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White Parties



7th October 2006

When Daddy White's away, The children will play
Franki:The White and hostess!! [Lady Neit]

Carling Edward? Wasn't it vodka? [In my craft or sullen art.]

Demi and Steph! [A ./†/ThOuSaNd\†\. clever lines] [trixie]

Sophia!! Tut Tut! And Edward lurking [+♥+SAFFY+♥+] [In my craft or sullen art.]

Demi and Edward having a tab... And is that Rebecca lurkig in the corner? [A ./†/ThOuSaNd\†\. clever lines] [In my craft or sullen art.] [Acceber]

Edward and Katy... I think... Could be someone else... [In my craft or sullen art.]

30th December 2006

New Years Party- with fake countdown xD

Steal the Alcohol while he's not looking....
From Left, Cora [Corazie] Steph [trixie] and Edwhored [In my craft or sullen art.]

Demi!! [A ./†/ThOuSaNd\†\. clever lines] Yeah!!

Amy and Cora! [Corazie]

Amy and Deki! [A ./†/ThOuSaNd\†\. clever lines]

Edwhored!! Down on your knees. Now! [In my craft or sullen art.]

Steph and Coba! <3 [trixie] [Corazie]

Saffy, looking gormless... LOL [+♥+SAFFY+♥+]

Kaytey!! with Alex behind her on the orgasmic chair (it rocks back and forward...)

White Family Parties

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2007-01-01 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: Lol...Aww.

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: I KNOW

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: Lmao xD

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: You can on the one with me and Amy xD

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: they're yours hands cora

2007-01-01 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: LMAO<img:44166_1164144892.gif>

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: Nooo... I don't wear rings =P
It's your hand closest to me... I have one arm around Amy... Other at my side =P

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: ah so it is xD

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: Lmfao xD

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: i've lost my ring

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: Awwr have you?

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: yeah :(

2007-01-01 [Corazie]: =[

2007-01-01 [Lady Neit]: bah

2007-01-07 [Corazie]: You'll find it eventually

2007-04-28 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: get some of your birthday party up!!

2007-04-30 [Lady Neit]: there aren't any!! wish there was but i only have a piccy of miles looking like a blues brother xD

2007-05-13 [Corazie]: I have one of you Franki...

2007-05-23 [Lady Neit]: nuuu i dun like em.... just wait for marty's 18th? it'll be a PROPER white party since its taking place at nelson club XD I WANT MAX TO COME

2007-06-08 [Corazie]: Awwwr man... You're not allowed to drink underage at public bars etc =/

2007-08-02 [Lady Neit]: i am if someone buys me it!! XD

'specially at the nelson :p

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