, I am your friend. Wow, I never thouht I would meet an elf... this may sound weird, but can I touch your ears?" He asked, sitting up on his elbows, eyeing the other's pointed ears with keen interest. "They just... are so different..."

Andrafel laughed again, tucking a couple of loose strands of hair behind those very ears. "Well, I don't mind. But don't be surprised if, never mind. Just go ahead." He smiled a little weakly, inclining his head toward Selenie to offer him better access. He knew what he had said sounded weird, but it was weirder to try to explain himself first.

Selenie wondered what Andrafel meant but decided to go ahead and let his curiosity catch hold of him. He reached out and gently traced along them up to the point and back down the other part. "Wow.. they're.. like mine... just slightly softer and with a point..." He said, smiling. "You're so... magical in a way.."

The elf made a face that he wished he could hide behind his hair, but it was tied back and therefore useless. He had closed his eyes, and his lips parted silently when Selenie touched him, but he closed his mouth and gritted his teeth as soon as he realized it. As soon as the boy's fingers left his skin, he jerked his head back and opened his eyes. "Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment." He decided not to draw attention to his odd reaction by himself. If Selenie wanted to say something about it, he would let him bring it up.

Selenie had noticed the other's expression and his curiosity wouldn't let him leave the subject alone. "Sorry to ask.. but when I touched your ears, you.... closed your eyes and... did it hurt you or something? I didn't mean to cause you any pain.." He said, fearing that he had hurt the other in some way.

Andrafel locked his blue eyes on the boy for a moment, then looked away, a little embarrassed. "Completely to the contrary," he stated simply. "Perhaps I should have warned you in the first place, but it is difficult to explain how touching an elf's ears may affect him..." He trailed off, continuing to avert his gaze.

Being not completely innocent, Selenie believed he'd caught on. "Did it...arouse you?" He asked bluntly, hoping he didn't come off as a tease. "I didn't mean to cause you even that discomfort, I just... my ears aren't pointed so I couldn't help myself." He was lost in the pretty blue of th eother's eyes.

"Ah, to put it bluntly, yes. That's exactly it." Andrafel blushed just the slightest bit, but it was lost in the weak light of the moon. He shook off the awkward feeling and smiled. "It is understandable. Pardon me if I do not find your ears' lack of a point just as interesting." He laughed a little and looked up at the sky for a long few seconds. "The sun will be up in only a few hours. You have been out here a long time."

Selenie blinked and looked about. "Wow.. you're right." He huffed. "Well, I guess I'll go and run home, will you be here tomorrow?" He asked, sitting up and than standing. "I should be getting back." He smiled and offered the other his hand in order to help him rise.

Andrafel took the hand, but really helped himself stand, and used the hand to pull Selenie closer to him. "I let you go last night, but I can't let you go again." He kissed his lips quickly, keeping a hold on the boy's wrist. "Tonight, you will stay." He picked him up, his strength hardly obvious by his appearance, but apparent with the ease with which he carried Selenie.

Selenie was afraid to tell the other no. "But sir.. I thought.. we came to an understanding last eve?" He blushed dark at being kissed. "I promise I will come back. I mean.. if you could at least send a message to my parents? They'll hunt us down." He frowned. "And why do you keep kissing me? I don't remember giving you permission to do so!"

"Stop calling me sir. It's inflating my ego." Andrafel laughed. "We agreed that I would not bind you if you promised to come this evening, and you did. But I did not mention anything more than that." He paused to shift Selenie's weight in his arms. "Your parents would not find you, were they to hunt us down. I may not keep you forever, unless you would like me to." He smiled. "And...I suppose I can't help myself. Your lips look so inviting that I feel the impulse to kiss them." He laughed, walking ever closer to his house in the woods.

"But.. what am I to do about clothing? My items at home?" Selenie asked, afraid to be carried, fearing he might be dropped, so he clung to the other. At the other's comment about his lips he whimpered. "You're not going to like.. rape me or something. right?" He asked, wishing to be put down.

They were at his door now, so Andrafel looked down into Selenie's face, his eyes round and serious. "Selenie, I will never do that against your will. Kissing you is relatively harmless, but I would never..." He shook his head. "You will be fine. Just stay with me for a while. Please." It sounded almost desperate when he said it. He opened the door to his small house and closed it behind him, using magic all the time in order to keep his arms around the boy. But once inside, he set him down on his feet. "This is my home."

Selenie looked around the small house. "Well.. it doesn't look like a scary menacing place..." He sighed. He supposed if the other meant him harm he would have been harmed all ready. He looked up at him sadly. "I wont leave.. but would you at least send word to my parents?" He asked, wanting them to at least know he was safe. "May I sit?"

"Please, sit." The elf pulled out a chair for Selenie. "And I think it best that you write to your parents. I would not know what to say to them." More or less everything in the house was in a single room, with the exception of the bathroom, which was small and hidden in a corner, surrounded by the outer walls and two inner walls. There was a bed against one of the walls, which Andrafel sat on the edge of and watched Selenie in the chair. "There's paper and a pen on the table there." He pointed with a slim finger at the table next to the chair.

Selenie nodded and sat at the chair. He wrote quickly simply telling his parents he was safe and not to worry, that he'd been employed by an elf and that he would either visit or write to them soon. "Okay. It's written and they shouldn't worry... how will it get to them?" He then notice there was only one room. "And... where will I sleep?"

Andrafel held out his hand for the letter, taking it from Selenie. Then he snapped his fingers and the paper had disappeared. "It will reach its destination. Do not worry." He smiled. "You will sleep here. I do not need sleep as you do, so you need not worry about sharing a bed with me. I will just meditate in the chair." Again, that smile. He would have liked to have shared the bed with the boy, but he did not want to push his luck too far. He had promised he would not rape him, sincerely, and he did not want to push his luck against himself either.

Selenie frowned. "I dont' want to take your bed from you sir. Please, let me sleep in the chair.. or I can sleep on the floor..we coudl share the bed even, I don't mind.. you said you wouldn't do anything and I believe you.." He said, looking longingly at the bed. "I'm tired though.."

