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 Rashemi Vorien Augier is a powerful man at six foot four and 174 pounds. He is endowed with long blu-black hair that reaches to his elbows and sharp dark green eyes. He took up teaching because it was what he loved to do, but he is a bit mused lately for his teaching of the year was said that it might prove to be difficult. The other instructors had warned him that the boys in the acadamy were roudy and not at all peacefull to teach. But he would test that. He adjusted the collar to his white dress shirt and made sure it was not tucked into his black slacks and slung his dark green long coat over the side of his chair as he awaited the students to arrive.

Meretrix hurried down the hallway. He was already almost five minutes late for class. When he reached the door to the classroom, he stopped and stared. "S-sorry I'm late, Sir..." he mumbled. The man commanding the attention of the class was intimidating and stunning at the same time. As he stared, Meretrix suddenly felt smaller than he already was. Timidly, he took his seat in the only empty desk and folded his hands neatly in front of him on the surface of the desk.

Rashemi raised a thin black eyebrow and sighed. "Do not make a habbit of it." He said simply in forgivance and handed him a text book, looking over the boy quickly and smiling as he did so. Such a cute little thing He thought to himself

"You will not have much work yet as it is the beggining of the year, but I would like you to at least look through your history texts so that you get a general idea of what we will be covering, if there are any questions regaurding, feel free to ask." Rashemi finished and took a seat at his desk, letting his eyes scan across his students. So far they seemed to be perfect as far as he was concerned.

The blonde boy looked down at the book and blushed. The smile was not lost on him and it embarrassed him. He wondered vaguely why he would receive a smile when he was late to class. Absently, Meretrix leafed through his text book and pondered this.

Rashemi smiled and had to think of a better way to get to know the boy that his eyes currently landed on.

"Meretrix, Might I ask you to stay after?" He asked politley but sternly. He would use his tardy-ness as an excuse to egt to know him more. He had never done something like that but this seemed to be an exception.

Meretrix looked up, startled, and with a bright blush on his face. "Er...yes Sir," he answered quickly. He hadn't known that he would get in enough trouble to stay after class just for being slightly late. He turned his golden eyes toward the pages of the history book in front of him and tried to read the open page that said something about a war. Unfortunately, it couldn't interest him and his mind kept drifting to the teacher and wondering how he had earned such a reprimand as to stay after class.

Rashemi smiled smugly at the blush on his student's face and sat in his chair, smiling more as the bell just happened to ring for them to switch classes. He gathered his things for the next class.

"Please return your texts to the shelf and pick up any paper lying about." He said as he annoyingly saw bits of paper laying on the floor. He smiled and sat back in his chair, waiting for the class to empty out except for his 'prey' as he gave him a predatory stare.

Meretrix shyly placed his book on the indicated shelf and reached down to pick up some of the paper. He sort of assumed that he should be doing so anyway, since he was staying after class. That and no one else bothered to pick any of it up. He balled up the paper and threw it in the trash, then stood before the teacher's desk and looked down at his feet.

Rashemi stood and pulled up a chair next to his. "Have a seat, I merely want to ask you about your reason for being tardy, it is not the end of the world." He said soft as he smiled gently.

"Yes Sir," he answered quietly and sat in the chair. As a sort of habit, he started to chew on the thumbnail of his left hand and stared at the floor. "I don't have an excuse for being late. I just...slept a few minutes too late and couldn't get dressed fast enough." He glanced up at the tall dark man and then back down at his feet.

"I see..well try to get to bed on time alright?" He asked, smiling, gently taking the boy's hand away from his mouth. "Don't do that, you have such pretty hands. And you are not in trouble, I just wanted to make sure everything was alright." Rashemi said, not letting the hand go, looking into the boy's eyes, not entirely playing with him, but seeing how he would react.

"Yes Sir. I will try to get to bed on time. And...I can't help chewing on my fingernails. It's a habit I've had for a long time." Meretrix blushed a darker shade of red and looked at the hands holding his. "Sir...why..." he started. He was going to ask why he was holding his hands, but it occured to him that his hands were very pale and cold. "Why are your hands so cold...?" he asked shyly.

It was Rashemi's turn to blush and he placed a small kiss on the back of the boy's hand before standing. "I am always skin attracts cold easily." He said, trying to think of an excuse. "It is a bit chily in here is all." He said, smilng lightly as he could tell that the classroom was actually very warm.

Meretrix was suspicious of the answer since he did notice that the room was warm. "Sir...I...have to go to my next class..." he mumbled, though he didn't try to take his hand back. He was staring at his feet almost the whole time, but decided to look up. His gold eyes locked onto the dark green eyes of his teacher and he felt that he couldn't look away.

"Don't call me sir, call me Rashemi." he said softly. He smiled lightly and leaned down, kissing the boy on the cheek, next to the lips. "You might want to get to class before you are late for it as well." He said, sighing, not really wanting the boy to go and letting go of his hand to write him a pass in case he was late.

The boy blushed brightly and accepted the pass. "Thank you S-...I mean, Rashemi." He looked at the floor for a few seconds and then ran out the door, into the hallway. Once out the door, he leaned against the wall and touched the place where Rashemi had kissed him. He blushed lightly thinking about it, but then rushed on to his next class.


Rashemi fell uncerimoniously onto his bed as he entered his dorm room. He had had quite the long day and he was just wanting to rest. He had been giving the same lecture over and over and now he could finally think, and of course it would so happen that the first thing to come to his thoughts was of Meretrix. Such a cute little thing. So very..his if he had it his way. He smiled as he recalled how the boy had blushed and he hung his coat on a set of hooks in the room. He stripped down into only his shirt and pants and sat in bed, turning on the lamp and began reading over a novel.

It was late. Meretrix had been wandering the halls, knocking on the doors of other dorms. He couldn't find his dorm. Finally, he reached a door he hadn't knocked on already and decided to see if anyone inside could help him. He lifted his hand and rapped lightly on the wood, so as not to disturb anyone else in their dorms.

Rashemi by now had just gotten out of his shower and was in only his pants, letting his long black hair air-dry as it clung about him. He walked to the door and opened it, raising an eyebrow at what he saw. "Well then..hello there.. Shouldn't you be in bed?" Rashemi asked Meretrix as he stood there. He took over the boy's appearance in his mind and smiled his usual predatory smile.

"I...should be. But I can't find my dorm," he whispered. Meretrix blushed again. He didn't know why Rashemi wet and without a shirt would have such an effect on him. He couldn't help but stare, though, and thus found himself blushing darker. "I didn't know this was your dorm," he added apologetically. "I was just trying to find someone to help me."

Rashemi smiled. "Wait here." He said, taking the card that would display his dorm number from his hand. He took it in the room and looked at the number and smirked, he changed it to his room number and walked back out, handing it to him. "Your not lost, your room is right with me." He said, smiling seductively.

"Oh! Then I guess it's a good thing I knocked on your door." Meretrix was slightly suspicious, but it was getting later and later and he was quite tired. He smiled and made a gesture as if to say, "Can I come in?" and stepped a bit closer to Rashemi.

Rashemi stood for a moment, trying to refrain from drawing the boy to him and kissing him, but he stepped aside and let him in. "There is only one other bed in here, but I am sure you will find it to your liking."Rashemi said, sitting on his own bed and staring Meretrix down. Too bad I have no way out of getting you into my bed...wait...there is "There is usually spiders over there though so if your wanting, your welcome to share the bed with me..."

"Well I...don't think I really want to sleep with spiders. But are you sure it's okay that I share a bed with you? I won't be intruding?" He looked over to the empty bed, but the thought of the spiders deterred him from even sitting on it. He wasn't especially afraid of spiders, but the thought wasn't pleasant.

"It's more then fine." Rashemi said smiling. He sat upon the bed and pulled the blankets back from the other side. "Just climb on in." Rashemi said, smiling yet again his seductive smile. He climbed in on his own side as it was and went to turn off the lamp. "Do you need the lamp on dear?"

"No. But...I hope you don't mind. I usually sleep in boxers." Meretrix turned away from the bed he was to be sharing and shed his shirt. He was a bit embarrassed that he was as skinny as he was, but he couldn't help it. He never gained weight. After he got rid of his uniform, he turned around and climbed slowly into the bed. Then he turned on his side and curled into a little ball, as close to the edge of the bed as possible.

Rashemi smiled and crawled under the covers after turning out the light. "You may sleep in whatever you wish.." He said in his student's ear as he leaned over him a moment. "You could even sleep nude for all I care.."He said in a whisper, ghosting the edge of his student's face with a small kiss wondering if he felt it before returning to his side of the bed, but facing him, letting his eyes trail down his student's back. So very close to me...

Meretrix's eyes had been closed, but now they were wide open. He turned onto his other side so that he was facing Rashemi. "I...I'm really embarrassed to ask...but...are you attracted to me? You''ve kissed me twice now." He had his arms crossed in front of his bare chest in a rather girlish way. He stared at Rashemi and noticed how luminescent his eyes were in the dark.

Rashemi smiled and looked into his eyes. "I may be..." He said, softly. "Do you want me to be?" He asked, stroking his hands over his arm.

The boy blushed again. "I...I might...What would happen if...I did?" He wanted to curl into a smaller ball because he had embarrassed himself. He still couldn't stop staring at Rashemi. He liked how bright his eyes were. His hair looked very shiny too. He suddenly felt like touching it.

Rashemi curled his arm around the boy and pulled him up against him. "What would you want to happen?" He asked, leaning so very close, keeping his lips but an inch from the boy's.

Meretrix opened his mouth as if to answer and then shut it again. His arms were still crossed in front of him. " want..." he barely whispered and blushed again. He wondered for a second if he should be doing something like this with his history teacher, but dismissed the thought. He was very attractive. Meretrix remembered suddenly that he had wanted to touch Rashemi's hair. He slowly reached out one of his hands and sort of petted the side of his head. "Your hair is...very soft. I'm sorry...I just...I wanted to touch it."

"It is fine, do what you will.."Rashemi said, moving in that inch and very lightly touching his lips to Meretrix's. He didn't know if it was smart romancing the boy, but the boy was his as far as he was concerned as he let the boy feel his hair.

Meretrix thought if he blushed anymore, he would pass out. He wanted to kiss him back, but he was afraid to take that action. Instead he asked, "Will you...kiss me again?" He had his arms crossed in front of him again. Maybe if he kept his arms in front of him, it would calm the butterflies in his stomach.

Rashemi kissed him again, uncrossing the boy's arms from his chest. "Stop being so shy." He whispered briefly before returning to kiss the boy. This was his. He could get to know this. This boy was to be his salvation if not his undoing.

