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The Lonetrain Station

The Grand Hall


The Great Hall of the Royal City's Lonetrain Station was designed and created to show the power of the Royal School of Engineers to what was left of the world after the winter came. Built around 80 years ago, after the Pranay Malak brought the Majai to the Royal City. The Concordia Treaty, the final capitulation of the remnants of the Majai empire before the Daguerrian crown, had just been signed and the lower city was given to the Majai to carve out a life for themselves. Soon enough, Kkala, Amiri, Shah and many more Majai began to arrive on the Royal City and other cities, having made the tough decision between survival under Daguerrian power or death in the cold wastes, what's more, Daguerrians had suddenly found themselves in control of Ajdanen and Al Datsa. It is said that the Grand Hall meant to be the first taste the Majai would have of the Royal City and the power of the Engineers, a reminder of their ability to fend off the Winter. The station itself is a massive half dome carved into the side of the mountain. It is reinforced with columns the size of lone-trains, covered in beautifully decorated marble. At the very top, each column holds up a ring of powerful galvanic reflectors which coat the station in a warm yellowish light 24 hours a day. In the very middle of the station is the Machinarium, a building housing a powerful and secret engine that has kept the station lit and warm for generations. The building is covered in brass plates with beautifully carved Daguerrian vine leaf motifs, probably predating the winter, and supports a spire of chimneys and tubes which climb all the way up to the top of the dome. On either side of the Machinarium are long semicircular information desks were one can ask about lonetrain schedules or purchase tickets, and the arrivals and departures are managed by an automated system at the top.

The rest of the neatly arranged stone floors of the station are the home of many a bench for tired and weary travelers coming in or out of the Royal City. In the last few years, however, Majai and less wealthy Daguerrian peddlers have taken over much of the areas surrounding the columns, even setting up precarious stands and selling all kinds of things to the travelers. Many Lords point to this as a proof of the waning power of the aristocracy, as these peddlers tend to bribe local officials for their spots and there seems to be no way to root them out. Around the wall of the station are many large, iron doors that lead to places unknown by those not involved in their construction or maintenance. Some of the larger entrances, though, are famous. The prestigious Hotel Victoria, the Guard post that guards the entrance to the Great Elevator (and thus, the city), the much more modest Station Quarters for travelers and the ominous parapet doors, the last sight of home for many a ranger, are all connected to the Grand Hall.

Though he walked just a very short distance, Rill obviously wandered aimlessly on a side of the hall, looking listless and confused. He spent some time putting his possessions in place and then reorganising them. He couldn't leave the city? What could he do now?

"Ranger!" Ferah's voice rang out as she jogged to catch up to Rill. "Good to see you weren't kept in the Royal School's clutches." She smiled with a hint of rebellious sneer. "I wanted to thank you again for saving my life on the train. Without you, I would be left in the wastes." She bowed to him. "What are your plans now we are home?"

With as much dignity as the young man could muster, Thaddeus stood out of the way of traffic, but just on the other side of the entrance to the Guard Post, his posture much straighter than it had been in hours, his mop of hair a little more tamed after finger-combing it. The engineer fiddled with his cravat, fluffing it a little bit before buttoning the top button on his coat. He did regret his lack of decorum, standing in public and grooming himself as such, but at least his mother wasn't there to make a fuss over it. Next to his feet sat his bag of tools, and next to that, Tok sat guard. While Thaddeus's eyes remained focused on nothing in particular, his brain was abuzz with thoughts.

Tetra was half-hiding behind one of the columns that held the giant dome up, hand in her pockets and Ulysses hidden in her coat. She was quiet and hidden away in the shadows as she watched the door carefully, waiting for any sign of Dakai. Not that she wanted to do him any favors, but he had promised her a room for the night, and she knew the guards would probably check in on him to be sure she was there. And, if she wasn't, they would come looking for her. Shrugging her shoulders a little as she dug her hands deeper into her pockets, Tetra's scowl grew larger. If he wasn't going to show, she would leave now while she had the chance.

