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website reviews


When people use the reviews function and select "website review", a comment about the newly created wiki-page will appear on this page and one of the Reviews Group will take care of adding it to the correct section.


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Elftown review by [Hedda]
Elftown is the best fantasy and sci-fi community there is.

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'Elftown Feature's - Reviews' review by [Chimes]
A review of the review feature - it's pretty good.

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Genderanalyzer Review by [Hedda]
The site analyzes a text and tells the gender of the author.

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grooveshark review by [Hedda]
A site where you can play streaming music.

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<img:><img:><img:><img:><img:> Review By [kians mummy]

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My Milk Toof Review By [Akayume]

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Etsy review by [Aeolynn]
Etsy is the creators version of Ebay, but better!

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Cut Out + Keep review by [Akayume]
A crafting website that offers great tutorials

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<img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> review by [Mystin]
Amazing 100% indie handmade items!

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Pandora Radio review by [Akayume]
Online Radio Serivce

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<img:><img:><img:><img:><img:> review by [There Is No Cure]

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<img:><img:><img:><img:><img:> Review by [cowboykid]

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FromOldBooks review by [iippo]
A nice website of images from old books

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Child Made review by [Akayume]
A crafting website.

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Post Secret Community review by [Alexi Ice]

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<img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review by [Lord Josmar]
ThinkGeek: A store for all us nerdy nerds!

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<img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review by [Nioniel]
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<img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review by [Nioniel]
An incredibly gross and amazingly interesting online shop.

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<img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Review review by [Lord Josmar]
The go-to-place for all your gaming troubles.

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<img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> review by [kians mummy]
Tagged is for games, meeting new people and more.

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my review by [kians mummy]
My year book is good for meeting new people

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Cat hug review by [kians mummy]
Its all about the cats

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<img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review by [Lord Josmar]
Free video game song database

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DI.FM streaming internet radio review by [Avaz]
A streaming radio station devoted to all electronic music.

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2011-07-09 [Lord Josmar]: Updated!

2011-07-11 [Nioniel]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review An incredibly gross and amazingly interesting online shop.

2011-07-25 [Lord Josmar]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> Review review The go-to-place for all your gaming troubles.

2011-07-25 [kians mummy]: <img:ok.gif><img:ok.gif> review Tagged is for games, meeting new people and more.

2011-07-25 [kians mummy]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> my review My year book is good for meeting new people

2011-07-26 [Lord Josmar]: Updated

2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: Psh, thought I could fix the broken link. Apparently there is something missing here >.<

2011-07-27 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, I am trying to figure that out right now.

2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: 2011-07-25 [kians mummy]:  Cat hug review Its all about the cats

Ratings; Ok.

2011-07-27 [Lord Josmar]: GOT IT FIGURED OUT! I can fix the broken link now.

2011-07-27 [Lord Josmar]: wait...wuh?

2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: Found it on the main reviews page

2011-08-21 [Lord Josmar]: <img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif><img:epic.gif> review Free video game song database

2012-01-13 [Crushcraft]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> review

2012-03-13 [chad_hatten]: <img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif><img:great.gif> article by chad hatten review article about the hype over whitney houston by chad hatten

2012-05-18 [SilverFire]: Updated. (It's not actually been updated, but this comments here to let us know we don't have to deal with any of the above).

2012-05-18 [kians mummy]: Yep. good idea. :)

2015-01-24 [lute hairsplitter]: <img:good.gif><img:good.gif><img:good.gif> The Ongoing Town Of Elfs Experiment Online review little known. not greedy. that i appreciate. yet, sparse.

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