The boy placed his hands on Rashemi's chest instead of crossing them in front of his own and closed his eyes. The kisses were nice. It wasn't as though these were his first kisses, but he was a bit unsure of himself. He decided to try his luck and barely ran his tongue along Rashemi's bottom lip.

Rashemi took the initiative and kissed the boy deeper, slipping his tongue into the boy's mouth, pulling their bodies completely together as he did so. He smiled inwardly at the boy's inner dwellings as he could read every thought that left his mind like an open book but not. He slipped his hands down the boy's side to his hips where he rested them, wanting him to make the next move.

Meretrix suddenly felt embarrassed for never having gone any farther than kissing. He was sure he wanted Rashemi to touch him, but he wasn't sure how to ask for it. "I...I don't know what to do..." he whispered.

Rashemi smiled. 'Just feel." He said, slipping his hand under the waistband of his soon to be lover's boxers, letting it slip down to sroke him. "Is this okay?" He asked, drawing his fingers along Meretrix's length.

The boy gasped and tried to answer, "...yes." He found he had wrapped one of his hands in Rashemi's hair. He didn't even try to form the sentence, "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't pull your hair." He doubted he could talk right now. But since they were in a dorm and had neighbors, he bit his lip to try not to make noise.

Rashemi wrapped his fingers tighter around him, moving them up and down in a slow and somewhat tortureous pace. He wanted to hear the boy moan, any sounds that would be made would more then likely go un noticed as everyone would have been asleep and the walls were not so thin. He kissed them boy as he set out a rythm for him, moving his hand along him tight, and slow.

Meretrix was biting his lip so hard he was about to bleed. Finally, he gave up. He found he had also been holding his breath, and now that he was breathing again, his breath only came in short gasps in time with Rashemi's stroking. "Nnnn...aahhh..." he moaned, and then blushed at the noises he made.

Rashemi smiled at the boy's moans. "That's alright darling, call out to me." He said seductively, trying to keep his sadistic vampirey side at bay as he continued to stroke the boy, licking his neck as he shifted his position a little to better grip him.

"Ahhh...Ra...Rashemi!" he moaned in response. He wrapped his other hand in Rashemi's hair as well and pulled him closer. He liked the attention to his neck. Meretrix felt an unfamiliar tightening in his abdomen, but somehow knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Rashemi sucked and nibbled upon his young lover's neck and continued his ministrations to his length. He couldn't help it any longer, the scent of his lover's heated blood and his arousal set Rashemi off, making his fangs slip out and graze along his lover's neck before biting into him hard,not stopping his strokes on him as he did so.

Meretrix saw spots. He wasn't sure if he was in pain or ecstasy. Maybe both. But the bite was enough to finish him off. He arched against Rashemi and called out his name as he came.

Rashemi sipped of his lover lightly, drawing his hand from the boy, holding him tight, slipping his clean hand into his lover's hair so as to have more room to drink from him.

Meretrix finally took his hands out of Rashemi's hair and placed them back on the taller man's chest. He became vaguely alarmed that there were still teeth in his neck, but he didn't bother trying to push him off. He made a small whimpering noise, but nothing else.

Rashemi pulled back and licked the wound, letting it heal. He kissed him soft and hugged him tight. "There..see? Nothing to be afraid of. " He whispered, hugging him close.

The boy put one of his arms against his chest again and draped the other over Rashemi. He curled against his smooth chest and whispered, "You scared me for a second. But I'm okay." He was sleepy now and opened his eyes to glance up at Rashemi and then closed them again and sighed.

"I didn't mean to scare you." He said in a whisper and kissed him lightly."Are you sure your fine with what has happened?" He asked, not wanting to lose the boy for anything.

"Yes, I'm fine," he assured. He looked up at his teacher and smiled. "And now I know the real reason that your hands were cold." Meretrix would have been fascinated if he wasn't so tired. He yawned and closed his eyes again.

Rashemi smiled lightly. "Yes...just know that I would never harm you."He said, kissing him and closing his own eyes, holding his student close to him.


It was the next day and Meretrix was in another one of his classes: Alchemy. This class was decidedly more difficult than his history class, but somehow not quite as interesting. He couldn't concentrate at all. But that could have been because thoughts of the night before were still playing over and over in his head. He blushed a little and then shook his head.

Valcourt looked over his student's shoulders as they worked. He, unlike Rashemi, was not one to give his students much of a break and had already assigned them work for the second night of their schooling. It wasn't anything too hard and they should all be done rather quickly.

There was one student who caught his attention unlike the others and yet of course the Fates would only have it that the damned vampire History teacher would have marked him already. Valcourt scoffed at this. It would seem he would have competition this year.

He smiled and decided to bother the student who had him so captured, Meretrix. Meretrix was the one who plagued his very thoughts and made his teaching life hell. Oh but he would take him from the vampire, that he would. He just had to think of how..oh but so easy a task could do this. A simple love potion... he only had to get to work on it. And that is what he did as his students worked.

Now if only to find some way to get the boy to consume it...

Meretrix looked away from his papers and books on his desk suddenly. He felt like he was being watched. But then he dismissed the feeling and picked up his pencil to begin writing. He still had the feeling, but continued to ignore it and tried to do his work, though he wasn't sure he could concentrate entirely.

Valcourt contemplated and made the potion.He knew exactly how he was going to get the boy to take the potion....

He called in for the cafeteria to bring the class doughnuts and juics...and all he would have to do is hand everything out. He waited patiently for the stuff to arrive. And when it did he grinned.

"Well now class.. I have brought you all a little bit of a treat..."He said, slipping the potion into a nearby juice cup unnoticed. After he did that he smiled at the class and grabbed paper plates that had been provided. "Come along my children and recieve your treat." He said, sadistic smirk in place.

Meretrix was a little confused as to why this teacher would suddenly be so...nice. But he sighed and stood up with rest of the class. They made a neat single-file line and walked slowly to the front of the room. When Meretrix had taken the proffered juice, he returned to his desk. He looked at the cup for a few moments, then downed in all in one gulp. Then he looked at his papers and began to write again. Suddenly, something began to distract him. He felt the familiar butterflies in his stomach and his thoughts became clouded. He glanced up at the teacher, seated at his desk, and blushed a brilliant red. He looked back down at his book and tried to clear his head of the confusing thought that had just occured.

Valcourt smirked as he realized the potion must be taking effect. He grinned so brilliantly. Now..if only to find a way to get his child to stay after class..

Meretrix suddenly felt hot all over. He began to wonder if he was getting sick. Then the same confusing thought occured to him again. He realized he was thinking naughty things about the alchemy teacher. He gasped quietly and covered his mouth. No, no, no, no! Stop thinking that! he told himself. But the more he tried not to think, the more he thought. Then, much to his surprise, the hot feeling flared and then collected in his groin. He thought he would die of embarrassment. He never wanted to get out of his desk again. And he hoped no one could see his misfortune.

Valcourt grinned. There now. He had his prey right where he wanted him. "Meretrix..are you feeling quite alright? I think you should rest here after class." He said, his voice in a seductive pur. He walked over to him, pressing his hand to his forehead to feel for a fever. "I wonder if you are not getting sick.." He said with fake concern. He knew all too well what was going on with him. He smiled and leaned down to shiper into his ear, letting his breath float across his neck. "Oh yes, I think it would be very wise of you to stay after." He gently stroked Meretrix's hair before leaving to go back to his desk.

"Yes Sir..." he almost sighed. He was still terribly embarrassed, but when the teacher came close to him, a curious drunk feeling came over him. How much longer did he have to sit in class? Only a few minutes. That was good. For some reason, he wasn't apprehensive about staying after class. He knew he probably should have wondered why he felt like this, but there was a fog in his mind and he couldn't think clearly. He doodled absently on his paper until the bell rang. When the bell did ring, rather loudly, Meretrix stayed seated at his desk and looked up toward the front of the classroom with half-lidded eyes.

Valcourt grinned and jumped to the catch at this. "Do you love me, Meretrix?" He asked, smirking. This would help him know if the potion was working completely. "Or are you still in love with the vampire?" He asked,drawing him up against him.

"...what vampire?" Meretrix answered playfully, though he honestly couldn't think of who that might be. He grinned and traced circles with his finger on the shirt front he was pressed up against.

Valcourt shivered and couldn't resist. His potion was working perfect as planned and he kissed the boy. "Nevermind about that..." He said, kissing him again, roaming his hands along the boy's sides and slipping them under his shirt. He didn't have any other classes and thinking up an excuse for why he wasn't in the others was all too easy...that is it would have been had a certain vampire not knocked on his door.

"Valcourt..I know you have him, hand him over..." Rashemi growled.

"I don't know what your talking about..." Valcourt replied, smirking as Rashemi entered the room.

"Oh you don't? And what is that child so lovingly clinging to you then?"

"He isn't yours..he loves me...don't you Meretrix?" Valcourt stated, grinning.

Meretrix giggled and mumbled something as he snuggled against Valcourt's chest. He smiled and wrapped his arms around the waist of his alchemy teacher, then turned his head slightly to look at Rashemi. "Oh...hi," he whispered, but without any tone of recognition or concern. Then he giggled and buried his face in the fabric of Valcourt's shirt front again.

Rashemi growled. "Give him the other potion to that now. I marked him. We had a specific deal. You wouldn't touch the ones I marked."

Valcourt sighed. "I know I know...I couldn't help it.." Valcourt said with a slight pout as he pulled a vial of already made anti-potion."One last kiss." He said, spilling the potion into his mouth before clamping his lips tight over Meretrix's to get the potion in his mouth to swallow.

Rashemi smiled."Thank you, and I would like you to not touch him again.."

Valcourt nodded in least for now. He waited for the potion to take effect as he pulled away.

Meretrix was thoroughly confused as his head cleared. He remembered what had happened, but he wasn't sure why, and he blushed. "I'm sorry...Rashemi..." he whispered. He thought he might cry, he was so embarrassed and angry with himself and with Valcourt. He rushed past both of them and ran to the dorm he shared with Rashemi.

Rashemi scoffed at Valcourt and ran to Meretrix. "Darling? Are you alright?"

"No..." he sniffled. "I...feel like I betrayed you. I didn't know how it was happening, but I knew what was going on and I couldn't stop it. I just..." Meretrix couldn't stop his sobbing and sniffling. He was still confused as to how the whole thing had happened. He wanted to hug Rashemi and cry into the front of his shirt, but he felt so bad for what had happened that he didn't know if he should.

Rashemi smiled and kissed him. "Don't worry, that was Valcourt's fault...he and I are old rivals..he gave you a potion. Do not feel bad, you had no controll over what happened." he said, drawing Meretrix into a hug. "Besides, I wouldn't let him take you from me."

"Good, because I don't want him to," he answered. "Do you have any classes today? Because I don't want to go to mine. I want to stay right here with you." He knew it sounded kind of sappy, but it was how he really felt at that moment.