"Okay, then we will share the bed. But do not be surprised if I am not in it when you wake. I will more than likely be about in the woods." Andrafel removed his circlet, his hair tie, and his boots, but left everything else on, and climbed into his bed. He swept his hand through the air over the bed, inviting Selenie to join him. "I hope you find it comfortable and to your liking."

Selenie nodded and joined him carefully. He was nervous, this was the first time he'd spent the night anywhere but home. He closed his eyes while sliding in bed next to the other, removing his shoes. He kept the rest of his items on though, after all he was in a belly shirt and pants. He sighed and found the bed was actually highly comfortable and all he wanted was to cudle right up. "This is the most comfortable bed in the world.." He said, smiling and growing used to it. He snuggled right up next to him.

"I'm glad," Andrafel responded quietly, draping an arm cautiously over Selenie's side. He did not want to do anything that would make him uncomfortable. A thought occurred to him as he turned out the light - with no apparent source - in his house. " said you had not given me permission to kiss you. I was would I get your permission?" It seemed like such a silly question, but he had never had to ask anyone before.

Selenie blushed. "Umn... just ask I guess..." He said, looking at him curiously. "Do you want... a kiss from me sir? I think... it would be all right, it's just a kiss, afterall. " He didn't know what to say to him. Did he deny him? He didn't see any reason to. The other had kissed him bfore... "Sure."

Andrafel moved so that he was over Selenie, holding himself up with his arms. "Yes, I want a kiss from you. I may have one, then...?" He leaned down slowly, his hair falling around him and making a black curtain that blocked out any light. Even in the darkness, he could see the boy's face, and he pressed his lips to Selenie's, very gently. It was in his nature, really, to be gentle in this way.

Selenie blushed darker and returned the kiss, only because the other had asked him, and he secretly liked the jolt of electricity as well as tenderness and taste of the other's lips. He tasted herbal and he liked it. He closed his eyes a moment, letting the other do what he wished with his lips.

The elf felt a little tingle of excitement as Selenie kissed him back, and he deepened the kiss, lightly asking permission for entry with his tongue. Was he getting too carried away? After all, this was only the second night they had been around each other, and the first they had spent getting to know each other, and even that was minimal. But he felt hopelessly attracted to the boy, and his beauty, and all his glittering adornments.

Selenie gave a small moan when the other deepened the kiss and he allowed it, suddenly realizing quite a few things about himself while he kissed the other back, sliding his own tongue to play with the other's. He realized that one; he was attracted to another man-well elf. Two; he wasn't mind it one little bit, in fact he was practically aroused. Three: If he ever came to his parents with this man in tow, they would throw him out of the house anyhow simply for liking the same gender. And like his gender he certainly did as far as he could tell. He felt himself sliding his hands into the other's hair and that's when he broke out of his part-trance. "Mn! I.. I enjoyed the kiss.. but.. I.. we shouldn't go furhter than that.." His words betrayed his heart and mind, but he was oh so nervous.

Andrafel's eyes were glazed, but his expression was vaguely shocked. Then he smiled, looking a little sad. "I understand. No more than that." He retreated from his position over Selenie, turning over to face the wall. It may have been a bit extreme to break contact with him completely, but at the moment he could not trust himself. He hoped that in time he could convince the boy to accept more of his affection, but perhaps it was too soon. "Goodnight, Selenie," he whispered, and closed his eyes automatically.

Selenie pouted that the other had taken his kiss and then turned away from him. He closed his own eyes though and disguised the disappointment in his voice. "Goodnight, sir." He said, closing his own eyes to drift off to sleep. He wondered what he would dream about? Being kidnapped but adoringly hamndsome elves? Or would he dream instead about his family?

"Selenie?" Andrafel whispered into the dark. "You don't have to call me sir. Just call me Andrafel." It was a random afterthought, but he didn't think the formalities were necessary when they had just kissed, and they were sharing a bed. "Anyway, goodnight." He had heard the disappointment in Selenie's voice, and he was a little confused. Had he not just moments ago told him that they should not go further? This was something he would ponder while the boy slept.

Selenie huffed. "Well. If we're skipping formalities..." He turned and took hold of the other's hand, dragging him to where he was with his arm over him like they were earlier, Andrafel with his arm across Selenie's waist. "Mn, comfy." He said, smiling gently as he closed his eyes. "Goodnight, Andrafel."

Andrafel opened his eyes for a second, then closed them and smiled. How nice that Selenie was warming up to him already. "Goodnight, Selenie."


After a few hours in the bed with Selenie, the elf had risen without disturbing him and slipped out of the house. Normally, he would have left at dawn to practice his magic - it was one of the best times to do it, but he and the boy had just settled into his bed around that time. Since he did not sleep as humans did, Andrafel decided to use the time while Selenie slept to cast domes of silence over his house. It was something simple that he could do without waking the boy.

Selenie woke to an empty bed and huffed. "I wonder where he went.." He mumbled to himself. He felt his stomach growl and wondered when he would be served food. Or if maybe he'd have to hunt? He was unsure how elves faired. He decided to explore the tiny home, not seeing the other, "Andrafel?" He called out, pouting.

Andrafel had just released his sixth or seventh spell of silence from around his house, and heard the boy call out to him. In an instant, he was standing at the window, leaning on his arms against the sill. "You called?" He smiled, wondering what Selenie could need. Food? A bath? He was a little surprised to find how ready he was to serve him.

"I'm a little hungry is all.." Selenie said, smiling. "And good morning." He said, giving a silly grin. He noticed he was grining in such a way and immediately straightened his features. "Did you sleep well?"

