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"You can get her under the mistletoe," Anka teased as she poked Nagi's side.

"Err..." Nagi blushed, nearly dropping his hot cocoa. "Anka!"


"Drinking!" Nagi whimpered. "And...stop that ESP thing!"

"You zone out, your breathing gets shallow, your heart rate sky rockets, you get shaky, you smirk, you bite your lip, your voice gets shaky and your cheeks redden," Anka said before taking a slurp of her beverage.

"ESP," Nagi murmured.

Anka laughed, "So, are you going to get a kiss from her this year?"

"I don't know. What's the weather like? Hell freezing over?" Nagi asked before taking a large gulp of cocoa.

"Cheer up. You'll get a super soft, sweet smooch Christmas day," Anka said with a sigh.

"Yeah..." Nagi sighed, "that won't happen..."

"Get some confidence!" Anka shoved Nagi.

"I would if it weren't two days from Christmas day and me not seeing Nami over all of Christmas vacation..." Nagi sighed.

"Get her a car this year?" Anka asked.

"No, that's next year's," Nagi said dryly.

"Sarcasm says you didn't get her anything," Anka noted.

"I got her something, actually. Just...been trying not to obsess over her and being around her," Nagi shrugged.

"Falling out of love?"

"No, I just...why the jump to love?" Nagi asked.

"Hey, you told me..." Anka reminded him.

"Well, yeah..." Nagi blushed. "But I'm not falling out of love with her, I'm...seeing how I feel after not seeing her for a few days."

"Heart fonder thing?" Anka guessed.

"Yeah," he shrugged.

"Nami was asking about you. She misses you," Anka squeezed Nagi's shoulder.

"You're not making it easy," Nagi admitted.

"Go see her. I told her I'd make you go see her," Anka said with a pouty lip.

Nagi kissed Anka's forehead, "Don't worry, sis. I'll see her Christmas day."

"Alright, fine. Good night."

"Good night..." Nagi sighed as he walked away from Anka.

"Damn it..." Nami growled as she managed to catch her balance before she fell. "Stupid ice..." she continued cautiously treading the sidewalk. Why do I miss him? she wondered. She blushed as she envisioned him, shaking the image immediately out of her head. Maybe I shouldn't go...what if he doesn't want to see me?

Okay...finally get to see Nami... Nagi sighed as he slipped his hands in his pockets. He caressed Nami's present nervously as he tried his ritual before he saw attempt at keeping his voice steady and his cheeks from reddening.

"Nagi?" Nami asked herself when she saw somebody walking toward her from the distance. She squinted as the person's features came into view. "Nagi!" she gasped as she took a running start at Nagi.

"Nami..." he whispered in realization. He watched her start to slip, managing to catch her hand in time, pulling her against him. "Nami..."

"Nagi!" she squeaked as she wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you!"

"I missed you, too..." he whispered. "Uh...Nami..."

"Yeah?" she asked as they started back toward her house.

"Well, I've...been trying to tell you something," Nagi said as he swallowed hard.

Nagi caught Nami by her waist, "Third time..." Nami sighed as she pulled her foot to her hip. She rubbed her ankle anxiously. "That really hurts..."

" might have sprained your ankle..." Nagi realized as he lowered himself to her ankle.

"Well, it hurts..." she growled.

"Solution," Nagi said as he scooped Nami up, cradling her against his chest. "I'll carry you home, and we can get a look at your ankle..."

"Kay..." she muttered as she blushed.

"Nagi?" Kelly blinked as she watched the boy ease the door shut with his foot. "Why are you carrying Nami?" she inquired. tilting her head to the side.

"Sprain," Nami admitted.

"I'll carry you to your bed," Nagi stated as he kicked off his shoes one at a time, managing to balance himself while still holding Nami.

"You're too nice..." Nami muttered as she untied her boot.

"Is there really such a thing as too nice?"

"When it gets creepy, yes," Nami said with a firm nod.

"Sorry," he muttered sheepishly. "But I'm more concerned with your safety than being a prick."

"It's just a sprain. Staying off of it for a while and using it as little as possible are the remedies," Nami said with a sigh.

"Better me carrying you than you freezing to death," Nagi offered.

"Nagi. It's fifty degrees out..." Nami said flatly.