Rashemi smiled warmly and embraced Meretrix. "Nothing important dear." he said, sitting in bed. He was happy to not have classes today and he held the boy tight to him, kissing him gently as he sat in his bed.

The boy was glad for the affection and let himself forget what had happened with every kiss. Momentarily forgetting his shyness as well, Meretrix kissed Rashemi back. Though he had gotten the anti-potion for the love potion, he thought he could still feel one of the affects from it. He wanted Rashemi badly, but his shyness came back to him suddenly and he couldn't ask for what he wanted in words. So, he sort of pawed at the front of Rashemi's shirt and futilely tried to unbutton it without looking.

Rashemi smiled kowingly and sent a hand down to help the boy, wondering just how far he would take it. He in turn slid his hands down the boy's own uniform-clothed form and unbuttoned the shirt with a skill he mused over not realizing he had. His gaze grew heated as he took in the smaller boy's chest through his hungry eyes and slipped his hands down his chest, needing to feel the warm supple flesh beneath his fingertips. He only hoped that the boy did not mind that much for the cold in his hands. But they would not be cold for long. Arousal always heated his skin. And this boy seemed to do that to him aroused or not, so the discomfort would be only momentary.

Meretrix hissed at the cold touch and then sighed at the touch in general. He liked being touched by Rashemi and he laid his own hands on the strong chest in front of him. "I...liked what we did last time. But I...want to go farther this time. I think I love you, Rashemi," he whispered. His mind was getting clouded again, but this time it was clouded for Rashemi.

Rashemi smiled and whispered. "Are you so very sure you love me? I will bet it is not as much as I love you my dear.." He titled the boy's face to his and smiled after kissing him gently. "We can go however far you want. You set the boundaries." He said, continuing to stroke the boy's chest.

Meretrix smiled and closed his eyes for a second. He laid his head on Rashemi's chest. "I don't want to set the boundaries. I want you to do whatever you want to me," he said dismissively and then looked up at his history teacher. He fluttered his eyelashes in almost a girlish way and there was an almost glowing blush across his cheeks.

Rashemi felt a bit of a rare blush form in his own cheeks and he kissed the boy for this, moving him backwards onto the bed gently, kissing a line from the boy's lips to his neck, working on unbuttoning and unzipping the boy's slacks. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes..." Meretrix answered simply and rested his hands on Rashemi's shoulders. He was nervous, but he wanted this to happen. He was sure Rashemi wouldn't do anything to hurt him, at least not on purpose, and so he wasn't really scared. He also noticed that his lover's touch was no longer cold.

Rashemi kissed lower on the boy's chest and slipped his hand below the waistline of his unzipped pants, wanting to stroke the boy to full errection which he did so with the wanting of him. He kissed wherever he could, sucking here and there on bits of revealed skin.

"Mmmnn...ahhh..." the boy moaned and sighed. His short chewed-off fingernails dug into Rashemi's shoulders and he arched as close to the older man as he could. He couldn't get close enough and he made small whimpering sounds. It felt like everywhere the man touched was on fire. And Meretrix wanted the fire to consume him. "Ahhhnnn...more..."

Rashemi felt chills at how sweet the boy's voice sounded. "I love that voice of yours, call out for more darling, what is it you wish for me to do?" he asked, tugging his pants completely off, unbuttoning and unzipping his own as well.

The boy wrapped his arms around Rashemi's shoulders and pulled himself up so he could whisper in his ear, "...fuck me." He was past the point of being embarrassed and he was already blushing before he said it.

Rashemi felt himself harden at this. His eyes burned even more with lust, bringing about a shine to them. "Of course." He whispered back, laying the boy back down and kissed him hard, pushing his own pants down and slipping himself between the boy's legs, kissing on his neck as he did so.

Meretrix gritted his teeth, but tried not to be tense. He was a virgin and he knew it was going to hurt, but he didn't bother saying anything. And he kind of liked pain anyway. He just grasped Rashemi's shoulders and panted.

Rashemi fished around in the table for the little bottle of lubricant he had bought and saved just for this boy beneathe him and he unscrewed the cap, slickening his length and the boy's entrance with his fingers before pressing into him gently, but with force.

The boy let out a hiss and a little whimper before shutting his mouth and swallowing any sounds of pain. It was hard not to tense up, but Meretrix knew it would get better eventually. His eyes were screwed shut and he thought his fingernails might leave marks if he held Rashemi's shoulders any tighter, but he forced himself to relax for the older man's benefit.

rashemi knew the boy was being hurt a little, but he was not crying out so he continued, pushing into him farther, pressing kisses to his neck.

"You can...go faster..." he panted and wrapped one of his hands in Rashemi's hair. He just barely pushed himself forward a bit and then winced and smirked a little.

Rashemi gasped only lightly at the demanding in the boy. "Of course." He said, picking up the speed of his thrusting greatly, shivering in pure pleasure, moaning softly against his neck as he kissed him to quiet a rather loud moan or two.

"Ahhh...nnnn..." the boy cried out almost loudly, as he had nothing to quiet his moans, and took his hand off Rashemi's shoulder to anchor himself to the sheets. The other hand was still wrapped in gorgeous black hair, but Meretrix was no longer concerned with whether or not he was pulling it.

Rashemi much liked the pulling on his hair. He slipped his other hand around and stroked the boy's length in time with his thrusts, breathing harder with each thrust as he became slightly unfocused near his climax.

Meretrix moaned louder at the extra attention and he knew he would only last a few more moments."Ahhh...ahhh...! R-Rashemi!" he cried as he reached his peak.

Rashemi came merely seconds after his lover, kissing him hard as he did so, savoring every sound of him.

The boy draped his arms around Rashemi's neck and breathed heavily as his heart rate gradually returned to normal. " you..." he panted and half buried his face in soft black hair. His eyes were closed and he felt like sleeping. I wonder how much class I missed Meretrix thought. But he wasn't actually concerned.

Rashemi layed back with him. "Sleep now darling, you seem exhausted." He said, running his fingers through his student's hair. He covered them both up. "Do not worry about your other classes, I will tend to your teachers in them."

"Alright," Meretrix answered as the fog of sleep started to come over him. He curled against Rashemi's still-warm figure and fell asleep.
Valcourt had had a whole night of scheming. He smirked. If he couldn't win the boy over with the potion, he would simply have to seduce him. And he stared predatarily at his young pray, smiling softly. "Oh Meretrix, come here dear." He said, writing down an quick invitation to supper. He would make the boy his.

Meretrix was suspicious and walked tentatively, but nonetheless came forward. "Yes, Sir? What is it?" he asked quietly.

Valcourt smiled. "I want to apologize, dear, and to show how sorry I am I invited you to dinner with me tonight..would you please come?" He asked, giving him a teary eyed look and placing his hand over Meretrix's.

The boy narrowed his eyes at the contact, but didn't take his hand away. He didn't want to be rude, whether this man had almost destroyed the beginnings of a relationship or not, and so he sighed and answered, "Alright. I guess I will." Then he withdrew his hand from underneath Valcourt's.

Valcourt smiled. "Alright see you then dear." He said, grinning. He removed himself from the classroom and went to his rooms, setting the table and making the food.

Meretrix walked rather slowly to his room. He needed to tell Rashemi where he was going, but he was in no hurry to get to Valcourt's room. And the longer he took getting to Rashemi, the longer it would take him to get to the inevitable destination. But eventually he reached the room and opened the door quietly. "Rashemi...?" he said quietly. "Valcourt has invited me to have supper with him. He wants to apologize for what happened." He didn't believe that himself and he doubted his lover would believe it enough to approve his going there, but he waited to hear Rashemi's answer.

Rashemi twitched lightly. "Oh? Does he now? you want to go? I will let you as long as you promise to get out of there if he starts anything...and don't drink anything." Rashemi said sweetly.

"I don't want to go, but it's polite. I think I should go. And of course I promise to leave if anything happens." Meretrix gave Rashemi a quick kiss on the cheek and left the room. Don't drink anything was going through his mind as he walked ever so slowly to Valcourt's room. He decided he would have to keep that in mind. He reached the door and knocked on it lightly.

Valcourt smiled as he heard the knock, he opened the door and let the boy in. "Why hello there." He said, smiling. "Supper is ready, have yourself a seat." He said, swishing about in green robes, pulling out a chair for Meretrix to sit in.

The boy was still suspicious. There was no way he could just forget everything that had happened before. Maybe he could forgive him, but he doubted he could just forget it and trust him readily. But he sat down in the chair and folded his hands in his lap.

Valcourt smiled at him from across the small-ish table. "Eat would you, you wont die." Valcourt said with a kind smile."And I really am sorry, I had not meant to give you that potion..well I had, but I wasn't thinking right.."

Meretrix blushed slightly because he felt like he was still being rude and began to pick at his food. He remembered that Rashemi had told him not to drink anything. But what if there was something in his food? He mentally shook himself, he was being paranoid, and ate a little of his food silently.

"There is nothing in the food or you would be feeling it by now darling. Just eat and relax would you?" Valcourt said, looking at him with sad eyes.

Meretrix immediately felt bad for feeling so suspicious. Valcourt was extremely convincing, whether he was acting or not. He ate more of his food, but he knew he still wouldn't drink anything. He looked up and gave a small smile. "I'm sorry, Sir," he said, forcing himself to apologize for being rude.

Valcourt smiled. "Ah, not worry about it, I have betrayed your turst and I can understand how that can make you seem unwilling." He said, smilng. "But whenever you are done we can move to the couch, I just want to talk with you is all."

"Truthfully, Sir, I'm not very hungry anyway. We can move if you want to." He shoved his plate away. He really had lost his appetite, though he had made himself eat half the food on the plate. The couch didn't sound so great. Things could happen on couches. Why am I being so paranoid? he yelled at himself mentally. Valcourt is trying to be nice and what am I doing? I'm being completely rude!

Valcourt smiled and sat at the couch, keeping the middle cushion between himself and Meretrix At least for now he thought, patting the couch."You know, you really are a remarkable student. What do you plan to do when you graduate?"

The question caught him off guard. He'd never really thought about it before. "I...don't know," he answered. He was tempted to bite his fingernails, as was his habit. He was still uncomfortable, but the small talk was helping slightly. After thinking for a little bit, Meretrix added, "I guess I might become an artist of some kind. I like to sketch, so I guess that makes sense for me."

Valcourt took one of Meretrix's hands and looked it over. "Ah I see...yes you would make a brilliant artist."He said, massaging the hand gently."So long as you continue doing well in school."

"Ah...thank you...I hope I do well in school. I try to keep my grades up." It was making him a little nervous that Valcourt was touching his hand, but, since he had already been rude enough earlier, he didn't try to pull his hand away now.