Before answering the question, Andrafel walked around to the front door and came inside. "Good morning to you too. And I...don't really sleep." He made sort of a perplexed, crooked face, trying to figure out how to explain what he was trying to say. He began rummaging in cupboards in the little kitchen across from the bed, on the other side of the table. "What I do is sort of like sleeping, except that I don't close my eyes, and I don't lose consciousness. I sort of...stop thinking. That is the simplest way to put it." He set a plate of biscuits on the table, and a jar of honey. "Will this do for now?"

Selenie gave a small nod and sat at the table, smiling at the biscuits and honey. "It looks delicious." He said, pouring a little bit of honey on one of the biscuits. He took a small nibble and groaned in delight. "It's soo goood!"

"I told you that you were excitable. It's just food." Andrafel chuckled and sat on the opposite side of the table. "So let me ask you, did you sleep well?" He realized that Selenie really hadn't slept many hours. It was only around ten o'clock in the morning, and they had gone to bed at dawn. "Would you like a bath later? You'll have to bathe in the river, but it is still a bath."

"I did.. i just noticed the bed wasn't as comforting and warm anymore and realized it was because you were gone so I decided to get up." Selenie replied. "But yes, a bath sounds delightful."He couldn't wait to play in the river."But... what will I change into?"

Andrafel frowned and thought for a moment. "I could wear one of my tunics, but it would be a bit large on you. Rather like a dress." The thought was actually quite cute, but it would cover up his enticing little navel piercing. "Or you could just put your same clothes back on. I'm sorry that I don't have anything more suitable for you."

"These are soiled is all. I could wet them and wash them while I am in the bath I guess, and wear one of your tunics until they dry." Selenie said after he had finished eating his biscuits. "Mn, soooo the same river I play in or in a different part?" He asked, all ready removing his shirt to get ready for his bath. "And do you have something to dry off with?"

"Yes, that river. The very same. I bathe there as well." Andrafel smiled and moved the plate to the counter. Then he opened a cupboard near his bed and pulled out two towels, an outfit for himself, and a spare tunic for Selenie. "This should be everything we will need. Are you ready to go to the river, then?"

"Yes! Very ready." Selenie said while walking up to the other. "Do we use any kind of soap?" He asked, noticing they weren't seeming to gather any other itme. "And I don't entirely remember the way there..."

Andrafel shook his head. "No, not really. I would have to make it, and it takes much time. The current in the river should be enough to at least take away the dirt. You may smell like the river, though." He laughed. "I'll lead the way, do not worry." He gathered the clothing and towels to his chest with one arm, then walked to the front door and opened it. "Let's go." It was really almost a straight path to the river from his little home, but he remembered that Selenie had not walked here with him and so it would seem a little confusing.

Selenie followed after the other obediently. He smiled and couldn't wait to get into the bath, deciding that smelling of the river was better than smelling dirty. "I can't wait." He said, willing to feel the water rushing about him. He caught sight of the river and grinned, walking a little ahead as he felt more at ease to do so. And swiftly he was about to remove his bottom clothing but frowned. "I uhhhh... I guess you don't mind that I'll be sorta.. naked?"

"Why would I mind?" Andrafel laughed, politely turning his head while Selenie stripped. However, as soon as the human boy was in the water, he pulled his own tunic off over his head, pulled off his boots, and unlaced his pants. "So long as you don't mind that I will be too." He slipped into the water, shivering a bit at the cooler temperature, but quickly adjusting. "I hope you don't mind having to bathe in cold water. Perhaps I can find a way to put a bathtub in my house?"

Selenie's eyes sparkled and he blushed a little at the other being naked. He decided there was nothing left to do but also undress and he did so, being sure to wet and ring his clothing in a way of washing before he put them over the branch of a nearby tree to dry ."You don't have to change your home to suit me.. although it would be a nice touch and all and it could be a project we could work on that would help us to know one another better..." He stepped gingerly into the water, minding the chill with a small shaky breath but adjusting rather quick. "I mean, what do you think?"

Smiling, Andrafel took the opportunity to have a small joke. "You may have to enlighten me on how a bathtub will help us get to know each other better." He had watched Selenie intently as he washed his clothes and hung them to dry. He hadn't thought he could be more distracted than by the boy's piercing, but he was certainly more distracted by his naked body. Very quickly, he disappeared under the water and came back up, wetting his hair and then ringing it out over his shoulder.

Selenie blushed "Well, simply that in building it we could do so together and in which case dsicover more about one another through a project interaction." He watched the other's hair mesmerized. "Unless you'd rather me just let you put in a bath... it'd take team work I would imagine." He said, mimicking the other and also wetting his own hair.

"I was only trying to see how you would react to my joking, Selenie. Of course we can work on that project together. Although it might be easier if we just used magic to put in a bathtub." Andrafel laughed, but his laughter died a bit as he was distracted again. He noticed that all of Selenie glittered and shined when he was wet, even his hair which turned a darker greyish color. "I'm sorry, it must be bothersome when I stare."

"No, not really bothersome. I mean,i think I understand. You don't come into contact with many of man, I have glittering things on my body that distract you and it's the same with me anyhow on your half of the case. You're different then men. You're moe elegant and yet more powerful, more intimiadating." He smiled and began to bring up handfulls of water to wash away dirt.

Andrafel smiled a little crookedly. "Thank you...but I do not stare because you are a novelty. I find that you have mesmerizing beauty...though certainly you must be aware of it?" He moved through the water to stand behind Selenie, copying his movements of cupping water in his hands and pouring it out, though he poured it onto the boy instead of himself. He was not exactly dirty himself. The water was more of a pleasure than a necessity.

Leaning his head back, Selenie peered up at the other, greatful for the attention to his back. "Mn, I don't think I am more beautiful than the next person." He said, his cheeks tinged pink because of the compliment. "Of course I feel the same about you, you're absolutely gorgeous.."

"Neither of us is going to win this little war..." Andrafel whispered, a touch of laughter in his voice. Rather impulsively, he closed the short distance between them, wrapping his arms around Selenie's waist, hugging him from behind. He hoped that this gesture would not seem offensive to the boy.

