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Who wore it best - Anime addition

Ok so, I will be putting anime characters neck and neck for <Who wore it best!!!!!> ANIME ADDITION!!!!
Remember this is a Democracy, so please send me some: Best__________ and I will put it up!!!

Take my poll to vote for.. Coming soon ;3

Don't forget to view the Contestants for this poll:

The Contestants

Best eyeliner Pein Vs. Gaara  And the winner is:...PEIN!!!
Best Purple Eye Shadow Naraku Vs. Orochimaru  And the winner is:...OROCHIMARU!!!
Best Pervert Miroku Vs. Jiraiya   And the winner is...Jiraiya!!!
Best Annoyance Lynn Minmei Vs. Kagome  Change requested by: [Surimia] And the winner is:.....Kagome!!!
Best Blond Misa Vs. Ino    Requested by: [~Crimson Angel~]  And the winner is......Misa!!!
Best Emo-ish Guy Sasuke Vs. Ulquiorra   Requested by:[~Crimson Angel~] And the winner is:....Ulquiorra!!
Best Gay Couple Kakashi & Iruka Vs. Light & L [Poll not available for voting, just for lulz]
Best Weird Eyes Alucard vs. Neuro   Requested by: [Dasner] And the winner is...... Alucard!!
Best Pink Hair  Yachiru Vs. Sakura  Requested by: [~Crimson Angel~] And the winner is... Sakura!
Best Voice   Kimimaro Vs. Itachi
Best Main Character  Ash Vs. Yugi
Best Big Brother Sesshomaru Vs. Edward Elric  Requested by: [Vampire Princess Twilight]
Best Square Enix Hero Cloud Vs. Squall Requested by: [Vampire Princess Twilight]
Best Evil Dude Sephiroth Vs. Aizen Requested by: [Dasner]
Best Cleavage Tifa Vs. Orihime  Requested by: [Vampire Princess Twilight]
Best Insomniac Gaara Vs. L  Requested By: [~Crimson Angel~]
Best Shinigami Ryuk Vs. Rem  Requested By:[*Phoenix*]
Best Evil Mastermind Light Vs. Lelouch Requested By: [Deus Ex Taco]
Best Travel Companion Kirara Vs. Akamaru Requested by: [~Crimson Angel~]
Best Red Trench / Duster Dante Vs. Alucard Vs. Vash Requested by: [Yami]
Best Psycho  Johan Vs. Alucard Requested By: [~Crimson Angel~]
Best Ocular Power Geass Vs. Rinnegan

If any of you can think of any way I could better this site, please feel free to suggest something.

Recent Changes

~I have thought of also putting the actual wiki in which the picture are for voting :D

~I have just thought of writing: "Refer back to who wore it best - anime addition" in the poll Question so it will be easier for you guys ^^

~You may have noticed that under the photos I put the names of the characters, and just recently have been asked to put which anime they are from under the name, which I think is pretty neat. Suggested By: [*Phoenix*] So thank you for that.

.: Attention :.

I'm back!! All new who wore it best match-ups to come!!

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2010-04-25 [*Phoenix*]: Okies. :0]

2010-05-15 [*Phoenix*]: Well, thanks for saying Thanks! I'm glad you liked my suggestion! ^-^

2010-05-16 [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]: No Probs ^^

2010-05-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: I got one, Cutest travel companion Kyrara from InuYasha Vs. Akamaru from Naruto.

2010-05-17 [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]: Okies ^^

2010-05-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: YAY!!!!!

2010-05-19 [*Phoenix*]: I added the shinigami pics to the page...

2010-05-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: coolness

2010-05-21 [Yami]: I have a suggestion, Best red trench/duster: Dante of devil May Cry (It's an anime now) vs. Alucard of Hellsing vs. Vash the stampede of Trigun.

2010-05-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh, nice one!

2010-05-21 [Yami]: Thank ye, it's interesting because all three of them use one silver and one black gun

2010-05-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: You know, you're right.

2010-05-22 [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]: Never done three before.....Okie dokie *Nother Gir moment*

2010-05-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol Coolness!

2010-07-08 [*Phoenix*]: Hey, I tried to fix the Best Shinigami page. :)

2010-07-09 [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]: Ohhhhhhhhh That was YOU, I'm like wait.....who was HERE lol it's cool ;p

2010-07-12 [*Phoenix*]: Okies. Sorry if I confused you. :]

2010-07-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Best Psycho Johan from Monster Vs. Alucard from Hellsing

If you've never seen Monster I'll be happy to send you a picture.

2010-07-31 [xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx]: Yes pwesh ^^" lolz

2010-09-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: This is Johan.


2016-03-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: hi

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