Valcourt threaded his fingers through Meretrix's and kissed his hand lightly. "Such beauty should be praised." He said softly, letting the boy's hand go. He wanted to give him love and attention little bits at a time so as to not scare the boy off.

A light pink blush lighted the boy's face and he settled his hand in his lap like it had been before. He was becoming exeedingly uncomfortable. There was too much touching for this to be an apology. It felt more like he was attempting what he had before. Meretrix looked at the floor and sighed.

Valcourt saw this. "Are you alright?" He asked, pouting slightly. "I am sorry if my actions disturbed you." He said,sighing. "I just feel bad..and I am still trying to get over the fact that you belong to Rashemi so much."He said, admitting a little to his wanting to seduce the boy.

"Oh! No...that's not..." He couldn't finish his sentence. He didn't want to lie. That is what he had been thinking, but now he felt bad for thinking such a thing. "Are you truly sorry? This isn't all an act?" Meretrix knew that was a harsh thing to say, but Valcourt already said that he understood why he would be uncomfortable.

Valcourt sighed. "If it was an act you would be in my bed by now." He stated truthfully and yet untruthfully.

Meretrix blushed brightly and put his hand up to his mouth with his fingers curled in. The statement was so blunt it embarrassed him. He still stared at the floor. "I'm sorry, Sir."

Valcourt smiled. "Don't be so embarresed.." He said softly. "And there is nothing to be sorry for." Valcourt smiled. "Do you want any kind of dessert?"

"Sure," he answered. Obligation made him say yes, but then again, dessert always sounded good. Also, contrition had made him forget all of his earlier suspicions about Valcourt.

Valcourt smiled. "Ice cream with a cherry on top?" He asked, smiling slyly.

"Okay. I like ice cream," Meretrix answered obliviously. He smiled cutely and looked up from the floor at Valcourt.

Valcourt blushed lightly at this. "Good.." He said, getting out vanilla ice cream and some cherries.

Meretrix smiled and asked quietly, and still obliviously, "Do you...ummm...have anything like hot fudge or caramel?" He was simply naming things that he liked on ice cream, but the implications could sound terrible.

Valcourt grinned and pulled out some fudge. "Here, let me warm this up for you and you can have alll you want." He said sweetly, popping off the lid and putting it in the microwave to melt. As it did so he couldn't help but think of the fudge in places on Meretrix that it may or may not have been apropriate in. He shivered as he removed the fudge and handed it to Meretrix. "Here you go, dove."

"Thank you, Sir," Meretrix answered as he took the container. Perhaps not realizing what he was doing and perhaps toying with Valcourt's mind, the boy plunged his finger into the fudge and then put that same finger covered with the confection into his mouth. After licking it completely clean, he blushed and said, "Oh! That was extremely rude of me. I shouldn't have eaten out of the container like that. I'm sorry."

Valcourt stared at the boy in amazement. "That's...quite alright dear." He said softly, smiling at a spot that had landed on the boy's cheek. He leaned down and licked it off of him. "There, that is punishment enough." He said, smiling and putting the fudge up after it was all made into their ice cream. "Shall we go back to the couch?" He asked, stepping close to Meretrix.

"Sure," the boy replied and stepped past Valcourt, returning to the couch. He waited patiently for him to sit before he began eating his ice cream. He didn't want to be anymore rude than he had been already. "I'm really glad you suggested ice cream. I haven't had it in forever."

Valcourt grinned. "Well I am glad you are enjoying it then." He said, scooting a little closer to him. "What's your favorite flavor?" He asked, making small talk.

"That's a difficult question," he answered. "I guess...I like strawberry ice cream the best. But I also like mint. I can't decide." He smiled, enjoying the conversation and the ice cream, not noticing that Valcourt had moved closer.

Valcourt inched until he was almost leg to leg with Meretrix, casually yawning and placing his arm up behind Mertrix on the couch, not completely on his shoulders so that the boy would not think too much of it. He smiled. "Hnn what's your favorite topping?"

Meretrix still didn't really take notice of Valcourt's closeness. He was still partially absorbed in the topic of ice cream. "Hmmm...I think I would have to say caramel. But if you drink caramel by itself and quickly, it will burn your throat. Did you know that?" He looked up innocently at the teacher sitting so near to him.

Valcourt had moved in a little more as Meretrix had said that and looked up at him and he couldn't help what happened next. He moved in and close the distance between them, kissing his student ever so lightly on the lips in a quick fashion. "Caramel hm? Why would you drink caramel?" Valoucrt asked as if nothing happened.

Meretrix furrowed his brow, slightly bewildered, not sure if he had just been kissed or not. "...I...went on a trip with my former school and someone had caramel with apples and they didn't want it. So I...decided to drink it." He was a little disturbed that he couldn't be sure of what had happened.

Valcourt smiled and tilted Meretrix's face to his, looking him directly in the eyes. "You are a silly boy aren't you?" He whispered out his question, moving closer to kiss him again.

The boy blushed and stuttered in his reply. "I-I...I guess so..." he said in a strained whisper. He was aware that Valcourt was extremely close to him now and he was sure he had been kissed before. He remembered that he had promised Rashemi he would leave if he tried to start anything, but was finding himself in a rather compromising position.

Valcourt pressed his lips to the boy's as he realized he was not making any move to pull away and he waited to see what would happen.

His eyes widened and he blushed brightly, but did not respond. Nor did he try to pull away. None of his limbs wanted to move, though he was still perfectly capable of moving if he wanted to. Or he thought he was. It disturbed him that he wasn't moving, though part of his mind was telling him to. Rashemi! I want to move, but I can't make myself do it! I want you to save me! I need your help! he thought.

Valcourt pulled the boy against him, into his lap, attempting to deepen the kiss. He slipped his arms slowly around the boy's back as he did so.

Resigned, Meretrix accepted the kiss and barely began returning it. He was getting irritated with his mind. It was telling him that Valcourt was a good kisser. But his heart was screaming that he should pull away right at that instant and run to Rashemi.

Valcourt kissed him more, slipping his tongue along Meretrix's bottom lip, asking, almost pleading for entrance as he slid his hands under the boy's shirt, caressing his back and pulling him tighter against him.

The boy complied and opened his mouth slightly, granting Valcourt the entrance he wished for. He didn't want to admit that he was enjoying all of this.

Valcourt slipped his tongue into the boy's mouth and began unbuttoning Meretrix's shirt one button at a time slowly so that if he wanted Meretrix could pull away. He held back a moan at how the boy seemed to be giving into him. He loved everything about him right then. The taste of the icecream, his scent, his whole being he wanted to be inside him. Wanted to share with the boy what Rashemi already had.

Meretrix suddenly opened his eyes, panicking slightly, and moved away from Valcourt. He felt that it was wrong that he had already let him get that far. "I'm...I'm sorry...thank you for the food...but I have to go..." he said as he stood and backed toward the door. He opened and shut the door quickly, then turned and jogged out of the building to the complex that housed the gymnasium.

Trying to forget what had happened, Meretrix picked up a basketball and launched it into the hoops a few times. Finding that he tired of this, he retreated to the locker rooms and took an almost scalding-hot shower.

Valcourt sighed and laid back in his couch. "So unfair..I was so close..." He said softly, still able to taste the boy's lips. "Well..I will just have to try harder next time." He said, cleaning up the kitchen before collapsing uncerimoniously on his bed.

After his shower, it occurred to Meretrix that Rashemi was a vampire. He would no doubt be able to taste Valcourt the next time he kissed him. So, he grabbed his gym bag and found a bottle of mouthwash. He took a large gulp of it and let it sit in his mouth till it began to burn. Then he spit into a sink and began walking back to his own dorm, preparing to block his thoughts from his lover.

Rashemi smiled as he saw his lover arrive and stopped grading his papers. "Well...what have you been up to? Your all wet.." He said, raising an eyebrow and pulling him into a tight hug. "How did everything go? Did you go to the gym or something?"

"Yeah. I ate ice cream, so I wanted to work it off," he only slightly lied. He hoped he had figured out how to veil his mind effectively, though he hadn't really been sure how to do that. The hug he was receiving from Rashemi was loving, he could tell, and he suddenly felt guilty that he had let it go that far with Valcourt. He also felt guilty that the thought had just occurred to have Rashemi and Valcourt at the same time.

Rashemi smiled then raised an eyebrow as he watched Meretrix's thoughts seem to play out on his face. "Are you all right darling?" He asked, kissing him and holding him closely. He could tell something was plaguing the boy's thoughts, but he was not sure what that was and he didn't feel he should push it right now. Instead he would wait until later when the boy's defences were low.

"Sure, everything's fine." He smiled up at his lover, feeling ever more guilty for lying to him. "I'm tired," he whispered. Shooting hoops in the gym had used up a little more of his energy than he thought it would have.

Rashemi kissed him again. "Alright, let us get you into bed dear." He said, smiling and kissing him yet again. "I think you just need your rest. You seem out of sorts."

I wish I was better at this acting thing Meretrix thought. He could tell he was wearing his heart on his sleeve, whether his thoughts were readable or not. He yawned and leaned against Rashemi's strong body, closing his eyes.

Rashemi smiled and layed the boy back on the bed. "Let me whisk you to sleep then love." He said, peeling the boy's shirt off and his pants so that he was in his boxers. "You must be extremely tired dear."

"Yes..." he whispered, slightly embarrassed that Rashemi was taking his clothes off for him. At how concerned the older man seemed for his sleep, he suddenly wondered if he was worse at shielding his mind than he originally thought. No! I'm going to sleep! I can't guard my thoughts then! Meretrix realized. And with that thought, the barrier was broken and he blushed, waiting for Rashemi to react to his unveiled thoughts.

Rashemi read the boy's thoughts with a calm sigh. "I knew it." He whispered lightly. "Well...I will just have to keep a better eye on you now wont I?" He asked aloud to himself, smirking as he did so, hugging him close and drifting off with him. He never found the thought about wanting him and Valcourt together.

The boy was ashamed. He blushed and felt tears well up in the corners of his eyes. He was even more ashamed since Rashemi was being so calm about it. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Meretrix sobbed quietly against the man's chest, crying himself to sleep.

Rashemi felt his heart break a little as the boy cried. He held him close as he slept, pressing random and loving kisses to his face and anywhere else he felt the desire to do so. "Don't worry darling, even if that happened you belong to me."

"And I always want to belong to you..." Meretrix whispered with his eyes closed. He was just on the edge of sleep and wasn't conciously sure he had spoken the words aloud, but he assumed Rashemi would catch them whether he spoke them or not. And then, with his energy wasted on basketball and lying and crying, he fell asleep.

