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What do you like?


What do you like? Interests among people are quite diverse. Meeting new friends can be intimidating until you find common ground. I thought that making a wiki where people can share the things they like, love and think are squee worthy is a good idea! If you have any comments or suggestions for this wiki you can contact me!

I think that rules for this page may be necessary.

1.) Please no rude behavior (including but not limited to cursing and harassment.)

2.) This is not a dating wiki or for pick-up attempts. Take that elsewhere.

3.) Make sure to find a way to have fun in everything you do!

4.) Keep interests tasteful.

What do you do here you may ask? Add your name! Tell us what you like! And make friends!


1. [There Is No Cure] – My name is Lydia!

I prefer the color green.

I love too sit somewhere quiet and listen to my music too loud. I like to read and write and laugh and smile and want to share that with people. I try to be optimistic in everything. I want to meet and talk and learn and have a lot of fun!

I also like to take photo’s when I get the chance.

I quite enjoy this little fuzzy guy;


I will add more as I think of it!


2. [perfumed ignition] - My name is Rachel most of the time!

My favorite color is purple.

I like all kinds of music, from classical to new age and even some emo stuff, lol! I like to roleplay, but I'm not really any good. It's just something to pass the time. I like to read and party. I like making new friends and keeping old ones. I usually keep them in cages, but sometimes they escape. Those old people can really run! XD

I don't know what else to add here!


3. [Akayume] - Call me Mel or Akay. (:

I like to garden lots. Especially veggies and roses. <3

I love to paint and I adore reading, and I like to paint my nails funky colors. I love speaking/learning French, I love popcorn (yum!), and I like little cute things. I love Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Dala, The Cliks, and City and Colour (music-wise). I like my pet cactus Ernie (I hope to get him a mate named Bernadette one day), and I looooove octopi! :D SO CUTE. I like cats (especially my kitties Missy and Shadow), and my pet goldfish August. I also like the two descriptions above, and I especially like that I am not an old person, so I'm hoping my chances of escaping from the cages is a little higher (suckers :P).

Send me a message! I'll reply as soon as possible. (:


4. [Alexi Ice] - I go by a number of things. Akane or Mitsuki are the most commonly used!

I love the snow and ice. I also fancy the color silver.

I love [Thrice] and [*AI] more than anyone.

I love my friends! You can often find me talking to her! I enjoy an intellectual or challenging conversation, cursing, debating and drunk-talking. I enjoy being able to protect people and am madly in love with butterscotch schnapps. I love talking about anime and manga and especially prefer Yuri. I enjoy facebook stalking people, talking with Jason, and teasing [William Christian Inuma]. I cherish all the people here on Elftown and hope to continue to meet sweet, funny, interesting, weird and generally awesome people!

Drop me a line. Though be warned; I bite.


5. [Lord Josmar] - I go by Lord, Josmar, Jos, or JC but my name is Josh.

I like sci-fi (Star Wars, Firefly, Farscape) and I love playing on my Xbox 360 (My gamertag is the same as my username FYI) and I usually play FPSs and RPGs with some other random games thrown in the mix. I like to take pictures of things when I have batteries. I hate hurting things (Except roaches, I'll kill any roach b*stard I see.) physically or emotionally. I also LOVE to RP with my friends on here and am always looking for new and interesting games to join. And, most of all, I love my kids ^_^


6. [Karithina] - My name is Carly, but people both online and mistaking my ‘accent’ in life call me Kari.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing fantasy and monsters. I can’t say I’m good at anything creative other than art, but I can say I love trying out just about anything from knitting to writing poems – I suppose that’s why I like it so much here! I make frequent coin donations to living statues, mimes, buskers, and other creatives on the streets – it makes my day improve, instantly, every time.

I love cats (and large dogs), much to the dismay of friends that are around while I’m patting and feeding tick-infested strays. My own cat Jasmine, a brown burmese, has been a successful converter of many cat-haters. I also love insects, cephalopods and reptiles.

When I don’t have university I play a lot of PC games, usually RPGs, RTSs or FPSs. On the odd occasion that I watch TV it is either for the sci-fi channel, or to watch documentaries (and the news).

I’m shy, but once I get talking I never stop (the curse of all introverts)! :)


7. [LinkTurrner] - I'm always told I'm funny and always trying to make people laugh. Most people know me here as Wolfie and a few just call me Max.

I love my friends, I would rather have a few really good friends who I talk to when ever I can than a lot of friends who I don't know well. I love to draw, write, read, and cosplay. I really like going in contests because I well just like other people's opinions. I love to talk to feel free to message me. :D


8. [Thunder Cid] - I'm Cid...yep.

My interests are metal work, playing harmonica, and eating fried food. I like all things TARDIS. You can really get a good conversation out of me with the phrase "So do any antiquing?" I write, sculpt, free-think, and if I'm selected to be Miss USA I will work to end world hunger.


9. [Mortified Penguin] - I'm no one in particular.

My interests include nothing in particular and exclude a few things out of particular, particularly particulate matter, but only that in a particular manner, like peculiar percolated particulates.


10.[Vattukatt] - Hullo. They call me Lisa and as far as I know I'm human.
A white cat is currently asleep between my feet. But that's okay, I like cats. And jellyfish (not between my feet tho, at least not the dangerous ones).

My favorite color is green. I like to draw, write stories and play video games a lot. I am constantly lost in thought.
My power is imagination. It has proven quite effective in battle.

I love nature. The greatness of it. And I love to walk. For hours.
Combining these with that imagination I mentioned earlier works great for ending up in nowhere – a place I am quite familiar with by now.

I am rather shy. My brain seems to connect better with my writing hand than my mouth, If you don't happen to ask me about any of my stories, that is. Then I'll never shut up. Heh..
And yes, there are unicorns in the woods.


11. [Thrice] - You can call me Celle. :)

I like to read stupid things on the internet. I like to watch nerds rage on 4chan. I love my fiancee, Matthew. I like to read, write and create. I love Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Pepsi like a religion is based off of them.

I loveth my dearest [Alexi Ice] vurrrry mucho.
(That was strange. >.>)

Um. Purple is my favorite color... I love to swim and I love it when it rains. I love to camp, BBQ and snowboard. I like to troll people in WoW and I like to play God in the Sims (preferably Sims 2).

I also secretly like [Akayume] ninjaing her top-secret missions into my life. xD

xD More later, I suppose. :)


12. [Flisky] - Uh...yeah...I'm Flisky.

Um...I like everything? And the Doctor. But only the ninth Doctor. The Tenth is too Loki. And I like writing. And roleplaying. And just about everything. Wait, I already said that. Oh! I don't like fish! Mainly because I'm allergic. Does that count? Uh, sorry, a little off topic.

The point is that I like everything. I said that already. Nevermind, just ignore this part.

13. [Linderel] - As far as most people on this site are concerned, I answer to Linderel or Lin. Use those.

I am a creature fond of many things. Were I to list everything I like, we'd be here forever and this would be a veritable wall of text, so let's just keep with the essentials. Music and literature are important. So are all manner of other arts, but those two are sort of the main ones for me. Sort of. I'm a pretty good writer (or so they say) and my singing voice isn't half bad, either. I do also have a love affair with photography and some handicrafts. Watercolours, acrylics and charcoal are my favourite media to use for traditionally arty purposes.

I enjoy small things in life. I have a weakness for dictionaries. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, and I love crime and period dramas. Occasional post-its are both enjoyable and necessary in my life.

Oh, and I adore cats. And British accents.


Feel free to add your name to the page and some of your interests.

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