The gesture was not at all offensive to Selenie. He found the embrace rather made him relax against the elf, sighing contently as he did so. "Mn, I like your hugs and stuff you know.." He said quietly, moving in such a way that he could look up at him while still being held.

Andrafel was a little surprised. "You do? I'm very glad to hear that, considering my kidnapping of you." He smiled, looking down at Selenie. From their positions, he leaned down and kissed the boy's forehead, a sweet gesture. "Well, I enjoy hugging you. And kissing you, for that matter."

"Umn, I enjoy kissing you too." He said, blushing. "I mean.. I've never really kissed anyone before but you're good at it." He blushed and turned to face the other, looking up at him."Thank you for washing my back." He said, suddenly then unable to meet his eyes.

"You're very welcome, Selenie." The elf smiled kindly, then kissed the boy on the cheek. "I will wash your back for you anytime you wish it." Taking the boy's inability to meet his gaze as some sort of hesitance for his affection, he released him from his hug, but didn't move away.

Selenie rested his head on the other's chest. "You should let me wash your back now." He said, finally lifting his head to look the other in the eyes. "It's only fair." He said, wanting to know what the other would feel like under his fingertips.

Andrafel raised his eyebrows and blinked a few times. "Well, if you say so. Be my guest." He smiled and turned around to face away from Selenie. Turning his head, he looked over his shoulder and asked, "Should I move my hair out of the way for you?"

Selenie nodded but moved it for the other, enjoying the feeling of the strands. He then began to wash the other's back in the same manner his had been washed in. "Mn, you have such strong muscles.." He said, letting his fingertips caress the silky skin.

"Thank you. Would you perhaps like a little training in combat as well?" He smiled, though the expression could not be seen by Selenie. His smallish amount of combat training was what had won him his muscles, though part of it was just his anatomy as the creature he was. He didn't think he had ever heard of a fat elf. As the boy touched him, Andrafel shivered just slightly.

"I suppose I would need it." He said, smiling and instead of washing took to massaging the other's shoulders. "You've got very strong shoulders." He said, enjoying the way his muscles felt under his finger tips. "Mn, I wnder if I will be as fit as you one day."

Smiling and sighing in contentment, Andrafel said, "I don't know, but I rather like your shape now. Slim and soft, very touchable. And that feels very good, by the way." He remarked on Selenie's skills at massage. He was sure there was quite a bit of tension built up in his muscles, though being an elf he didn't retain quite as much of it, as he would if he had been a mortal man.

"Are you going to keep me this way then?" He asked, nuzzling at the other's back momentarily in empathy as he seemed to sense where the tension was. He let his hands massage and squeeze and roam all over the other's body, even drifting to his hips and atop his buttocks.

"If I give you training, you may not stay this way. Though muscle may just develop as lean muscle if I train you correctly, and you will still be the same basic shape, just not so soft as before." Andrafel felt just the lightest flush on his face as the boy's hands roamed his body. He was fighting the urge to turn and pin him to some convenient rock, or simply remain patient and let him continue with his roaming.

"Well, whatever you decide I suppose. Why don't you lay on the grass? You have much more tension built up than I thought.." Selenie quested, wanting to sooth the other. "I want to relax you fully."

Andrafel nodded in acceptance and waded to the edge of the stream, then climbed out of the water. He shivered slightly in the air, though it was a warm day. Tipping his head back and shaking his long hair, he sighed happily, and turned to watch Selenie. Watching him move, naked, might have been a bad choice on the part of the elf, since he was trying to keep his self-control for the moment, but he chose to ignore that thought and stared a little openly at the boy, smiling faintly.

Selenie notcied the other had been looking at him, but he did his best to ignore it. He smiled and motioned the other roll onto his stomach. "I want to start with your back again." He said in explanation, blushing at the other's naked form. He couldn't stop his eyes from raking him over, pausing at the sight of the other's length which was larger than his by a couple of inches, at least it looked that way, even if it was slightly hard. He wondered why it was, but of course he assumed it had to do with the way the other was looking at him which made him blush even more.

Nodding, Andrafel complied, laying on his stomach in the grass, his arms crosses beneath his head, which he turned to the side. Selenie had a gentle touch, but firm against his muscles, which enjoyed the attention. He was physically relaxed for the most part, but he wasn't sure what exactly would happen within the next few minutes. He had seen Selenie return his gaze, the blush on his cheeks, and wondered if the boy would mind so much what he was fighting himself.

Hands moving over the body of the other, Selenie resumed his ministrations, dragging his fingers far down , letting them ghost over the other's behind hwere he kneaded it gently, working out all of the muscle there before moving lower down his body, enjoying the feeling of his legs under his hands, working out even the most tense of the muscles, moving farther and farther, hoping the other enjoyed the actions.

"You are very good at this. Do you do this often?" Andrafel asked, his voice slightly deeper than usual, partially due to arousal and partially to his relaxation. He wasn't sure anyone had ever done this for him before anyway, but he enjoyed very much what Selenie was doing. A shiver ran down his spine, and he curled his toes. He tried not to flex or tense any of his muscles as the boy kneaded them, as it would be a bit counterproductive to his activities. The whole while, the tension inside him was growing.

"No, but I can sort of feel where you're tense. It's odd to describe." Selenie responded, also having noticed the other was becomming more and more aroused as he worked his way down his legs and paid attention to his feet before moving up and taking care of the other's back of his arms. "Okay you can roll over now and let me do the front."

At this, Andrafel hesitated. As he had grown more aroused, he had grown harder, though he was laying on his stomach. It was actually somewhat painful. But he was a bit embarrassed to roll over onto his back now. He was contemplating skipping the rest of the massage and jumping Selenie, but decided against that. He did not want to make the boy do something he did not want to do. He took a deep breath, steeling himself for the awkwardness, and rolled over onto his back.

Selenie blushed as he saw the other's length in it's form, but he put on a soft smile and massaged every where but there, starting from the feet and moving up and up, when getting to the other's length he simply moved around it, moving instead to his stomach and chest, and then to his upper chest and shoulders, slipping his hands then down the length of the other's arms. "How do you feel now?" He asked, having massaged one hand and was now massaging the other.