Rill was alerted by Ferah's shout and he looked up into the direction of the voice. He was at a loss when she bowed to him and just managed a somewhat awkward reply. "Er, it was, well, that's what I do. I mean, you're welcome." He was stumped for a moment when Ferah asked about his plans. "I have no idea! They told me I can't leave the city, but then what do I do? When I'm out there, the cities feel like safe places, homes, but now that I can't leave, it's like a prison and I'd rather be out there," he explained. "What can I do?" The question wasn't really directed at Ferah, it was more like a general statement.

Zahrah pulled the wrap tightly around her head as she tried not to look too put off. This whole thing was a bit too much for her and she needed to go find work. Her personal quality of life would suffer if she couldn't. Looking around with only slight agitation, she did spot Thaddeus, although she wasn't completely certain if he would talk to her now that they were no longer on the train. Some didn't like being seen with someone of her stature. So she gave him a small wave and waited to see what would happen.

"Any family waiting for you here?" Ferah asked Rill. "That's my first port of call. Been far too long." Her eyes strayed to the guard post. She would have to deal with those idiots if she was to get to the lower levels. A sudden thought came to her. "Come with me. Meet my people. We will welcome you with open arms."

What Thaddeus could really go for was a drink, but, considering that his purse was a little on the light side for his tastes, he knew the first thing he ought to do was go job-hunting. The engineer stood there as such, pondering a plan of action and where it was he should try first (Knowledge). His tired eyes idly scanned the immediate area when he caught sight of Zahrah and her silent, meek greeting. As he smiled in return, his face brightened further, for it looked like as if he had a sudden idea. He quickly stooped down to dig around in the bag that sat at his feet. There was a quiet whir as Tok came to life and backed away from the bag so that he wasn't in the way. Peeking up over his shoulder, like he were doing something sneaky, Thad tilted his head and jerked it slightly, as if to indicate Come this way to Zahrah.

Rill sighed heavily and leaned his face on his hand. "Both of my parents and siblings work in the trains!" he exclaimed, the reality of that fact really sinking in now. He was in all honesty surprised that Ferah invited him to come meet her family, or at least what passed as her family. He couldn't help but be a little sceptical. He also wasn't sure whether that was appropriate for his reputation. He didn't usually care too much, but now that he was under the Royal Investigators' noses, he felt a little more self-conscious about it. "Really? Eh... are you certain that would be acceptable?" (Insight, sense motive or what have you)

Still grumbling and cranky as all hell, Accalia entered the station and looked about. Well, now what? She thought, then yawned. Though it was mid-afternoon, she felt like she'd just woken up too early. It was too early still to go back to the hotel; after the brawl last night she wouldn't be welcomed back in so soon. Her pockets were empty, she had nothing to barter, and by the gods this hangover was brutal. As she made her way through the station aimlessly she just so happened to recognize a face. Eh, Rill? It wasn't often she saw other rangers, but it was especially rare to come across one she knew. Though not normally the friendly type she headed in his direction. After all, what else was she going to do until she found more work? "Rill." She called as she neared.

Making certain that her veil was completely covering her hair and partially covering her face, Zahrah followed at a sedate pace after Thaddeus, internally glad that he didn't ignore her. So many people did, and she felt as if she had no friends because of it. There were moments when she thought someone would treat her as a companion, but those were few and far between. Now she hoped that Thaddeus wasn't doing something similar to those others. She liked him well enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Rill heard his name and turned to look at the sayer. His first expression was mild confusion, then recognition and then more confusion. He didn't care that much about not remembering people's names, but now it was bordering on the embarrassing side. After a short struggle, he finally spoke. "Er... Cal, right?" He completely forgot to introduce Ferah who he was currently speaking with.