Rashemi smiled, he searched the building with his mind, noting as well that Valcourt had drifted to sleep as well. He was also surprised that Valcourt's thoughts held apology for partially seducing his young lover. But he wouldn't let that sway him into letting Meretrix run off with him alone ever again. He laughed softly in his thoughts and kissed Meretrix one more time as the boy slept and then slipped off to sleep as well.


So much had happened in one day and it was finally the next. Meretrix was, routinely, in his history class again, idly reading the text book and taking a few notes. He appeared to be concentrating on his schoolwork, but was in fact working on trying to close his mind. At the same time he was analyzing one of his previous thoughts. How could he have Rashemi and Valcourt at the same time?

Rashemi smiled to himself. "Oh sweet Meretrix my dear, I think you and I should go talk to Valcourt."He said as the class ended. He imediately walked over to his young student lover and kissed him, not caring who saw. He was sure that by now their realtionship was no longer a secret to the school. He grabbed his coat, slipped his arms about Meretrix and kissed on his neck lovingly, sucking the skin, partially to be sure he was his.

"Oh..." Meretrix was a little embarrassed at the attention and a light blush rose to his cheeks. He silently agreed to go talk to Valcourt, but still had his plot in mind.

Rashemi slipped his hand around Meretrix's and lead him to Valcourt's room, knocking on the door.

Valcourt opened it with a sigh and paled as he saw Rashemi. "Why hello there, why don't you come in?" He offered, stepping aside to allow the somewhat enraged vampire in.

Rashemi smirked. "Yes, hello..mind telling me why you disobeyed me after I told you specifically to not touch my lover?"

"Well..obviously you can't resist him, and neither can I, I believe that is reason enough..besides it is not like he was complaining."

Rashemi growled at this. "I beg your pardon?"

Meretrix blushed brightly, but managed not to make any noise or let any thought escape. He only stood at Rashemi's side silently, formulating the last aspects of his plan. He would let Valcourt and Rashemi begin their argument and then he would slip out of the room and...Right...I hope that works...he thought.

Rashemi huffed. "I don't care if he was complaining or not, that is mine. I love the boy and you had to go and put your filthy paws on him! I want you to apologize right now!"

"No!" Valcourt responded childishly.

"And why not?"

"Because I am not sorry." He said as the argument seemed to escalate.

The argument was almost amusing. It was strange to be fought over. By this time, Rashemi no longer had hold of Meretrix's hand and the boy edged away from the two fighting teachers ever so slowly. His first destination was the kitchen. But it would be less noticeable if he disappeared slowly, so he only took two or so steps every couple seconds.

Rashemi growled. " need to keep away from what is mine and respect my boundaries."

"O-ho! I see so you treat him like property!?"

"No...I do not treat him like property I treat him like I should. You can ask him. I love the boy why would I treat him badly?"

"Because your a vampire. All vampires treat their lovers like food..."

"How DARE you! That is so rude! What of you wizard-types!? Do you not use spells to get to your lovers? Tis a shame that they never just want you isn't it? Hnn did you use one this last time?"

"No, I used ice cream..."

A this Rashemi paused. "You did what??? Ice cream, how the hell does ice cream entrance Meretrix?"

"Easy enough...he wanted it and I wanted him."

By this time, Meretrix was only a few feet away from the kitchen. He didn't think they would notice him now, but he blushed a bit at the thought of the ice cream. He realized now that he must have done a couple of suggestive things involving that food item, but he hadn't meant to at the time. Either way, he was still determined to make it to the kitchen. But...what am I looking for? Just anything...anything that could get them drunk? he wondered.

Rashemi and Vaclourt continued on, both of them starting to shout now. They glared at eachother, both restrainging from taking a hit at the other.

The shouting was a little unnerving to the poor student, but he continued his way into the kitchen and climbed up onto a counter. He was a bit short and couldn't quite reach the cabinets any other way and moving a chair would have been too loud, so kneeling on the counter, he opened a cupboard slowly and began rifling through its contents.

Valcourt ducked as a vase flew past his head. "When the hell do you have the right to go throwing vases in my house!?"

Rashemi smirked. "Oh when? Probably when you basically told me you wont give up on my lover." He said, grabbing a vase in one hand mischieviously.

There were alot of bottles in the cupboard, and this was only the first one he had looked through. Many of the bottles were in some language he couldn't understand, so Meretrix left them alone. Isn't there anything alcoholic in here?! he thought. He finally found a clear bottle with a glass label. He unscrewed the cap and smelled it. It smelled relatively sweet. That would make it easier to disguise.

Rashemi has by this time tossed the other vase at Valcourt.

Valcourt bearly dodged it in time, growling, thinking of a way to pounce upon the mad vampire.

Conveniently, there was something in the fridge that would mix wonderfully with the sweet-smelling alcohol. He hoped that Rashemi would be distracted enough not to notice the smell. Meretrix carefully poured the two liquids into two glasses and carried them out to the living room. "Ummm...excuse me. Rashemi? Valcourt? Would for something to drink?" I hope Valcourt doesn't mind that I rummaged through his kitchen the boy added in his thoughts.

Rashemi smiled. "Truce for a moment to drink?'

"Alright." Valcourt said, and at the same time they picked up their glasses, each of them downing their drinks. "Thank you." They said before going right back to bickering.

Meretrix barely contained his small smile that the first glasses had gone down successfully. He took the glasses back from them both and retreated back into the kitchen. When they began arguing heatedly again, he would simply slip back into the kitchen and pour two more glasses. And so he hoped it would progress that way. But for the meantime, he watched the spectacle unfold in the living room, though since the argument had reached a level of violence that required the heaving of objects at one's opponent, it was a bit dangerous to be a spectator.

Rashemi stopped his throwing suddenly, feeling really warm. "Damn Val, do you never open windows!?"

Valcourt shivered, he was warm as well. "Hell it wasn't this way a moment ago!"

"Ha, sure it wasn't."

"Your an insufferable idiot." Valcourt retorted.

"Well, vampires don't just overheat, so obviously you should have known it first." Rashemi said shakily. Something was happening to him, andhe was not so sure he liked it. A warmth was begining to spread out through his stomach and to his lower regions. He felt his cheeks flush. "Val...are you feeling any...warmth anywhere?"

Valcourt paled at this. "Kind of..why do you ask?" He asked, sitting down now. "And why do you keep calling me 'Val' all of a sudden???"

Meretrix barely suppressed a giggle and hurried into the kitchen for a few seconds, returning with the same two glasses. "Maybe you've been arguing too heavily. Here, have another drink," he said persuasively, and handed the glasses to the two older men.

Rashemi nodded. "Thank you love." He said to Meretrix, also sitting down."How strange I do not feel so much like arguing all." In fact, odd thoughts of lust were filling his thoughts, and the alchemist wasn't looking to bad right about now. He also looked to Meretrix as well and felt a surge of lust hit him hard.

Valcourt was having very much akin side effects. " is really really hot in here." He said, blushing slightly and averting his gaze.

"Are you two alright?" Meretrix asked with mock concern. He had noticed a while ago that the bottle of sweet-smelling liquor had the name Minuit. It was a pretty name for the lovely liquid that was doing what he wanted it to. He waited for the scene to unfold completely as he wished it to, still trying to keep his smile from surfacing.

Rashemi stole a glance or two in Valcourt's direction, everytime his eyes landed on him he felt a surge of lust. "Oh hell.." He couldn't take it anymore, he stood and walked across the room, grabbing Meretrix and pressing his lips to his hard. He then drug him over with him to Valcourt as he gave him the same treatment.

Valcourt was out of breath and quite unsure of what was going on, but he fell into the kiss at first before shaking his head and pushing him away. "What the hell are you doing!?" He demanded, trying to ignore his hardened length.

The boy was blushing. It was working almost better than he had expected, but he wasn't complaining. He stood on his tip-toes and gave Rashemi a kiss on the cheek. He wasn't trying to pretend to be chaste or anything, he just wanted to see what might happen if he pushed things along a little.

Rashemi kissed Meretrix again. "Valcourt, your in the same state I am in, get on the bed." He ordered, leading the way to the bedroom which he oddly knew where it was. He waited for the other two to catch up. He wanted them both and he would have them.

Valcourt rose shakily, following suit. He wasn't sure why he listened, but something in Rashemi's words made him. That and seeing Rashemi ravish his young lover's mouth was more then a turn on then he had expected.

Meretrix blushed brighter than he had before and scampered after his older lover into Valcourt's bedroom. The room was furnished to Valcourt's preferences, or so he supposed, but the bed was big, which was probably a good thing. Rashemi was being rather forceful, even if only so far with his words, and it made him shiver.

Rashemi smiled in a 'sweet' way with a sadistic afterglow to it. "Well..this should be fun..Valcourt, strip. just come here." He said, not giving his lover any time to say anything in agreement before pulling Meretrix against him, kissing him hard and grinding their hips together.

Valcourt could bearly undress for unwanting to take his eyes off the two. They were a spectacular sight and it made him ache with arousal.

The boy was caught slightly off guard and his eyes widened a bit at the ferocity of the kiss, but he closed his eyes and moaned slightly against Rashemi's lips, the friction from their hips moving together arousing Meretrix very much. He opened his eyes just barely and glanced over at Valcourt, who he saw was undressing, and his heart beat a bit faster.

Rashemi bit lightly on Meretrix's neck and then pulled away as he saw Valcourt was completely undressed. "There we are now.." He said, putting Meretrix on the bed then giving Valcourt the same treatment he had just given Meretrix.

Valoucrt was a bit surprised but he kissed him back hard, metting his grinding and slipping his hands all along Rashemi, unsure what to do.

Rashemi stopped it after a moment and after a slight groan from Valcourt at the pulling away he smirked. "Kiss him." Rashemi said, pointing to Meretrix.

Valcourt nodded and kissed Meretrix gently.

Meretrix put his hands on either side of Valcourt's face and pushed him back a few centimeters and looked at him seriously, then said, "You can kiss me harder. I won't break." Then he kissed him softly on the lips as if to invite him to do so.

Valcourt complied, kissing him hard as he could, pulling the boy tight against him.

Rashemi began stroking himself at the lovely sight before him. He liked it alot more then he would have let on.

The boy had had his eyes open when Valcourt kissed him a second time, and now those eyes shifted toward Rashemi and a surge of lust went straight to his groin. Meretrix almost moaned just from watching him and Valcourt's kissing only added to it.

Rashemi motioned for them both to come over to the bed next to him and he smiled. He first instructed Valcourt next to him before grabbing Meretrix and kissing him gently, sliding his hands down his back.

Valcourt moved over to them both, not in the least bit shy and kissed Rashemi after he had pulled away from Meretrix.

