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The Lost Characters of WIKI FANTASY ROLEPLAY

It happens from time to time. Members leaves Elftown and characters are forgotten. This is where those characters are placed to await the day when their player may return.

reza baine - [Pansa]
Kerrigor / [sharakor]
Allesia C'ysvarion / [Bunny666]
Bergon’inyan Veritas / [JhaefDane]
Kipp "Estamba" / [Kadaj]
Maliah / [Maliah]
Leona Coviecious / [Death Dealers]
Lye Hyriouki / [Silver Badger]
Nuria Ezail / [faer]
Gen / [inukun]
Revana / [kayle]
Arctik CHAR / [Arctik]
Sindënís Nénharma / [Cati Stormweaver]
Tempest CHAR / [Echo the Light]
Chisien Dianydd / [ei33]
Lirise / [Arvia]
Aurore / [mesamne]
Forrest CHAR, Aridetus / [forrest]
Arthanis D'Aerlenn / [Syralid]
Valtir von Goimr / [DarkCorellon]
Rialleah CHAR / [Rialleah]
SilverWing / [RavenTalon]
Thaelan / [Thaelan]
The Harlequin, Nimune / [Nimune]
Llanwar Darkblade / [Llanwar Darkblade]
Nelk Darkblade, Quinidar Neleros, Xai Lo, Neddle, Ishtar the Cronite / [StupidStuff]
Torrant / [Torr-maat]
Yralin / [FleetingShadow]
Omar Huntil / [Taylor Quickfingers]
Kyle Sunder / [DarkGryphon]
Izfereth Mes'ktul / [limper106]
Thaharis Winterspur / [Jess Maevis]
Angelus Ragnorock / [akiret]
Annathos / [Nocternal Creature]
Mystic Beauty / [Mystic Beauty]
Aust Naïlo / [Aust Noilo]
Eriathwen Malaya / [Eriathwen]
Vadrierieand Altastae / [Lauralanthalasa]
Omerye D'Norre, Ragnarous Apocalis, Mathias DieBold, Sslathis Bromide, Gebobtik, Seftin Bones, WarLuft, Scabs / [MathiasIV]
Lycander Tolbin, Malichi Rench / [Phyn]
Jukka Bushtail CHAR / [Kuja's Silver Dragon]
Gilana Drake / [blackswan]
Fairla / [Hurgy]
Azuriel / [sethryn]
Ramar / [hæjhæj]
Shadow char / [Dark Assassin]
Dra'lek V'nyeth / [Vyncent Draeg]
Morhan Kersah, Sagrin Rafter / [Thiar]
Silverfox char / [Silversong]
Lomarand / [Saber]
Phalk, Rahm Stormaxe, Relic / [Lexicon]
Saya / [sira]
Arakhone / [Cire]
Opal char / [Opal]
Alexie Morgan / [Alexie Morgan]
Ajel Marie / [FatesPhantasy]
Tawny char / [seraphymn]
Naole char / [Maedilynn]
Shadan char / [Nightmaster]
Slyan'ssun char / [Slyan'ssun]
Sarah Iolite / [Amedyr]
Keena char / [mistyprowler]
Motone Kamirura / [Motone]
Chris White / [tobeius]
Elishivah / [GeshemYehod]
Sunami Davarian / [Myr]
Mitsulak Kerunas/Carathia / [carathia]
Soleil Cardras / [unlikelynominee]
Tyrael / [Archangel Tyrael]
Lilly Whiteleaf / [Amerity]
Bradahir` char / [Bradahir`]
Tekia char / [Naruko]
Wiwarin char / [RaY_0f_sUn]

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2005-12-23 [Kim_Lundin]: I'll start looking for anything rule-like on the character page. Do you want me to post all of it on a new page or do you want me to send the list to someone and then let them decide what to do with it?

2005-12-26 [xido]: Add any of those comments to the Rules & Guidelines page, which is listed on the WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs, I do believe... Oh, and I thought it was not owned by me... Otherwise I'd have caught that... I thought it was yours... my bad. x.xp Thank you, though. Merry christmas!!!

2005-12-26 [Kim_Lundin]: Heheh, see this page as my christmas gift to you :P

2006-01-11 [xido]: Aaaaaawwwwwww.......  *runs, tackles, grapples and huggles Kim*  DARLING!!!!  *smooches like Roger Rabbit*

2006-01-11 [Kim_Lundin]: EEP! (Roger Rabbit is scary) Help! Gratitude overload!

2006-01-13 [xido]: x.xp

2006-01-13 [xido]: I wonder who's going to be the first person to come back all angry and say, "Hey, I'm a member and I'm not lost! Wtf are you guys doing!?!?! %$#@! and all that!!!  Gggrrrrrrraowlyaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

2006-01-13 [Leara]: And I'll tell them; 'You are now...*flicks off the imaginary ship that is WFR* *cough*

2006-01-15 [Kim_Lundin]: I don't worry much about who the first person to do that is, I'm just wondering who will get the honour of dealing with them...

2006-01-21 [xido]: apparently, Leara.  XP   ......we have a ship?  Sweet.

2006-01-21 [Leara]: It's imaginary. ^____^

2006-01-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Even sweeter ^^

2006-01-21 [xido]: Kim sails the Shining Breeze.....  Is that the ship, or are there more ships?

2006-01-21 [xido]: We could make them all walk the plank!  yay!

2006-01-21 [Kim_Lundin]: Isn't it difficult to make a ship, even an imaginary one, to walk the plank? ^^

2006-03-04 [Kim_Lundin]: More characters added to this sad list.

2006-03-11 [xido]: no way, Kim.... way easy... astral construct.

2006-03-11 [xido]: I didn't add anything, I just edited to make it say I know the password. ;)

2006-03-12 [Kim_Lundin]: ^_^ I also like that message, makes me feel 'Ah, I know the secret, nothing can stop me'. I just can't see a ship WALKING the plank... sailing, maybe, but not walking.

2006-06-16 [xido]: x.op

2006-06-16 [Kim_Lundin]: Of course, that's just another one of my silly thoughts.

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