The moment he was released from interrogation and entered the Grand Hall, Paki headed straight for the various vendors alongside the pillars. He managed to work his way one by one through them as his fellow passengers caught up with each other and made plans. His goal was simple: Find a familiar face or name. To accomplish this, the Kkala asked each peddler if they knew his father and--if the answer was negatory--rattled off every name he could remember as an associate of his father's. By the time he reached the fourth vender, it was beginning to wear on his voice, but he persisted. "Perhaps Chionesu? Or Mulogo? Surely you know of Mulogo!" The man looked like the sort to trade with Mulogo...

The first vendor Paki headed off was a young Daguerrian girl of about 6 and 10, so she obviously did not know any of his father's old partners. The second one seemed to be an Amiri, he simply shook his head as his two little children ran around, somehow not kicking down all the stuff he had piled up on a beautiful carpet. The third was another Kkala, like him, who asked if he was going to buy something, but Paki was gone before the vendor could ask anything else. The fourth was another Daguerrian who looked a bit like a cuthroat, he was tall and skinny but with a prominent chin. More than a stall he had a small table hidden under the column, where all kinds of stuff sat. He had thick mutton chops and a crooked nose that looked like it had been broken a dozen times, topped off with a little bowler hat. "Feth off you mongrel." he hissed at Paki. "I don't know any Mulongo. If yer not buyin' ur sellin' I got no interest in you's".

Clearing his throat, Thaddeus stood quickly as Accalia strode out from the Guard Post, and as he stood, there was a flash of metal as the engineer carefully tried to hide something underneath his great coat (Finesse). Thad's strengths remained elsewhere, and handling weapons was not one of them. Besides, he'd just been released from and was in the vicinity of where he had just given his statement to the guards, and he didn't want to cause what could be possibly perceived as trouble.

Thaddeus seemed to have no trouble hiding his Stiletto, it would be hard to spot unless someone was looking carefully. Even then, the city was not a safe place and most people were armed in one way or another, even though only in the worst districts did people flaunt it.

It had been a long time since Rill had last seen her, at least six years by her count, possibly more, but Accailia certainly wasn't expecting the baffled look he gave her before attempting to figure out what her name was. Her eyes narrowed and her brows knitted together with annoyance. "Cali." She snapped as her nostrils flared. Glaring at him she stood up right and folded her arms over her chest.

"Right, um, sorry. But I was just one letter off!" Rill tried to defend himself. "And I just had the worst day – well, definitely one of the worst days ever in my life. We were attacked right in the middle of the snow! I got an arrow in my side and she got slashed." Rill waved at Ferah. "It was surreal. I hardly believe it happened. Oh... What are you doing around here?" he finally asked once he was done with the noneloquent explanation of his troubles.

Dakai had worn her patience thin, and Tetra was leaving. Besides, the longer she stuck around, the more likely it was that officials would notice her and figure out that she didn't belong to a family, much less Dakai's. Snuggling Ulysses tighter inside her coat, the street urchin stalked past the others, keeping hidden behind most of the pillars as she headed across the giant done towards the Guard Post. Looked like she was going to have to either sneak out or talk (perhaps cry) her way out of this one.

Smiling at Rill's terrible explanation, Ferah made a short bow to Accalia. "I can vouch for your friend - the day has been surreal." She let out a bark of sardonic laughter. "Ferah Azzal of the Azzal Amiri," she introduced herself. "A pleasure to meet a friend of the ranger. He has much honour."

Dakai emerged through the doorway adjusting his newly reacquired tools and belt. He stretched and scanned the massive dome room for any trace of his 'niece', the reminder of the investigator still fresh in his mind. He couldn't catch any sight of the little rogue and decided to call out among the bustle of the merchants to see if he could get her attention. "Hey tetra? Tetra!" He bellowed in a commanding but not deafening voice it echoeing a bit in the dome.

From the quarters exited Brant, smelling sweetly of honey and with a red tinge to his cheeks. He wandered towards the center of the hall, looking round, before spotting the guard post not far from where he'd just came. A small chuckle escaped from him before he headed to the gates there. He tapped on them with his staff, trying to get the attention of one of the men on duty.

