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Himmels are © Kim Baerwaldt 2009-2010. Please do not draw or create
a character from the species without my permission.


RPer: [Aeolynn]

Character name: Windige, but her real name is Nyadwynn

Character setting: Fantasy

Age: Unknown, spent several years with a human where she grew from the size of a dog
to her full grown length of 27 feet, so estimated to be about six or seven

Race: Himmel

Appearance: Windige is a bright young Himmel with jade eyes, mane, neck and belly. Her back is a deep brown, fading to a lighter brown near the green. The umber extends to the arms and legs, where instead of the sage there is a maya blue stripe along the back. The outside of her ears are a deep blue, very similar to the blue of her limbs and her claws are pink, just like her nose. There is a concave dent behind her rump and behind her cloaca (vent), where the thinnest part of her body is, and also where her tail starts. Although it has been a year since she was with Ramsies, she still wears the saddle, which she can take off or put on using the natural ability of the Himmels to dissipate short distances through air or water.

The black mark on her mane, is the sign that she is a true elemental, and moves like a flag, or a ribbon in the wind at all times. With that, two dots of her green are always there as well, so the marking is different whenever you look at it, sometimes looking like it is spiking upwards, other times down.

              <img:stuff/agbullet.gif> Tail: Leopard Gecko, meaning that she grows more confident and calm with age however unlike the gecko, she does not possess the muscles at the base of the tail that can sever it if frightened. On another note, her colors are more bright then a normal Leopard Gecko's tail, and consist of more red, orange and yellow markings then regularly seen. Curiously enough, the blue marks on the back of her limbs extend to the tail, almost to the tip.

History: Windige has grown up without her family and species, and due to that she has a mixed emotions when it comes to things. Human soldiers captured her when she was young, used as a "guard dog" for their outpost. One day a young man joined their ranks. He had descended from humans that had once worked with the Himmels to keep the lands safe. As they began to die out, the human tribe left for higher ground to escape from the Lavabeests. Ramsies recognized what Windige was, gained her trust and set her free. Eventually, as she grew, they became partners and the best scouting pair in the ranks. The years passed, and eventually the Lavabeest's spawn spread. In an all out attack, all the humans were killed, including Ramsies. Not long after that the Gods deemed her worthy to become an elemental, a holy being of their choosing to represent them and revealed her true name. Every Himmel has a name before birth, but because her parent's could not relay their memories fully, she had not received hers. Air is a part of her, and she a part of it. Windige set out for vengeance and with the help of three other elementals, she and her allies washed the land clean from the Lavabeests scum.

Personality: Quiet, tranquil and intelligent. She prefers to be soft spoken and avoids others as well as she can. Once you gain her trust, she becomes an invaluable ally, loyal and protective. This Himmel is also extremely stubborn. Will refuse to interact with humans, has little love for other humanoids and works best with quadrupeds and other animals.

Occupation: N/A. She lives in the wild.

Abilities: Much like the ancient serpent dragons of the East, her kind can fly through the air without wings. They are predators in every sense of the word, having incredible hearing, good eyesight and are quite agile and fast. They don't have long claws or huge teeth, but their coils are very strong, and some Himmels have been seen using strangulation against their prey. Windige however prefers to tear out the throat or to chew through the spine of her unfortunate meal.

Empathetic, they can sense any being nearby that is intelligent based on feelings, with this particular ability not halted by thick stone or dense woods. Being as such Himmels are very hard to sneak up on, however if there are multiple beings, spread a part, they would have a harder time pin-pointing the hunters.


Character Challenge
RP Characters of Aeolynn
Windige ~ Himmel


[Chel.] answers the door to a large shed, "Oh hello Windige, a little late I see. Nevertheless, come in, come in... I apologize for not being able to seat you properly in my office. Frankly, it's not big enough." The shed was well lit and kept the two large doors open on both ends as to not make Windige feel uncomfortable "So- I've read an awful lot about you, but there are some things that I can't figure out...according to your records, you are a tranquil creature, yet you are set out for revenge... mind explaining this?"

