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Welcome to...


The Deadwood Company

A company of soldiers based souly on a dense lumber that is nearly industructable. Their leader started the company to harvest the wood in order to achieve city growth, but he realized that far bigger things can be done. He soon noticed that the wood was a good bargening tool and was a good weapon. So now he has recruted a massive army to take over the world. But first he has to stop the Warriors of the Feather to do that. Their resons for taking over the world is unknown.

Warriors Of The Feather

Warriors of the Feather is a ninja clan founded by three brothers that had harnest the power of the soul feather(a magic feather able to augment the beholder with a power unique to the feather, But on the down side if their soul feather is destroyed, so are they). But they soon noticed that the bird that had provided the feather was begining to die out do to the constant harvest of Deadwood wich was their nesting area. And now with the knowlege that the dead wood company wants to take over the world, they feel it is their duty to stop the Dead wood Company

The freelancers

The freelancers are the mercenaries that side on whom ever they feel they want to. Although alot of the decition making is based on money and rewards, Some mercs are keen to follow their consience.

The city of Fante

The city of Fante is the biggest city in the world, holding over 150,000,000 people along with the many, many tourists that come to the city to get a peice of the Fante dream as the call it. It is the reason that Deadwood trees are being cut down. It is also a common battle grounds for The Deadwood company, And the Warriors of the Feather. The city of Fante police department (F.P.D.) Is trying there best to stop the constant fights between them.

Which side are you on?

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2007-09-04 [tiragon]: weeeee

2007-09-05 [Blakkduv]: Thanks for the excitement Tiragon!

Hopefully your hope has become more hopeful hopefully...
And if it hasn't... I have hope!

2007-09-05 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* I hope so too XP

2007-09-05 [tiragon]: lol

2008-09-17 [tiragon]: wow its been a while

2008-09-17 [Artsy]: i miss this rp...

2008-09-28 [KnightAngel]: Yeah it was fun ^^

2009-05-05 [Artsy]: *peeks around* Please restart?

2009-05-05 [KnightAngel]: I would like that too :P

2009-05-05 [Artsy]: I found BlakkDuv on youtube. I'm attempting to talk to him there about coming back.

2009-05-05 [KnightAngel]: That sounds good ^^ Cause this roleplay was fun :P

2009-05-06 [Kai Crewger]: I'm back on ET about once a day now, so if you'd like me to play I'd be willing :3

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: Well I for one would be more then happy if you'd play :P After all this roleplay was/is fun so yeah don't really want it to die, don't think the owner does either ^^'

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: The owner hasn't been here in like.. a year, or more... Hmm... *snoops around*

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: OK! Here's the deal! The page is password protected, so if you want to try this again, and I mean REALLY try.. I will recreate this one a different page.

So.. Who all wants to still play?

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: I wanna!!! *raises hand in air while bouncing about hyperly*

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: careful there, grandpa! don't break a hip! *watches* o.o'

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* Hehe, I might be old, but I'm still not that old! XP *hears a suspicious cracking sound then falls over* Damn.... I was XP

2009-05-06 [Kai Crewger]: I will play!

Though it's possible we could do a slightly different story maybe? I'm not sure what exactly the owner wanted to do... Also other players might not be here...

2011-06-05 [KnightAngel]: So how about this one? Did it get to restart or what happened?

2012-12-01 [Artsy]: Not enough interest. =(

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