Being the middle of the day, the gates to the guard post were open, when Brant tapped on the gate, however, he managed to get the attention of one of the Royal Army Grenadiers standing by the door. The man approached him, obviously taken a back at the sight of a Daguerrian wearing Majai Gard. "Can I help you?" he asked, acting a bit as if he did not want to really talk to Brant.

"No, no. The name is Mulogo." Paki clarified before frowning at the Daguerrian vendor's dismissal. "Ah. I wish you a fair day, then." He moved on to the next trader, again asking him or her if he or she ever did business with a Kkala named Egwu.

After a few more peddlers, it was obvious Paki wasn't going to find someone who knew his father here. Most of the people he had done business with were probably in other cities or retired. Maybe he could find someone who had known his father in the Lower City, but he didn't know if it was safe to go on his own, considering he really didn't know the place and the rumors about it were not good.

The first call of her name didn't stop Tetra, but as Dakai bellowed her name out a second time, the girl lifted her chin, looking up as she rolled her eyes and slowed her gait. She waited a few seconds before she simply turned to face him, crossing her arms loosely over her chest (so as not to harm Ulysses, who was squirming around inside her coat). She didn't speak, only watching the young man with a stern gaze until he decided to approach her.

The gear head strode across the hall in a quick pace as to catch up with his young entourage. Dakai smiled openly as he neared her to put tensions at ease. "Hello miss tetra. How was your interview?" He asked pausing for a second before addressing her in a softer tone only she could hear. "Inspector Koh would like to meet my niece some time in the near future, you know something we might have to deal with."

A small smile curved the wan lips on the Engineer's face, and, when Zahrah was close enough for Thaddeus to do so, he carefully extracted the stiletto from its hiding place. His hands were full and his pad and pencil had hastily been packed away after his interview at the guard post, but he figured his intentions were obvious enough. The young man's willowy frame shook with surprise when Dakai emerged from whence he himself had recently come and bellowed the Tetra's name. His brow furrowed just slightly, indicating his distaste for the man's approach at locating the girl, and he followed the gearhead with his eyes for a few seconds before looking back to Zahrah.

The expression on Accalia's face made it abundantly clear that she had little to no interest in the story Rill was trying to tell her, or either of their feelings about it. She looked at Ferah with cold eyes, pausing to take in the appearance of the much older woman and the way that she spoke. "Accalia," she finally replied, "though I wouldn't go as far to describe us as friends." To Rill she cocked an eyebrow and pursed her lips, glancing away for a moment before answering his question. "I came in from the wastes yesterday, spent everything I earned and then spent the night in a cell as well." Cali said, "So I suppose I'm here scouting for a new job." She cast a glance around quickly and then sighed. "but it looks as though pickings are slim."

While Dakai made his way towards her, Tetra looked to either side of her body, considering hiding behind one of the pillars, though mostly out of embarrassment. She kept her ground, however, hunching her shoulders in attempts to look smaller and avoiding eye contact with Dakai, as if she didn't know him. "I wouldn't call that an interview," the girl growled, turning to face Dakai and looking at him with one thick eyebrow raised. "Those giant cocks mostly just threatened to throw me back in the orphanage if I ain't who I said I was." As she spoke, the street rat looked around, as if she had been made wary of the officers by her own words. "Somethin' you might have to deal with," she retorted, fully intending on going off on her own after the night was over. "We should leave now." The girl looked towards the guard post, obviously uneasy about being in this place.

"Well it would be my problem if i didnt know a few people around the streets. Id do my best to find you miss Tetra." Once again the runt's attitude irked Dakai to no extent but he had restraint. He turned and leaned against one of the pillars as if exhausted. "If you dont mind just another moment I would like to wait for miss Daiyu, i still owe her for helping not bleed to death. After which we will head to my place for a bite to eat and decide what to do from there... niece." he added.

With a smile, Brant gave the guard who had approached him a short bow. "Good sir, I believe this is the way to the Mage Market. Do I have your permission to enter?" Being new in the city, the last people he wanted to tick off were the authorities. Any obstacles they put in his way would be hard to overcome.