"Revenge?" Windige questioned after a moment of looking around, "I do not know where, or what you have been reading..." Snorting, the Himmel sat down slowly, curving her spine until her torso only hung a few feet above the ground and letting her arms hang limp. With her neck curved as well, the tip of her mane brushed against the roof. "When I originally became an elemental, yes, I was out for revenge. That however was a god ordained mission, and the Lavabeests were evil. I killed them, exterminated them for the sake of this world... yet my triumph remains unseen." Windige barred her teeth for a moment, then let her lips relax as her anger was not aimed at her interviewer. "Under ordinary circumstances, yes, I am not violent, at least not in animal standards. When a race that only has the worlds destruction and that of every species or plant around it on their mind... my vengeance was only a small part of it." The large creature took a breath, then relaxed, and prepared herself for the next question. No matter how many times she talked about her past, it always affected her emotions and thoughts, that much she owed Ramsies.

Chel listened closely, chewing on her eraser a bit. She quickly jotted a few things down on her notepad. "Oh! I see... I'll just fix that in these files. Minor misunderstanding." Flipping a sheet, the woman quickly skimmed the next page. "You know- it seems quite lonely, being one of the only ones of your kind. How will your kind thrive after your pass?"

After blinking, Windige turned her head to look out one of the windows, watching the wind rustle through the trees outside. "I have two children. They are not full blooded Himmels, but they look a lot like me, and a lot like their father, who is a Chimera." Her green eyes flickered to Chel, "I know of another Himmel, who lives in the desert with her mate and that of another female, who also lives in a desert. They have told me that there are also three male Himmels past those deserts. We will repopulate," Windige nodded her head, a very human gesture, "-especially now that our greatest enemy has been scourged from this land."

Chel quickly made notes as Windige spoke, adjusting her files. "Wonderful, wonderful. Now- on a different topic, I would like to get a few more details on your species as a whole. It says here that your tails mimic those of geckos." Her eyes moved from her sheet, to the large Himmel, "Is there an evolutionary reason for this? Are amphibians some sort of distant relative of yours?"

"Any reptilian tails actually." She corrected, then opened her mouth a little, showing her front teeth and some of her fangs. The skin around her mouth looked much like a feline and didn't appear to open further. Making sure Chel was watching, Windige then unhooked her jaw, and the skin stretched to make it much wider then it looked. If the Himmel wanted to, she could swallow a human head easily. Letting her mouth relax back to normal, "As you can see, our tails are not the only feature we posses from our distant relatives. It is my belief that we came to be from the serpent-like dragons from the east... at least, that is what I have come to believe from my readings. When I was in the deserts to the north, that female Himmel I told you about showed me where a buried library was." She ducked her head, "I like to read," Windige admitted shyly.

Chel's eyes widened as she stared at the large mouth before her. Fighting her instincts, she kept her feet planted. "Really? That's remarkable... who on earth taught you English? Not to mention- how do you turn the pages?"

The Himmel's features hardened at that. "I was raised by a human after my parents were killed by Lavabeests. I am told that we developed vocal cords after we allied ourselves with a tribe of humans long ago. As to the books, my hands are also well adapted to holding and dealing with little things. For example, my kits were the size of your average dog when they broke through their shells."

"Fascinating..." Chel noted as she sat down in her seat. She quickly began to sketch the Himmel on a plain sheet. "You know- there really should be a special on 'Himmels' on Nat Geo or something." she chuckled a bit as she said this, glancing at Windige for reference before doodling some more. "So what do you think will become of your kind? Say- 100 years from now?"

Windige thought for a moment, twitching her right ear before ducking her head down to her arms to scratch at it. "I think we will come back, as a species. Many of us have secluded ourselves where hunters are rare. I however, have chosen to stay, but hunters are no match for me. My experience with them has left only death behind my path." She closed her eyes, and nodded to herself.

"Out of defense?" Chel asked, lifting her eyes from her notepad. At least, she hoped it was out of defense- otherwise she might get a bit more nervous. There was no one else in the shed but the two of them. If Windige were to attack, there would be nothing that Chel could do.