Andrafel closed his eyes, looking trouble. "Through no fault of your massaging, I feel more tense than before you sought to soothe my muscles. You have done a fantastic job, but I feel that I have let my emotions get the better of me." Suddenly, he sat up, running his free hand over his face. He turned his gaze on Selenie for a moment, and then he was on top of him, pinning him to the ground with his wrists over his head. He only stared at him, though, not having yet taken any further action.

Slenie blushed. "I, I didn't mean to cause you discomfort." He said, finding his body responding without his mind. It wasn't that he felt frightened, but that he was starting to warm up to and enjoy the other, and the fact that he was pinned down wasn't as bothersome as it should have been. "Perhaps you should.. let me help with that?" He asked, troubled as he heard the words left his lips. He of course decided that he may as well massage the other's errection away to completely satisfy him.

At those words, the elf felt a surge of heat through his entire body, and the thing between his legs twitched. He released Selenie's wrists, but ran his hands along the length of his body, pressing their lips together in a heated kiss as he did so. "Perhaps I should let you help me..." He said, pausing in their kissing. "But would you like to?" He didn't want him to feel obligated, really.

Selenie found he did want to and gave a shy nod. "Yes, but I don't entirely know what I am doing, and I only want to start out slowly, like with my hand, perhaps one day I will do more, but it's only fair to use my hands after using them all night." He said, having had his breath taken by the kiss.

Andrafel closed his eyes and nodded, words seeming to have gotten stuck in his throat. He supposed it was enough that Selenie wanted to do anything at all. All in due time, he told himself, though there were so many things he would have liked to do for the boy to make him feel good as well. He moved off of Selenie. It would be easier for him, since he was inexperienced, if he could get a better angle on it.

Slenie blushed as he sat up and reached to the other's length. He placed his hand around it and gripped gently, enjoying how it was so warm and yet soft in his hand. "mn, I'll jst do what I do to myself.." He mumbled as he had been lost on what to do next. He slowly moved his hand up and down along the other, hoping he enjoyed it and if not would be instructed to make the ther enjoy.

The elf tipped his head back, his lips parted slightly. He put his arms behind him to brace himself, his legs parted and Selenie sitting between them. He made soft noises as his hand stroked him, but instructed him, "Harder...grip a little tighter..." Andrafel's eyelashes fluttered, and his fingers curled tightly around the grass beneath him.

Selenie nodded, amazed that his hand was causing such an reacton from the other and he obeyed, stroking the other tighter as he was requested to do. He loved the way the other was writhin about, finding he too was starting to become more than just a little aroused at the other's display of enjoyment.

"Yes, Selenie, that's very good..." He whispered, spreading his legs farther, as if it would allow the boy better access. Though he was glad for the attention, oh so glad, he wanted to do things for Selenie. Andrafel laid
his hand on top of the boy's to tell him to stop.

Selenie was confused when the other reached out to stop him."I.. don't understand.." He stated, his hand stil gripped about the toehr's errection, enjoying the feeling of the warm flesh in his hands.

Andrafel smiled gently. "Do not worry. You weren't doing anything wrong." Swiftly, he picked the boy up and laid him on the ground on his back. "You may tell me if you're uncomfortable with something I am doing." He looked at Selenie for a moment, then licked a trail from his chest to his navel, experimentally.

Giving a small nod, Selenie was wondering what the other intended to do with him. He gave a small shiver as the other's slightly wet tongue sliding from his chest to navel was almost ticklish in nature. He looked down at the other, wondering what he was up to.

The elf gave him a bit of a devilish look before slipping his lithe fingers around the boy's shaft, and slid his tongue over the head of his length. He was still experimenting, to see what Selenie was okay with before he would go further.

Selenie shivered in delight at the feeling of the other's tongue sliding about his length. "Oh!" He said before he could stop himself, making him cover his mouth with his hand. The feeling he got from the action was truly almost too much.

Gently, Andrafel reached up and pulled Selenie's hand away from his mouth. He smiled at him a bit, pausing in his activities, and said, "Please, do not be ashamed of voicing your pleasure. There is no one here to hear it but me, and I would very much like to hear it." With that, he looked down and took the boy's head into his mouth, sucking lightly.

It was a loud oan the boy rewarded him with, gasping and writhing as he was worked on. "And...ra..felll." He stuttered the other's name out in his pleasure, unsure how to grasp reality at the present moment, his head was spinning with pleasure.

"I am the first to do this sort of thing to you, am I not?" The elf smiled again, now stroking tightly but slowly with one hand. He watched the boy's face again, entranced by his expression, still hard and quite aroused.

Selenie nodded, blushing at the confirmation. "Well yes, I don't really even know what's going on... but it feels good.." He said, his eyes pleading with the other, hoping he would not stop this great pleasure. "It feels more than good...but why do you.. do this for me?"

Andrafel thought about his answer without stopping his ministrations. "I want to make you feel good." That was the simplest answer, but there was a little more to it than that. "I enjoy making you feel good. It does the same for me..." He didn't know if he should add that he wanted more, and that he could make Selenie feel even better by doing what he wanted. He didn't know if the boy was ready for that yet.

A sigh of contented pleasure eased out of Selenie. He was nearing something, but he couldn't tell what, all he could tell was that there was a large knot in his stomach and he wanted it to undo itself before he cried out of confused pleasure. "Something's... about .. to happen.."

The elf raised his eyebrows, surprised at exactly how virginal this boy was. Had he never even touched himself? He changed his expression to a more gentle one, then said, "What's about to happen is perfectly natural. Just let it happen, Selenie."

Selenie didn't need to be told twice, he actually was all ready lost as the knot came undone and he spilled himself over the hand of the other, seed shooting as it hadn't ever really done before. He gave out a loud and sharp cry of ecstasy that almost sounded as though he was in pain. "Andrafel!" He managed to moan out as his eyes filled with tears at the pleasure.