"New to the city?" asked the guard after Brant spoke, stroking his chin. "Yeah, just show your papers on the way in and you should be all clear. If you're going to head down to the lower city though, better take a guide. It's a no man's land down there."

Rill looked a little confused at Ferah but shook it off quickly enough. He pondered for a fleeting moment whether he should reply something to Accalia's remark about not being friends but decided not to since he remembered that as far as he saw it, it was her wish to not have friends. He then proceeded to feel bad about his own situation again. "Ugh. At least you CAN go outside to do your job. The Royal Investigators red-stamped my papers and now I can't do anything." He then remembered Ferah's suggestion. He looked at Ferah. "Um... If you're sure that it's okay for me to go with you to them, I suppose I'll come."

With a soft smile, Ferah placed a hand on Rill's shoulder. "After what you did for me, you will be most welcome." She turned to Accalia and gave her a small bow. "Apologies if I offended you. May you find what you are looking for soon." With that she began the walk towards the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post.

"My thanks," Brant said to the guard before turning back and looking out into the crowds of people in the hall. Surely someone here would be a suitable guide in the lower levels (Notice).

Reaching out and taking the stiletto, mildly surprised that he remembered, Zahrah slid it back into the hiding place from whence it came. She gave the engineer a smile and let herself relax slightly. "Thank you for keeping it safe," she said, looking over to where people were moving about. She had to think fast and get away from this particular place, but without any form of protection, it might be a bit difficult. "Would you like to...walk with me?" she asked suddenly, quietly, looking at Thaddeus with another curious smile. If he didn't it was fine, she would find someone else to escort her.

"Well, I'll just go with her. I can't do anything else. Um... see you some time," said Rill to Accalia when Ferah left. He then followed her to the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post.

Well then. Accalia watched as the pair walked off to the guard post she had just came from, her metaphorical feathers more than a little ruffled now. First he completely forgets who she is, then just walks off with the old crone. It didn't even occur to her that the way she'd spoken to them might have played a hand in it, but then it never really did. She wished she could go back to the inn and have a drink and some rest in a cozy bed, however her lack of money prevented that. Grumbling to herself, Cali began to scout the area for possible clients.

Cali had been a ranger for a long time, she knew most people wanting a guide out into the winter usually set up expeditions at some of the inns in the city, the most popular spots were the Royal Crown Inn in the upper city, on Sevenoaks Street and Al'rai in the Lower City (Though Daguerrian rangers had to be careful there). There was even an explorer's guild in Hayton avenue in the South End of the Upper City, but a Ranger needed to pay dues there to get work. Still, one could find some poor sod who needed guidance for a trip outside, of guard looking for help locating a lost traveler our in the blizzard. For now he noticed a large Majai, the black kind (she didn't know what they called themselves), looking rather lost and confused by the Merchant stands, and a Daguerrian dressed like a street magician standing by the gate to the guard post, looking around as if he had misplaced something.

With that business taken care of, Thaddeus buckled his bag and picked it up by its handles. Standing-up straight, he nodded in response to Zahrah's thanks and was ready to bid her farewell when she inquired about accompanying her. Well, they had to go the same direction to get into the city proper, so he could at least escort her through, right? He looked undecided for a moment before , but smiled slightly, bowed his head, then directed her to come with him through the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post.

Tetra gave yet another large eye roll, getting a bit sick of Dakai's niceties and formalities, which really weren't doing her any good. She had made a deal, and no matter how much he did or did not suck up to her, she planned on following through since it meant some sort of shelter for her for at least a night. Though from the sound of things, she might have to be visiting Dakai's place again soon, something she wasn't exactly excited for. "Ya'd have a hell of a time," the girl snapped back, turning on her heel to try and head again for the Guard post. However, Dakai apparently decided he wanted to annoy the girl further, and she stopped, letting out a long, loud exasperated sigh. "Seriously..." the girl muttered, not even bothering to look back at Dakai as she crossed her arms, standing and waiting yet again.