Meretrix watched them kiss, incredibly aroused, with his swollen lips parted ever so slightly and the smallest sounds of want coming from them. One of his hands ghosted over the protrusion between his legs and he sighed, still keeping his eyes on Valcourt and Rashemi.

Rashemi bit on Valcourt's neck moving the man under him, stradling him gently.He motioned for Meretrix to come over. He wanted to kiss his young lover.

Valcourt moaned as Rashemi began grinding his hips against his own, he waited eagerly to see what he was going to do to Meretrix.

The boy crawled forward on his hands and knees, the same clouded lusting expression on his face as moments before.

Rashemi took Meretrix's face into his hands and kissed him hard. "Now, both of you...get comfortable.." He said, biting into Meretrix's neck hard.

Valcourt gasped lightly at Rashemi's biting the young boy but he did as he was told, laying on his back.

Meretrix hissed in a sort of masochistic pleasure at being bitten and gripped the bedding tightly in his smallish hands. He had his eyes shut and could only feel what might be going on instead of seeing it.

Rashemi continued to bite him but pulled away after a moment. "Valcourt lay down dear." He said, smiling as he did so.

Valcourt wondered what Rashemi had in mind but the gleam in his eyes showed that it was going to be something a bit odd.

Rashemi smiled more. "Meretrix, darling, pleasure him.." He said, knowing that as soon as Meretrix turned his attentions to Valcourt he would turn his attentions to Meretrix.

Meretrix turned and faced Valcourt, crawling the short distance, again on his hands and knees. He sat next to Valcourt on the bed with his legs folded under him while leaning on one hand and trailing one hand slowly and teasingly up one of Valcourt's thighs. Timidly, he whispered, "Valcourt...would you mind...opening your legs a bit?" He intended to kneel between Valcourt's legs to pleasure him with his mouth.

Valcourt did so, blushing all the while, his heart was beating a thousand times a second at the mere thought of the young lover in that general area, let alone being there with his mouth. He looked up at Rashemi who was positioning himself behind Meretrix.

Rashemi smiled and began kissing down Meretrix's back, sliding his hand down, pressing a finger into him.

The boy gasped momentarily at the invading digit, but stayed relaxed, and immediately began to work on Valcourt. He wrapped one of his small, thin hands around Valcourt's length and gently massaged the head with his tongue. He glanced up to see Valcourt's face, wearing a half-lidded expression of lust.

Valcourt groaned, laying his head back, unable to look Meretrix in the eyes for fear of finishing too early. He slipped his hands into Meretrix's hair and tried to not thrust his hips up as the boy worked him.

Rashemi added another finger, kissing down lower until he was low enough to replace his fingers with his tongue in which he moved his hand that had been preparing him to Meretrix's length, stroking it in time with little thrusts he made with his tongue.

Meretrix moved his hand downward to rest near Valcourt's hip, doing the same with the other. He didn't think he would really be able to stop him from thrusting if he chose to, but he left his hands there anyway. At the same time, he took more of Valcourt into his mouth and made little muffled moans in time with Rashemi's tonguing.

Valcourt called out in hot pleasure as Meretrix continued on him, he could no longer hold his hips to the bed and began slowly thrusting in a small almost circular motion, his cheeks flushed and his breath in short gasps.

Rashemi released his lover completely and then stroked himself to lube his length with precum, pressing the tip of it at Meretrix's entrance. He slowly began pushing into him, stroking his lover's back as he did so.

Meretrix moaned quite audibly, even though his mouth was full, at Rashemi pressing into him. He was hoping Valcourt wouldn't thrust hard enough to affect his gag reflex, but now slowed his up-and-down motion to an almost agonizing pace and massaged heavily with his tongue. He began to moan more roughly, letting the vibrations from his throat travel through his tongue, purposely trying to affect Valcourt.

Valcourt called out, unable to stop himself from thrusting up but not enough to hurt him. The delicious vibrations made his eyes tear up in pleasure, causing him to shiver in nothing but sheer ecstasy and need. He was so close, he was worried he might finish before the other two who had truly just gotten started. He growled, his grip in Meretrix's hair tightening but still not enough to hurt him.

Rashemi buried himself completely inside Meretrix and then pulled out, only to snap back in hard, slipping his hands onto Meretrix's hips, beginning to set a slow but somewhat hard pace for him, every time he thrust forward he would push Meretrix ahead a little. He tried not to for not wanting to cause his lover harm, but the pleasure he felt was immense.

Now the boy made animalistic growls and moans of lust without restraint or awareness of how loud he might be, though the sounds were still muffled since now he took as much of Valcourt into his mouth as he could, then scraped his teeth lightly along the flesh as he move back upward. He tried to thrust backward against Rashemi's thrusts, though it was difficult for him to maintain that much movement at once. His legs trembled slightly in his pleasure, and also from holding himself up on his knees. From giving pleasure and receiving it at the same time, Meretrix wasn't sure he would last much longer.

Valcourt could hold no longer, the shivering through his body caused the tightening in his abdomen to finally ease as he came. He didn't have time to warn the boy spilling his seed into his mouth in a warm stream as he called out, clutching Meretrix's hair a bit tighter as he came.

Rashemi mentally took note of Valoucrt's completion, he was not too far off from it himself. He continued to thrust into his lover, hot slick velvety walls clenched around his flesh as he pushed in and pulled out. He clutched Meretrix's hips tighter as he was getting close.

Meretrix swallowed thickly and released Valcourt from his mouth, only to gasp and then moan as he suddenly came onto the bed sheets. He was surprised he had lasted that long at all since he was almost over-stimulated from both activities going on at once. Now he was sleepy, but not enough to fall asleep until Rashemi was finished too.

Rashemi felt his young lover clench around him tighter as Meretrix had reached completion. Rashemi shivered and came inside him after a particularly hard long thrust.

Valcourt lay collapsed on the bed, watching the two with a faint blush as he recognized both of their climaxes. He realized that they were beautifull together.

Meretrix shivered then sighed, and collapsed next to Valcourt, rolling onto his back as he did so. He couldn't keep his eyes open much longer and sleep was beckoning, but he reached out with one hand and motioned for Rashemi to lie next to him as well. Then he closed his eyes and, with a slight smirk, fell asleep.

Rahsemi laid next to him and kissed him and smirke dhimself as Valcourt snuggled on up to them both.

The three of them fell asleep not aware that they had all been drunken to commit this act. But neither of them caring either at the moment. The world, however, would need shelter when they all woke up the next night.


Meretrix awoke first, but only for a few seconds, then fell asleep. He never really woke up promptly. But when he did wake up, he noticed that he was between a warm-ish body and a somewhat chilly body, then remembered what had happened the night before with a bit of a start. He suddenly wished he wasn't awake anymore; it would not be pleasant when Rashemi and Valcourt woke up too.

Rashemi woke up and yawned stretching. "Mnn why am I so sore? And relaxed at the same...what in the hell..Valcourt...why am I in your bed..?"

Valcourt was awake and had turned paper white. "Why are you naked in my bed? Why is Meretrix..why are we all.."

Suddenly both Valcourt and Rashemi remembered the night before and both of them gained a massive headache. "What the hell were we thinking!?" Rashemi asked, feeling disgusted with himself.

Meretrix tried his best to keep from laughing or acting nervous; he wasn't sure which one would happen at the moment. So he tried to feign his innocence by pretending to be half asleep, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "What...happened?" he questioned quietly.

Rashemi and Valcourt both twitched, they could tell he was not so innocent as he seemed.

Valcourt glanced around. "I need a drink." He said, getting up and moving to the kitchen to get some scotch.

Rashemi sighed " you have something to say?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I..." the boy began, a nervous grin spreading itself on his face. He was afraid to admit that he had anything to do with them getting drunk and he grabbed a pillow and tried to hide behind it suddenly.

"You what?" Rashemi asked curiously.

Valcourt paled as he saw his bottle of Minuit empty. "Uhnn I think this might have a lot to do with it." He tossed the bottle to Rashemi.

Rashemi coughed as he saw it. "Might!? This is the all time aphrodisiac! Are you serious!? Meretrix, why did you do this?"

Meretrix just squeaked and clutched the pillow tighter to him. He really hadn't realized that the liquid in the bottle would have such a serious effect, he was only happy when it did. "I...don't know how to...explain it..." he mumbled through the pillow.

Rashemi sighed. "Why?' He asked simply, not completely angry with his lover. As far as he remembered all he had done was kiss Valcourt.

Valcourt twitched. "Yes that is a good question."

The boy sighed. "Okay fine...the truth is..." He tried to swallow his nervousness; his heart was hammering in his chest and he was deathly afraid to admit, "I liked it...when Valcourt kissed me...and so I...wanted to have...both of you at the same time..." He buried his face in the pillow and waited for his words to settle.

Rashemi twitched. "I..uhnn..I am going to get some air." he said storming out.

Valcourt blushed a bit and hugged Meretrix to him. " should have just told us.."

"Really...? wouldn't have agreed. Either of you..." Meretrix said, keeping the pillow in place, moving his head enough to uncover his eyes. The pillow made him feel a bit safer, since he was naked, and he had nothing to hide behind.

"Get dressed Meretrix.." Valcourt said, handing him his discarded clothing, giving him a little kiss on the cheek.

Rashemi fumed about before returning. "Alright...I understand Meretrix that you wanted us both..but why didn't you just ask??? Especially when you know very well that he and I are enemies?"

Meretrix replied while he put his clothing back on, "That's exactly why I couldn't ask. How would you have agreed to it if you were sober? That was the only thing I could think of..." He suddenly felt very ashamed and almost started to cry, but kept control of it and put his shirt on. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Rashemi twitched lightly. "Maybe not..but..if I was sober I still would have considered it for your sake.." He said, kissing him.

Valcourt blushed. "Oh would you have?"

"Really?" Meretrix asked, almost disbelieving, but hugging Rashemi around his waist anyway. He was still sorry that he had gotten them drunk to accomplish his own fantasies and now he was pouting slightly because of it. "Do you...remember everything?" he asked timidly.

Rashemi smiled. "Yes.." His smile faded to a sadistic smirk. "You two are sooo...masochistic.."

Valcourt blushed. "Only because we thought you might kill us if we said no to anything you said."

"You I would have killed." Rashemi said irritably. He kissed Meretrix.

Meretrix was still attached to Rashemi's waist, but now he was pouting less. "So...would it be out of the question to ask some other time...?" he asked, feeling slightly mischeivous. He blushed ever so slightly and smiled up at Rashemi.

"No it wouldn't." Rashemi said, kissing him.

Valcourt blushed. "Well.. Mr. 'I'll never sleep with you, Valcourt'..-" He was cut off.

"Shut up, I do it to make him happy."