Andrafel gazed at Selenie's face at the exact moment of his orgasm, and his breath caught in his chest. His lips were parted slightly in awe of the beauty of the sight. His own still-present erection twitched in response. As the boy finished his climax, the elf removed his hand and licked the liquid from it, closing his eyes as he relished the salty taste.

A blush covered his cheeks as Selenie saw the other lick his seed from his hand. "Ummmnnnn thank you." He said , sitting up and hugging the other tightly. "I... does that taste good?" He asked, scrunching his nose up as he didn't think it would taste that great at all.

"It's an acquired taste, and a matter of opinion. But I find that the taste is more than bearable as long as I think the same of the person it came from." Andrafel smiled. He wasn't sure how Selenie would take that statement, but decided that he didn't mind if the boy took it to mean that he loved him. That seemed to be what he meant anyway.

A smile crept over Selenie's lips as he heard this. "I am glad I am more than bearable. So.. what do we do now?" He asked, glancing around, not entirely sure what to do. He did notice the other was hardened again, but wasn't sure if he shold attend to him the same way he had last time or find a different way.

Andrafel followed Selenie's eyes as he glanced down, smirking slightly. "There are things I could ask you to do, but I would rather not. I don't want you to think you must do something simply because I ask it. I want to wait until you are comfortable." He paused. "You do understand what I am saying, don't you?" He wanted to make sure the subject he was trying to approach was understood. Considering how inexperienced Selenie seemed to be, he didn't know if the boy would have thought to have sex or not.

"I don't think I get it. I mean I could do to you what you did to me, right? What more can be done?" He asked, thinking that the elf was quite beautiful under the rays of light casted from the moon. He wanted to kiss him.

Laughing, Andrafel answered, "There are several other things that can be done, but I do not think tonight is the night for those things. And I shall explain them later. For now...if you wouldn't mind, I would ask you to do to me what I did to you. This is getting a bit painful." He pointed frankly at his erection.

Selenie nodded and closed his eyes while he leaned to kiss the other's lips before opening them again and moving down the rest of the elf's body with small kisses. When he got to the other's errection he took it slowly into his mouth, exploring the taste with a careful tongue, hoping he was making the other feel well.

After the long wait, the feeling of Selenie's tongue on his length was like heaven. He groaned, threading his fingers into the grass rather than the boy's hair. He feared that if he did that he might make him take more than he could handle. "Yes, just like that...very good..."

Selenie beamed with happiness at the praise and began to get the hang of it a little more. He added suction to his generous licks, actually liking the way the other's length tasted to him and how it felt so silky against his tongue. He also enjoyed that the other was reacting in such a pleasing way from such delight.

When the boy began sucking, Andrafel shivered hard, moaning somewhat loudly. "Oh yes..." he whispered. He looked down at Selenie, shivering again at the sight of him with his head down, and his lips wrapped around his erection. It was erotic and beautiful, and he knew he would reach his climax fairly soon.

Further and further the other's length seemed to inch into his mouth until he was to the hilt, sucking tightly, quickly gaining rythm over the other that seemed to pleasure him. He added a bit of voice to it, trying to show how much he liked to do this to the other, wondering also if he was doing it correctly.

It was overwhelming, the pleasure he was experiencing. He vocalized his pleasure as he saw what Selenie was doing, and then he gasped when the vibrations traveled through him. "Oh gods," He tipped his head back, his teeth clenched from the intense pleasure.

Selnie blushed, even happier with himself now at the way the other was moaning for him. He sucked tighter and moved a little faster along him. "Mnn" He reached up his hands as well and decided to stroke over his skin and wondered if he should touch the other's sac and decided he should at least find out so he stroked him while he sucked him, waiting to see his reaction.

Andrafel's hips bucked slightly in response, but he quickly sought to control their movement so as not to hurt Selenie in some way. "Ahhn...Selenie, I'm going to come very soon..." He warned him in advance, unsure as to whether he would swallow his seed, or pull away just in time. The pleasure he felt was a little more than his tense body could handle for much longer.

Ater deciding he wanted to know what the other tasted like he kept up, not willing to move from him. He kept his speed and tightness going, continuing to pleasure the other happily, excited at what he thought the other might taste like.

" it comes..." Andrafel cried, throwing his head back in a silent cry, gasping and breathing heavily as he rode out his orgasm. It was one of the best of his life, partially due to the long delay he had caused himself. It was intense and relieving at the same time, and his very fingertips tingled as he came down from his euphoria.

Selenie didn't expect to get quite a mouthful and the slightly bitter liquid slipped down his throat while some escaped. He gathered himself and licked his lips after swallowing the rest of it. He wiped the other off and decided the other's taste wasn't bad but it wasn't the greatest thing in the world, which mean he must at least like the other. "It wasn't bad at all..' He said, smiling.

Andrafel gave him a tired smile, opening his eyes a fraction and looking at the boy. He gathered him close and kissed his lips, tasting just a bit of himself from what was left on the boy's lips. "Thank you, Selenie. You did very well. Shall we go back to the house now?" He wasn't quite ready to move yet, but he knew they couldn't stay on the bank by the river for the entire night. Selenie, at least, would catch a cold.

Giving the other a kiss in turn, Selenie nodded. "Yes, I want to go and lay next to you in the bed." He said, wanting to say our bed but wasn't sure if he should. He stood up and offered the other his hand as he did so.

The elf took his hand since it was offered, but didn't make him pick up any of his weight. His legs were slightly shaky when he stood, but not so much so that he couldn't walk or anything. He was rather eager to get to their bed in their house, and sleep was calling to him. He assumed Selenie was tired as well. He laced their fingers together as they walked back to the house in the woods.

Selenie smiled as they walked, the grin on his face was caused by a strange and unfamiliar feeling to him. "Andrafel.. ever since we kissed first.. there's been this strange sort of feeling in me and I can't describe it for the life of me."