Daiyu walked slowly along the station. She was pale and grey faced and her lips were tight against the pain. The drugs had worn off and she was using crutches to balance herself as she searched for the way out.

Hmmm. Although the woman he'd noticed intrigued him, Brant felt he could do with a stronger, more intimidating looking guide. The kkala seemed perfect, and not a bad looker either. With a smile, he strode towards where Paki was standing and gave him a bow. "Greetings, my fine fellow! Are you, perchance, heading for the Mage Market? If so, perhaps t'would benefit us to travel there together?"

With a smile, Zahrah followed behind Thaddeus, lifting the hem of her skirts slightly to give her a better access to movement. It didn't take them long to pass into the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post.

Paki had grown rather weary from the repeated negatory responses. He had just reached up to rub his eye tiredly when another man--with earmuffs? No, sideburns!--approached and gave a friendly greeting. "Ah! Hello." Paki grinned despite the rasp in his overused voice. "Yes, I have business in the Mage Market. People to find, questions to ask... I suppose that would be wisest." He nodded to the Dagguerian. "It can be a dangerous area to travel alone."

"So I have heard," Brant muttered, getting tired of the same spiel about the area. "While I am not helpless, perhaps vagabonds would be less likely to approach two men together. Especially one as strapping as yourself," he added, his eyes lingering on the kkala's muscular arms.

Daiyu was hurting and tired and extremely pissed off. She was accustomed to the moderately pampered lifestyle she had led while living with her family and now that she was wandering the station on crutches while wearing torn and muddy clothes, she was both irritated and ashamed. She lifted her head to look over the crowd, searching for someone she knew. It grated her pride to do so, considering they were all lower races, but at the moment she either had to ask for help or hobble around the city on her own and risk getting mugged or killed. For a moment she considered asking Constable Koh for assistance but immediately disregarded the idea; Dakai, the Daquerrian Engineer would probably be her best bet. So far he'd been the only Daquerrian she'd met who seemed respectful... and she had the idea he was to ignorant of Shah ways to realize how humiliating her condition was for her.

"As welcoming and friendly as ever i see." Dakai brushed off tetra's harsh tude as she replied to the interrogation question. He was about to take off after her when she decided she had had enough of his patience and "kill her with kindness" attitude and storm off only for her to stomp to a halt and seemingly abide by his request. He spun to find Daiyu if she had made it out yet, surely it would be hard to spot her she would have to be in some sort of cart, or limping or being helped along by someone(spot).

Dakai easily spotted the poor girls limping form from across the station. He hurriedly made his way to her while still keeping an eye on the trouble maker he owed housing to. "Hello miss Daiyu, how did everything go?" He asked when he reached her, offering to steady her on her crutch with an arm.

"Ah, yes! The greatest trouble in the lower city is only if you appear vulnerable." Paki grinned in agreement at Brant. "Where precisely do you intend to go, friend? Perhaps I have been there! I spent much of my childhood in part of the Mage Market."

Brant smiled up at Paki's friendly face as he shrugged. "I want to see what I can learn. I am on a quest of magical knowledge. Anything, and everything, is what I am looking for." His eyes strayed to the kkala's impressive physique again. "That and companionship."

Daiyu saw Dakai coming and smiled in relief. She gratefully took his arm though she tried not to show how much of a relief it was. "I am deeply disappointed to say that I made myself appear like a drunken fool due to the drugs." She answered him, hiding the annoyance she felt over the interview. "How was your experience?"

The gear head easily helped her along to his other companion. "Im sorry to hear that miss Daiyu, but its not like it could be helped. You needed the medicine." Dakai almost wished he didn't need to tell the lovely Shah about his deal with the young ruffian and sneak her into the city. As the neared her he finally answered. "It went well, i mentioned everything i could remember, though they were quite interested in meeting my niece." He motioned to Tetra hoping to get the point across(Persuade?) to only Daiyu in case she had missed their conversation while she was drugged on the train. "Well I guess you guys would like to sit a spell? I offer my abode if thats acceptable?" He asked, knowing tetra wanted nothing more than to be out of this place, though he wanted to offer to his lovely acquaintance as well.