"It could happen..." he shrugged.

"Too nice and a worry wart," Nami said as she tossed her boots toward the door.

"Yeah, pick on the nice guy," Nagi rolled his eyes as he flopped backward onto Nami's bed.

Nami smiled at Nagi adoringly. She shook her head a joined him, "Merry Christmas, honey."

"Merry Christmas, sweetheart," Nagi replied as he eased his eyes shut. His cheeks reddened when he snapped back to reality. I did not just say that.

"Sweetheart, huh?" Nami asked thoughtfully.

"Er...sorry..." Nagi whimpered.

"It's okay. Just never been called something like that..."

"Uh...well..." he shrugged, "You're the only one who calls me honey or hun."

"Habit..." she whispered.

"Not complaining. I like your little names, and I'm getting used to Lulu's too," Nagi replied.

"Why is it so hard for you two to get along?" Nami asked.

"Well," Nagi sat up, "She hits on me when I told her that I don't like her like that. And that bothers me."

"Noted. Don't hit on you," Nami said softly as she sat upright.

"Well, that pertains to Lulu not you," Nagi said automatically. "I mean...that I...uh..."

"Nagi, Nami..." Kelly opened Nami's bedroom door, "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah," Nagi said as he hopped to his feet. "I'll bring our food up!" he said as he rushed for the door. Saved by...wait! That might have been my only chance to ever tell her...

"He looked...embarrassed," Kelly said softly.

"Can't imagine why..." Nami said as her cheeks' color faded. He was blushing pretty badly...

"Maybe he likes you," Kelly winked.

"Mom!" Nami covered her face with her hands.

"Oh, right. You like him," Kelly giggled innocently.

"Quiet! He might hear you!" Nami hissed.

"You two are so cute," Kelly cooed as she left the room. She watched Nagi curiously as she entered the kitchen. "Nami didn't tell you what she wanted."

"No, but she likes chocolate syrup and strawberries on her French toast," Nagi said as he closed the refrigerator.

"Oh, Lord. She hasn't made you get her food that often, has she?" Kelly asked as she watched Nagi pour some sugar and creamer into a cup, followed by coffee.

"She hasn't made me do anything," Nagi said simply as he stirred Nami's coffee.

"So you do everything for her without even being asked, huh?" Kelly placed a firm hand on her hip.

"Well..." Nagi blushed even more profusely when he felt Kelly's suspicions deepening. "Yeah..." he finally answered as he reached for a glass.

"Uh huh," Kelly shook her head as she walked past him, patting his back. She settled at the table again and inhaled the steam from her tea.

Nagi poured a glass of orange juice and set it beside his plate of food. He gave Kelly a thoughtful glance. "Mrs. Jennings..." Nagi started as he approached the table. "Can to you about something?"

"Sure, what is it?" Kelly asked.

"You...know...don't you?"

"Know? About what?" she asked innocently.

"Me...and Nami," he whispered.

"That you like her? Yes, I know," Kelly said before she took a sip of her tea. "I've known since I first saw the two of you together."

"Well...I like her a lot..." Nagi admitted.

"I know you do," Kelly assured him. "Is that all? You don't want it to get cold."

"Well, I was wondering..." Nagi dropped his gaze, "If she felt the same."

"Why don't you go ask her?" Kelly inquired.

"Because if she doesn't feel the same I don't want to ruin our friendship. And if she doesn't feel the same maybe I should try to stop liking her," he whispered.

"There are serving trays under the sink. You can carry everything up in one trip if you're careful," Kelly replied.

"No answer?" Nagi sighed, turning around. He pulled out a tray, setting everything on the tray.

"She's never told me if she does or doesn't like you," Kelly said softly.

"Oh..." Nagi sighed. At least being with her will cheer me up... he thought as he opened Nami's door, setting the tray on her desk. "What're you doing?" Nagi asked Nami who was sitting upright with her hands behind her back.

"I almost forgot," Nami said with a smile. "That it's Christmas."

"Actually me too," Nagi admitted as he shoved his hand into his coat pocket, pulling out the small box.

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2010-03-26 [wicked fae mage]: NOTE: Nagi finds Nami with a twisted ankle and carries her home getting a kiss xD

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