"Is that so?" The elf smiled knowingly. "A strange feeling, you say. It couldn't be love, could it?" He said it in a teasing manner, but not hurtfully, and he honestly thought that was probably the feeling Selenie was experiencing. He couldn't say for certain, but he was fairly sure that he felt love for the boy as well.

Selenie blushed. "I don't know, you just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside." He said, unconsciously moving closer to him. You're more experienced at this than I am."

"I am more experienced in some things, but not love." Andrafel sighed. "Love is something almost entirely foreign to me, except in the platonic sense. I have never fallen in love with someone before. However, from the things I have heard throughout my life, I think that I must love with you." He looked at Selenie and smiled.

Selenie blushed. "Really? I'd be honored if you were. But.. is this even welcome? A human and an elf? Wouldn't your kind be even more weird to you to know that you've taken like to an human?"

Smiling wryly, Andrafel answered, "I seldom see any of my kind anymore, and they do not much care what I do now. So long as it is not beneath their noses, it is none of their concern. So I am free to practice what I will, and love who I choose."

" I wonder what an evlen city looks like." Selenie wondered aloud. "I've heard story from salesmen, they say the city is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could go there some day."

They had reached their house, and Andrafel opened the doorm holding it for Selenie. "Perhaps...someday you could go there someday. It may be difficult, but I'm sure it could be arranged." He smiled. He hoped there was something he could accomplish, some last shred of diplomacy that he possessed which he could use to persuade them.

"You'll stay close to me when we do go, right?" He asked, wanting the other to be around him when they did go. Truly he wanted the other to never leave his side. He smiled as he thought back on their night together, leaning up to kiss Andrafel. "Sorry.. I just really wanted to kiss you."

Andrafel caught Selenie's face between his hands and looked into his eyes. "You never have to apologize for kissing me. Your kisses are always welcome." He smiled. "I'll stay as close to you as possible when we go. I wouldn't want anything to happen to someone as cute as you. We elves are quite mischievous, you know."

It felt as though Selenie was floating as the other said this to him, but he couldn't comprehend why. He kissed his elf again."Mischievous, how do you mean? Do your kind purposely cause all kinds of mean trouble?"

"I don't think that's how I would describe it. I suppose I would kind like to gently mislead. They mean no real harm, and they only do it for fun, but it is still trouble. should beware that they are beautiful, so be wary of mischief of the seductive sort." He smiled, though there was a kind of grim look behind his eyes. He hoped that no one would try to steal his Selenie from him.

"Seduction? What is seduction?" Selenie asked, innocently, but unknowing. He didn't think the elves sounded bad, they just sounded like they liked to be silly and do fun things.

Andrafel made a confused face. He didn't think he'd ever had to explain seduction to anyone before. "Well, seduction is...temptation. They would attempt to seduce you into doing things to entertain them." He couldn't really say for certain what they might try to make him do, so he couldn't really elaborate.

"I don't get why that's bad, everyone likes entertainment right?" Slenie asked, incredibly curious now what the elves could possibly like to see for entertainment that could be of trouble him. "I mean I guess I must not be getting it. Are they mean or something?"

The elf sighed. He hoped it wouldn't be foolish to take this boy where he wanted to go. "Not They may attempt to make you do the things you do with me. Or worse." He knew there were elves with wicked hearts that hid it better than he had hidden his obscure interests.

Slenie blushed. "Oh!" He hugged Andrafel. "I only want to do those things with you though, I mean, aren't we a couple? They surely wouldn't try to harm such a thing as a couple?" He asked, looking up at the other, not so sure he wanted to go suddenly.

"Yes, we are a couple, but not everyone can be trusted, even among the fair folk. Some have darkness in their hearts, and some covet the things of others. However, I hope that nothing of that sort will happen when we go to see them. Perhaps they will only lurk in the shadows?" Andrafel smiled reassuringly this time and hugged the boy in turn.

"Awe, you're so sweet Andrafel, and super protective." He said, kissing him before laying on the bed. "We should sleep, I'm getting really tired, when do you want to go to the elf city?" He asked, tugging the other down to lay with him.

Andrafel laid down next to Selenie before answering his question. "Oh, I don't know. I have nothing special in mind for the immediate future, so we may go whenever you like. Say the word, and we shall pack and begin our journey." Then he added, "It is some distance. We may be journeying for a while. Is that okay with you?"

Selenie grinned. "As soon as we wake up then, okay?" He pleaded, really excited to go to the elven city. "I don't mind a journey, it would be incredibly fun!" He said, kissing the other again, finding he was very comfortable with the other.

"Alright, alright!" Andrafel laughed. "Then sleep well, you will need energy. I'll make sure the journey isn't hard, but it may still take a week or so." He wrapped his arms around Selenie, and rested his chin on top of his head. "We'll go in the morning. So go to sleep."


Selenie had not slept too well, but not too horridly either. He was far too excited for their journey. He grinned while he woke and pounced on his lover. "Andrafel! Come! Let us get started while the earlyness is still present" He said, kissing his loved one.

Andrafel opened his eyes and smiled. "You're adorable." He slid out of bed, picking Selenie up with him. "Alright, I'll pack us a bag with some food that we can take with us, nothing that will rot, and some water. I shall also bring weaponry. We may need to hunt for food while we're on our journey."

Selenie smiled and righted his clothing. "Maybe we can get new clothes there? The one outfit I have will get all worn out." He said, looking at his reflection in a mirror, humming as he fixed his hair by pulling it back. He smiled and looked to his beloved elven love. "May I fix your hair?"

The elf paused as if he actually needed to give it thought. "Be my guest." He tossed his slightly mussed hair for emphasis. "While we are there, we can certainly get you something to wear. Would you prefer pants and a tunic, or robes? Both would be available to you."

"A little bit of both?" Slenie offered, running his fingers through his love's hair before twisting it into a long braid which he tied back with a ribbon. "There, let's pack!" He said, humming and looking for a sack of any kind.