"Ah! I am certain I can help, then!" Paki exclaimed happily. He almost reached for his compass to show Brant before he remembered exactly where he was and who might be watching--he did not want to be mistaken for a threat. Especially so soon after that unsettling interrogation. He slouched forward slightly and spoke in a more subdued tone. "My mother was a mage, herself, and my father traded in Malak's Hand. Magical tomes and artifacts will be easy enough to find."

As the two likeliest marks within her sight had joined up together, Accalia growled softly to herself in frustration. It looked like she was heading to the Royal Crown then. Readjusting her pack and weapons she made her way to the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post while cursing to herself. Let's hope none of them decide to bring last night back up.

With a stroke of his sideburns and a final look up and down of Paki, Brant nodded with a smile. "Very good! Onwards and downwards then!" With that, he turned and headed for WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post, assuming the kkala would follow.

Paki was actually quite eager to leave the Grand Hall, especially to go back home--he had really missed life in the lower city, regardless of its hazards. So he followed Brant towards the WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post without a second thought.

Tetra turned to watch Dakai witha suspicious eye as he walked over to Daiyu, wishing he would've forgotten about the Shah bitch so they could have left by now. Her arms were still crossed over her chest, and Ulysses was beginning to get uncomfortable and warm inside the coat, wiggling around to show his discomfort. The street urchin shushed her bird, trying to be inconspicuous about the live animal inside her coat, and waited rather impatiently for Dakai to return. As he and the Shah came closer, Tetra simply glared at the both of them, though her menacing gaze lingered on Daiyu the longest. She was so busy staring angrily at the woman that she didn't even manage to muster an eyeroll as Dakai called her his niece. However, as soon as his last words sunk in, and she realized he had offered his bed to the Shah woman, Tetra's eyes widened and the hackles on her neck almost visibly raised. "NO," the girl suddenly growled fiercely, her arms falling to her sides and her fists clenching. "She will not sleep in the same house as me," she added, shaking her head slowly with her jaw clenched.

The former noble could feel the disdain searing into him from the halfpint thief. "We had our agreement miss Tetra, im not going to modify it post facto. If you like you can have the first room with me so you wont be in the same room, ill even sleep outside provided i dont get mugged or stabbed." Dakai with held a sigh forgetting the animosity between races for a moment thanks to the life or death scenario that forced some cohesion earlier. "Lets just get out of the central station for now then we can discuss it."

It had been tempting. The offer of staying at his home was enough to have Daiyu actually considering it until she realizing that thieving little brat would be accompanying them. The urchin was staring at her and Daiyu turned to meet her eyes disdainfully (intimidate). She wanted the runt to be silent and know that the Shah woman wouldn't even blink while she handed her over to the guards. She waited until the scum had finished talking, a lady wouldn't interrupt even if it was a gutter rat. "I thank you for the offer. Perhaps some assistance in directing me towards my people and I will not trouble you any further.(charm)" She had, by now turned her attention to him, and smiled as she flicked her gaze once more over the little runt. "I wish you the best of luck with the girl." And I hope you count all your things before letting this creature out of your sight.

Tetra was glaring daggers at the Shah woman, and as Dakai spoke, she whipped her head to look at him , her fierce tea green eyes glowing with animosity. "If the bitch stays, ya won't be findin' me anywhere nearby," the urchin growled, her right hand moving at her side as she rubbed her fingers against her palm. Her gaze flickered immediately back to Daiyu, and the snobbish stare she sent towards Tetra only proved to fuel the blonde's anger. Her fingers moved again, and she almost instinctively reached behind her, her hand slipping under her coat to grasp the handle of her dagger. "Oh, no, ya ought to go find yer own folks and keep your filthy fuckin' slant-eyes offa me," snarled the young girl just as Ulysses poked his head out of her jacket, cawing loudly in the other woman's direction (Intimidate).