Meretrix genuinely smiled, realizing that Rashemi could have taken the situation much worse. He was happy that he would be so sweet to him, even after he had tricked him into having sex with his enemy. "I love you," he whispered, still hugging Rashemi's waist.

"I love you too." Rashemi said, prying the boy from his waist. "Well, come along, let us get back to our room and get a shower."

Valcourt sighed. "Yes, especially you, vampire, you messed up my room."

Meretrix nodded, giggling a little at that he had to be pried off, and looked around the room. There wasn't much near the bed that had been messed up, but the boy remembered that Rashemi had been throwing things in the living room before he had gotten them drunk. He shrugged to himself and halfway skipped out into the living room. He was in a good mood now.

Rashemi smiled and went back to his and Meretrix's room, finding fresh clothing for the both of them.

Valcourt sighed and began cleaning.

The last day of school...


Meretrix had been out of sorts and somewhat melancholy all day. He was sad because today was the last day of school. And since it was the last day of school, Meretrix would be returning to the United States the next day. He didn't want to say anything to Rashemi just yet. He wasn't sure how to go about it. And besides that, he figured Rashemi would just read it in his brain if he wanted to find the cause of Meretrix's mood the easy way. So the boy continued to shuffle to and from classes and sigh most of the day.

Rashemi raised an eyebrow at his lover's peculiar behavior. "Interesting much darling. I wish you would tell me what is wrong without me having to pluck it from your thoughts.." He said, pulling the boy up tight against him, wondering if he would just tell him.

Meretrix sighed and buried his face in the front of Rashemi's clothes. "I don't want to say it. If I say it out loud, I might start crying," he answered. He was truly sad that he would be spending his entire summer away from Rashemi, and even Valcourt, all the way in the States. I'm taking a plane and flying back to the States tomorrow he thought as clearly as he could, hoping Rashemi would just read it instead of making him say it.

Rashemi felt his heart clench at the thoughts. "Darling...why didn't you tell me of this sooner?" He asked curiously. He also wondered why he hadn't picked it up from the boy's thoughts sooner. He sighed and held Meretrix closer. "When will you come back hm?"

"I didn't tell you sooner because it wasn't weighing on my thoughts so heavily until now. And...I'll be back next long as my parents have the money to send me here again..." The boy didn't want to add that it was a unlikely that they would have the money. At just that thought, he felt like crying. A couple tears escaped and rolled down his cheeks, only to be lost on Rashemi's clothes.

Rashemi's eyes narrowed. "Darling..I will be sure you get back to me..just write down your address..I will at least write to you." He said, a whole different plan unfolding in his thoughts. He kissed Meretrix's tear paths. "And no more crying my love."

"I was planning on giving you my address, actually. I already wrote it down." Meretrix pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Rashemi. He sniffled and stopped crying as per his lover's request, and smiled slightly. "Will you come visit me if you know where I live?"

Rashemi smiled. "I might just take you up on that offer..."He said, kissing him lovingly. "I am sure Valcourt will miss you as well." He said, referring to his lover's other..lover. He smiled and kissed him again. "Let us just see shall we?" He said, smoothing Meretrix's hair back.

Meretrix nodded, though he rested his head against Rashemi's chest instead of moving to do anything. He wasn't sure he wanted to let Valcourt know yet, but he knew he probably should.

"Go ahead and let Valcourt know..he will miss you just as much as I will."He said, kissing him.

"You want me to go tell him by myself? I...guess I can..." Meretrix finished in a mumble. He hugged Rashemi and then let go of him to go find Valcourt. Silently, he wondered what would happen when he told him. He had never had to give Valcourt bad news before.

Rashemi watched his lover go sadly. "I am so kidnapping him." He mumbled.

Valcourt was in the middle of grading papers when Meretrix finally reached his rooms. "Come in dear, how are you faring?" He asked, smiling seductively.

Meretrix blushed lightly and answered, "Well...not so great. I...I have to leave for the States tomorrow." He looked at the floor, trying to hold back tears. He didn't want to cry in front of Valcourt, but the thought that he had to leave still made him feel like crying.

Valcourt was stunned by this. "What!? Leave? Why Darling?" He asked, standing up and walking over to Meretrix, taking him by the hand and leading him to the couch. "What brings you back there?"

"I still live with my parents. I have to go back to them. But...I hope I can come back next year. My parents may not have enough money to send me here again..." Meretrix sighed, looking at the floor again.

Valcourt smiled. "Do not worry, between Rashemi and I, we will find a way to get you back. How badly would your parents freak out if you just so happened to not be in your bed one evening?" He asked, kissing the boy.

"Oh! They would...they would be worried sick. Or, I should think they would be. They were extremely reluctant to send me to school here since it was out of the country and everything." The boy suddenly wondered if Rashemi and Valcourt were scheming together somehow.

Valcourt smiled. "Well..we will get you back here." He said, grinning and kissing him yet again. "Mnn we both love you and we wouldn't let you be gone for too long."

Meretrix smiled, a bit more hopeful than he had been before. He quickly kissed Valcourt on the cheek and started to leave the room, calling over his shoulder, "I love you both too. But I have to go pack my stuff now." He gave a sort of goofy grin and walked out the door and into the hallway. Out there, he sighed, his smile fading a bit, and continued walking and went into his own dorm to pack and say goodbye to Rashemi.


The plane ride home had been only a few hours long, but it had been boring. He slept most of the way. He had cried when he said his goodbyes, but the tears had subsided long ago. Meretrix was now sort of numb; he was trying to ignore that he was more than sad and hopeless that his parents would have the money. He just didn't think it was likely. He had taken a taxi home and now stood on his own doorstep, hesitating to go inside. Slowly, he turned the knob and and opened the door. "Mom, dad! I'm home!" he called from the doorway. His mother immediately came running out of the kitchen and showered him with kisses and smothering affection. His father simply stood in the doorway to the kitchen with his arms crossed and said, "Welcome home son."

Valcourt was sitting down with Rashemi. "Well dear, how to get our little one back?" He asked, pressing teasing kisses to Rashemi's cheeks and neck.

Rashemi sighed. "I think I know of a way..he gave me his address. Let us finish up school this week and then take a flight down there. I say we-"

He was cut off as Valcourt finished for him. "Befriend his parents and then take him back? Do you think we should ask to have him first?"

"Perhaps.." Rashemi said with a smile. "Yes that sounds like a brilliant idea." He laughed and kicked Valcourt out of his room much to the other teacher's dismay and then went back to making his final plans. He scheduled for a substitute and began to pack his things that he would need...only a weeks time away.

The summer was going pretty boring for Meretrix so far. Rashemi and Valcourt had not visited him and he hadn't had many friends before he went to the academy and he didn't have many now. At the moment, he was sitting on a dock, throwing rocks into a lake and watching them sink. It had been a whole week since he had come home and he had not heard a word. He sighed and stood up and began walking home. As he walked through the front door, he called, "Has anyone called for me or have I gotten any letters in the mail?" No one answered, but he heard somewhat muffled voices from the living room and made a sort of perplexed face. "Mom, dad...?" he questioned, walking along the carpeted hallway toward the living room. He was surprised when he came through the doorway to see that his mother and father were engaged in conversation...

Rashemi smiled. "Yes, as I was saying, I was very glad to have him as one of my students...and would be delighted if we could take him back with us." He said,pausing as he saw his lover. "Ah there you are, darling." He said, pulling Meretrix into a hug and kissing him on the lips.

"Rashemi! You're here!" Meretrix blushed at being kissed in front of his parents. He looked at them both and noticed that his dad was giving him a look that could make an oak tree wither and his mother was acting as though nothing had happened.

Rashemi smiled and hugged the boy close to him. "Mam, sir, you will have to forgive me. Your son and I have become very well..knowing of one another since his stay at Whitehollow.I am sure by now with our kiss you can tell that he and I are lovers, which is yet another reason I want him back...besides to work on his schooling."

Meretrix blushed again with Rashemi being so forward with information. "Schooling in what?" the boy's father bit out. Meretrix could tell that there was something else that his father wanted to say and it probably wouldn't have been nice. His mother laid a steadying hand on his father's arm. "You seem like such an interesting teacher and my little boy really seems to like you," she said, almost obliviously.

Rashemi narrowed his eyes slightly. He could tell the other male was getting angry. "Schooling in History and Alchemy." He said, covering for Valcourt. "Yes and I would never hurt him."

"Err...Rashemi...I want to go out," Meretrix mumbled and nudged the older man. He was becoming increasingly nervous around his father and he doubted his mother could hold him back if he got truly angry.

Rashemi nodded. "Would there be any particular time we shoud be back?" He asked the boy's mother curiously since the boy's father seemed ot be out of the question. He hugged Meretrix close and kissed his cheek.

"Just have him back by ten," she answered cheerfully. She smiled and waved them out the door as Meretrix's father fumed, still sitting on the couch. As she shut the door and returned to the living room, she asked, "Well, isn't it nice that Meretrix gets along so well with someone?" The father just glared for a moment and then stood and went to the garage to tinker with...whatever it was that he did in there.

Outside in the open air, Meretrix let out a sigh of relief and grabbed Rashemi's hand. "I'm glad you came to see me. Did Valcourt come with you?" he asked casually.

Rashemi grinned happily. "Oh yes. He is at the hotel getting things ready, I told you we would come to get you." He said, kissing him. "Now..your father seems to be the only one that won't let us take you there any way to win him over?" He asked, pulling his little lover into a caffe before texting Valcourt to come and say hi.

"I...I don't know..." Meretrix grew quiet and thoughtful. He didn't know if there was anything that could win over his father. "Hmmmm...I really can't think of anything. My mom can't even convince him of anything. Maybe if there was some way to appeal to him through his hobbies...I think he likes cars..." The boy was still thinking, though out loud, and he rested his head on his hand and tapped his chin with his index finger.

Rashemi sighed. Cars was something he knew little about. "I will see what I can do." He said as he waved to Valcourt. "Look who's here." He said to Meretrix, pointing.

Valcourt smiled and ran over to Meretrix kissing him hard. "Darling I missed you!"

"I missed you too," Meretrix answered quietly, smiling, and blushing at the forceful kiss. "I'm glad you are both here...but...I don't think it would be good if we told my dad that both of you are my lovers. He would probably explode..." The thought of someone physically exploding actually made Meretrix giggle a little, but he banished the thought. "So...where do you plan on taking me away to?"

Valcourt smiled. "That is entirely up to you. We want to take you back with us."

Rashemi smiled. "We are taking you back with us. We need you there. I will talk to your father and try to get him to agree first..and if he dosen't then we will take you anyways."

Meretrix was slightly nervous about what might ensue if they were to forcefully take him away. Not that they would have to force him of course. It would take some major persuasion to convince his father to let him go back now. "So...are we going back to my house?"