Andrafel held the braid at length and smiled at the ribbon, then turned to direct Selenie to a sack. "There are a few here in this cupboard. A leather one would be best." He left Selenie to fill that bag with the food and things they would need, and moved to another part of the room, a concealed cupboard in which he kept his prized sword, and his bow. He strapped the sword to his belt and slung the bow over his shoulder.

Selenie blushed at the sight of his lover wearing weapons. "Are we ready then?" He asked, putting a loaf of bread in the leather bag after wrapping it.He studied his lover's powerful form and found himself blushing more, there was something incredibly.. alluring about him.

"As long as there is food in that bag, then yes." He smiled, wondering why exactly Selenie was blushing this time. He drew close to the boy's face, holding his chin in his hand, and whispered, "Your face is very red, little lover. What's got you so worked up?" He kissed his lips chastely, teasingly, then pulled away from him and smiled.

Selenie blushed more as his love kissed him. His words sent shivers through him, he wanted the other. "Oh, I um.. it's just... Oh Andrafel, the sight of you with your weapons has aroused me!" He stated, his voice soft and breathy. "It's your fault." He placed his hands on the other's chest.

"Is that so...?" The elf grinned and raised an eyebrow. He placed his hands on top of Selenie's, then slid them downward and wrapped them around his wrists. Gently, he pushed him toward one of the walls inside their house, and pinned him against it, holding his wrists above him. "Do I look masculine...and dominant...and strong...?" He teased, ghosting his lips along Selenie's neck.

Selenie was intoxicated. His eyes fluttered close and he moaned softly. "Oh, Andrafel... yes, you look.. all of those things." He said, breathing harder with each word. He wanted this other. Wanted him badly."You're making it so very interesting to breath."

The hilt of his sword pushed against Selenie, and he moved it out of the way, pressing his whole body against the boy, completely pinning him. He kissed him almost roughly, forcefully. He let go of Selenie's wrists, but placed his hands on his hips instead, pulling him closer, grinding their hips together.

Selenie molded against the other, returning the kiss with several loud moans embedded into it, clutching at the other's clothing tightly. He ground back against him, going with what felt natural, but something was so very much missing. He wanted to be filled and closer to the other, but how to do so? He breathed heavily, his hands working on their own to attempt to rid the other of his clothing.

Briefly, Andrafel pulled away to remove his sword belt and the bow that he had over his shoulder, leaning them against the wall by the door. He did not help much in the removal of his own clothing, however, because he liked that Selenie was attempting to do it for him. Mischievously, he leaned close to the boy's ear and whispered, "How badly do you want me...?"

Selenie found himself feeling incredibly warm. " With all of me." Selenie whispered, not entirely sure what it meant to say that, but sure that's what he wanted. He found out how to rid the other of his clothing finally and began to strip him, moaning at the sight ofhis bare chest. "Andrafel..."

Andrafel watched Selenie remove his clothes with an air of fascination, smirking as he said his name. He busied his hands now with the removal of Selenie's clothing, tossing his shirt off to the side and picking him up. He carried him to the bed and laid him down gently. He looked into his eyes. "What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, everything you possibly can?" Selenir found himself saying, quite wanting of the other. "I want you, Andrafel, in all ways." He didn't know what it would feel like. But all other pleasure with the elf had been more than acceptable. He blushed at hisown eagerness and leaned up to kiss him.

The elf nodded, though he wasn't sure the boy knew exactly what he was asking for. He was a little afraid that Selenie would not like what he wanted to give him, but he hoped that since he had warmed to everything else, this would be no different. "Relax as best you can," he said, kissing him back.

Selenie nodded, so very tense but so very relaxed at the same time. He shivered and deepened the kiss, giving all of his trust to the other. He wanted him. He could feel his body come alive and craved the other above him.

Andrafel pushed the boy's legs apart, then put his hand near his face. "Make it wet," he requested gently. He would need to prepare him probably quite a lot before he could enter him, at least without causing him pain. He kept his eyes on Selenie's face.

Selenie slipped his tongue out, wondering why the other needed this. He blushed and licked at the other's fingers and let his spit coat them, hoping he was doing the right thing, there really wasn't anything else around he could see to get fingers wet with.

The feeling of Selenie's tongue was quite arousing, and Andrafel felt his erection twitch against the fabric of the pants he was still wearing, for some reason. He pulled his fingers away from the boy's mouth and positioned one of them at his entrance. "Remember to relax..." he cautioned as he slowly inserted his finger.

Selenie gasped and tried his best to not tense. He bit his lower lip and adjusted carefully to the intrusion. It was new to him, the stretching and slight pain that was this entering him. He blushd, wondering what else the other planned to put inside him.

Andrafel was monitoring Selenie's face, watching for signs that he was not enjoying himself, or that he was causing him too much pain. Since he did not see any drastic signs, he began to move his finger, in and out and twisting it.

Selenie was entranced. He shivered and moved against the invading finger, enjoying the way it felt inside him. He wondered how men coupled with other men, however it was, he wanted to feel it. He was sure of that much.

"I'm adding another..." Andrafel whispered, warning Selenie as he slipped another finger inside. He knew this would be slightly more painful than the first, but he hoped the pain would not be a deterrent for the boy. It was not too late for him to back out, but the elf sincerely hoped he would not.

Selenie winced as another finger was added. He shivered and accepted it as carefully as he could, his heart rate was sped up and he didn't really know what was happening to him. He did know that beyond this strange pain there was a type of pleasure, and that is what steeled him to keep going.

As he worked those fingers in and out of Selenie, he asked, "Are you alright?" He had seen him wince. "If you need me to stop, don't be afraid to tell me so." He smiled. He was going to add another finger very soon if Selenie was not opposed to him continuing.

Selenie nodded, "I'm fine I just.. it's new and hurts a little, but kinda feels good too." He blushed as he spoke, wondering what caused such reactions out of him. He loved this man doing this to him and knew he wouldn't hurt him if he could help it.

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