Dakai had no will to argue with miss Daiyu, she basically had him around her finger anyhow. He was immediately in between the two trying to mediate the sudden flare up. His eyes went to Tetra, he honestly couldnt blame her, most of his race despised the Shah, he had grown up in a noble household who viewed the other races as trash, nothing more than filth, they rarely even hired them as help. "Ok, ok, miss Tetra, lets just accompany miss Daiyu to the Mudgate, and then you and i will head home for a hot meal. No need for the hostility or obscenities." He leaned in a bit to whisper to his young accomplice as well. "Tetra... we are kinda surrounded by Shah... and i dont feel like getting lynched so can we tone it down and get the hell out of here?" He asked trying his best to calm her and get to a less populated area(persuade). His attention was back on Daiyu hoping she wasn't pissed at Tetra's tongue. "Lets move along shall we?"

Filth. Daiyu thought to herself indignantly as she watched the girl fidget. She carefully composed herself, taking on a mask of cool indifference that she'd been taught to wear so often. She was far from intimidated and she allowed a small curve of her lips at the thought that this pitiful being would be a threat. The creature's words, however, were enough to seal her animosity. She knew exactly what she would do, as Dakai had said... they were surrounded by the Shah and she knew it would be a simple manner to get rid of the urchin. She wouldn't deign to respond to the girl anymore, words would be wasted and she was not one to bluff. She turned her attention to Dakai, "Thank you. I am ready." She said simply as she shifted her weight on the crutch and waited for him to lead.

Tetra's shoulders heaved up and down with the heavy, agitated breaths she was taking, her eyes still fixated on Daiyu as she awaited a reply. However, the woman said nothing, and seemed to avert her attention. Tetra was on the verge of lashing out again when she felt the soothing voice of Dakai in her ear, and she whipped her head around to face him. Her upper lip quivered as the girl resisted another snarl, her brows were creased, and her gaze flickered between Dakai's face and the floor as he spoke. After a few seconds, Tetra looked back at Daiyu, and something seemed to click within the girl. Her hand lowered from her dagger, and she breathed in deep as she lifted her head and straightened her posture, looking almost like a proper little lady. "The Mudgate and no further," Tetra reasoned, blinking slowly as she reached up to gently push Ulysses head back into her coat. He protested a little, but eventually climbed down into the fabric and settled at her belt. "I don't feel safe with her, Uncle," the girl continued, looking at Daiyu once more with a stern gaze. As if to push everyone further into a state of unease, the young girl reached up with her left hand and grasped Dakai's, holding onto him as if he really were her next of kin.

"Well then lets see if the guards will let us through." He nodded to Daiyu. Dakai was actually surprised he had calmed the little rogue, he gratefully took her hand to keep the act up. For once she seemed to be accepting of the plan instead of purposefully ruining it. He offered his free arm to Daiyu's shoulder as if to steady her. He start his way to the Guardpost ready to fetch his papers when asked as he approached the guard. "No worries little miss. Well be home in a bit with some food and some shut eye." He said responding to her act.

Tetra cast a sidelong glance, or glare, rather, at Daiyu as the trio moved towards the guard post. She clung to Dakai's hand tighter than what was probably necessary, though whether this was from high stress or the fact that she was unaccustomed to holding hands was not evident. The urchin did not reply to Dakai, then, as they entered into WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post.

Daiyu was merely tolerating his touch, at least that's what she told herself but she had to admit that it was helpful. She hobbled along beside him into WoW - Lonetrain Guard Post
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2014-06-02 [Figgy]: Dakai is trying to persuade ONLY Daiyu, right?

2014-06-02 [twitchboy]: i dont see why he would need to convince tetra of a lie she already knows

2014-06-02 [Figgy]: He should probably Bluff then. I know Dur and I were reading it as Dakai trying to persuade Daiyu and Tetra to both go home with him.

2014-06-02 [twitchboy]: oh no it was trying to get daiyu to go with the lie

2014-06-03 [Figgy]: Daiyu???

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