Valcourt nodded." That we are my lovely."

Rashemi rolled his eyes at Valcourt. "I will take Meretrix back, you just go to the hotel."

Meretrix giggled a little and kissed Valcourt on the cheek. "I'll see you later, okay?" The boy was actually nervous to return home. He knew his father would not be pleased with him and he hoped Rashemi and Valcourt could take him away soon.

Valcourt pouted but left them with a nod.

Rashemi smiled and stood."Come along dear and let me win your father over." He said, grabbing his love by the hand and walking out.


Meretrix's grip tightened on Rashemi's hand as they neared his home. His father never took anything very well, so he didn't think he would be very open to the idea of letting him go with Rashemi now. He sighed audibly and looked up at Rashemi momentarily.

Rashemi sighed inwardly, this was indeed going to be one interesting conversation. He looked down and kissed Meretrix on the mouth before bringing him back in. "Ah, I want you to go to your mother, and send your father out here."

The boy nodded silently and walked to the living room. "Umm, Dad, Rashemi wants you to go talk to him," he said, relaying the message, looking at the floor the whole time. Meretrix's father scowled and made a sort of grunting noise, but stood and walked out of the living room, leaving Meretrix to sit on the couch next to his mother and wait.

"There's something you wanted to discuss with me?" the boy's father snapped at the taller, more intimidating teacher.

"Well I am sure it is nothing new to you, but your boy and I.. are involved in sorts. And, I would very much like to have him back as soon as possible, I was thinking actually about.. taking him this evening if you would let me." Rashemi said bravely.

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to let my son, who I find out is apparently gay, go with you, his teacher and gay lover? Do you know what the hell you're saying?!" he replied aggressively. He had begun to raise his voice and Meretrix could here it back in the living room, where he sighed. His mother looked at him and gave him a wry smile, then retreated to the kitchen.

Rashemi sighed. "Partly, yes. You don't understand, I very much love your son. And as far as I know he loves me just as much. It isn't like I wouldn't allow him to see you guys. It just gets so very lonely without him. I mean only the best."

Meretrix's father sighed. "Look, I want to apologize for getting angry so easily. I have a problem with that. But I barely know you. I don't know if I can give him up so easily to someone I just met a few hours ago."

Rashemi nodded. "I am not asking you to give him up. I am only asking you to let me keep him a little longer before we send him home completely for the summer. I mean.. if worse comes to worse I will simply move here to the states if that would help anything." Rashemi stated, trying to be as helpful as possible.

The boy's father sighed again, this time in resignation. "I suppose...alright, fine. He can go with you..." he grumbled, turning to go back to the living room. "Meretrix! You're leaving with him," he called to his son, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb toward Rashemi. The boy looked up, his eyes wide. "Seriously? You're letting me go?" He smiled and suddenly did something he hadn't done in a very long time - he gave his dad a hug. Then he ran into the kitchen to tell his mother the news. "Well, I hope you take good care of my son," he said to Rashemi.

Rashemi smiled. "I will, and thank you. Here is my adress for you to write." He said, handing his father a slip of paper. He was surprised that the other man had given in to him and let him stay. He was very surprised indeed. And pleased.

Meretrix rushed out into the living room again and hugged Rashemi. "I'm so happy! Thank you Dad, thank you so much. And I love you Mom!" he called toward the kitchen. It seemed his mother was hiding in there, probably so she wouldn't cry when she saw him off. Meretrix's father patted him on the shoulder. "Take care, son. Behave yourself," he said. "I will, Dad. Let's go, Rashemi," Meretrix answered and led the taller man toward the door. "Bye guys," he called, and then ushered his teacher out and closed the door.

Rashemi smiled and kissed Meretrix on the lips. "Your sure you are ready darling?" He questioned, wanting to be sure his little one had everything he needed for the trip and for his well- being.

"Yes, I'm sure I'm ready," he answered. Then he looked thoughtful. "Do you think maybe we should have told my dad there was going to be another guy with us too? Or would that have been too much for him?"

"That may have been too much for him." Rashemi said, hugging the boy. "But come now, lets get to the hotel room and please Valcourt with the news."


It finally occurred to Meretrix how wonderful it was that he was going to be staying with Rashemi and Valcourt and he got a little hyper. He practically burst through the door of their hotel room. "Valcourt! We're back! I can go with you guys!" he exclaimed and giggled.

Valcourt grinned and came from the kitchen, dressed in an apron. "Meretrix!" He sid in an almost squeal. He hugged the boy tight and kissed him soundly. "I MISSED YOU."

Rashemi rolled his eyes. "Let him breathe.." He said before attacking the boy with his own set of hugs and kisses. "YAY YOUR OURS AGAIN."

Meretrix could only giggle in response, at first, but then he found his wits and asked, "So...what are we going to do now?"

Rashemi gave a soft smile. "Well go back to the school of course. You must have propper leaning."

Valcourt huffed. "No I think we should kidnap him completely and just teach him ourselfs.."

"Should I be worried about what you would teach me, Valcourt?" Meretrix asked, jokingly. He wasn't opposed to proper learning or any sort of homeschooling. Either sounded fine to him.

Valcourt smirked. "I'll have you know I could teach you some very very valuable things." He said, winking seductively.

Rashemi rolled his eyes. "Like how to make someone think they want you through a love potion even though they are already taken?" He asked with his own smirk, glaring the other man down.

"Let's uhhh...not start arguing, please?" Meretrix suggested, trying to prevent an argument from starting. Besides, I'm taken by both of you now anyway, aren't I? he thought. "I think we should celebrate," the boy announced suddenly.

Valcourt grinned. "Let me get the drinks.." He said, slipping out of their hotel room in search of alcohol.

Rashemi looked at his lover concerned. "Well....what did you have in mind?"

Meretrix smiled nervously. "Well, I didn't really have much in mind. But I figured Valcourt would just run with the suggestion and...since he's getting alcohol..." He blushed a little and wore a somewhat concerned expression.

Rashemi smirked. "Your up to something." He said,looking his lover over observingly.

Valcourt returned with alcohol, yawning. "This was easy enough to find." His yawn had turned into a full blown grin.

Meretrix made a pouty face as if he felt put-out and mumbled, "I'm not up to anything. Why would I bother being sneaky?" Turning to Valcourt he asked, "Do we have a mini bar in this room or something?" The question wasn't really important, he was just curious. Shaking his head, he asked a new question. "So...what should we do to celebrate? Besides raiding the bar?"

Valcourt smirked. "I could think of a few things..."

Rashemi rolled his eyes. "Such a gentleman," He replied sarcastically. "Well what do you have in mind, Mere?"

The boy giggled and replied, "I'm up for anything, really. I get to drink?" He grinned and looked between Valcourt and Rashemi expectantly.

"That was an invitation." Valcourt said, grinning.

"No, if the boy wants us he would come over and be all over us, don't you think?"

" I get alcohol?" Meretrix interjected, asking his question again, sort of ignoring the exchange. In a way, it had been an invitation, but it wasn't in the boy's character to be all over someone.

Valcourt nodded to the boy. "Not too much." He said, suddenly motherly.

"Not too much eh Val? Since when have you cared if the boy gets intoxicated or not?"

Briefly, Meretrix wondered if he should stop the argument. But then the thought came to mind that if they were both bickering, then he could get more to drink. He tried stealthily to grab for a bottle near Valcourt.

Valcourt actually pushed the bottle closer to Meretrix, kissing the boy on the lips as he did so then returning to his argument. "For your information I care quite the lot about the boy."

Rashemi snorted. "Yes so much that you yet again helped him into getting drunk."

"I won't get drunk!" Meretrix chimed in, but knew that there was no guarantee behind that exclamation. He took a drink from the bottle and immediately felt his face flush. Whoa...I have no tolerance for alcohol... he thought. But he took another drink anyway.

Valcourt smiled. "He knows his limits."

Rashemi took in their young lover's expression. "I doubt that very much."

Meretrix giggled and shook his head a little, trying to clear his vision which was becoming a little glazed. "I'll stop drinking it when you take it away from me!" he exclaimed and giggled.

Valcourt took the bottle of alcohol from the younger boy and took his own swig from it, winking as he licked around the neck of the bottle suggestively.

Rashemi sighed. "Your such a whore Valcourt."

Meretrix giggled some more and grabbed the front of Valcourt's shirt, pulling him down to where he could reach his face, and instead licked upwards on his neck with the tip of his tongue. Then he let go of Valcourt's shirt and grinned. The alcohol, even though he had only drunk a small amount, was causing him to loosen up quite a bit.

Valcourt had groaned in pleasure, kissing the boy on the lips. "Oh my my you should drink more often." He said huskily, nipping the boy's bottom lip.

Rashemi found himself slightly jealous of the attention Valcourt was getting. "And where is my treatment in all of this?"

The boy smiled and walked toward Rashemi. He looked up at him through his eyelashes and then moved downward until his face was level with his waist. Promptly, he nuzzled the front of Rashemi's pants. Then he stood up straight again and grabbed Rashemi's shirt to pull him down for a kiss.

Rashemi blushed and kissed him back passionately, the boy's actions were a bit more advancive then usual but they were very pleasing in more ways then one. He slipped his hands to the boy's waist, pulling him tight against him.

Valcourt laughed. "Oh Rashemi, looks like you have your hands full." He said, leaning back and watching.

Meretrix giggled yet again and then pushed away from Rashemi for a second. "Wait, wait...I'm getting really warm..." He pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it on the floor. "There...that's better." He smiled and returned to Rashemi.

Rashemi smiled and ran his hands over the other's skin, kissing him gently as he did so.

Valcourt was rather heated from the action, stepping up behind Meretrix to kiss his back and grind to him.

Meretrix moaned quietly, the alcohol inducing more vocal reactions than usual, even though really his senses had to have been dulled because of it.

Rashemi kissed the boy's neck, nibbling the skin gently.

Valcourt continued to grind the boy beneath him, shivering as he became hard, the boy's body against his own making him groan.

The boy gasped and writhed between his two lovers, panting and tipping his head back a little to allow Rashemi to do whatever he wanted to, without hindering any of Valcourt's motion as well. "Ahhh...nnnnn..."

Rashemi began biting down along his lover's neck, suckling the skin and slipping his fingers through the boy's hair.

Valcourt ground against the other's lower half still, tugging the boy's pants down to do so as he himself stripped his bottom half.

Meretrix was a little startled and he gasped, then the sound melted into a deep moan. The teeth on his skin was feeding his masochistic side and all of the attention was thrilling.

Rashemi grasped his young lover's errection, stroking him fondly as Valcourt ground into him from behind. He didn't necesarily want Valcourt to be inside the young one before him, but he was so into everything at the moment it didn't truly bother him.

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