"Of course." Her empathy sensed Chel's alarm and immediately the Himmel lowered her body to they ground, so she was less threatening. "You forget I was raised by a human, unlike some other Himmels who grew up feral. I would never hurt someone unless they wish harm against me, and because of my empathy, I can tell from a long distance away whether or not that is the emotion."

"Well that's definitely a useful trait." Chel said surely, sketching a bit more. "And the fact that you were raised by humans and know speech is also quite interesting. Could you tell me a bit more about that? This-" she skimmed her notes, "-Ramsies, person?"

"Ramsies." Windige repeated, then paused. She took a breath, about to speak, then stopped again. Finally the Himmel swallowed and began, "I don't know how old I was, very young I suppose when I was trapped by a local garrison of soldiers. I was used as a watch dog. Because of my empathy I could sense if something was coming that wished pain upon them, or death, and a Himmel can be very loud when a pup, even more so when an adult. Anyway." She cleared her throat. "Ramsies was a soldier that was transferred to this outpost. His ancestors were the same that taught us how to speak and bonded with us. They left our lands in search of a safer place when the Lavabeests began wiping out the Himmel population, and they did so, so easily." Her voice broke at that. Closing her eyes, she remembered the flash of memories she received from her mother before she died, and the feeling of being so alone. It was replaced by Ramsies' gentle soothing touch to her mind, his unabashed love and respect for her the moment he saw her tied up to a pole in the middle of the courtyard... and pity. "He trained me, raised me, and in doing so we became the greatest scouts in the military. Then the Lavabeests started to become more aggressive."

Windige paused again and didn't continue. Her eyes just stared at the ground near her hands, anger in her features.

"I take it that he-" Chel paused, sensing her agitation. Swallowing, she went on, "-did not make it?" She waited, hoping that she would elaborate what had happened.

With her ears plastered to her neck, Windige did not look up. "They killed him. They tore him from my back and I could do nothing but watch his body fall in pieces to the ground." She glanced at Chel sharply, the black mark wavering on her neck fur. "That is the moment the gods chose me to become their avatar, their... elemental. They called upon me, and three others from different species to take on this threat, and purge it from the land." Her voice fell, as it had gained in volume from her anger, but began to quiet as she calmed. "And we did this, from faith, because no others could. From this gift from the gods we destroyed the Lavabeests- I killed their last Queen myself."

"Jeez-" Chel faded, not exactly sure how she would reply to that. Instead, she made notes frantically. Quite for a while, her cautious voice asked, "So- being now an elemental, could you explain the advantages? Are their any disadvantages? Did you know how you control these, uhmm... 'powers' right away?"

"Nothing but... advantages, though earth and wood hinder my abilities some. I can control the air, the wind, a breeze." Windige snorted, "A tornado. All at my whim. Making the air as sharp as a knife isn't that hard either. They accent my abilities as a Himmel well, which was why they were given to me, because of my affinity for flight and movement in my element. Unlike before, I can survive under the water and submerged in ice, sand, earth, without an air supply." The Himmel shrugged, a very human action before continuing. "They took a little while to get used to, but think of it as this. Finding a part of your soul you didn't know existed."

"Is it hindering to use these abilities?" Chel asked right away, as if excited by this interesting ability. "I can't imagine that creating a tornado would be easy on the body." she said with a smirk.

Windige cocked her head, "It isn't that hard, just the really big ones are."

"Lets talk about something a bit lighter, shall we?" Chel said with a forced smile, leaning back in her seat, "What about lately? What have you been up to? Anything at all to help me update your file."

"I haven't done anything in a while, it has been a year since I met the two dökkálfar, who changed my life. They taught me not only that I am not a mere animal, but a being of great might." Windige puffed up her chest, "You could say I had a confidence problem." She shook her head, making her ears wobble. "I know now that I was wrong. I left them after they helped me escape a Necromancer that tracked me by magical means."

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