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the strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Cainderrin Borderro


Cain finished inspecting the wound, dabbing away the trickle of blood before getting up and going to a different corner of the cave. Bending down, he grabbed a cleaned out turtle shell and went to get some water for them. He returned with it overflowing, dripping some here and there, and set it down next to her. he grabbed a cloth, dabbed it in the water, and washed away the rest of the blood, making sure not to accidentally break the scab in the process. "Will you other form heal the rest of the injury?"

"...Yes. I've healed from worse before by switching." Her ears were flicked back, unhappy at being humanoid. "I'm so weak compared to my real self. It is... embarassing." Windi looked away, stifling a cough.

He smiled slightly at that. "I've seen many new things since coming here, and you being weak is not one of them. Don't be embarrassed. There are worse shapes that a human's. Especially a female human." He burst out laughing. "At least you are attractive in this form and not some hideous monstrosity."

Windi's green eyes turned to him to glare, a light blush on her cheeks. "Humans-" She spat out angrily, "Humans enslaved me, forced me to do their bidding like some dumb beast of burden. I am in the form of the very thing I hate, the very form of the creatures that hunt me."

Cain grinned, showing his fangs slightly. "Then what better disguise than to look like your enemy? I cant really say much about the enslavement though... Demons constantly enslave other demons, sometimes of their own family. It all depends on who's the strongest." He frowned slightly at that memory, but tucked it to the side. "Anyway, why do you blush? Are you so ashamed of how you look?"

"Human bodies are boring. My colorful fur which I would use to attract a mate is gone, the only thing left of me is my ears." She tilted her head away, sighing.

"Hmm your fur was quite lovely, it is a pity. Though I don't think a human shape would look good with such bright fur." He laughed before standing up and stretching. "You really should stretch a bit, maybe soak in the waters. It'll make you feel better." He turned and headed out to the entrance to go swim. "And I think you look just fine in both forms if it matters."

Windi blushed... and she didn't know why. She awkwardly stood and followed him out, her balance a little off as she scrabbled for footholds.

He floated lazily in the waters, staring up at the night sky. The temperature didn't bother him much, his scaled skin keeping the cold away. His ear twitched as he heard her coming through the tunnel, a grin appearing on his face. "Need a little help in there?"

She mumbled something in reply then rigidly stood up straight. Concentrating, the humanoid Himmel spread her hands and slowly levitated through the air and lightly dropped herself in the water. Much like Cain, Windi was not bothered by the temperature.

Cain shook his head at her, then went under to find a tasty fish. He swam like a lizard almost, using his tail as a rudder as he swayed back and forth. Finding a small group of fish, we waited until one ventured too close before snatching it, breaking the spine quickly. He swam up to the surface holding the fish in his mouth and smiling.

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