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Way of the Vampire

The streets smothered in mist, as the moon rose above the nearby house, my shadow grew in proportion, it shrunk shortly after as I had slouched on to the wall looking at the moon. I hide in the mist of the back alley staring at the moon as the top half of my face was visible by anyone to care to look.

I heard a girls laughter as I raised my cloak over my head and looked down, pulling out a small bowl, and began to walk towards the nearby street.

“Money…money for the poor” I said in a crackled voice as I slowly got closer to them, making sure that my face was not visible.

The woman came closer to me, close enough that I could see just above her waist.
“Come on hunny give this poor person some money” The woman started to rub my head, as the cloak began to pull back, so did I to make sure that the hood would not come off.

“Come Linda you know we don’t have much money” The man put his hand on her shoulder, as Linda had pulled away.

“I know we don’t have much money but we must have more then this person, come on Henry just enough from them to get some food”

Henry had looked at his wife as she gave him back the puppy dog eyes to make him do what she had wanted.
He reached into his pocket pulling out a wallet.

I didn’t care about the money, I had enough to keep me alive for another century, I was hungry however, and needed some food

It had been nearly a week since I had eaten; my teeth were craving another drink. The taste of blood from a human’s neck or wrist it was more then enough for me, I had always loved the taste. It had seemed like forever since the last time I had bitten someone.

The whole time I was thinking, trying to figure out who I should go after. Would it be Henry or Linda? I couldn’t decide. Both seemed like they would taste so delicious. However women always had a better taste to there blood then men did, it seemed…less salty. It didn’t matter who I had gone for either way I was going to suck both of them beyond the point of coming back.

My thoughts were interrupted from a twenty dollar bill being put into my bowl. Now was the time that I would need to attack, if not then I would probably go another day without blood.

I saw the hand pulling away from my bowl, and could feel the lust for blood pulsating through out my system.
Suddenly I dropped the bowl and grabbed his arm with both of my hands pulling him closer, as I could hear Linda screaming.

Without saying I word I pulled off my hood, and turned him around tilting his neck to the side. Still Linda stood there and screamed. As I opened my mouth my teeth extended at the look of his sweet juicy neck.

My teeth slowly sank into his neck to savour the taste for an additional second, as I closed my eyes. Just the touch of blood to my teeth made them start to consume more, it was like an instant reaction, I didn’t need to do anything for it to happen.

Henry’s hands clawed down the side of my face, as I continued to suck the blood from his neck, and Linda still stood there screaming. I opened my eyes as Henry’s hands fell off the side of my face, I saw his face, as it was grey, there was no blood left, at least not enough for him to come back, back as a vampire.

I dropped his body from my grasp as his fell to the ground, with a thud, leaving him dead.

I twisted my head to see Linda standing there in shock right before she fainted and fell to the ground. I walk towards her body lying limp on the ground, as blood dripped from my teeth and chin.

Slowly I picked up her body in my arms; looking at her she seemed so innocent, I didn’t want to kill her.

I pulled her head closer to mine, as I opened my mouth near her neck, then whispered into her ear.

“I’m not going to kill you, my name is Lucinda, now this may hurt”

Slowly I dug my teeth into her neck, as she twitched out a bit. Slowly the blood coursed into my teeth. She tasted so good, I didn’t want to put her down, but I wasn’t going to kill this one as well.

I could feel her body start to go cold as I stopped consuming the blood, pulling away from her neck, I continued to hold her in my arms looking down on her.

There was now another vampire because of me, I could already imagine Telethan getting mad at me for bringing in another, and for killing another, but I didn’t care, I needed blood, I wasn’t going to kill her off.

I laid her body down on the ground as she began to burn up, she was coming back to life, or nearly to life. It seemed to go by fast, there were a few twitches with her arms but nothing much, as she suddenly sat up, and took in a breath.

“Welcome back” I said sitting beside her
As she looked over to me she jolted back, then she looked at her former husband and let out a scream.

“I’m sorry about your husband but at least you’re still alive”
I stood up and began to walk away
“As you might remember I am Lucinda, I am going back to the fortress now, feel free to come by later once you’re ready, you shouldn’t have much problem finding it”

Jumping into the sky I disappeared from her sight heading back to where I lived, leaving her sitting there in her tears, knowing, or at least hoping that someday she would come by ready to find out what a vampire truly is.

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2006-08-02 [ceridwen]: ^.^

2007-02-01 [Lizisthebest]: for anyone that didn't see there is now a newer version, somewhat different just the basis of it is kept the same. And I will be adding more to it at a later point in time.

and thank you for the comment Nessi ^.^

2008-07-12 [Tates]: That's a VERY good story.^^ I like it!
I wish there were more.<.<'

2008-07-13 [Lizisthebest]: well there is a newer version with a fair chunk more
and if i can find it (story i lost over time partially)
than theres like 5 pages that go with it ^-^

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